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First times are never what you expect them to be

A late stater,but a good start none the less

First times are never what you expect them to be, mine certainly was not. I was 19, 5 10 blonde and with blue eyes. The newish world internet was but a dial-up away and I had learned of the joys of cybersex, but not the real thing.

In many ways the ease of how you could meet people and be more honest was much easier than real life and looking back I probably got a little to immersed in that side of things and missed a few real life romances. This is because while I was "one of the lads" I was and still am really shy around girls.

I had met a girl called Sara on one site and we got on well and talked regularly she loved my Welsh accent. We shared the same interests and I could tell she had a sexy side to her. She was coy about telling me things about her, other than saying she was a red head she wouldn't describe herself to me telling me that I would have to find out for myself. What I did know was that our online personalities got on like a house on fire.

I was on a break from university the same time as she was, so with those particular stars aligned I took a train down to meet her. It was a five hour ride so I had plenty of time to waste, and to think, and I spent a fair portion of that train ride with a raging hard on anticipating what she looked like, how she tasted and, with my typical fear, if she would even like me. 

Slowly the train pulled up at the platform, and I saw her there, she was indeed a red head. She was a beautiful full figured bbw, about 5 foot 5, with a sexy smile and it would be hard not to mention the huge breasts straining against her top. Maybe she thought that as she was a big girl I wouldn't like her, but size is never an issue for me, yes she wasn't what I was expected but I was not disappointed, she was interesting to me.

We met and walked to the pub to meet her friends and have a few beers. We got on well, chatting and flirting a little; when I sat next to her she smelt wonderful and I just wanted to kiss her then and there. 

However I was not that confident that she was interested. After the call for last orders came it we went back to her flat where I was staying, and we opened a bottle of wine. We4 talked for a while before the subject turned more towards our online conversations. For whatever reason we both had avoided this topic for the whole evening and she moved a little closer, the first clear and real indication that she was interested. This hopefully being my first time I moved in to kiss her which was thankfully returned passionately.

With that final barrier broken we kissed even more deeply and she admitted that all she could think of doing while in the pub was taking my cock in her more than willing mouth. If only I had known! 

I suggested that we waste no more time in getting to know each other and lifted off her top. Apart from being the biggest tits I have ever seen in person they were also very sexy and I wasted no time taking a rapidly hardening nipple in my mouth. I was rewarded with a soft moan. I gave those remarkable tits all my attention, licking, sucking pinching and gently biting those gorgeous nipples to attention, her moans telling me that my tongue was working well.

With my head buried between her fabulous tits I mentioned that this was my first time, to which she smiled and said simply, "It's my turn now."

She moved off the bed and got to her knees, her sultry eyes looked fabulous.
"Stand and strip," she simply said, hell, who was I to argue?

Off came my jeans in record time before she slowly released my stiff cock from my tight boxers. Teasingly she kissed the length of my shaft before gently licking the head. She said previously that she loved cock and now she was showing me with fervor.

She was alternating between taking my cock deep in her throat then, almost reverently kissing my cock from tip to my balls, her sensual lips working wonders on my glistening cock. It looked so good entering her hot mouth. I put my hands on her head and took control, slowly fucking her mouth, watching my cock disappear between her soft moist lips was made sexier by the lust in her eyes as I used her mouth for my pleasure.

While not knowing much, I did know that I did not want to peak too early, so I helped her to the bed where I undressed her removing her silk panties which had a very sexy wet patch. I kissed her passionately before moving slowly down her body, nibbling at her ear before kissing down her chest. Unable to leave those amazing tits alone, I returned to sucking her ridged nipples my hand roaming over her ample ass and soft thighs.

Now was the time to return the favour. I moved my head in between her legs, and kissed up the insides of each, stopping just short of her sweet glistening pussy each time. It was my turn to tease. 

Finally without warning I took a long deep lick of her, my tongue lapping at her lips before kissing her welcoming clit. Her deep moans were music to my ears as I flicked my tongue relentlessly across her clit driving her to grind her pussy in my face. I was in heaven, her juices flowing onto my tongue as I lapped at her wetness. Her breathing was ragged as she ground into me. I slid two fingers deep inside her as I bit and licked her clit relentlessly, it was enough to tip her over the edge.

" I'm cumming" she panted, as she released her juices over my face. 

I have been hooked on giving a girl head ever since, but now I needed to know what it felt like to have my cock inside her. 

I moved up and run the tip of my head against her clit and over her moist lips. I could see she was enjoying it as her eyes simply said "fuck me". At that point, for the first time I slid the tip of my thick cock slowly inside her tight pussy; it felt so good. I could see it was as good for her as it was for me as I inched into her glory.

Her pussy felt so good against my cock I couldn't resist watching my cock disappear into her, her juices making my cock glisten. I decided to pull out only before plunging deep inside her in one go, again rewarded by a wonderfully sexy moan.

I started to fuck her now, her huge tits bouncing as she pinched her nipples, building a steady rhythm, each stroke more powerful than the last until I was driving my cock deep into her wetness with each stroke. Again she was close to cumming, and this time I was going with her. Her muscles gripping my cock as she came threw me over the edge as my cock stiffened like never before as I sent my warm sticky juice deep into her pussy.

I stayed inside her for what seemed like an hour but was only probable a couple of minutes. We kissed, and she then told me that she has taken a few boys virginity and that I was different, and whether it was pillow talk or not it was good enough for me. At that point with my cock growing quickly against her thigh, and into what was to become to this point one the best experiences of my life... But that could well be another story.....

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