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Forever Connected

I love your hands. The rough calluses. As your hands cup my breasts, the tender scratches send sensations to my sex, that only you can bring out. Your behind me. I watch your beautiful hands, the thick fingers pinch and roll my tight nipples. I am completely naked and vulnerable to you. Your hand open you slide it down my tummy. Every sensation glorious, as I know now where your hand is going. I lay my head back and rest it on your shoulder in the crest of your neck. Your breath is hot in my ear. I can feel your arousal against the top of my ass. I love knowing how much you want me. Feeling how much you want me.You bend your mouth into my neck. The spot just behind my ear, right in the middle of my neck. Your mouth is soft. You kiss gently. It sends a fresh shiver through me, and immediately, goose bumps cover my back and stomach. This is my spot. Your  mouth on me that is so romantic and tender. Feeling your hot breath against my skin. Finally your hand is there. Hovering just over my pussy. Your touch is light, and teasing. I love this part.  Your making me squirm, beg without words to how much I want your rough fingers to separate the soft folds. Glide that thick finger up inside my wet hole. Your mouth is tender, yet wanting on my neck as you start to nibble. Feeling the rough texture of your teeth against such soft skin. Finally without warning, your finger slides through my wet slit. Parting my lips, flicking my clit  just once. My hips buck at your hand in the response. We have touched like this, this heavy petting so many times. And yet, I have never let you inside. Not inside the warm tight spot I know you long to be. I have laid naked with you. Felt your solid cock at my side, in my hand. I have tasted your warm cum. But I have been afraid. Afraid until today. Today I am going to give  you what you've been wanting. To feel that huge rigid cock, deep inside my pussy.

You have made me cum. Oh yes, how you have. With the solid flicks of your tongue. Your strong fingers. But for a couple months, we have touched each other, tormented each other, into erotic  frustration. I know that you have been with woman before. You know how good it feels to be deep inside of that soft encasement around your cock. You have been so patient. So deliberate with making me feel comfortable. But today, there is something different. I have decided to give myself to you, in a way, that only a woman can give to her man. I am going to let you into my  center. Feel you stretch me. Pull me apart, and finally claim that hot wet spot, as your own. Molding it to your cock. The perfect fit.

Your fingers have circled my clit, almost to orgasm, as I grind into your hand and find it hard to stand any longer. You turn me to you. Your eyes, are a beautiful green pool of lust. I can sense your excitement. You know that going slow is what I want. To have every part of my body sense this moment. Feel the complete arousal, all the way to my toes. Your hands trace my spine, and grasp the locks of my hair in your hands. Your mouth crushes to mine. Hot and passionate.

Your tongue grinding with mine. I'm becoming wetter by the second. More excited, knowing that I am going to feel you, deep inside me. That we will become one. You lay me down on the bed, and slowly, your working your way down my body. Your hands gently tickling my skin. Your mouth finds my breasts. I love to watch your tongue circle my nipples and suck them into your mouth. This has always been a turn on for me. Your squeezing my breasts in large hands, and sucking, biting. Today, you are not as patient with being content with my breasts in your mouth. I know that this wait has been hard for you, and today, you know that you will enter my soft tight core. I'm okay with your urgency, smile at the thought. Your tongue traces a path down my tummy. Your hands roaming with your tongue, lingering just  a little longer on my breasts. Your tongue licks the outside of my pussy. Softly along the lips. Making it harder for me to control myself. I want to feel your tongue separate my lips, lashing at my clit. Sucking my juices in your mouth. Finally, ecstasy. I close my eyes, and a soft moan escapes my lips. I look down, and see you half smile, your eyes meeting mine. Watching you. Your enjoyment of this simple pleasure. You love eating my pussy. My hips grind against your mouth. The hotness in my core. More excitable today then ever. Knowing that today, my longing, my deep ache, is going to be taking care of. That deep ache inside a woman's body that only a rigid cock can ease. I have masturbated. Made myself cum. Feel that deep  release, but I know, that you, are going to ease that deep ache, that masturbation, never fixes. Your finger dives inside of me. I moan loudly. Another finger inside. Your plunging in to me quickly. I can't stand it anymore. I want you inside me. I am grinding against  your mouth. My breath in quick bursts. I am going to cum. Another finger inside me. You are stretching me. Your hands quick. Your tongue still so fast and warm on my clit. I feel the explosion deep inside of my stomach. Its a familiar exhilaration, that sends wave  after wave to my pussy. I can hear the moisture against your mouth. You moan softly. I know you are enjoying the juice flowing into your mouth. As the wave subsides and I  continue to shake against your mouth, you begin to kiss your way up my stomach. My  eyes are tightly closed.  I can smell my sex on your mouth, as you speak.  I love the  smell of me on you. 

"Open your eyes,"  You whisper softly on my mouth.

I look at you.  Your smile warm. Caressing.  I feel your thick head just at my

opening.  "You ready?"  You ask, softly still.

I nod my head.  A little scared. Excited.  Turned on.  I can't wait. I lift my hips  towards you.  You smile again.  Then the pressure.  Your actions are slow.  You don't want to hurt me.  The pressure is strong against my tiny hole.

"Will you fit?"  I ask.  I feel silly for asking such a question.  You are huge however  and the pain is fresh and there. The pressure building, and not in a good way.

"Are you okay?"  You ask again your lips brushing my mouth.

I only nod.  Knowing that if I speak, I may cry.  The pain is really overwhelming. I feel the tip of your huge cock inside me now. I know how huge your cock is and still lay there wondering if it will fit. Or if I can take anymore going in.

"Breath baby.  Relax, this part won't last long, you have to relax."  You say sweetly.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath in, and let it out.  As I do, you push further into me.  "Again," you plea.  I again, take another deep breath, and as I release, more of you  is inside me.  You stay there for a minute.  I then realize that you are all the way inside me, and I can feel it.  You lower your mouth to mine, and steal soft kisses.  You tell me you love me, and start to reverse your large cock from my aching pussy.   I think that I am not going to enjoy this, and almost think to myself, that I want to go back to just the heavy petting.  The playing. As you pull out of me, the wave a pleasure rushes through me.  You have grazed that spot.  The spot that your fingers have made me cum so many times. I shiver. I feel wetness.  You push back into me. Slowly.  The pain is going away, and what is replacing it, is ecstasy.  You keep your pace steady and slow.  You can see the wincing in my face.  You kiss me softly.  The pain is gone, and is replaced by liquid warmth. You sense my relaxation and your pace quickens.  My pussy tight around your cock, I can feel every inch of your disappear inside of me.  You lean above me.  I look down at the wonderful sight of you and I fusing together.  It sends a wave through my body.  The ache deep inside me.  You are completing me, in a way only you can. Something wonderful is starting to build inside of me.  A tightening I have never felt before.  Louder I begin to moan.  My hips are moving with you now, as this is pure enjoyment.  The pain completely gone, only replaced by pure pleasure.  The orgasm starts at what feels like my toes, and rips through quickly.  Tears through my legs, makes my stomach bottom out.  I suck it a deep breath and cry out loud.  Scream your name.  I feel the contractions of my walls.  Your body is becoming tight.  I know that you are going to cum.  I can feel your cock becoming even more rigid deep inside of me.  I feel your first contraction, you cock jump inside of me, and can feel the warmth.  You are softly sighing, as you expel your warmth inside of me.  You lean down and take deep kisses from my mouth.

"I love you,"  You smile, and gently roll to your side.  You pull my head to your shoulder.  I drape my leg across your thigh.  You wrap your arms around me.  Feeling completely satisfied and relaxed, I drift off to peaceful dream in your arms. Forever connected, and yours.

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