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Four times,One night, My first/ True story- part 2

The second part of my story of the occasion that I lost my virginty
Nick and I sat on the bed recovering from my great first time and our amazing orgasms. As I sat there I could still feel myself dripping from my orgasm a mix of his sperm and my cum juices. A massive wet patch on the bed to remind me of how amazing and explosive it all was. I still couldn't get over how good it had been.

It had been nothing like what I had been told about how my first time would be: 'Be prepared for pain' 'Its never great the first time but it gets better'. How wrong they'd been!

Nick and I sat chatting about what had just happened and about our guilt for Anna. We decided it was wrong and that although it was so good, it wasn't fair and mustn't happen again. Again we carried on chatting and got dressed before deciding to go through to the living room.

After 10 minutes I got up to pass him and went to lead him into the lounge. Suddenly he grabbed my hand- stopping me in my tracks.

He stood up his face inches from mine.

He kissed me. Again a kiss of lust and desire not just an every day kiss. I kissed him back; knowing it was wrong made it all the more exciting and I couldn't stop myself. He was a bad influence but showed no signs of stopping himself.

Cum still dripping down my leg as he pushed me back onto the bed and tore off my thong in a desire to be inside me again. I tore my dress off helping him.

As he quickly stripped too he was hard again his member sticking out waiting to be surrounded by my tight virgin pussy. He crawled up the bed on top of me as he guided his cock into be and began thrusting hard. Hitting the walls of my pussy as my breath began getting deeper and more rapid again. My legs straddled wide I was moaning loudly.

'I want to try doggy' I panted, as I caught my breath.

I said as he slowed up and pulled out. I turned over onto all four as he entered me from the new position. Thrusting into me hard his balls slapping against my arse everytime he went in. Hitting me at a new angle made me tip over the edge and I could no longer hold back as I left out a mighty moan and another orgasm hit.

My legs collapsing onto the bed as the waves hit me and made my arse buck upwards towards his cock. Pleasure rushing through me. As I came he could no longer cotrol himself as I clenched around his cock tightly inside me he shot his load into me for a second time as I began to recover from my orgasm.

He pulled out of me as we slumped next to each other giggling at our second mistake of the evening. But feeling so good and satisfied.

Eventually we recovered and redressed and made our way into the living room. Deciding that while we had already done it twice we might aswell make it a night thing. With this still lingering in my mind we phoned for a pizza and sat chilling and eating in front of the tv.

I had just finished my pizza and was lying against his leg sitting on the floor with him on the soaf behind me, when he began massaging neck and shoulders.

It felt so nice and sweet and his hands soon began to wander down to my boobs grabbing and playing with them then teasingly taking his hands back to my shoulders.

Next I felt his gentle lips brushing gently across the base of by neck slowly getting further down towards my clevage as he pulled me up onto the sofa and found his way once again to my pussy kissing the outside of my thong- with my dress pulled up.

Before pulling them off in an attempt to bury his head into my lips. Sucking and licking aginst my clit and his fingers explored the dripping pussy below. My heartrate began to mount and he continued as I started to moan.

He couldn't handle it anymore so dragged me onto the floor as he stripped out of his jeans and boxers and before I knew it he was inside me. Fucking my pussy so hard my legs being pushed over my head against the sofa as he was ramming me deep and fast.

My breathing became more and more short breathed as I gasped and felt a smaller orgasm fought its way through my body as my hips bucked against him. Worn out but still very horny I allowed him to continue to fuck me hard until I felt him tense above me and I felt his hot lava fill me up and hit my walls. Dripping outside of my pussy as he pulled out for the third time that night.

Worn out I sat up and grabbed my clothes.

'So much for control!' I said to him as he put his clothes back on

Part 3 coming soon xxx

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