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Going Away Gift from Becky

A co-worker gives a first-in-a-lifetime experience
"OK, guys, I'll see you over at the pizza joint," I said as I left the electronics store for the final time.

I was moving halfway across the state next week to go to college, and today was my last day. I didn't go to college out of high school, so I was going to be a twenty year old freshman. Anyway, the bosses liked me, so one of the shift managers and a couple of my co-workers decided to give me an unofficial going away party.

As I said, the bosses liked me and were sorry to see me go. My co-worker Becky White liked me too, and I liked her. We were the same age and got along really well. She was pretty, with medium length blond hair, gorgeous green eyes and a slender build. Guys who like big boobs wouldn't like her -- she barely had any boobs at all.

We flirted a lot in the store when there were no customers to serve, and when we thought we could get away with it we'd pat each other on the butt when the other was with a customer. But Becky had a boyfriend she lived with, Keith, so I never tried to ask her out. I could tell she was really sad to see me quit.

I got to the pizza parlor and found the gang. There was an open seat waiting for me, and surprise, it was right next to Becky. I think she'd been saving a space on the long bench seat for me. The pizza seemed to come non-stop to the table and we had a good time sharing silly customer stories and making fun of each other's quirks.

"Here," Mike the manager said during a lull in the conversation, and handed me a small box. "We got you this so you'd never forget us." That got a laugh from everyone at the table.

"Oh jeeze," I said, giving an exaggerated eye roll.

Inside the box was one of those digital picture frames. It was pre-loaded with a couple dozen pictures of the store, my co-workers making goofy expressions, and a shot or two of me at work that I didn't know had been taken. In Mike's picture he held a sign that said 'You're Fired'. Becky's picture was her blowing a kiss to the camera. I loved it.

"Thanks guys, this is cool."

"I have something for you too," Becky said. That got a hoot and from the others.

As I turned to look at her she moved in and gave me a strong kiss right smack on the lips. And it was a nice kiss -- at least ten seconds. It was so unexpected I almost fell off the bench.

Becky pulled away and smiled at me, and as the others cheered I could feel my face turning a bit red. But damn, that was a nice kiss.

A few minutes later Mike paid the bill and that was it for my send-off. I gave the guys handshakes and high-fives, and I walked Becky to her car.

"Would you sit with me while the car gets warmed up?" she asked.

"No prob." I climbed into the passenger seat.

I had butterflies in my stomach for some reason, and I started to think about that kiss again. "Thanks for that going-away kiss," I said. "That was the best part of the evening. Well, that and... right now."

Becky blushed.

I looked into her eyes, and we slowly moved closer to each other and started to kiss again. Slow kisses at first, then with a bit more passion. I was in heaven. And in a bit of discomfort because, being a guy, your cock gets damn uncomfortable trapped inside your pants.

"I'm really going to miss you," Becky said. And like the kiss I never saw coming, she reached down and started rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

The feeling was electric in me. Her hand and her kisses felt so good. I didn't really care who could walk past the car and see us making out. I reached up and put my hand on her chest to feel her tiny boobs.

Then that damn phone rang. It was Becky's boyfriend. He wanted to know where she was and when she was coming home. Jerk.

She mumbled a quick apology to him and promised she would be there soon.

"Sorry," she said. The moment we shared was gone.

I shrugged my shoulders. "It happens."

"When do you leave? Can we get together again?"

"I'd love it," I said, and we made plans to meet at a park convenient for both of us two days later.

We kissed one more time, and I watched as she drove away.


"Hey stranger," I said as I spotted Becky on a bench. She turned her head and smiled the biggest smile I've seen, then jumped up and gave me a huge hug. She looked amazing in her tight yellow spaghetti-strap tank top and denim shorts. I got a throb in my groin just looking at her.

It was a sunny mid-afternoon. We walked around the park for a while, played like kids on the swing set for a few minutes, then found a quiet spot in a lesser-used section of the park to eat what I'd packed.

"Ohhh, wine," she said as she checked out the basket.

"Yep, stole it from my mom. There's also French bread, cheese, a few different types of meats, and some fruit. The usual stuff I carry around with me." I winked.

She laughed.

We ate and drank and chatted for a while, shutting out the rest of the world. Every time she looked at me I couldn't help but smile.

"Beautiful," she said as she looked up into the blue sky.

"Yes indeed." But I was still looking at her, from head to long legs and pink painted toenails. I scooted closer to her, paused for a moment to get up my courage, and kissed her. She returned the kiss with the same eagerness.

I don't know how long we spent just kissing or being in each other's arms. We didn't speak. We just kissed. Softly. Fiercely. Passionately. Neither of us wanted to stop.

I knew she could feel my hardness pressed against her. She must have liked the feeling, because she pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

"You take my breath away," I said, running my hands up and down her sides, and then around her hips. Her hard nipples poked against the cotton of the tank top as I caressed the soft skin of her legs. She continued to move her hips and rub against my bulge.

The solitude of our little world was suddenly broken when someone yelled out, "Shame on you two." We looked around and spotted two elderly women walking nearby. "How dare you do that here, where children could see you," one of them said.

"You should be ashamed," the other one chimed in. But they kept on walking.

"OK, that was weird," I said when I thought the old ladies were out of earshot.

"They're just jealous that I'm on top of you and they're not."

I bucked my hips up once. "No other place I'd want you to be."

Becky leaned down fully onto me and gave me a kiss. My hands slid down her back and cupped her beautiful butt.

"I never knew how sexy you could be."

"If you only knew," she said a devilish smile.


She laughed.

"Get up. I want to take your picture." I took her over to a nearby pine tree and had her do some poses for me. All I had for a camera was a cell phone so the shots weren't very fancy, but that was good enough. She stood next to the tree, peeked around from behind it, and squatted down in front of the tree.

She got a little flirtatious with that pose and opened up her legs for me just a little bit. I was close enough that I could see wisps of blond pubic hear poking out. I zoomed in on her crotch and took a picture, and then got a closeup of her hard nipple under the shirt. Those would be going into the new picture frame for sure.

"Perfect," I said.

The sun was starting to get lower in the sky and I had to get home fairly soon, so we packed up the picnic basket, dropped it off at my car, and then I walked Becky to her car once again.

"Jeez, how far back did you park?" I asked sarcastically. She was near the back the main parking lot, but next to the sidewalk. It seemed like it took forever to get there.

Before she even had a chance to ask, I got into the passenger side of the car. Almost instantly we were back to where we were the other night, kissing passionately, with her hand on my crotch and my hand rubbing the inside of her thigh.

"Do you mind if I do something?" she said. "I think you'll like it."

"OK," was all I could say. I wasn't really sure what she was talking about.

"Drop the seat back and close your eyes."

I did what she said. A moment later I felt her hands working the buckle of my pants, then the button and zipper, and then her mouth on my cock.

"Oh god," was all I could say.

It was the first time I'd ever experienced oral sex. Sex of any kind, actually. I thought it felt good when Becky was just rubbing me through my pants, but this feeling was indescribable. Part of me wanted to look and see what she was doing, but instead I just kept my eyes closed and experienced the pleasure of her sucking and licking my cock.

After a couple minutes she released me from her mouth, not quite bringing me to climax. "I really wanted to know what you tasted like," she told me.

"The feeling is mutual," I told her.

We kissed again, and then I pulled up her tank-top to reveal her tiny tits. Her breasts were barely visible, but her pink nipples stood out hard and proud. I'd never seen a woman's nipples before other than in a porn videos (I was very insecure in high school and only had a couple of dates), but at that moment they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I flicked them with my tongue and sucked on each one.

"Your turn to lay back," I said.

"You, you're sure? You don't ..."

Instead of answering I unzipped her shorts and pulled them and her panties off. Though I'd never tasted a woman before, I wasn't scared. I didn't know what I was doing, but I went in head first anyway. Apparently my licks and kisses were doing the trick because the more I licked the wetter and wetter she got. And I enjoyed the feeling of my tongue splitting her lips apart.

I went down on her for several minutes, before reluctantly stopping because the positions we were in were damn uncomfortable.

"No one has ever done that to me before," Becky said, breathless.

"My first time, too -- all of it. I've never... well, you know," I confessed.

"Really? Wow."

I don't think she had ever taken a guy's virginity before.

Becky looked at the clock on the dashboard. "Look, I'm really sorry I have to go," she said, tugging her shorts back into place, "but if you like I can come over to your place tomorrow evening and we can continue where we left off. If you like."

I gave her my address and watched her drive off. I couldn't wait until tomorrow.


I was anxious and nervous all day, but no more so than when I went to talk with my mother that afternoon. Even though I had the entire basement to myself, I felt weird imaging that she would be home when Becky came over.

"Mom; uh, can I ask a favor tonight?"

"Sure honey. What is it?"

"Well, I have a friend coming over, and I was wondering if I could have the house to myself."

My mother wasn't stupid, and probably guessed why I wanted her to leave, but if she did she didn't let on, and simply said, "Sure, dear. My friend June wanted me to help her color her hair, so I might as well do it tonight."


Jump forward a couple of hours, and my heart skipped a beat when I heard the doorbell ring. Before I could race up the basement stairs I heard my mom say, "Hi there, please come in. He's down in his room. I'll go get him."

"I'm here. Hi. Mom, this is Becky. She and I used to work together."

"He's really smart about that electronic stuff," Becky said.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, dear. I was just going out to my friend June's house to do her hair. I'll be back in a couple of hours." She gave me a motherly kiss on the cheek and whispered, "She's cute."

"Bye honey."

I closed and locked the door behind her, and Becky and I were alone.

"So, where's your room?"

"Downstairs. After you," I gestured to the door on the right next to the kitchen.

Letting her go first also let me look at her shapely ass in the white shorts she was wearing.

"I pretty much have the entire basement to myself," I said, showing her around the large open space. "My mom only comes down here to do laundry. Kind of like having my own apartment."

Thank god it looked almost like an adult lived there, and not like it did a couple years ago when I was in high school in my movie poster/comic book phase.

"And we're all alone," Becky said. The way she said it made my dick twitch.

"Yep. And you look gorgeous," I said, and took her into my arms for a fiery kiss.

Our lips smashed together and our tongues danced with each other's. My hands quickly cupped her ass cheeks and I pulled her against me.

"Mmmm. You really want me, don't you?"

I kissed her all over her face, and up and down her neck. "I want you bad."

Becky pulled off her Polo-style shirt as I undid her shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties.

"Shit, you're so sexy." I playfully slapped her ass again and pulled her close, running my hands all over her naked body.

"No fair that I'm the only one naked," she said, putting her hands on my groin once again.

I pulled off my t-shirt and she undid my pants and took them and my boxers off. My cock bounced up and Beck instantly grabbed it, stroking it as we kissed.

She led me over to the bed, which thankfully was a full size and not that twin size I had most of my life. That would have been a tight fit, the two of us on there. Becky slowly pulled me back over to the bed, and for the first time I had a woman in my bed.

We kissed each other as she played with my cock, and I ran my fingers over her hairy pussy.

"I get a little wet down there," she said.

"I can tell. Feels nice." I pulled a finger between her lips, over her clit.

"Ohhh! Are you sure this is your first time?" she asked me.

"You are my first," I said. "First girl I've seen naked. First girl who's seen me naked. First girl I've had in my bed..."

"...And first girl to suck on this beautiful cock," Becky interrupted, before moving down and taking the head of my cock in her mouth. Again, that wondrous sensation overwhelmed all my senses.

"Damn, that feels so amazing."

Becky slowly bobbed up and down on me, while one hand slowly stroked me. I was no judge, but at that moment she was the best blow job giver in the world, and I'm not sure who was enjoying the experience more, her or me. She liked to suck, she liked to lick up and down the shaft, and she seemed to really enjoy taking one of my balls into her mouth. And just when I thought I was going to cum, she knew how to back off and keep me from cumming too soon.

"You can do that to me forever," I said.

"I really want to taste your cum, but right now I need you to fuck me, baby."

I pulled her up to me and we kissed passionately again. I rolled over on top of her and kissed down her neck and took first one and then the other nipple in my mouth, alternately sucking on one while I rolled the other between my fingers.

"Mmmm, I love it. But don't tease me, baby. Give me that cock of yours." She reached down between us and guided me inside her. Her legs instinctively wrapped around me and pulled me in close.

If the feeling of my cock in Becky's mouth was amazing, the feeling of being inside her for the first time was phenomenal. I could feel her muscles grab onto me as I slid into her for the first time. She was so wet there was little resistance. I backed out and slid slowly back in again.

"Yesss," she whispered. "Just like that -- nice and slow."

I was a little awkward, and slipped out of her a couple of times, but eventually I found the right rhythm and kept up a nice steady pace. Becky's moans and movements under me told me she was enjoying my first time, too.

"Baby, you feel so good. I can't believe it's your first time fucking."

"I was saving myself for you."

"Lucky me. Now stop for a moment."


"Trust me."

I pulled out of her reluctantly, not sure what she had in mind. I shouldn't have worried. Becky got up and maneuvered around me. "On your back, baby. My turn to be on top."

"Yes, ma'am."

Becky got on top of me the same way she did at the park, but this time there were no clothes in the way. She grabbed a hold of my cock, and after rubbing my head against her clit a couple of times she dropped down on my shaft, taking me all the way in.

"Oh shit," was all I could say as Becky started riding me hard and fast. She put her hands on my shoulders and I grabbed onto her hips and ass as she bounced up and down on me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.

Just like when she was sucking me, Becky seemed to sense when I was about at my breaking point and slowed down. Or maybe she didn't want to cum and was holding herself back. I didn't know and didn't really case. I just didn't want it to stop.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer (frankly, I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did considering it was my first time), so I pulled Becky close to me, rolled back on top of her, and started pumping into her with all the energy I had left.

"That's it. Oh fuck yes. Fuck me faster. I need your cum inside me NOW!"

That was all it took for me. I felt my whole body tingle out from my cock and balls as shot my load into her.

"Fuuuck, yes," we both cried out, almost in unison, my orgasm triggering hers.

The sensations I felt in those next thirty seconds were mind blowing. The cum pulsing out of me, her pussy muscles grabbing onto my cock, the heat rising from both of us as we collapsed together, exhausted.

We kissed and panted and kissed some more. I stayed inside of her for as long as possible. Neither of us said a word.

After a few minutes I had gone soft and slipped out of her. I rolled to one side and held her close, and as we looked into each other's eyes I heard this soft 'pffft'. Kind of like a muffled pop. What the hell was that?!

Becky giggled. "Sorry, pussy fart."

"A WHAT?" and we both started laughing. It took us several minutes, and a few more pussy farts, to calm down.

Becky looked over at the alarm clock next to my bed. "I'm sorry, but I better get going. I wish we had more time."

"Me too."

She got up and went to the bathroom. I stayed in bed for about a minute, then followed her, but stopped a few feet from the open bathroom door and stared at her. She was brushing her long blond hair in the mirror, still naked like my own Lady Godiva. Her ass was something special to look at, and I wanted to touch her one more time.

I walked behind her, got on one knee and kissed her ass several times, then stood up, put a hand on each hip and pressed my semi-hard cock into her crack.

"Oh baby, that feels so good, but I still can't stay."

I watched her get dressed, including a pair of fresh panties she pulled out of her purse. I threw on a pair of sweatpants and walked her upstairs to the door.

"If you like," I said, squeezing her ass once again, "I can come over to your place tomorrow. If it's OK, I mean."

"Oh, it's definitely OK!" She texted me her address, kissed me, and left. I didn't bother to change the sheets. I wanted her smell in my bed all night long.


I got to Becky's place a little before noon. It was a nice ground-level apartment in an older home. Becky was casually dressed in a plain red t-shirt and loose-fit black running shorts. To me she looked stunning. A post-fucking-amazing-sex glow.

"Hi, good lookin'," I said.

She closed the door and without missing a beat kissed me, a lover's kiss. I started getting hard instantly.

She showed me around the living room and kitchen area, and it wasn't hard to see by the decorating that her boyfriend was into NASCAR and model car building. I didn't ask where he was or when he would be home. I didn't care.

"Thirsty?" Becky asked me, grabbing a bottle of water.

"Yes, please. But first, I need to use the bathroom." I was really nervous. I also really had to pee.

"On the right," she gestured.

When I came out Becky was sitting cross-legged on the couch. I sat next to her, with only a little distance between us. Our eyes locked together, and silent sparks flew. I looked at her sexy mouth. Her nipples were hard again under the t-shirt. I looked down at her long, smooth legs, and silently gasped when I once again saw some of her blond hair poking out from underneath the shorts. "Oh fuck," I said to myself. I took a deep breath.

"I hope you don't mind," I said, "but there was something I forgot last night."

She gave me a questioning look.

Another deep breath. "This." I got on my knees in front of her, pulled her shorts down and kissed up her thighs to her pussy.

"Oh shit, baby."

For the next fifteen minutes I gorged myself on her pussy. I circled her lips with my kisses, then licked up one side of her labia and down the other, then up the center, splitting her lips open. She was every bit as wet as she was the night before and I loved her taste, her smell. I darted my tongue into her snatch, probing her pink inner lips. When I could just feel my tongue getting inside her, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face hard against her.

"I'm going to eat you until you cum," I said, then went to work on her clit. I licked and sucked on her button, and for a little extra pleasure I started finger fucking her, first one and then two fingers.

Becky moaned, squealed, and then trembled with an intense orgasm that squirted a little of her juice all over my face and fingers.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck," she said, with an orgasm that was every bit as intense as the night before.

I gave her pussy a few more light kisses as her orgasm subsided, then kissed her passionately on the mouth, letting her taste herself off my lips and tongue.

As always seemed to be the case, a sound diverted our attention from each other. This time it was a car door slam outside and a woman yelling, "Becky."

"Shit, that sounds like Keith's sister," Becky said.

She pulled up her shorts and moved toward the door while I got back on the couch, pulled a pillow into my lap, and tried to look relaxed. Hard to do when your pulse is racing and you have the taste of someone's pussy on your face.

Just then the door opened and in walked the sister, Kelly, along with an infant in a car seat.

"Hey Becky. Thanks for babysitting for me. Keith said you weren't doing anything today. He did call you, right?" Kelly said, then halted when she saw me. "Oh, hello. And who is this?"

"Hi," I said, and waved. "I used to work with Becky. I just came over to say thanks for the going away present she gave me."

I got up, figuring the bulge I had in my pants a minute ago had quickly shrank. "Anyway, your timing was perfect because I have a few more goodbyes to make so I better get going."

I went over to Becky and gave her the most platonic hug I could.

"Sorry," was all she had time to whisper in my ear.

"Nice to meet you, Kelly, and Becky, thanks -- for everything."


I left for college the next day. Becky sent me selfies for the next couple of weeks, some of them the x-rated kind, and you can bet I put that digital frame to good use with those pics. Then one day the pictures stopped coming. I wrote back every so often, but never got a reply. When I went back home during a holiday break I drove by Becky's place, but there was a 'for rent' sign on the door.

Sadly, I never heard from her again. Wherever she went, she'll always have a special place in my heart.

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