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From Second String To First String

I was never a well built guy in high school but I was still one of the best football players, yet I wasn't the guy that the girls wanted to be with. I did date a few girls but none that I was in love with or interested in sleeping with. I was lucky enough to be recruited by a good college in Florida.

The first year was pretty rough but I was able to pass all of my courses, and was able to remain on the football team as a second string safety. Unfortunately, as hard as I played and practiced I couldn't move up to first string. When I asked the coach what I could do to to move up he said that I needed to bulk up my body because I was still to light even though I was a good strong hitter. After that day I would spend all my free time in the weight room working on my build. After three months of just working out I begun to see a big improvement.

During spring break while everyone else went to Daytona Beach I stayed at the college and spent all of my time in the weight room just working out. I guess I wasn't the only one who was interested in getting in shape because during the two weeks I was in there I saw this very cute girl working out, and every time I saw her she had on a short shorts and a tight tank top or a tube top on. Yes, we noticed each other because we were the only ones in there every time we were working out.

After spring break was over we really didn't see each other except passing each other in the halls, but we never really said hello except maybe a nod as we passed. A few months went by without seeing each other, but I kept up my work out routine not in hopes of seeing her. But because I wanted to make first string more then anything.

The next time I saw her was when the team went on the road to play a rival team. After the team finished our late afternoon work out we all went back to the hotel to rest up for the game in the morning, all except for me I went straight down to the hotel's weight room to keep up my muscle building, I was just reaching the two hour mark when I heard the weight room door open behind me, I thought that maybe it was one of the other players on the team. The next thing I heard was one of the treadmills start up and that is when I knew it wasn't one of my teammates, so I looked into the mirror and saw it was the girl I had seen in the weight room at the college.

She must have seen me looking at her in the mirror because she smiled. I returned my attention to my work out so I could finish on the machine I was working on. When I finished I moved over to the arm curl machine and was working on my second set when I heard the treadmill shutoff, and then after a minute I heard one of the steppers start up and when I looked into the mirror I got a real shock, this girl was on one of the steppers facing away from me and she had removed the shorts that she had on and she was working out in a very sexy pair of white satin bikini panties and a tight white tube top. She was really making it hard to concentrate on my work out.

After I finished my arm curl routine I moved over to the bench press to work on my upper chest, I was half way through my first set when I heard the stepper shut off and the then I felt a pair of hands pull down the shorts I had on, then I felt a pair of lips touch the head of my cock. I almost dropped the weights on my chest when I felt her lips touch my cock. I struggled to put the weight bar back into the cradle, when I finally got it back in the cradle I looked down to see this girl sucking my hard cock into her waiting mouth and it felt so good.

I was frozen in place and I didn't know what to do. I just laid there and let her do what she wanted to do to me. She continued to suck on my cock for another two minutes before she stood up and pulled her tube top over her head exposing her sexy ample breast, then she turned and started to rub her sexy pantied ass up and down my wet cock for about a minute before she stood back up and quickly pulled her panties off. When she turned to straddle my waiting hard cock and when I looked down to watch her lower herself down I got my first look at her sweet shaven pussy and I was amazed at how beautiful it was.

We stayed in that weight room for a good two hours just screwing our brains out, before this girl kissed me deep and whispered in my ear that her name was Jane and that she would see me around campus. She then got dressed and left. I laid there for another ten minutes before I got dressed and went up to my room and passed out. The next morning when I walked into the locker room the coach pulled me aside and told me that he has decided to move me up to first string. I finished suiting up and headed out to the field with the rest of the team and as I exited the tunnel there was the line of cheerleaders as always but as I reached the last girl in line I came face to face with the girl form the weight room she just winked at me and she mouthed that she would me after the game. We won the game that day.

Now we are both now seniors and we plan to marry after college.

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