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First Time

First time with a man Not the last.
First let me say that I am no God’s gift to women nor do I think that, I have been blessed with a warm smile and a confident aire about me not cocky just confident. I have also been very open sexually and willing to try most things at least once. This is my attempt to put into words my first time sexually with a man, but definitely not my last. You will also find most of my stories will revolve around the Military having spent a number of years in the service and meeting lots of people from differing backgrounds I have enjoyed my time there.

After arriving and checking into the temporary lodging it was time for a drink and with the NCO club being in the same Hotel a lot of time would be spent there over the course of my stay.

The first day was uneventful and having a room to myself was so cool, a waterfront room overlooking the bay just the fact of being by myself in a foreign country and being just 20 was awesome. I was sure that fact of being alone was to be short-lived lower enlisted troops were always roomed together so it was only a matter of time before I had company. Being 20 and alone and horny as hell typical for that age and after a few drinks my dick was hard and had to be relieved so off to the shower I went.

The warm water and the warm feeling from drinking I lathered my body and stroked my dick and played with my balls dang it felt so good, without finishing I got out of the shower dried off. I lay back on the bed and thought about the good looking women I had seen on my way in and around the hotel. It didn’t take much and I was hard again with the precum flowing I was stroking again I got a little of it on my finger and tasted it, one day I would have to try a taste of cum this tasted good just thinking about it I got even harder.

For a while I had wondered about the experience of cock sucking I had tasted my precum but never the full load, why who knows. As I thought about a hard cock in my mouth my dick started throbbing and the head exploded well that’s what it felt like anyway shooting cum over my head and hitting the headboard, some on my chest and face danm that always feels so good even today.

 Almost a week went by no roommate and a nightly recurrence of jacking off in the evenings I had even go to the point of prolonging the session so I could taste more of the liquid from my dick as I jacked off. Then one evening after a few drinks at the club I came home to a roomie, nice enough guy young like me sandy blond hair 5’8 180. We chatted and got to know each other he was 23 married we talked about wives women and sex his wife had given him regular blow jobs seem she really like sucking cock.

He was from the city I was from the country we spent several evenings talking about the differences and how it was growing up. In the city from what I gathered it was a little more liberal than the country he told me had had a blow job from a guy a few years ago that was unheard of where I was from at least no one talked about it. I had asked him how it was he laughed and said that he wished his wife sucked cock like that, although she did it regularly she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth.

After all the cock sucking talk I had to have a shower and some relief I guess I took too long and when I came back into the room he laughed and asked if I enjoyed my shower and that I must have been turned on by all the cock sucking talk, I was. The next evening I was at the club having drink and dinner he came in and sat down and started drinking too we closed the place neither of having to get up the next morning. 

 Getting back to the room laughing and joking the talk turned to sex again with cock sucking being the top subject, out of the blue he asked if I had ever thought about it thought about what I asked, sucking my cock he said without any hesitation. Of course I said no, he just laughed I asked if he had returned the favor for the guy sucking his cock he smiled and said he tried it once but liked getting sucked much better. This was really getting to me all this talk about sucking cock he knew it.

 Once more he asked if I wanted to suck his cock and without warning he stood and dropped his pants and his cock flopped out. I was stunned he said just touch it see what another man’s cock feels like, my hand was shaking as I reached out and touched it. Without even realizing what I was doing I was sliding my hand up and down the shaft. He finished undressing and lay back and slowly started stroking his now hard cock.

With shaky hands I undressed and got on the bed beside him he took my hand and placed it on his stiff cock, it so hard yet soft to the touch. I slid my tongue over the head and across the piss slit, I was hooked. I started taking more and more of it into my mouth till I started gagging. I contimued sucking his thick veiny cock taking as much as I could in stroking and rubbing his balls. I could tell by the amount of precum he was getting close to Cumming.
I started stroking faster and sucking harder, I was in the process of backing my mouth off his cock when he grabbed my head and shoved his cock as deep as it would go and it happened. I didn’t intend to get a mouthfull of cum the first time, I wanted to taste it but his nut was overflowing my mouth, the taste something I might even like more of given that we would be alone every night until our units found a place for us. I kept sucking and licking up the excess he finally said man that was great.

I was still in a state of excitement I had no relief from my hard on I started stroking it he just watched as I jacked off. All the while he was playing with his cock I was getting faster and faster knowing it wouldn’t take too long, I grabbed my balls and shot a load all over his legs and bed. Relieved for the moment I sat on the edge of the bed he was still rubbing and stroking his cock without a word he got up and stood in front of me, I knew what I had been missing. I continued to suck his cock and play with his balls till he gave me a another mouthfull only this time he didn’t have to hold my head I took the entire load and swallowed.

In the week to follow there were several more times he fed me I even woke him a couple times with a blow job he loved those. All good things must cum to an end we were in different units and tried to stay in contact but time and distance in a foreign country we lost contact. Since then I have had several male lovers as well as women just never at the same time a fantasy I will have to work on. Thanks

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