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Flirting 101

inspired by my wild imagination:)
It was a typical day in college. Well at least thats what I thought... I hate these required courses in college, they are so pointless. But the girl I met that day was far from pointless.

I sat down at my desk, towards the back of the lecture hall. This amazing looking girl, walked in a few minutes late, and sat right next to me because that was the only empty seat left. In my head I kind of thanked myself for sitting there. I just wished that I had worn something more attractive than jeans and a huge comfy sweatshirt. At least my hair was having a good day.

She was about 5'7, long legs, wearing black, high heels, and jeggings, which showed off her perfectly round ass. She was wearing a low cut shirt, which showed her cleavage, she looks to be about a 34C maybe bigger. Her face had a little makeup on, just mascara and eyeliner, around her beautiful, dark blue eyes, nothing on her perfect lips, maybe chapstick, they looked so soft and yummy.

As she sat down, she flashed a cute smile at me. I couldn't help but smile back at her. I saw her writing a note, wondering if it was for me. Then she passed the note over to me. She wrote: "Friends?" I wrote back on the same note: "Sure. but I don't even know your name, mine's Charlotte." She took the note, read it, and passed the note back with a smile. It read: "My name's Chloe. When are you free so I can get to know you better??" I caught myself biting my lip, thinking of what "Getting to know her" could mean. I was relieved that she didn't see me doing that.

Later that day, we met up. I had never heard her talk before. She had such a sexy voice, a little raspy, but in a cute feminine way. We talked like we had always known each other, and found out we have a lot in common. Then relationships came up. We were both single, and she asked me what my type is. I explained to her that I am into chicks, and she said that she was too. I almost came just by her saying that she likes girls. She told me about several girlfriends she has had, and then she asked me about mine. I told her I have actually never had one, and I never did anything with anyone ever either. She looked at me shocked. She told me to come to a lesbian club with her and that would change for sure.

We went home to get ready and met up at the club. We both looked amazing, all dolled up. We went inside and everyone was on the dance floor dancing. We walked over to the bar and sat there for a while, chatting sipping on drinks. A few drinks later, Chloe dragged me out onto the dancefloor.

We had been talking about flirting, and I had told her I really didnt know how to flirt, and she told me to practice with her. I figured it would be nice to cover the cost of the drinks for her, and I said a few times how amazing she looked. So I guess I do know how to flirt after all...

As soon as we got on the dancefloor, she started grinding on me. She was a good dancer. I thought I was going to pass out, and I was sure my panties must have been soaked through. We were completely drunk, and all over each other, grinding, putting on a show for everyone else. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place, and she said yes.

We stumbled outside into a cab, and got to my house. We were such hot messes. I opened my door, and we got in my house. I told her to go upstairs to my bedroom, cause it had a big flat screen tv so we could watch a movie or something. I walked up the stairs behind her, with an awesome view of her ass. Her dress had gone up a little, which I think she did that on purpose to tease me, and I could see her panties. She was wearing a lacy black thong. I just wanted to fuck her, right there on the stairs. Just open her legs and eat her sweet pussy, but I figured I should control myself.

We walked into my room, and collapsed next to each other on my bed. I started going on about how shes a great dancer, and her ass is amazing. Then she sat up and straddled me and said, "I told you it would change." And then she moved down and kissed me. Her lips were so soft, her tongue, parting my lips, playing with mine. I felt heat running through my entire body. She was such a great kisser.

She started pulling off her dress, and I pulled mine off. We continued kissing, both of us wearing black thongs, with matching bras, which were flying off left and right as we kissed. I had Chloe sit on my face and buried my tongue in her wet pussy, as she licked my cunt. Every time her tongue touched my clit, I felt a wave of pleasure go through me. We were both moaning, getting increasingly louder each time we licked each other. I felt her tongue, dancing in circles around my clit. "Ughhhhh ohh Chloe faster ughh please lick me," I moaned into her sweet cunt between licks and sucks. I felt the vibrations in my pussy, as she moaned and screamed into it. We both climaxed to orgasms at the same time, our cum, flooding into each others mouths. I have never tasted something as delicious as Chloe's sweet juices.

After we recovered from our amazing orgasm, I told her I'll be right back. I walked right over to my closet, opened the sliding door, and returned to the bed holding a box. Chloe looked interested, and watched me as I opened it.

"Ooooh your a naughty little lesbian," she seductively teased, as I pulled out my favorite vibrator. I pushed Chloe back onto the bed, and spread her legs open. I moved my head down to her pussy, and started licking her slit again. She started moaning softly, breathing heavily, as I licked her. I then put two fingers in her hot, tight hole. I started to slowly finger her, licking her clit. She started moaning a bit louder, so I stopped licking her sensitive clit, and I took the vibrator and turned it on low, putting it on her clit. I started fingering her faster, the vibrator still on low, on her clit. She was starting to build towards another climax, so I pulled my fingers out, and shoved the vibrator in her pussy on high. As she was about to climax, while fucking her hard with the vibrator, I sucked on her clit. She exploded into another orgasm, squirting on my face, flailing around in orgasmic bliss.

I moved up next to her and kissed her passionately, as her orgasm subsided. We cuddled for a little while, and then she moved down and started licking me to another orgasm, her tongue fucking me, the vibrator on my clit. It didn't take me long to reach another mind-blowing orgasm.

We passed out after that, and woke up holding each other. That was one of the best nights of my life.
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