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Freedom Indeed

A revealing experience with a lost love.
When I was 17 years old I fell in love for the first time. Her name was Saoirse, which is the Irish word for "freedom". She was a tall, well-spoken and elegant girl who was 2 months my younger. She had the most striking blue eyes I had ever seen; pale and wispy, but at the same time sharp and piercing. Her smile was always so wide and she wasn't stingy about showing it. We never got too far, at most managing a peck on the cheek and a hug goodbye, but I was more than delighted to simply hold her hand as we strolled through town. That girl had my stomach in knots more than anyone before or since. However, she had one or two problems with her family at home, and we were both inexperienced at relationships, so she decided it was best we shouldn't continue going out. My first relationship lasted all of two months. I was gutted, but I was left with two months' worth of joyful memories. We stayed loose friends, but were in no way close to one another after time passed and I eventually stopped loving her.

Two years later, and I'd been talked into heading out on the town for my nineteenth birthday. Mick from my English class had been at me for months for me to get drinking: being a teenager in Ireland and NOT drinking is somewhat of an unusual situation. So after many classes spent with him whispering in my ear, I eventually agreed and one Saturday night in October we hit the town. We headed straight for the pub in town which is famous for allowing in anyone and everyone, regardless of age. If not for the woody decor and the pool table in the corner, you'd swear you had walked into a teenage disco.

We entered just before ten and the place was buzzing. Looking around I saw a lot of familiar faces from school, from my drama group, from the street I lived. What wasn't so familiar though was just how merry everyone was. There wasn't a single person there without a smile plastered on their face and a drink in their hand. To be honest, I did almost regret not having tried this before, but I figured it was better late than never. Mick shouted in my ear.

"I'm going to the jax," he yelled over the music, "I'll buy you a pint when I get back!"

I didn't feel like risking my voice, so I acknowledged him with a great big nod and a thumbs-up. He disappeared behind the bathroom door, and I turned around to face the main bulk of the pub. It was then I spotted something that ensured I never got that pint from Mick.


Now at least eighteen herself, she was sitting in the corner of the pub with a couple of her friends, looking every bit as fabulous as before. She was wearing a figure-hugging blue dress, long sleeved and oh-so revealing. She had never had the largest breasts, but that dress showed off every centimetre of them to their full extent. I couldn't help but notice that her legs were bare, no tights or stockings in sight. Her light brown hair swelled about her shoulders, bouncing with each of her giggles. It was at that moment that I realised she was giggling at me.

I had obviously been staring at her for longer than I thought. I was simply entranced. My heart fluttered some as she put out her hand and waved me over. All thoughts of alcohol disappeared from my mind - Mick could drink those pints by himself. As I glided over to where Saoirse was seated, her two friends got up and removed themselves to the dancefloor. As she swilled back the last mouthful of her vodka and tonic it hit me that this was the first time that we'd been alone together since the day she broke up with me.

"Heya! Happy birthday!" she cried as I sat down. She wrapped her arms around me in an embrace. I couldn't help but notice my underwear seem a lot tighter as I hugged her back. My arms wrapped around her slender figure, my left high on her back and my right just above the curve of her waist. As we pulled away her cheek brushed mine and I remembered the wonderful sensation of being this close to her, staring into those eyes.

"So how have you been, it's been ages since I saw you last!" she smiled, with only the most delighted sincerity in her voice.

"I've been good!" I replied. "It's a nice surprise to see you here! I didn't know who'd be out and about, I was dragged in at the last minute!"

She flashed another of those trademark smiles. Something about the way she really let you see her teeth just made her dazzle every time she did it.

"Ah well I didn't plan on being out myself," she said, "But I've the house to myself for the night and I got talked into heading into town by the girls."

I'm not a man who believes in fate, but that seemed like a co-incidence too great to be mere accident. Maybe God likes us teenagers.

"So you're saying neither of us even wanted to be here this evening?" I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep!" she chirped, "I planned on being in bed by now!"

I laughed, and she giggled along with me. Even after all this time I remembered she had said she was an early sleeper.

"Yeah, I would just be relaxing at home at the moment too. I don't really imagine myself staying here for much longer." (This was a lie. I had imagined myself spending the entire night there just minutes ago. That was, of course, before I spotted Saoirse.)

She put her hand into her glass and fished out a small, near-melted ice-cube. As she popped it in her mouth, she gave me a long look and slid her finger out of her mouth ever-so slowly. My underwear became even tighter.

The look lasted until the ice-cube melted, at which point she swallowed and said, "Well, why don't we go back to our original plans then? I mean, of course not alone..."

I could hardly believe my ears. That said, I didn't question it for a second. We got our coats and left. Even then, the thought occurred to me that Mick would be looking for me... but he could just keep on looking. I had other things to be spending my time on.

Saoirse's house was a five-minute walk from the pub, a stretch of street that we had walked many times before as a couple. Looking at her again now, the hem of her short blue dress poking out under her coat twinking in the starlight, I missed those days more than ever before. I decided to chance my arm.

I slipped my hand into hers. Juvenile, but she didn't let go. The familiar feeling of her warm skin held in mine came flooding back again. She squeezed back, the first time any girl had pushed beyond my own advances in two years. By this stage my virgin cock was firm and stiff, and I felt sure that she would notice it pushing my trousers out a good inch. If she did notice, it didn't bother her.

After the mostly-silent walk, we arrived at her front door. She relinquished her hold on my hand to unlock the door, and while her back was to me I took the opportunity to re-organise my drawers so that the protrusion wasn't quite so obvious. I followed her into the darkness of the hallway and walked further into the house.

At this point I couldn't see a thing because of the darkness. It having been two years since I was in her house, I was unsure of my surroundings.

"Could you hit that lightswitch please?" she asked. "The one on the wall to your left."

I felt about to my left in the dark and felt where the wall was. I traced up and down until I found the switch, and once I had established its location I flicked it. The room illuminated, and I was greeted with a fully-lit view of Saoirse rushing at me.

Her hands outstretched pressed my shoulders back against the wall, hard. Before I knew what was going on she had thrust her tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around her waist, caressing the small of her back, feeling the smooth lines of her body. Her hands moved up and explored my scalp, her fingers running through my hair, moving my head into the desired position from which she could get greatest purchase with her mouth. Her lips smacked slightly in her enthusiasm to explore every cavity of my mouth.

By now the pressure of her hips pressing against mine had caused all my re-organising work to be undone. My cock now stood as hard and erect as it ever had, protruding directly out from my body. Her gentle gyrations massaged its tip through the barrier of our clothes. I slid my hands lower and ran them across her bottom, gently squeezing her buttocks underneath that dress.

All of a sudden she lifted her head away from mine. She stood staring into my eyes with the most delighted expression of of disbelief I have ever seen. She looked down and saw the bulge of my fully-erect penis. She looked up again smiling, but this wasn't the usual wholesome smile I was used to. There was mischief here, mischief most sexy.

"Go in there, I'll be two seconds," she said and disappeared.

Slightly bewildered but still ridiculously horny I walked into the room she had gestured towards. In hindsight this slight break probably did me good: I doubt I could have lasted much longer without exploding if I had not had this brief recess. As good as her word, seconds later she returned holding a package of condoms.

"I hope my parents don't count these," she giggled, "They don't know I found out where they keep them."

She flicked on the light to reveal we were in her bedroom. I didn't get a chance to examine its architecture or Feng Shui as Saoirse lept on top of me moments later and resumed her thorough examination of my mouth. The feeling of her on top of me was wonderful, the weight of her body pressing her breasts onto my chest, her bare legs wrapped around my hips. After a few minutes of groping an inter-oral shennanigans, she sat up.

"Okay," she said, addressing me with a serious look, "You think you can handle me?"

"Let me put it to you this way..." I said, before flipping her over onto her back.

She was somewhat shocked by my sudden physicality, and for a moment simply lay on the covers eyeing me up. I took this opportunity to remove my T-shirt and begin untying my shoes. Saoirse gave a trademark giggle, and slipped her hand down to between her legs. I gave up on the laces and simply tore off my shoes and socks together. My jeans followed soon afterwards.

I turned to face Saoirse, wearing nothing but my boxer shorts. (Boxer shorts which were, by this stage, being stretched to capacity and streaked with precum.) She was laying back, leaning on her elbow, her head supported on her hand. It was an image as beautiful as any pin-up of Grace Kelly. What she did next, however, I could never picture Grace Kelly doing. Saoirse lifted her other hand and extended it towards me. She was holding her panties, and I took them from her. I could feel them damp with her juices.

Saoirse shifted around until she was standing on her knees. Slowly she reached her hand behind her and unzipped the dress. It fell away from her instantly, exposing her breasts. I had never seen such perfectly formed tits. As I said, they were never the largest, but they were so round and looked enticingly firm. She slid off each arm of the dress, peeling away its tight material, until she was before me with the dress only clinging to her waist.

We eyed one another. It was clear we'd never been with anyone this naked before. After a moment, we gave one another a look right in the eyes, and removed the last of our clothing.

I was excited beyond belief. In front of me was a genuine vagina, glistening with moisture. I could see her lips bordering the soft pink innards, I could make out her clitoris protruding from the top. All this was framed by a bush of pubic hair of matching colour to that which fell around her shoulders.

Saoirse seemed as entranced by my groin as I was by hers, and I have to say when I looked down I was nearly surprised myself. My cock stood stiffer and harder than I had ever seen, seven and a half inches sticking out at right angles to the rest of me. My balls hung suspended in the air below it, gently giving me the sensation of the air moving around them. The head of my cock pointed upwards, almost begging to be stroked, licked, sucked, ANYTHING.

We stayed in those spots, just a foot away from one another, for almost five minutes I'd say. We examined every inch of one another with our eyes. Then, slowly, Saoirse reached out and placed her hand on the centre of my chest. Goosebumps ran through my body, and involuntarily my cock flexed with excitement. Saoirse saw this, smiled, and placed both hands around my neck, caressing my shoulders as she did so. We held one another close for a moment, feeling one another. I found out I had been right before; her breasts were wonderfully firm, and felt incredible pressed against my chest. I could feel my cock being compressed between our hips and I just knew that her stomach would be smeared with precum because of it. It didn't seem to bother either of us, probably because I could feel her wetness spreading across the top of my thighs at the same time.

Gently we lay down together, her underneath me. We kissed for a long time. Eventually she reached onto her bedside table and extracted a condom from the packet. I slid it on, feeling the latex coat my dick on all sides. I kissed Saoirse one more time, then sat back to look at what I was doing.

Slowly, and with Saoirse's guiding hand, I eased the head of my cock in past her pussy lips. She gasped slightly as her vagina widened further than it ever had before. My whole dick shook at the sensation, and it's a miracle I didn't come right there. I gently eased myself out slightly, then back in slightly further than before. Saoirse bit her lip and moaned.

Eventually I was fully inside her. I looked down and couldn't see myself, my dick just disappeared into her bush. The pressure surrounding my penis on all sides was phenomenal; her pussy was so tight that thrusting out was nearly becoming a chore. Saoirse lay there, eyes closed, heaving breaths, rocking to the motion. I began to gyrate my hips in rythm, and each time I pushed forward she let out a yelp of delight.

Suddenly her insides squeezed in and she moaned loud. I couldn't contain myself. I let out a savage grunt and emptied all my cum inside her. I felt the borders of the condom swell as my semen rushed out, and seemed to rush out for ages. I couldn't stop cumming, and the feeling of my semen shooting out of my cock in a torrent was unbelievable. I eventually stopped and removed myself from Saoirse's insides. She lay back in ecstacy as I disposed of the used condom.


We lay and cuddled for a long while after that, enjoying the feeling of our skin on one another, feeling the warmth of one another's bodies pressing against us. It was divine.

Then Saoirse turned to me, and fixes me with that smile. Not the wholesome one, the devilish one.

"I'm so glad you've made love to me," she said, "but I think it's about time you fucked me."

I was flabbergasted. I had never so much as heard her swear before, let alone in such a pointed fashion.

Before I could stammer out some words Saoirse's hand had dropped to my groin and she began jerking my cock. Her soft hands with her long fingers had me back to a full hard-on within seconds. She pulled back on my foreskin and rubbed her thumb off the head of my dick on each stroke. As she got a feel for it, she began to do it faster and faster. Soon my balls were bouncing up and down with the force she was pulling at my member. This seemed to give her an idea, and with her other hand she began to roll my balls around from left to right. By now I was almost paralysed by how good this felt, and did nothing to stop her. She began to squeeze my balls in time to her stoking of my cock, and this was just too much. With a wail I spewed cum out all over her hands and even across my stomach and chest.

Saoirse smiled that devilish smile again and proceeded to lick her hands clean. The ejaculate came off her hands in strings, and she sucked each finger clean, swallowing whatever she found on them. She lowered her head to my navel and began to lick up all the cum that was on my chest. The warmth of her tongue and the stickiness of the semen kept me erect. As she licked high on my chest I thrust my mouth onto hers, and accidentally tasted my own semen off her tongue.

"That's got to be the dirtiest thing I've ever done" I thought to myself.

I laid Saoirse down and without removing my lips from contact with her body I licked and kissed my way down to her breasts. I sucked and nibbled at her nipples, which were nice and hard. She gave little squeals each time I made a rougher move.

My right hand descended to between her legs. I felt her open her thighs to my touch, inviting me in to do my dirty work. I tried not to disappoint. I fondled her clitoris with my forefingers, causing yelps of excitement from Saoirse.

"Oh, yes!" she cried, "Finger me! Finger me hard!"

I thrust two fingers deep inside her pussy and felt her body lurch at the sudden entry. Instantly I felt a river of moisture flow out of her, covering my hand.

"Oh, FUCK!" Saoirse screamed, "Oh God, more! More!"

I moved my left hand in and began to circle her clit with that. I stepped up the tempo with my right hand, plunging into and out of her as fast as I could manage. Saoirse shook with delight.

"Oh Christ! Deeper, harder, faster! Fuck yes, oh YES!"

Instinct took over, and I leaned down and spat onto her pussy, adding even more moisture to the already dripping area.

"Go on!" Saoirse called, "Lick that cunt! Eat my pussy!"

I obeyed. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could manage and shook my head. I let spittle drip from my mouth as I licked up and down her lips. It was messy, but it was incredible. Saoirse was spasming with pleasure. I felt more moisture run out of her as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

She sat up, grabbed my head away from her crotch, and steeled me with a stare.

"Get a condom on," she demanded, "I need you to fuck my pussy as hard as you can."

I grabbed the packet and slipped a johnny onto my ready and waiting cock. This time I didn't ease myself in: In one move I thrust my entire length as far into Saoirse as I could.

"FUUUCK!" she squealed, as I pushed even harder, " YES! YES! YES! YES!"

I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I pumped my hips back and forth as quickly as I could muster, my balls slapping against her with every thrust. I held her hips tightly and watched her tits bounce around as I pummled her.

"Shit, shit, shit, fuuuuUUUUUCK!" cried the well spoken girl as another orgasm rocked her body.

I took this as a cue to work even harder. I lifted her hips and she wrapped her legs around me, crossing them behind my back. This pulled me in even deeper, and we both moaned for a moment at the sheer pleasure of filling and being filled. I started to fuck like there was no tomorrow. I was riding her so hard her head shook back and forth despite her best efforts to keep it still.

My third orgasm of the night exploded out of me with a hitherto-unkown velocity, stretching the condom to capacity within seconds. This caused Saoirse to wail in ecstacy, and she came yet again with my cock still inside her.

I pulled out my dick and pulled off the condom, throwing it over my shoulder. (Not nearly as well disposed-of as the last one.) I collapsed next to her. Both Saoirse and I were dripping with sweat, and she was still spattered with some of my cum. We kissed passionately for a moment or two.

The greatest night of my life came to a close with the pair of us falling asleep together, covered in each others fluids.


The next morning I awoke to that familiar face. Those striking blue eyes gazing into mine. But this wasn't an ordinary romantic wake-up. Saoirse had her mouth wrapped around my boner and was sucking on it for all she was worth. Seeing those eyes that I adore so much looking up at me while her tongue glided slippery over the head of my cock caused me to jizz immediately. Her face became covered in my semen, from across her forehead, down her nose and spattering her mouth. I also covered my cock and balls with a healthy dose of the stuff. As Saoirse sucked my balls clean, her face shimmering with my juice, I lay back and considered the fact that I had been in love with this girl over two years ago.

I couldn't help but think I was falling in love again.

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