First Time Surprise - Part One

By Experienced11

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A 16-year-old nerd gets a surprise suck and fuck from his supervisor who's on the rebound.
Late September, almost my nineteenth birthday, and I am still numb from the break-up. He broke my fucking heart; tore it the fuck out my chest, and smashed it on the pavement. Worst of all, he was my first. So, yeah, this was bad. Even worse, it had been two weeks since the last time we fucked...

"YES! FUCKING YES, BABY! YES! I'M ALMOST THERE!" I was riding Chris hard, grinding my hips into his, spreading my eager thighs more, heedless of the fact that we were fucking in a field fifty yards from my house. I could literally see our side door. I felt the orgasm uncurling deep within me, way up by my G Spot... this was so rare. I shut my eyes and grabbed his ass, yanking him closer, deeper. I pulled my knees up, planted my feet on either side of his hips and started bouncing, uncontrollably, on his rock hard cock, but I couldn't bounce high enough. It was just so hard to orgasm with Chris, since he had such a small dick. But this time, the sex was different than every other time in our year-long relationship... I felt a disconnection on his part, almost as if we both knew it was our last fuck together.

I blocked out the realization that night, just for the small amount of time long enough to get my pussy to swallow more of him, than ever before and truly come, for the first time, ever...

Waves of memories still flood me at the most inopportune moments, making my lower lips throb, and my mouth dry... Like now, as I sit here, staring vacantly out the front window of the ice cream shop I work at. Goddamn, I need a good fuck right about now...

"Hey, Des. What's happening, sexy?" Ugh! My silent reverie/fantasy session is trampled by my annoying co-worker Allen (who's trying to get everyone to call him Chad, by the way).

"Leave me alone, Allen," I say, rolling my eyes and turning away as he intrudes on my personal space.

"What did I tell you, baby? It's 'Chad' now, you sexy fox." He's now leaning on the counter, facing me, almost touching my back, but not quite. I can feel his body heat. Inside, I'm going off on him...'Ugh. Back-off, virgin! Yuck! You're not even hot! You're short, nerdy, BARELY sixteen, and a VIRGIN. Useless.'

"Oh, sorry. Leave me alone, lurker." I smirk, to myself. One good thing about insulting a nerd is that he knows his vocab.

"Oh! Ouch! That hurts!" he mocks, clenching his broken heart. "Here I thought I was giving you a compliment..." I can feel something touching my hair. I turn swiftly.

"You wouldn't know the first thing to do with a naked woman."

Allen chokes and tries to play it off as laughter. He blushes. Hmm, that's cute.

"Yes I would!" he awkwardly rushes the sentence.

"Mmmmm-hmmmm..." I smirk, unimpressed, look him up and down, and hop off the bar stool. I'm standing right in front of him now, practically nose-to-nose, staring him down, willing him to back away, yet feeling the tension fizzing between our hormone-enraged bodies. He stands motionless, eyes wide in shock.

"That's what I thought," I say with an air of superiority. I look him up and down again and side step his average-for-a-sophomore self, almost brushing the front of his body with mine. I know my apron grazed across his crotch area, ever so lightly, kick-starting the hard-on that was obviously pushing at his pants. I exit to the back of the store and spend the rest of the time avoiding Allen completely, until the other girl who working that night has to go home early. I have no choice but to work the front counter now, with my pussy on fire with need. I keep thinking about sinking onto a hot, sweet cock; thinking about feeling those sweet shudders of ecstasy, spasming from my cunt. I just want to sit on a hot, throbbing, juicy, member... is that so much to ask? Mmmmmm... dick... And then Allen's there, staring at me, finding reasons to stand behind me, reaching around me, bumping into me, "accidentally", of course... and finally, the last straw is when he asks me what shade of pink my nipples are. I am going to teach this little brat a lesson...