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For The Taking

Be careful what you wish for...
My God has this ever been thrilling! I haven’t felt this much excitement about anyone in a very long time. That cute boy at work, the one I shared some serious mutual satisfaction with, he’s made me more horny than I can honestly ever recall. I walk around work all the time feeling a gentle moist warmth in my panties everyday and Tanner never seems to leave my mind.

We still manage to text back and forth on a daily basis about random insignificant stuff and it is fun. We also play ‘Rhyme Time’ with our conversations so we don’t get bored. Every once and a while, the conversation gets a little heavy as we touch on sensitive topics. See the reality is, Tanner is not a free agent. He does have someone in his life which technically makes me the other woman. I hate being the other woman, that is why I do my best to keep the texting about neutral things. The reason he and I became so close with one another is because of his situation. As we were getting to know one another some things were not adding up for me so I would ask him questions. What I kept hearing was a real sense of disconnect for him in his current relationship. He admitted to me that it has been “over” for some time, he has just not made it “officially over”. He’s not the first guy that ever happened to and Lord knows he won’t be the last.

Enter my struggles - girl code says back off. Passion says stay right where you are. I will confess, passion is winning. Silently I keep telling myself that if we don’t actually get physical, then it’s not an affair, but who am I kidding... it’s an affair. I suck. I broke girl code. It just sounds as though what is missing in his relationship is everything I want to give. And I can tell you, he is the man who made me miss being in a relationship again.

One of the ways he does that is the he sends me a ‘Good Morning’ text every day. Since he starts his shift much earlier than I ever start mine, it is always waiting for me when I wake up. It is so cool and he has no idea how much it means to me to know that I am on his mind. Sometimes too, I get a random text from him that he just says ‘thinkin about ya’. Does my heart ever melt.

The other day was rather interesting. It was actually my day off and I was still lying in bed when he text me, while on his break, saying that he was thinking about me. I apparently forgot about how I was trying to remain neutral with our texting conversations because I made the mistake of asking what he was thinking. The conversation went like this.

‘Thinking about you, what r u doing’

‘Lying in bed, thinking about me? thinking what?’

‘About coming over to your house and crawling under the covers with you’

‘Really now? Well you know that can’t happen’

‘I know, just thought I’d try’

He stopped because he had to go back to work. I don’t know what came over me, but I just could resist teasing him with a little of our ‘Rhyme Time’ game. Here’s what I sent him.

‘I keep trying so hard to stop the texting
Each time though I cave to sensual sexting
Mmmmmm, you have no idea the scenarios in my mind
Careful Cute Boy, you could go blind’

‘I’m in sassy red boots with nothing on.
Laying on the table, does that turn u on.
U walk thru the door and grin from ear to ear
I call with one finger for u to come near’

‘You lean over and kiss me so hard on the lips
Your hand on my breast, slides down to my hips
Caresssing me everywhere animal sex in the making
Do what u want with me, I’m yours for the taking.’

Boom, boom, boom. I hit him with three texts in a row. It would take him a while before he got them because of his break schedule, but when he finally did I think I put the rest of his day into high gear. Here’s how the texting went after that.

‘Dammmmm just read that. I want to walk in and take u so bad... so turned on!!!!’

‘Teehee, I thought you might like that’

‘You are sooo bad teasing me. So what r u doing on your day off?’

‘Just lounge today, maybe wash a dish or two’

‘Well, tease me more, I like it... ok, gotta go back to work’

I can’t remember what I text him in the afternoon. They weren’t as brazen as the rhymes had been but they were something mildly teasing. I waited for him to respond but got nothing back. I was a little surprised because he usually would send me a text as he left work if I didn’t see him there. I kept checking my phone periodically while washing a few dishes. It really did turn into a lazy day for me because it was now the afternoon and I was still in my nightgown and robe. I love those kind of days.

And then, the moment came and everything changed. Standing in my living room, in pyjamas, with a dishtowel in my hands, I had paused to watch something on TV. Suddenly a car pulled in my driveway. Holy Crap! It was Tanner! I stood frozen watching him open the car door and see me through the living room window. Tanner’s eyes were very piercing but I had never seen the look he was giving me as he made his way to the front door. The look was simple and fierce. The look said I am going to take you now.

He rang the doorbell, what could I do? I had to answer it. With dishtowel still in hand I opened my front door and started to say “What are you doi....” but was abruptly cut off.

Tanner did not speak a word as he stepped through the front door, not stopping, forcing me to take a couple of steps back, just enough so he could reach behind him to close the door and turn the lock. He grabbed the dishtowel from my hand and tossed it to the ground. My robe was already open and as fast as the dishtowel hit the ground, so did my robe as he brushed it off my shoulders.

One hand reached to my waist and the other to the back of my neck and he pulled me to him and kissed me. Damm what a kiss. It was forceful but in a very gentle way. I felt his velvety tongue in my mouth and my whole body press into his as he pulled me close and held me very tightly. The hand on my waist worked its way down to my bum and he grabbed hold of my ass pulling my groin to his. Even through his jeans I could feel how hard he was.

My body went limp and I could barely stand. This was the steamiest kiss I had had in ages. Our heads moved back and forth and tongues tangoed while he kept walking towards me pushing me into the back of my couch. He pulled away and we locked eyes, not a word was said as he quickly turned his head and scouted my home. He figured out in a nano-second which was my room, took me by the hand and led me to my bed.

The protest was futile. ‘I wanted to say no, no we can’t. You are taken and it’s not right.’ Even if I had tried to actually utter these words, I would have been stopped. As we reached my bed he pulled me to him again to continue our steamy kiss. My hands reached around him and I was holding him as tightly as he held me. We pulled apart one more time as he reached down and pulled my nighty over my head. Still no words spoken.

This man had a direct connection to my vagina and all the excitement of which it was capable. I went from wet soapy hands to a glistening throbbing pussy in mere seconds. I had nothing on under my nighty that he had so effortless removed and when he took a step back, I could feel the heat from his eyes like a torch on fire, as they gazed across my entire body. I followed his eyes and when they made it back up to mine, they locked. He stepped back in for another kiss. It was a rough and incredibly sensual. This time however, one hand was at the back of my head and the other grabbed one of my breasts. He gently laid me back onto the bed and once again pulled away from the kiss. Standing in front of me, he pulled his shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes.

“Tanner, no, this is not right, we shouldn’t do this,” I feigned the reluctance in my voice and watched as he undid his jeans and pulled them off and tossed them aside. He still had his boxers on but I could easily see his eagerness and that I was in for a wild ride. Mmmmmm, I could feel myself get wetter and hotter by the second.

As he brought a finger to his mouth, he pressed it to his lips in the motion of shhhhhhhh. The next ten words out of his mouth said it all, “Animal sex in the making, your mine for the taking.”

Well now... my entire body tingled in a way I had never experienced. Lying at my side, he gave me a quick kiss and then began the efforts of Magellan. Starting at my neck, he explored my entire body with his tongue and his hands. I felt one hand on my head as he ran his fingers through my hair and the other tenderly massaged my right breast. Every nerve ending in my body came alive when his soft warm lips wrapped around the nipple of my left breast. I felt his tongue circle my areola and as his lips pressed together he pulled away from me pulling my nipple taut.

“Mmmmmm, I love how that feels, please don’t stop,” my voice was low and the words came out stunted. He was taking my breath away.

He continued to tease and suck my nipples alternating between them and gliding one hand all over my tummy. Caressing my entire stomach he stopped and placed a finger in my belly button and circled gently. He did not know that my belly button is one of my premier erogenous zones and that single touch nearly made me erupt. I would no longer be able to control myself. My hips were gyrating and reaching out for him, yearning to feel him inside of me. Kissing me everywhere, he whispered in my ear, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you”

“How do you want me?” His erotic tone told me that he would give me what I want, but that there was no question he was going to take me how he wanted.

“I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me,” he was making me ache for more.

One hand then slide to the back of my head and down to my shoulder where he then gently pulled me towards him and made me roll onto my stomach. I felt him climb on top as he straddled me, just slightly below my ass. By now he had removed his boxers and I could feel heat radiating from his rock hard cock. It was nestled ever so gingerly between the crack of my ass cheeks. Tanner held completely still but I could not control my hips as they rocked back and forth. I was trying to edge all the man that he was to slide lower and closer to my dripping wet vagina. He gathered my hair and pulled it up and to one side and had me take it in my hand. Suddenly I felt a jolt over my body. He had reached to my night stand and poured lavender lotion all over my back, directly from the bottle, not stopping to warm it up in his hands first. Normally that kind of thing would piss me off, but this time it had added and exceptionally erotic, mildly tortuous, element to the moment. It was ice cold. It felt as though cum was streaming from my wonderland.

His hands wandered my back and shoulders, every so often allowing his finger tips to graze past my breasts that were spilling out on either side of me. When his hands would hit my low back and below, his grip became a little more aggressive as he didn’t just massage my ass, but seized each cheek and squeezed roughly. Eventually his hands did not leave my ass but rather repositioned themselves with only his thumbs in place and his fingers wrapping around my hips.

I felt the pressure on the back of my legs release as he was now on his knees. The play between tender and rough was thrilling beyond words for me. With my head still on the pillow and face to one side, he reached for both my hands and pulled them behind me. Next he pulled my hips up forcing me to arch my back as my ass was well in the air, just level with cock. Now free to gyrate and sway, I pressed them back into him searching for his cock to fill me up. The teased continued for a little longer as he kept control and allowed it only to slide between the lips of my dripping pussy and stroked my clit.

“Oh please, you have no idea how much I want you to fuck me,” I was practically begging for him.

With a firm grasp on my hips, the teasing ended right there. In one hard, deep thrust, Tanner’s cock was inside me. As much as I knew it was coming, I was not prepared and screamed out a gasp of ecstasy. He stopped and held himself deep inside of me grinding his torso to my backside. Then, the pounding ensued.

“Oh-ho-ho-ohhhhhh! Oh yessss! Oh fuck yessss! Oh keep going. Fuck me, fuck me deeper, fuck me harder!” It had been too long since I felt this kind of lust.

He did not disappoint. I got what I asked for and in moments I came. I didn’t even get the chance to scream to him what he had just done to me. I didn’t need to. He knew what had just happened and adjusted his pace. Slowing down now to long hard strokes his cock completely filled my tight wet cunt. The wetness oozing from me made the moment effortless. I needed it to be like that too as he had completely exhausted me, my breathing was heavy and panting.

For a few minutes he continued a very deliberate, steady rhythm of slipping in and out of me. Slowly he picked up the pace and we started pushing together faster. One of his hands held both of my wrists tightly, pulling my arms behind me, using them as leverage so that our bodies would slam together with more force. The other hand reached under me and found my ruby red clit.

I could hear in his voice the moment was nearing for him. One thing that made all of this so incredible hot for me was how he said so little with his words but everything else spoke volumes. His take charge attitude, not letting me think about what would happen next, was everything I needed. Now I hoped I would be able to help him reach everything he wanted.

A consistent low moan emanated from him with the occasional inhale of air through this teeth. I could feel the intensity build in him and knew he was about to cum. I heard his words of warning, “Fuck ya, here we go, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in my mouth! I want to feel your heat on my lips and you cum in my mouth. Let me suck on you,” I’m sure I sounded like I was pleading, but this was too erotic for me to let this moment pass.

He pulled out and I quickly spun around and took him in tonsils deep. There was no time for me to even wrap my fingers around his cock to help him reach his euphoria. He filled my mouth with so much pleasure and creamy hot cum that some dripped from the corners of my lips. My head lightly bobbed up and down on his shaft as he concluded his orgasm and as I rolled my tongue around his sensitive tip, his whole body jolted. His cock came out of my mouth and we both collapsed on to the bed together.

Our bodies were sticky, sweaty and clinging to one another. We both struggled to catch our breath. His arm around me, my head was nestled into his shoulders it felt like that was the place it should have always been. What would happen between us now?

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