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Getting Liz's Knickers Down

I finally get to fuck Liz.
It would be good to read one of my other stories about Liz first. It will give more depth about her personality, and her behaviour. Reading the stories about her being gangbanged or spit roasted on holiday will give you an insight. An insight that I never had when I met her unfortunately.

I was in a bar one Friday night with friends, took a step back to let somebody walk by, and I felt a crunch. I turned around and one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen was jumping up and down in pain. I had stood on her toe.

I felt stupid, I was wondering how she would react once the pain had gone. I also though, felt an instant tingle inside, as the lady was stunning. Blonde, medium height, blue eyes, full lips and a body that was built for sex. She was slim, but extremely busty and when she was jumping up and down, those boobs were bouncing around and you could not help but notice them.

I waited for her reaction, but surprisingly she was fine. She joked about it, and I think she realised I genuinly was sorry.

That was the first time I saw Liz, she left the bar with her friends a short while later, but our paths would cross over the coming weeks and months.

We just chatted when we saw each other, laughed about her toe, and generally had a giggle. My mates could not believe that she ever spoke to me, she was top quality, out of the league of most.

Apart from her stunning looks, she dressed so well. She would never be tarty, more classy. Short skirt maybe, but then her huge breasts would be covered with a tight jumper as if to hide them a litte. If her breasts were on show, she would generally be wearing a dress that was mid thigh length, just to offset the cleavage.

We only ever chatted for half an hour at a time, she generally ended up on the other side of town late at night, wheras our group stayed away from that area. Our area was more easy going, wheras where Liz went was at the high end, very exclusive bars, generally where the soccer stars and big business people went. It was a little too clicky for us.

I enjoyed our half hour chats, it gave my confidence a lift, Liz would always pop over and say hello, smile, she was just so warm and friendly, and beautiful. When she left, she always gave me a little peck on the cheek, and I generally just melted.

Perhaps I should have gone after her, but I didn't think I stood a chance. She also had a boyfriend, so I was just happy with chatting to one of the towns best looking sexy ladies.

After about a year she told me she just split up with her boyfriend. I didn't ask why, I just somehow managed to ask her out on a date. Why I don't know, I just did it, I thought she would say no, but for some reason she said yes. She said she would love too, and I just could not believe my luck. It felt like a dream.

Only problem was she had a holiday planned with the girls. Not ideal timing, but she said she would go out with me after the holiday. I must say I was more than a little worried about my new date going away with the girls. Holiday romances happen, and I am sure men would definately want to try it on with Liz. Anyway, nothing I could do about it, I just hoped all would be fine and we would be going out together soon.

Upon her return we started dating. We got on really well, she was the perfect young lady. Liz told me she only had three real boyfriends, so I could not believe my luck. Not only was she stunning, she was a real lady, definately not one of the sluts that you often saw in town.

I thought she was too good looking to be someone who would just go out to fuck guys, Liz could pick and choose, so it appeared that she really was the type to take her time with guys, and I was pleased she was relatively pure.

We did talk about our past partners a little, but Liz thought it best to discuss us and the present rather than discuss ex boyfriends, and I thoroughly agreed with her, anyway, it appeared her past wasn't all that colourful anyway, so it seemed there wasn't a great deal to find out about.

We went out during the week, and the weekends we still saw our friends, but every so often on a Saturday we would go out together. We really were getting on very well.

But no sex. Perhaps because she was a classy young lady, I think this was the reason she took her time. I just sensed it wasn't right to rush in, and I just knew Liz wanted to make sure I was right for her, which I suspect is how she treated men in general. I sensed she would ensure a man would have to be right for her, before she gave herself to them.

It was very difficult though not being able to get too close. She was so stunning, I was desperate to get in her knickers. We went out one Saturday night and we had the last dance, my arms were on her side, and I could feel her huge breasts under the thin material of her dress, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts defied gravity, they were perfect, and I was just a layer of thin material away from them. My cock was so hard dancing close to her, I pulled her close, I thought tonight may be the night, but I still went home alone, it just wasn't happening.

Then after about six or seven weeks I broke through the barrier. She invited me in to her house after we had been out, and her parents were in bed. We started to kiss on the sofa, and I started to cup those wonderful full breasts through her short dress. This time no resistance, so I started to fully cup them while kissing her, and her hand ventured towards my jeans.

She started to rub my crotch, and I knew my time had come. My hand ventured up her short dress, and I felt her pussy through her knickers. This girl was hot, her knickers were really wet, and I pulled them to one side and slowly slid a finger into her shaven pussy. It was so wet it entered with ease. 

I was a little shocked at her reaction. For a classy lady, she sure reacted to my fingers quickly, she grabbed my hand so the palm of my hand was pushing against her clitty, and she started to buck and was fucking my fingers for all she was worth. I continued to kiss her, she tried to keep quiet because of her parents, but Liz was on another planet, quickly cumming with a shattering orgasm like I had never seen. She just used my hand for her pleasure, and I just pulled my sodden fingers from her pussy, and just gently kissed her as she came down from her high.

It all happened so very quickly, I was wanting to slow things down, but it was as if she needed to cum urgently, she was just rampant. 

As soon as she came down from her high she said it was best I go. It wasn't right with her parents in the house, so she usherred me to the door and I was gone, frustrated.

I could not believe how horny she was. Her clit was so sensitive, I had never witnessed anything like it. She fucked my hand for all she was worth, she got off on me so quickly, she was one horny lady. Even though we didn't go further, I knew now that we would, it was now just a matter of time.

On Sunday we arranged for Liz to come round on Tuesday night to watch a DVD. I took this as the signal that this was the night for it to happen, I couldn't wait, surely nothing could go wrong now.

Tuesday evening soon came about, I had a shower and waited for Liz to arrive at 8.00pm. I wasn't disapointed in anyway. She turned up, white high heels, a short flared skirt and a blouse with a few buttons undone so I could see her cleavage perfectly. She looked gorgeous, and we held each other as soon as she got through the door.

Infact we didn't let go, we just kissed and my hands wandered from her waist, ever so slowly upwards until my hands were on the sides of her breasts. There wasn't any resistance, infact Liz looked towards the stairs, and that told me all I needed to know.

I took Liz by the hand, and walked her up the stairs without either of us saying a word.
It was tense, neither of us had had a drink to relax, this had been building up for weeks.

We were standing at the edge of the bed, and as we kissed my hand moved to between her legs, and Liz obliged by taking a step to give me the access I needed. I continued to kiss her as my hand slowly made its way to her pussy, then gently rubbed her through her knickers.

Liz started to breathe heavily, I knew she liked it, but I was going to go slow, I wasn't going to get her off like she wanted on Saturday, today it was going to last.

Like Saturday she grabbed my hand, she pushed it against her clit and moaned more as she got herself worked up. I pulled my hand away this time and I could sense her frustration, but I needed to make her take her time.

Liz seemed desperate to cum, but I was in control of that, so I just carried on gently rubbing her, sensing her frustrations growing more and more. It was great to see her squirm, and every so often I would rub a little harder and feel her clit and she was looking at me as if to beg me to rub harder.

I had her, this wouldn't be a quickie, I was in control here, so I slowly moved down her body, kissed her neck, undone another button on her blouse and kissed the part of her breasts that were visible, then got on my knees and I had my face inches away from her pussy. Only her skirt and knickers were in the way.

I shuffled forward, moving Liz backwards towards the bed, and as I did she sat down and I parted her knees. Her skirt had ridden up, and there was her pussy puffing out of her tight silky knickers.

I wanted good access, so I gently pulled her knickers down, Liz moved to help me, I then pushed her legs back and looked at my prize. Liz looked great, she looked frustrated, she still had her blouse on, albiet it undone, she still had her skirt around her waist, but her legs were parted, and her pussy was shaved, wet and open and ready for me.

I kissed her pussy and Liz started to moan again, she grabbed my head to pull it towards her, I couldn't believe that Miss Prim and Proper, Miss Only Three Boyfriends was so horny she was grabbing my head and forcing it onto her pussy. I grabbed her hand and held it on the bed, I was going to make her wait.

It was wonderful making her cum. Liking her pussy ever so slowly, building up with more and more pressure on her clitty, then my tongue darting back inside her to taste those juices. Once I knew she couldn't hold out any longer, my tongue nuzzled against her clit and she was gone, moaning loudly, pushing her pussy into my face, it was great to see. I had made this beauty cum, and I wanted more.

I gently kissed her pussy lips as she got herself together, and as she slowly came round, I realised in her eyes that she wanted much more. She needed much more, she needed cock to satisfty her. 

Liz got up, she kissed me, then her hands wandered to my zip. She started undoing my zip with urgency, without her gaze moving from mime. She got down on her knees to get at me easier. Down came by jeans and shorts, and I threw my t-shirt over my head.

She just sat in front of me, slowly wanking my cock, her eyes moving from my eyes to my cock and back again. Pre-cum started oozing out of the end, and she stuck her tongue out and claimed it.

Then she gently started licking the underside of my cock near the end, it drove me crazy, then suddenly she took the whole length in her mouth, and then took it out again quickly. She must have done this a dozen times, this was the best ever, it had me in heaven and I so much wanted to unload in her waiting mouth.

Her skills with a cock were amazing, she had learn't well somwehere that is for sure. She was a dream. I needed to stop her though, I was on the edge, and I knew I had to get inside her, I wanted to fuck her, and I wanted to fuck her for along time so she enjoyed it and wanted to come back for more.

I gently pulled her from the floor and kissed her, she was like a child being taken away from a sweet shop, you could sense her frustration and the need for more.

The final buttons came loose on her blouse, her breasts were enormous, and I took the blouse fully off before reaching around the back to undo the catch of her bra. As I did her boobs came free and I was presented with them for the first time. I had been wanting these for so long and now they were there for me. I kissed them, I licked them, and it was clear Liz loved having her breasts played with.

I needed her so badly, and it was very clear what she wanted. She moved instictively onto all fours, parted her legs slightly and presented her pussy for my cock.

It slipped straight in and Liz moaned, I had so much wanted this and now I had her. I played with her breasts as I fucked her and just felt that our bodies fitted together very well. I was more than a little nervous still, which helped as it kept me from cumming, as I slowly fucked Liz. She moved a hand between her legs to play with her clitty, but I removed it and replaced it with mine, and she was cumming within seconds of pushing her little button.

She was an awesome site, seeing her cum, but I carried on fucking her slowly, but leaving her clit alone so she could recover.

I then lay on my back, and Liz mounted me within seconds, feeding my cock into her. This was her masterpiece, as Liz ground down onto me, taking all of me inside her and grinding her clit onto my body. As she came again, I had to hold her arms steady as she had lost control with her hands and was grabbing my face and chest.

Liz was not only gorgeous, she was a great fuck. Unbelievable, and it was hard to believe that someone with just limited experience with men could fuck like this. I was so lucky to get such a looker, and hardly touched by men.

I continued to fuck Liz hard for what must have been well over an hour. I wanted so much to please her that I didn't think of me, I just thought of making her cum. My cock remained hard, but eventually after I knew she was done, I was ready. I was on top of Liz, kissing her with her bucking up, her clitty was getting hammered again, and I knew she would be cumming yet again. I released all my pent up frustration, and unloaded in her pussy just as her orgasm hit her and we both kissed as we both went through it.

It was overwhelming, I felt such relief and I felt so pleased I had fucked her, and fucked her good. I knew I did a good job, and I knew I had a chance of her wanting more another day.

This was the start of our sexual relationship, and it carried on for along time how it started. From that day on we never left each other alone.

I suppose the only thought that bothered me was how sexual Liz was. I found it odd that she only had three boyfriends, and I also found it very odd that when we went into town together, there were more than a handful of guys that would always speak to her.

We would be out and some guy would come up, but she would always say "oh he is just a friend of my brothers" or something similar.

For someone so popular, three boyfriends just didn't seem right to me. For someone who could cum like Liz, it just didn't fit that her sex life was quite limited.

It was only when I had been seeing her for six months, and more and more guys seemed to know her, and little stories were coming out, I finally realised that Liz might not be so pure after all.

I was about to be in for a very big shock, and one that would take me some time to understand and adjust to when I finally found out who these guys were who we used to bump into. When I finally found out about her little adventures.

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