First Time with my Best Friend

By lover_not_fucker77

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It was so wrong, yet felt so right
Robin was kissing my neck. His hands exploring my naked body, while his manhood pressed against my pussy lips. I was letting my best friend make love to me and so many thoughts ran through my mind. Was it right? What was I doing? Why was I doing it? I didn't know the answer to these questions. But I did know was I wanted was Robin's dick inside me. 

Robin is fair, 20 years old, almost 6 feet. His body was chubby and his face was roundish and like a kid, but I thought it was cute. I was petite, almost no breasts, quite skinny and only 19. This was the reason of my nervousness. I didn't find myself physically attractive although I never had problem getting guys with my personality. Robin was one of those men, who preferred a woman with a sexy mind than a sexy body. "The way a woman talks is what turns me on, not the way she walks" he once said. So when I felt his tongue pierce my pussy, a tingly sensation overcame me, and I wasn't afraid anymore. "I can do this" I told myself and grabbed Robin's head and stuffed it in between my legs.

He licked deep inside me and also bit my pussy lips. I was panting like crazy. This was so better than masturbating in shower. I don't want him to ever stop blowing me. I could get tongue-fucked by him forever. Suddenly I felt his tongue move. It was licking my clitoris now, but I felt is fingers enter me now. He started fingering me vigorously as he licked my clit. It was too much for me. I started groaning and moaning in pleasure. Then arching my back and pushing my pussy to his mouth, slapping his face, I released myself. Electricity shot from between my legs to my head. I sighed in pleasure with my first orgasm with a boy. I know that Robin swallowed every drop of the salty, sticky liquid that came out of me.
I felt Robin's dick brush against my lip in the dark, so I took it inside my mouth. He started moving his hips in motion as my tongues felt the bulging cock in my mouth. It was thick and not too long. But I liked the feeling of a guys dick in my mouth. It was such a dirty thought. Something so wrong, but felt so right. I cupped my hand around it and stroked. Robin stopped moving and I realized it was my cue. I moved my head along his dick and started blowing him. Soon I felt pre-cum in my mouth. Suddenly Robin started moving. "I am sorry Megan!" he said. Shock overcame me, as I felt my mouth fill up with his juice. I didn't know what to do. I did what I thought at that moment was the right thing to do. I swallowed the salty liquid. It was the wrong thing to do. Thinking about it disgusts me now. But I enjoyed it so much then. 

For a minute I didn't feel Robin. But after some time, I felt his mouth suckling on my left nipple. He alternated from my left breast to my right and back. He made sure nope of the area near my breast was left dry. The feeling of Robin;s saliva drying from my skin was something I never felt before. It was a new level of pleasure in my life. I felt his tongue on my belly and go below. He made out with my pussy once more and got me into the mood again. But this time he didn't continue. Instead I felt something else enter my pussy. Robin was on top of me. I grabbed him immediately. My grip got tighter and tighter, as his dick entered deeper inside me. He took it out, making me gasp in pleasure. He returned soon and started to pull out and push in rhythm. My body started following his rhythm and pace. I couldn't control myself as we moved together in sync. I was panting and out of breath. Robin's mouth was near my ear and listening to him breath heavily and grunt in pleasure made me moan too. My hands raced across his body. I felt such a deep carnal hunger. I wanted to squeeze him further and further. I wanted to just grab him and never let go. I felt Robin get faster and my moans got louder. Then, my pussy went numb for a second again, but a second later I felt the familiar pleasurable electricity run through my body, as I had another orgasm. But Robin only got faster as my pussy filled with my cum. After 2 or more seconds, I felt another warm liquid filling me up. Robin crashed on top my body, breathing heavily.

First time with my best friend was so great that we still do it sometimes when we are lonely.