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First Time Surprise - Part Two

One woman's nerd, is another woman's sex toy.
"Allen. Go was dishes. Now." I say to the 16-year-old horndog panting beside me. He starts towards the saloon style aluminum doors, but is brought up short by my curt instructions. I am normally a very sweet girl to work with, not soft...I just use 'please' and 'thank you' regularly.

This brat isn't stupid....he know he's ticked me off, but he DOESN'T know what that means for him... The echo of my 'Now' is still hanging in the air, yet that dweeb, Allen, looks over his shoulder and winks at me! Oooooh,'ve now got some work to do. "Sure thing, Boss." He smiles, still glancing back as he makes his exit. That smug little toad thinks I'm bluffing. Well he has another thing coming to him.


"Excuse me." I say, bending and crouching down to search the cabinet under the sink where Allen is finishing the dishes. I'm now down on both knees and am searching for the 409 spray, which is usually misplaced by the owners. This time, I do not mind the hunt. I use the opportunity to put on a little show for Allen. I have my knees drawn together tight and am bent at the hip, placing my left hand on the floor, and searching behind the pipes with my right. I can feel a tiny breeze as I dip my torso lower and the back of my low rise jeans do not follow. Allen's hot stare on my ass was turning me on. I didn't have to look at him to know that he was entranced, and dick-deep into his wildest fantasies. I wonder how he would react if he knew they were coming true tonight....

Spotting the cleaning spray laying on it's side, I adjust my stance a little so I can reach my target. I crawl forward a little, planting my knees wide, putting a third of my torso into the cabinet, and leaving the rest of me on display. Once I retrieved the 409, I decide I'm done with the minor exhibition. I crawl backwards a little, throwing my hips into it for a the extra effect, and without warning, sit back on my heels, flipping my long, mahogany ponytail onto my back.

"What are YOU looking at?" I scowl coolly at Allen, who is three feet away from me, still planted in the exact same spot since I first brushed him aside to get at the cabinet. He had been staring directly down on me, the whole time, his stunned facial expression proved that the blood had evacuated his brain long ago. Wiping my hands off on my thighs and enjoying the sustained eye-contact, I ask, "So are you going to offer to help me up, or not?" He blinks and closes his mouth, that has been slightly ajar for who knows how long. "Huh?" He asks with sincere innocence, his eyes lids blinking quickly and his face turning bright pink.

"Nothing." I place my hand on the counter by the sink and start to pull myself upright without any chivalrous help.

"Oh, SORRY!" Allen steps forward too late to grab my arm. Whoops, snoozing on the opportunity, my boy. Try again later. I turn away from him without a word, and breeze into the front of the shop. That should keep him on his toes. I glance at the clock; it's 9:50pm, ten minutes to closing time. Perfect.


"Uh, hey Allen?" I call sweetly, but loud enough to be heard over the sound of running water in the back room. I hear the water sprayer cease, there's a space of six point five seconds and Allen is all but bursting though the swinging doors, drying his hands on his apron. Oh he's kinda cute when he's eager. His reddish brown hair is damp at the temples and his face and neck are flushed. Either he has been using very hot water, or he has a lot on his mind, or should I say, his head.

"Y-yes, Desiree?" His voice goes dry briefly, making him stutter just a tad. Mmmm-hmmm. That's what I thought. "I have a big favor to ask of you, " I pout. facing him head on, I take a few steps in his direction and toss the rag I was using over his shoulder and into the dirty rag hamper. His bright green eyes are wide with expectation, his pale skin is off-tone with his rolling blushes. It really is quite flattering.

"Now don't say yes, just because I'm your shift supervisor. My car is in the shop, so I'm bussing it for the next couple you think you might be able to give me a ride, tonight...? No Biggie if you can't, really-"

"Yeah!" He hastily cuts me off, then realizes how eager he looks. He nervously laughs and puts his hands into the back pockets of his jeans, taking a non-nonchalant stance. "I mean, sure thing. No problem, Des." He smiles shakily. Is he starting to sweat? Wow. That's kind of hot. Even for a nerdy Sophomore.

"Great!" I flash a bright smile, give him a friendly peck on the cheek, and walk away without looking back. I chuckle inwardly. By now, his dong is probably swollen to the point of pain. Wow, this is fun. "I'll get you back, for sure." I call over my shoulder.


The time is 10:35. Between the two of us, we have finished cleaning and prepping in record time. The lights just need to be turned off, and the door locked and we will be done fore the night. Or will we...? I see Allen pretending to rearrange the ice-cream cone display.

"You ready to hit it?" I ask from over his shoulder, startling him. I can almost hear his thoughts, 'fuck yeah'. But he won't say it. Allen is a quick wit, for a total dweeb, and yet, he hasn't made one lascivious response to any of my deliberate prodding. My conversations with him, tonight have been laced with dual meanings....hmmm. I wanna push the envelope a little more.

"Yeah!" He drops a waffle cone on the counter, cracking off a huge hunk.

"Oh, darn." I dispassionately lament, picking up the bottom half of the cone. seizing an opportunity. I bring the remaining half of the cone up to my open, waiting, mouth and position it so the entire rim of the cone is available to be chomped at the same time. Allen's eyes devour every millisecond of action, and when I swallowed, he absentmindedly licked his lips.

"Mmmmm. Thanks, Allen. That was tasty." I say, locking my eyes on his. "Hey lemme just get my keys, and shut the lights off, and we can get out of here, k?" I smile conspiratorially .

"S-sure thing. I'll wait by the side door."

The side door is where we enter and exit before, and after business hours. The doors get locked at closing time, and aren't unlocked again until we let ourselves out, after nightly closing duties. I, being a key-holder, am the boss of when we leave. This is fun.

I leave my quivering virgin to gather my belongings and shut off the lights. I grab my purse and sweater, and flip off all six lights switches, turning each one off separately and deliberately. The only light remaining now is a dim red security light that the owners installed in the front of the shop. The back rooms are all pitch black, except just behind the aluminum saloon-style swinging doors that lead to the front counter. Two identical porthole style windows in the doors, break up the darkness, castings a shallow red haze into the immediate back room, only.

I make my way through the pitch, and the dim, through the swinging doors and see the silhouette of my target, leaning nervously against the wall next to the side door. I make my way over.

"Aw, Damn." I exclaim with mock frustration.

"What???" Oh, he's so attentive in his recent manor. I can't really make out his expression, but I know he's not annoyed. He's been thinking again. Another inward chuckle.

"I forgot something in the back, I'll be right back." I drop my stuff on the empty counter next to the door, and turn away. My heart is starting to beat wildly. Holy shit. I'm going to do this. I'm going to seduce that little innocent geek that watches my every move. I feel his stare following me through the doors again.

I'm alone again now, just inside the back room, four feet from the sink, and the scene of the first part of this seduction. I start stripping off my clothes quickly, and toss them into a soft pile a few feet away. My ears are now roaring as the blood is pumping through my body, pounding in my neck, and chest, traveling south to my genitals, making me feel as if my pussy and nipples are on golden fire. Standing buck naked just within the entrance to the back room, I boldly step forward, strutting through the swinging doors and immediately lock eyes with Allen. I lean to one side, seductively, and crook my finger at Allen, beckoning him closer. He is stunned. Unmoving. Still. Frozen. A statue with a hard-on.

And I feel glorious. My body humming with life.

I slowly advance towards Allen and grab his hand, and tug him back towards the back room. "Come, on, Allen. I don't want anyone to catch a glimpse through the front window." Which was entirely possible if someone were so inclined to look.

I drop his hand and use both of mine to push open one of the swinging doors, but he doesn't follow. He's lost his nerve. He's never held his tongue this long, ever. This kid always has some smart-ass playboy, comment, and yet, he is speechless. Got to love it. I hold open the door with one arm, inviting him back. "It's ok, Allen."
There is a space of almost ten seconds where he is simply staring at my body. My inner goddess is singing. "Is this for real?" He says in an almost silent whisper. Oh god, that's hot. Well looks like he's found his voice finally. I cant help but chuckle mildly.

"Yes, Allen. This is for real. Just think of it as a learning opportunity." My eyes have adjusted to the dim light, and I can make out Allen's face now. He looks close to tears of joy and/or disbelief. He takes my invitation and tentatively approaches me, visually drinking in my entire naked form, top to bottom, and up again. He's now transfixed on my firm young twins, now, just over a man's handful in size, with tight, perky, pink quarter-sized nipples. My breasts heat under his obsessive gaze.

"Can I...t-touch them?" He asks in a whispered voice, weighted in awe.

"Yes, silly. That's why I'm standing here naked. Have you ever been with a naked girl, before?" I know full we'll that this situation is leagues beyond his wildest dreams, so of course his answer doesn't surprise me.


"Here." I pick up his hands and bring them up to my pouting titties. I hover his hands just over my bosom, letting him make the final connection, himself. I hear a small inhale, and he is slowly placing his hands over me, gently molding his hands to the shape of me, my nipples nestled snugly into his warm, dry palms. He exhales deeply, reverently, and his hands flex firmly on my breasts, making them ache pleasantly. A small smile creeps across his full lips.

"Thank you, Desiree."

"Oh Allen, honey. Save the 'thank you's for when were done, here." I giggle tartly.

He is suddenly completely still, hands stuck, loosely gripping my flesh. "You mean, there's more...?" His adoration is transparent. I can't help but giggle again.

"Yes, Allen. There's a lot more. Tonight, I'm going to teach you what to do with a woman. Would you like to learn?"

"Oh, yes. Please."

"Hmmm, 'please'... I like that. Lets continue with the lesson, shall we?"

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