First time with the love of my life.

By AngelTurnedDevil18

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my first time with a man I have since let go...If only you could change the past.
I lay in Ryan's bed, 16 years old and nervous, knowing that tonight was the night I would lose my virginity. I smoothed down the silk chemise I was wearing and anxiously checked my lipstick in my compact, looking a lot sexier than I actually felt! I could hear Ryan in the bathroom as I waited for him to join me in the bedroom. Nervous thoughts swept through my brain: "Would I be any good?" "Would it hurt?" "What if I mess this up?" I knew I loved Ryan, and I was pretty sure he loved me too, and I knew I wanted to do this, but what if I completely screwed up and he didn't want to be with me anymore?

I swallowed audibly as Ryan entered the room, smiling down at me. I smiled back as best I could, hoping he wouldn't see just how scared I really was. Whispered gossip with my non-virgin friends had done nothing to prepare me for this moment, and suddenly, I didn't feel quite as wanton and grown up as my sexy lingerie and make up would lead someone to believe.

"Are you OK baby?" Ryan asked, as he got into bed with me.

'I'm fine...Just a little nervous, I guess."

"You know we don't have to do this if you're not ready Ellie, I want you to be completely sure.'

'I am sure" I whispered, my lips a breath away from his.

All the breath left my body as Ryan kissed me deeply, different to any of the times he had kissed me before, and my insides turned to pure warmth. my heart beat so loudly against my chest I was certain Ryan could hear it, as his hands moved upwards to frame my face and neck possessively.

A new found confidence began to build within me, and I pressed my formidable breasts against his chest, feeling rather than hearing his groan of pleasure against my mouth, which only spurred me on further.

I stopped kissing Ryan long enough only to pin him to the bed, my hands sliding down his body until I reached the waistband of his boxer shorts, which I slid down his legs and tossed aside. Ryan's cock sprang free and I took it in my hands, teasingly, as he whimpered, begging me without words to continue.

I did. Lowering my head to his hard length and taking it in my mouth in a single motion. I began to suck him hard, using my hands to stroke him and he groaned his satisfaction at what I was doing to him. My tongue swirled around the head of his thick cock, licking the tip saucily, before taking him into my mouth as deeply as I could again.

Ryan's hands clutched the bedsheets, giving me encouragement in what I was doing to him, I could see the pleasure in his face, and to my surprise it gave me pleasure too.

"Stop!" Ryan gasped out. "Stop, or I'll cum."

Reluctantly, I stopped what I was doing, But I didn't have long to take a breather before Ryan's mouth was on mine again, coaxing my head to the pillow as he moved on top of me, his hands pulling my chemise over my head before sliding my lace thong down my legs and throwing it to the floor.

Ryan moved down the bed, his head between my legs and his mouth was on me before I could think, his tongue swirling around my hard clitoris making me gasp out his name, my hands on his head as I begged him not to stop what he was doing to me. I whimpered as his fingers entered me, his tongue still taking me to new levels of pleasure.

Suddenly, a new feeling came over me, and I moaned loudly as I began to cum, pulling Ryan closer as he took me to new places I'd never been before. My teenage body quivering with pleasure.

Ryan moved between my legs and the moment I had been so nervous about was here.

"Are you sure?" Ryan whispered.

"Yes." I whispered back, bracing myself for this new intrusion.

Slowly, I felt Ryan begin to push into me and a new sensation took over me, more uncomfortable than painful and I held my breath as I felt my hymen break. Relief coursed through me as a new pleasure started, Ryan started to move, pulling out of me slowly before filling me again with his considerable thickness and length. I moaned loudly, my nails piercing the skin of his back as I silently urged him deeper, loving this new found fullness of my body, feeling complete in his arms.

Ryan began to fuck me harder, really going for it as we both gained new confidence, I began to raise my hips to meet each one of his hard, powerful thrusts, we moved together as one, the juices from my soaked pussy running down my legs, the smell of our sex in the air.

All at once, I felt Ryan still above me, him pulling me tight against me as he came deep inside me, filling my soaked pussy with his cum.

We lay together for a long time, skin to skin, heart to heart. Feeling completely whole and loved.