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Flying high

It started with a few phone calls and it led to love making.
Reaching around his body, I didn’t want to let go. I wanted to stay there all day but I couldn’t. I had to work in a matter of hours. Staring out of the hotel window at the waves lapping at the sandy beach made it seem so unreal.

I couldn’t believe I had fallen for a guy just by talking for a few months on the phone. It had been every night for three or four hours for those few months, but still it wasn’t like me to fall for someone so easy. I had been with James for 8 months and not felt this way about him and even to this day I haven’t fallen for someone as quickly as that with the exception of Kev (which was a matter of weeks, but can you blame me after what we got up to?).

Chris was a 24 year old pilot who was smart and extremely sexy. Even without the pilots uniform he was amazing. He was so charming, and such a gentleman. With dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes and well over 6 ft tall, he was stunning.

We’d had an amazing evening together and I didn’t want it to end. We hadn’t had sex that evening as I was 17, still a virgin and wanted to take it slow but I knew I wanted to lose my virginity with him. I just hadn’t realised until this morning. We only had 3 hours left together and I was adamant Chris and I would make love before then.

Coming out of the daydream and kissing me on the forehead, Chris strode towards the ensuite bathroom, taking off his boxers, to reveal his tight pert backside, and disappearing into the shower. Knowing this would be my last opportunity for a while I decided to take the plunge. Stepping out of my vest and shorts pajamas I made my way to the sound of Chris showering. I opened the bathroom door, and watched this beautiful man soaping his sexy body.

Chris didn’t see me until I had opened the shower door. He stopped and watched in awe as I confidently interrupted his shower. Without saying a word, I stepped into the shower taking the sponge from his hand I started to wash down his sexy toned body. Placing little kisses where I had washed, I worked my way down his body stopping at his pubic bone. I looked at his flaccid cock as it began to grow and pulsate. I filled my mouth with water from the shower and gently took hold of his ever-growing muscle, sliding it gently into my water filled mouth. Chris took a sharp breath in and held onto both sides of the shower as the water flowed out along his long shaft. The feeling of him growing in mouth made my pussy wet.

Reaching down with my right hand I gently rubbed my swollen clit. Chris put his hand on the back of my head forcing his long rod down my throat. After a few minutes of deep-throating I slowly stood up with his rigid cock still in my palm. He slid his hands up my thighs, up my body to my neck where he gently pushed my head to one side making it more accessible for him to lick, kiss and nibble on.

I slowly started to pump on Chris’ throbbing probe, gradually getting faster and faster. With a sudden jerk I knew he was getting close. I took him by the hand and led him out of the shower, grabbing a towel to quickly dry my body off and turning to dry his too.

I led Chris to the king size four poster hotel bed and I climbed on. I laid on my back and spread my legs so Chris could see I was ready for him. He licked his lips, looking at my soaking red hot twat. Slowly climbing onto the bed like a tiger on the prowl for his next meal, Chris hovered over my body close enough so I could feel the heat of his body. Putting my arms around his body, I strongly pulled him towards me. I closed my eyes and slowly opened his mouth as his met mine. Pushing his tongue into my mouth my mind whirled with thousands of emotions and I had never wanted something as bad as wanting his cock in my pussy.

Pushing his chest against my large damp breasts, Chris covered my body with his as I felt his swollen rod press against my seeping pussy. Closing my eyes I knew what was about to happen was going to hurt.

“Are you ok babe?” Chris asked, sensing that I was nervous.

Embarrassed, I manage to stutter “Yyyyyeh, ermmmm, I’ve never done this before.”

“Hey baby, I’ll go slowly. Ok?”

I nodded, still flushed with embarrassment. Chris brought his mouth to mine, lustfully flicking his tongue into my mouth making my body relax in an instance. I swept my fingers down the sides of Chris’ still damp body.

Chris pushed his swollen head into my virgin hole, making it sting from the stretch and pull, I gasped at the pain. A few seconds passed as Chris waited for me to get ready again. I wiggled my hips to give Chris the go ahead as the pain had subsided. Inch by inch, Chris’ penis was forced into my tight pussy.

“Are you ok?” Chris whispered.

I nodded then looked down to see that his cock was fully in me.

I had always heard stories that the first time hurt, but to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad and I wanted more. I wanted him to make me scream with pleasure, I wanted to cum and I wanted him to cum with me.

Chris slowly built up a rhythm of thrusting his hot cock in and out of my raw pussy and I could feel it stretch with every thrust but it wasn’t painful anymore. My clit was burning and I knew that I was close to blowing because I’d felt this burning sensation from playing with myself when on the phone to Chris.

With every thrust I let out a yelp of pleasure.

“Fuck me baby!” It just slipped out as I got carried away with my building orgasm.

“YES, YES, YES!!” I screamed as my pussy walls tensed around his cock. Shaking and thrashing around as my juices squirted out along his cock and onto the bed. I was dizzy and I felt like I was flying.

Chris slowed letting my orgasm ease off. Panting, a smile grew across my face. I couldn’t believe I had just had the most amazing orgasm with this amazing guy. I pulled his body close as Chris started to plough into my soaking pussy once again, making the juices squelch against the walls, my nipples hardened at the sound.

Every time he drilled his cock into me, he let out a moan of ecstasy and I could tell he was close. Harder and harder he drove in and out of me. With a final grunt, Chris pulled his purple head out of my dripping cunt as his spunk was realised onto my excited tities. The feeling of his warm cum on my chest sent a shiver down my spine. Exhausted, Chris slumped next to me on the bed and put his arm around me.

Letting out a sigh of fulfilment, I rested my head in the crook of his arm. I felt like I was in heaven as I drifted off to sleep in the arms of my first lover.

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