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Going All the Way

A story of two high school students. My first time writing erotica. Enjoy!
He was the guy I'd been waiting for. It was summer going into my senior year in high school, and he was my boyfriend, Eric. He was no meat-head jock, though he was highly involved in football and baseball. Eric wasn't obsessed with these sports, but he cared deeply about his shape and worked out at any given chance. In result, Eric's body was nicely toned, and very big and buff.

I was never one to go for the little guys- it's just something about a big man who could overtake me that was so- breathtaking for me, as a woman. Eric had the best sense of humor, a smile that could stop traffic, and above all, the best confident and caring spirit. He lifted me off my feet, we were madly in love.

This love only raised the question when; more specifically, when were we going to do it for the first time. It would be the first for both of us. We had been going out for 5 1/2 months when he hinted at this one day. We had been sitting on the couch watching TV at his house, with his mother a few rooms away, when he started the conversation.

Eric gently rubbed my thigh, saying, "Baby, I think I'm ready to go all the way..."

The topic had been on my mind as well, in fact non-stop, but I'd been taught that it was always the man's duty to take initiative. I looked in his eyes, my face seeping with excitement, as I simply said, "Me too".

We passionately kissed for about 10 minutes. His lips lingered from my lips to my neck, then upper chest. He began to rub my back, slowly inching up to undo my bra. I swatted him away, paranoid that his mother would catch us.

"Don't be ridiculous Lore, she won't come in here." He resumed kissing me.

I laughed at his eagerness, pushing him away again as I said, "No, Eric, we can't do this now..."

"Okay, I get it," he said solemnly.

I felt kind of bad after that and I kissed the side of his neck. In between this affection I whispered, "I'll make it up to you, I promise. My parents are going out of town tomorrow night, come over?"

He nodded happily as he gave me one last kiss before I was on my way home.I went to bed excitedly, as I was sure he did the same. That made me even more anxious for the next day, I was getting wet just thinking about it.

Though I was scared to lose my virginity, I thought about how much it would hurt, and I grew nervous. But at that point, even being nervous added to my anticipation and excitement.

Young and in love, I spent the next day preparing vigorously. I kissed my parents goodbye at noon, as I planned the preparations out in my head. "Shower, shave, clean my room, do my hair, makeup, get dressed, and put on my 'special' bras and panties," was the list that echoed through my mind before Eric arrived. As I finally finished this, the doorbell rang.

It was 10 to 6, Eric had arrived early to my house, which I found cute and considerate. He paraded in with a rose, he kissed me gently and gave it to me. I kissed back and excused myself to put it in a vase. He followed me into the kitchen, as I imagined he would be staring at my ass. He watched me put the rose in water.

I almost took on a "housewife" role at that moment, we both sensed it, and we both thrived on it. I felt light and lithe, and he felt big and in control. We both smiled every second, from his entrance, to his departure, gleaming with excitement, anticipation, nervousness, eagerness, and mainly sexual tension.

After the rose had been put in a lovely, glass vase, I went to Eric and wrapped my arms around his neck as we passionately kissed. He fashioned his arms below mine, wandering down my back, leading to my ass. My ass was my pride and joy, so to speak, and I wore the perfect pencil skirt that night to accent it. He massaged my ass, rubbing his fingers around my round cheeks, as we locked lips. Seconds later he lifted me up onto the kitchen counter, and I took his head with my hands, pushing it even closer to mine.

After a few seconds he pulled away, smiled and said, "Loren Ann Marie Wilder, I am madly in love with you."

I blushed and said, "Eric I love you, I need you so bad right now."

We resumed kissing. A few minutes later, he helped me off the counter. We anxiously chased each other up my staircase, our aims set on the bedroom.

We stumbled in there as I jumped on the bed. He pounced on top of me, and I lay down. Eric began to wildly kiss me, and I wrapped my arms around his glorious back muscles, massaging them. He sat up to take off his shirt, then swooped back down, kissing my upper chest. I had on a low cut button-up blouse, which he slowly took care of. 

Within no less than a sexy minute, we were shirtless before each other. I felt Eric's dick against me, standing tall, pushing onto me through his jeans.

I sat up and pushed him up, still with my arms wrapped around his back, still passionately kissing me. I stopped one moment to take off my bra, and once this was done, Eric playfully pushed me back down against the bed, playing with my 36 C tits, tweaking my pink nipples, and cupping my soft breasts in his hands.

I was getting wet as I involuntarily let out a low moan as he pursued this sensual act. He slowly moved down my body, kissing every four inches or so of my body, moving to my pussy. Eric slipped off my black miniskirt and took off my heels. This revealed red, lace panties that boggled his virgin mind. He kissed my inner thighs and pulled off these panties, throwing them across the room. He once again kissed my inner thighs, driving me wild with anticipation. 

I grew extremely wet, and he could see it as he playfully moved onto my pussy. He licked my pussy lips, then slowly moved onto my clit. He passionately moved his tongue, starting out slow then gaining momentum. He tickled my pussy, inserting a finger inside. Doing this at the same time drove me insanely beyond my limits. First it was one finger, moving back and forth. 

Soon, a second one entered the equation as they moved faster. My breaths grew shorter and I began to pant in pleasure. I let out high moans as I began to gyrate my hips. My hips grew even faster, moving back and forth while Eric carried on with his business.

I finally let out an extremely high pitched, loud moan as an orgasm came and caused my pussy to clamp down on Eric's fingers, sending me high into euphoria. I sat there for a moment, resting, as Eric came up and kissed me passionately. He stopped, and I giggled, pushing his shoulder, shifting his body onto his side.

I kissed his lips, then moved down to the side of his neck, then his shoulder, and his pecs, in all their muscular glory. I licked down his heavenly abs as I came to his pants. I unbuckled his tricky belt, then pulled down his jeans and pinstriped boxers, tossing them into the hallway.

His dick stood tall, awaiting the unprecedented pleasure. I licked up his dick as he quivered with sensations. I softly kissed the tip of his penis, working my hand up and down his member. I teased his dick with my tongue, slowly at first, then quickly. I wrapped my hands around his dick as I did so.

I then took more of him in my mouth, engorging him inside me. The hot walls of my mouth sent him into wonder as he stiffened further. I moved him in and out of my mouth, ever so playfully, increasing his pleasure. I didn't want him to cum before we had the actual "sex," so after a series of low grunts and moans, I stopped.

Eric lifted me up on top of his chest, as I sat up with my ass inches away from the tip of his penis. We were both there, recognizing each other's bare nakedness.

He considerately and lovingly said, "Lore, are you sure you're ready?"

I smiled, giggled and assured him I was. He pushed me down on the bed and went on top of me as we shifted positions.

"Slowly, baby," I said as he pushed his cock inside me for the first time. This sent surges of pain in my pussy. I let out a sigh of pain, and Eric stood still inside me for a second. I urged him on and he slowly moved his dick further inside me. He gently rocked his dick back and forth within me. 

The pain, though still remaining, was mixed with pleasure. I let out a soft moan, as Eric took the sign to go on. These motions grew quicker and his cock harder, fully engulfing my virgin pussy. We both grew breathy and even closer to orgasm.

After ten more minutes I was clutching the bed sheets, panting and moaning in the same high pitched voice as before, barely being able to let out an disoriented "Don't stop, babe". 

Within five or so more motions inside of me, I let out a loud, high wail as an orgasm overtook me. I grabbed onto Eric's shoulders for stability, lifting myself up, as my pussy clamped tightly around his dick. With my pussy tight around his cock, he came, filling my pussy with his juices. For a few minutes or so after we sat there, overcome with passion and pleasure, breathing deeply onto one and other naked bodies, kissing wildly. 

After that, we had slowly gotten up, and I put on his loose, blue, button up. He suited up in his boxers and a white wife-beater. All night long we exchanged pleased glances and giggles, cuddling, watching tv, and talking endlessly. That would forever be the night I lost my virginity, and the night I had first had sex with the love of my life, my now husband, Eric.

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