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Four times,One night,My first / True Story- Part 1

My first: It was wrong but I couldn't help myself ... Four times = Was Worth It
This is a true story and everything apart from the names is a true encounter of my events and experiences.

It was a very cold February and I was coming up to my 18 th birthday. I was attending drama school and had my own flat which I shared with another girl from college. Living away from home was great and experiencing total freedom for the first time was amazing. We always had people over and friends to stay. I also got weekends to myself as my flat mate went home to her parents every weekend. I danced and worked out at college everyday so I had a gorgeous toned body at 5ft 4, a curvy firm arse and had amazing 34dd breasts.

At 17 I was still a virgin but only through choice. For a virgin I found I had a very healthy sex drive and often masturbated when my flat mate (let’s call her Anna) wasn’t about. Imagining past experiences and flirting with guys online. Conversations usually very sexual and I found myself starting to masturbate more regularly and beginning to crave sex. I had lots of experience with guys having oral and hand jobs but had never allowed full on sex. I was never short of offers from guys but I found that those guys were usually only interested in the sex rather than me and my personality and I barely found myself attracted to any of them.

Today was different however, I found myself very attracted to Nick and I really lusted for him. I craved him. For weeks we had been chatting about today and whether it was right or fair but he was on his way over now- I guess he just couldn’t help himself and to be honest I couldn’t either.

Let’s start at the beginning of how I met Nick: Anna had been talking to a new guy recently and I also knew him through a mutual friend. His name was Nick. He came over to the flat one night to see her and I found myself really getting attracted to him: seeing him in a new light. It may be the fact that I couldn’t have him which made me think about him this way but I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

He wasn’t exactly tall; he was average although slightly taller than me at 5ft 4. He had dark hair, a really cute smile and I couldn’t help but draw in his sent- a musky gorgeous smell mixed with an aftershave I didn’t recognize. Whatever it was it smelt amazing. The more he cuddled her that night the more I wished he was cuddling me and I soon went to bed early falling asleep imagining it was me sitting with him in the living room rather than her. The next morning I went into the living room to find him asleep on the sofa alone- not with my Anna like I had thought. Turns out they had been kissing but when he had tried it on she hadn’t felt right about it so went back to her room and left him on the sofa.

The next week or so I was chatting to him online just as friends meanwhile listening to her go on about how she and him weren’t right and he was much keener on her than she was on him. It drove me mad he seemed to be trying really hard with her and she was just leading him on- However the most they had ever done was kiss. He was such a nice guy and I soon found myself sending him flirty messages and texts. Telling him about my recent episode on the train where I found myself squeezing my legs together to try to relieve my horny-ness surrounded by business men.

He was obviously getting horny and our conversations became more sexual and more frequent. The more we knew it was wrong the more we couldn’t help ourselves. We began talking constantly he was even saved as a different name on my phone so as not to make her suspicious, I would also turn my laptop away from her or sit in my room so she couldn’t see my computer screen. We used to speak on the phone while we masturbated and it made me want him more and more. I wanted him inside me badly! And he wanted me too- telling me I made him the horniest he’s ever been and how much he wanted to make me squirt. One night we decided we couldn’t hold ourselves back anymore and made plans for him to come over the following week when I had the place to myself.

It was now that evening. I had just got out of the shower when my phone rang.


‘Hey it’s me. Just letting you know I’ll be over in about half an hour I managed to leave early I just can’t wait to see you.’ He said and put the phone down.

Oh shit! I thought I won’t be ready. I began rushing around to get ready. 20 minutes later I was changed, make-up done and ready all apart from my hair: I looked at the time and decided to start to straighten it. He would have to sit and watch me finish it when he arrives- I decided. I was straightening my hair when the buzzer went. Crap!

‘He’s here!' I thought and my heart began to pound.

I opened the door and there he stood looking as handsome as ever. Standing in his leather jacket and bike helmet in his hands I broke into a big grin. He stood on the doormat and hugged me before coming in and placing his stuff down in the hall. I explained I wasn’t quite ready and entered my room to continue to do my hair; leaving him in the hall.

He came into my room and stood staring at me just smiling. He lent down to hug me again; looking into my eyes he kissed me hard and passionate. Weeks of cravings shown in that one kiss. Our lips meeting hard and our tongues diving in and out of each others mouths. He pushed me down onto the bed and we continued to kiss. I loved the way the he would suck my bottom lip and nibble it. His hands started to feel up my sides stroking my thigh and his hands beginning to lift my dress. I found myself becoming very horny, I could feel my slit starting to drip with wetness and anticipation.

I shifted on the bed and he soon pulled down my tights stroking my leg, teasing me. He pushed my thong aside and found my slit which by now was dripping wet as he dragged his finger back and forth drawing my wetness to my clit.

‘You’re so wet, you make me so horny. I want to make you pour for me’ he whispered to me.

He pulled off my thong and inserted two fingers into my slit and began to move them in and out while he circled my clit with his other hand. My hips began to buck under his hands as he swapped his fingers for his tongue. Licking and sucking my slit making me more and more wet while he continued to lap up my wetness with his tongue. Moving to my clit he circled it with his tongue changing from circles to side to side making me buck into his face more and more. My toes curled and my first orgasm took hold making me close my eyes and arch my back as waves of pleasure ran through my body. Moans left my mouth as I tried to catch my breath riding on my orgasm.

As I recovered from my first orgasm Nick unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head. I helped him by removing my bra, as I unclasped it he just stared at my chest smiling... wanting... Now I just wanted him inside me! He was the first guy I found I just lusted for.... I needed him! Now! He leant over and kissed me again teasing my mouth tickling my tongue with his. As he kissed me his right hand found its way to my breast rubbing and pinching my nipple and kneading the breast making me catch my breath again moaning softly. His left hand found its way back to my clit my hips starting to buck for a second time.

Not being able to take it anymore he pulled his shirt off as well as his jeans and boxers. Releasing his large member it stood to attention. I leaned back as he led it to my entrance.

‘Are you ready?’

 ‘Yes! Fuck me now please!’ I begged.

Having had my hymen broken months before I was anticipating only pleasure and that’s exactly what I got- No pain. As he trust into me for the first time it only felt good as his whole member filled me up. Hitting the back wall as his balls slapped against me. As my legs hovered in the air straddling beside him he trusted me hard and fast making me catch my breath making me breathing deeper and faster as he pushes me closer and closer about to hit my second orgasm when he suddenly stops.

‘No please!’ I beg.

‘Go on top for me, baby. Ride me.’

He rolls over and I do as I’m told. I straddle my knees beside him and lead him into my slit. Sitting onto him I Felt him fill me up all the way I began to rock back and forth. ‘Oh yeah, Baby this feels so good. How can this be your first time you know exactly how to get me feeling so good!’ He said to me through caught breath. As I started to bounce up and down on his cock rubbing against my wall I struggled to continue as my legs became weak and my second orgasm hit. As I sat upon him my body shivered and waves hit me my moans turning to screams making me collapse upon him.

‘Did that feel good baby?’ he asked as I rolled over next to him.

‘Amazing!’ I replied.

When I had recovered a second time I sat up as he asked me to suck him off. So I leant over and took his cock in my hand gently licking the pre-cum off his tip. Circling the tip with my tongue then running it over the underneath making shapes with my tongue teasing him before taking it into my mouth and sucking the tip before I slowly took it all into my mouth all the way to the base sucking hard, pushing it deeper into deep throat, hearing Nick moan as I did so. As I drew it out I grasped the bottom with my hand and thrust with my hand as I began fucking his cock with my mouth sucking hard and thrusting it in and out.

‘You’re so fucking good! I heard him shout’ Making me more horny.

After a few minutes he stopped me and rolled me back over onto my back. Thrusting into me hard and fucking me wildly- as I drew my legs back as far over my head as I could. Holding them there so he could fuck me deeper and deeper. (Gymnastics come in handy) Both of us moaning and breathing deeply.

‘Fuck me this is so good!’ I screamed.

‘More! I need to come again! Faster, harder!’ I pleaded.

He trusts me harder and we both struggle to catch our breath as I curled my legs around his waist drawing him into me more and more- Meeting his rhythm getting deeper and more violent. He took my hand led it to my clit as he trusts me harder taking all his effort.

‘I’m Cumming!’ His breathed.

Finally unable to take anymore I felt him shooting his load into me as I hit my Third orgasm! Feeling myself shiver. Just letting go completely. As He shoots into me and I draw him closer to me with my legs around him. He collapsed onto me. Lying on top of me as I hit my final stages of my orgasm totally releasing as I felt myself pour onto Nicks cock and drip onto the bed below. Eventually being able to breathe and relax from my amazing orgasm. Nick leaned down and kisses me as he withdraws from me. As I sat up I noticed I’ve poured onto the sheets- a big wet patch a mix of his semen and my cum.

‘Thank you, but so much for my hair’ I said to Nick as he grinned at me trying to sort out my half straightened messy hair.

‘I never imagined my first time would be so good.’

‘We’ve got all night yet’ He added as he winked at me.

This is my first story and is totally true. Please give feedback and If you like it I will post parts 2 etc sometime soon xx

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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