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First Time With a Married Woman

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Karmen and I are ex-lovers
Karmen and I were ex-lovers turned friends and she had since gotten married. We were planning a shopping outing, and seeing as the particular mall was quite a drive away, we decided to make a day of it. Losing track of time, we were faced with a choice: drive home in the dark, or find a hotel and drive back in the morning? 

"No baby, I don't want to drive home in the dark either. I promise we'll leave straight after breakfast. Love you too." Hanging up the phone, Karmen was quick to answer the question that developed on my face as she was talking to her hubby." I had to tell him it was a girlfriend. Abel, he'd freak if he knew I was out with you. He still can't get over the fact that we dated all those years ago."

I was very uncomfortable with Karmen having told her husband a lie, but I knew he wasn't too keen on me spending time alone with his wife, even though what she and I had was in the past.

She picked up the room key from the front desk and we looked up at the signboards above each corridor to figure out which to take to get to our room. "This is it..." taking another look at our key and the number on the door, "...yeah, here we go."

With a turn of the key, the door swung open and our eyes were immediately drawn to the king-size bed in the middle of the room against the far wall. It was decorated in a mountain of fluffy pillows and two white bathrobes with a pair of slippers each. They way they were laid out, it looked like a couple had fallen face first onto the bed and just melted away, leaving only their robes and slippers behind. The lights were dimmed down low and added to the warmth of the room.

I immediately put the shopping bags down, ran to the bed and flung myself at it. Pillows flew in every direction as the bed rewarded me for spending the whole day on my feet. I kicked my shoes off as Karmen just stood there laughing.

"You know you're gonna hafta share that at some point tonight right?"

I was suddenly very worried, looking about the room and noticing that I was lying on the only bed in it. Not even a couch to comfort me. "I guess I'll take the floor then." I said with some disappointment.

"Don't be silly, we're both adults here. We can share. And I promise not to bite...unless you want me to."

Karmen was grinning a sly grin and I wasn't sure if she was kidding.

"I got dibs on the first shower," she said and snatched one of the robes from underneath me and ran into the bathroom.

I heard the water going and I got up to look through the bags of goodies we had gotten on our day out. I noticed Karmen hadn't closed the bathroom door as I caught a glimpse of her naked body through the steam just as she stepped into the shower. Immediately my mind recalled all the things we did when we were lovers and before long, I had to shift to relieve some pressure building up in my jeans.

"Dude, she's married now," I whispered to myself.

Trying to derail my train of thought, I carried on rummaging through the clothes in the shopping bags. I must have opened one of hers by mistake, because I didn't recall having bought, nor had needed a lace bra. I sneaked a peek at the label, just to see if those puppies had grown any bigger since I had them in my mouth the last time we were together. 34DD! I don't recall there being a second "D". And again, my train was back on track.

The water stopped its gentle tapping on the shower wall and I quickly shifted to get a better view of her stepping out the shower than what I had of her stepping in. Also this time, I was aware of the open door and would have more time to peek. I positioned myself as to not be in direct line of sight; I didn't want to make it obvious, but I still had a pretty good view. And boy, was it a good view!

She stepped out of the shower, her naked body dripping and shimmering, slightly reddened by the warm water of the shower. Her legs were long, her olive skin glowing, her tits perfect. There was definitely an extra "D" there and it was absolutely stunning.

I shifted again, but this time, I couldn't relieve any pressure.

She took the robe from the rail and covered herself up and with a towel, started gently drying her long raven hair.

I quickly looked away in fear of getting caught staring at her, and pretended to still be rummaging through the shopping bags.

"It's all yours, Abel."

I jumped a little as I heard her voice right behind my ear, not knowing she was this close; close enough to easily notice the bulge in my jeans. She never confirmed whether or not she did notice, but how could she not have? I was rock hard and practically popping out of my jeans.

Frantically I got up, grabbed the last robe off the bed and headed to the bathroom, making sure not to make eye contact with Karmen. A battle ensued between my cock and my brain on whether to close the bathroom door, or just leave it open as she did.

Brain zero, cock one!

I got undressed, making sure to keep my back to the open door. I didn't want to show off my now throbbing prick...not just yet.

The warm water slapped my cock, which didn't help with my erection, and I turned so it could massage my back instead. My hands shot down to my crotch when I saw Karmen standing at the basin, busy brushing her teeth with the complimentary brush and paste.

She must've noticed that she gave me a fright when she mumbled from behind the toothbrush, "Sorry, I thought you'd heard me come in; I didn't mean to give you a heart attack. I just figured seeing as you left the door open, you'd prepared yourself for the chance I might come in."

I left the door open yes, but not so that she could come in...or did I? My cock again getting one up on my brain. Brain zero, cock two!

"And besides, there's nothing there that I haven't seen yet, or tasted for that matter," she added.

I could feel myself getting all flushed, which was surprising as I thought all the blood was resting in my cock at that moment. I just stood there, speechless, covering what I could of my hard-on.

"Okay, I'll finish up so you can get out," she said with a smile on her face, her hazel eyes fixed on my cock head poking out from behind my hands.

I got out of the shower and quickly put the robe on, now somehow embarrassed about my hard on. I brushed my teeth and hoped that it would soften my cock just a little bit at didn't.

As I walked out of the bathroom into the warm main room, Karmen was lying on the bed, flipping through some channels on the tv, still wearing only the complimentary robe. From the way she was laying, I could see just a little bit of the inside of that gorgeous thigh.

I put my dirty clothes in one of the shopping bags and made my way over to the bed. I grabbed some pillows and the extra blanket and chucked them on the floor next to the bed.

"What are you doing?" Karmen asked.

"Well, isn't it obvious? I'm getting ready for bed."

"You don't have to go to sleep just yet do you? Come and watch some tv with me first," she said, extending her hand to tap on the mattress next to her.

I was desperately trying to hide the bulge under the robe that was so desperately trying to find an opening and some fresh air. "Well ok, I'm not exactly sleepy yet."

I picked the pillows off the floor and tossed them back onto the bed, and I followed.

Karmen chuckled and smacked me right in the face with one of them. Without so much as a pause, I returned the favour and she laughed like I hadn't heard her laugh in ages. Ignoring the tv, we made some small talk when she suddenly dropped the bomb. 

"You know Abel, you can stop trying to hide your hard-on now if you want. As I said while you were in the shower, nothing I haven't seen before. And it's okay if you're feeling horny. I can even help you out if you want." 

My jaw dropped and I could feel my cock throbbing and twitching under the robe that was now barely able to conceal it. "Erm..." I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. "'re married now Karmen, it's not like old times."

The moment I said those words, I felt proud of my brain for its response and my cock cursed it. Brain one, cock two.

"Well okay, but I just thought we could get rid of it and enjoy the rest of the night talking without you being distracted by your hard-on."

What she said suddenly made a lot of sense. Was this now my brain or my cock agreeing with her logic? She kept looking at me as if to change my mind or come up with some words of wisdom.

"I have an idea then," I said after a long pause. "What if I get rid of this hard on while you watch?"

She smiled that sly little smile again and nodded.

I untied the robe but didn't take it off, just kind of opened it up and let it drop to my sides. I shifted myself into position, getting comfortable on the bed.

Soon as it was free. My cock jumped up like a springboard and I could swear I heard a little gasp escape Karmen’s lips. With my right hand, I ran my index finger and thumb from the base of my prick all the way up to the tip and over its head, pushing out a drop of precum that glistened in the warm light of the room.

As I continued the motion a few times, Karmen slipped a hand into her robe and started fondling her tits, no doubt pinching her nipples; and this time, she didn't hold back the little moans. She undid her robe to expose her beautiful 34 double D's and their rock hard nipples as her hand made its way down to her pussy. "Mind if I give you something to look at for inspiration?" she asked.

Not that I needed any more inspiration, but I wasn't going to stop her, not by any means. "Uh huh," was all I could say. My eyes fixated on her hand, gently circling her clit.

I increased the pace of the stroking motion, being careful not to rush things. I was enjoying watching her play with herself. I just loved watching girls pleasure themselves. She spread her legs slightly and ran her middle finger up and down her slit, and I could hear just how wet she was by the smacking sound her finger made against her swollen lips.

I stopped stroking my cock and just watched her. Her eyes closed for a brief moment as she enjoyed herself. When she opened them, I carried on stroking and closed my eyes.

Karmen shifted on the bed and I figured she was taking her robe off, so I kept my eyes closed and continued stroking my cock slowly. More precum oozed out and I was now properly wet.

With the next stroke down, I felt Karmen's warm breath on the head of my cock and her mouth swallowed it. I opened my eyes and found her crouching over me, her raven hair tucked behind her ears and her eyes closed. She let out a soft moan and god it felt good.

Karmen continued to slide my cock into her mouth till it hit the back of her throat, and then all the way out again. She repeated this motion and I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft and head. It felt fantastic and I relaxed and let her take over.

“I want you inside me so bad!” she said.

Before I could protest, she straddled me and put the tip of my cock inside her wet slit. With one smooth motion and a gasp from her lips, my prick slid in all the way as her sweet pussy enveloped my cock.

Karmen pinned my hands to the bed, her tits swaying in my face as she rode me, up and down. Before long I started meeting her stokes with my own. Each time, her pussy lips hugged my cock tighter and tighter. I could feel her body tense up and I sucked a nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my teeth. Karmen’s pussy gushed out cum as her body shook and she dug her nails into my palms.

With a gratifying sigh, she slowed down and retracted her claws. Her body went limp and I took advantage of the opportunity to roll her off of me and onto her back, my cock still inside her.

I grabbed her knees and pushed them up to her chest, squashing her tits. I retracted my cock so that just the head was still inside her pussy and slammed it back in. Karmen yelped. Again, I retracted and slammed back into her, increasing pace and ferocity each time. I could see with every stroke that she was getting closer and closer to soaking my balls in her cum. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She started shaking again, and again her pussy spat cum at my balls, soaking my sack and the sheets.

When her eyes opened, mine were staring directly into them and I felt my cock swell and my ballsack tighten. I kept looking deep into those beautiful hazel eyes as I let rope after sticky rope of my cum explode into her pussy. This sent her over the top again and her pussy milked my cock as she came. I realized right then, that it had been the first time ever I unloaded my seed into Karmen without a condom on and it felt amazing!

We collapsed into a heap of sweat and cum and flesh and laid there catching our breath.

“That was fucking stellar,” Karmen said between breaths.

All I could do was sigh and nod.

Hey all. This is my first story, so I'm a little anxious as English isn't my first language. Also, this is a true story. So please, feel free to comment and advise. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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