For the first time

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straight sex, oral sex, first time, and summer time
It was a mid summer's night when we first met on the Golden Shores Pier. Rachel stood their gazing into the pinkish orange ball sink softly into the balmy night. I had met Rach through a mutual friend and we enjoyed drinks by the water’s edge. She stood their looking stunning in her strawberry red strapless, back dress. Her hair was dark brown and rested in a cute, but sexy messy bun at the crown of her head. Her eyes complimented her hair color and were also brown. Her body was curvy and slender. Her breasts were a solid B cup and her tummy boasted a belly button piercing. Her vagina was neatly trimmed and shaped into a neat triangle. She was about 5'5 and wore high heels. Rachel smiled at me through her dimples and I leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met each others for the very first time. It was slow and deep as the passion began to build in our bodies like a river waiting to crash over a lurking water fall.

Rachel and I walked back to my place, which was down the beach about 500 yards. As soon as we walked into the room, I pressed my body against hers and she jumped into my arms. We began to kiss passionately and I ran my hands up her slender tan body. I tugged at her baby blue boy shorts and I slid them down to her thighs, so I could tease her wet mound. She slide her nails down my back and caressed it slowly. We made our way over to the bed and she unbuttoned my light gray golf shirt. Her hands inched up my firm stomach as she kissed my body. I returned the favor by unzipping her dress. It slipped to the floor and I kissed her neck softly. Her nipples became erect and I kissed them eagerly as she pinched them.

At this point, we are both standing there looking into each other’s eyes as the passion builds more intensely. Rachel is standing in her lingerie before me massaging her breasts and I am lying beside her in my jean shorts. Rachel leans over softly and kisses my lips again. This time she works her way down my body and unzips my shorts to reveal my boxers. She works quickly to help me become erect and soon begins to suck my hard long shaft. Rachel starts at the tip and quickly teases the head of my cock. She works her way down every inch of my shaft and swallows my cock whole. I react by kissing her lips and working my way back down her body.Rachel’s mound is soaking wet and burning for attention.

 I respond by teasing her inner thighs as she squirms all over the place. I tear off her boy shorts and reveal her wet vagina. I flick my tongue over her clitoris and tease it slowly. I work my way down her inner labia and suck on her tender vaginal lips. I then begin to move my tongue in and out of her wet vagina. Rachel moans with joy as she runs her fingers through my hair. She looks down at me and smiles as I begin to work deeper into her vagina. I begin to finger her as she moans and begs for me. She then arches her hips back to receive my fingers even deeper. She begs again for my long hard shaft and I respond by teasing her with the tip of my penis.

Now Rachel and I are completely naked ready to indulge in the full pleasures of each other’s bodies. I slide my shaft all the way into her vagina. I brush against her G spot and she lets out an orgrasmical moan. I react by thrusting faster. Her breathing and heart rate soon intensify. Fifteen minutes later, she is gripping the sheets and begging for more as she now on the verge of orgasm. I kiss and hug her softly as I pull her body closer to me. I go down on her again and begin to eat her out.

 At this point she is ready to squirt and prepares by stretching her legs wider. I caress her inner thighs and move down towards her clit. I lick it slowly,as her vagina pulsates. Her heart rate goes up and she begins to sweat more rapidly. Her body tenses up and prepares for its release. Rachel soon squirts and moans in pleasure. Her body soon relaxes and she lays back on the bed admiring her wet mound. She begins to fingers herself and indulges in a little me time. I walk into the bathroom and take a hot shower. Twenty minutes later, we snuggle up and hold each other’s body closely as the night roars into the midnight hour.