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Goodnight Beautiful

To that special woman who entered my life. . . thank you!
I climb into Michelle's bed every night and wrap my arms around her soft warm body. I lean my head down and gently press my nose into her hair and take in the scent of her freshly washed strands. Tonight it is apples. Tomorrow night it could be coconuts. The next night it could be the scent of freshly falling rain. That's what I loved about Michelle. She always surprised me.

However, she always wore the same thing to bed. That never changed. It was always a tee shirt and her panties. Of course, it was different ones every night. I could not say much to that fact. I always wore the same thing as well. Nothing. And Michelle never seemed to mind.

Believe this or not, Michelle and I have been together for a year now and we still have not ever made love. Yes, that's right. Never. And you know why? We loved being with each other. Okay, I can see where that may sound corny to other lovers, but it does not to us. It makes perfect sense to Michelle and me. You see, Michelle is still a virgin. She wants to wait until that time is right. I respect that.

But do not get me wrong here. Michelle has let me see her nude many times. We have even fooled around. We just never take it to that final level. I am okay with that. Really, I am. We do not have to make love for us to enjoy each other. To me, that is what true love is.

Although, when I crawled into the bed tonight, I saw something new in Michelle's eyes. She even had a different smile. I knew why. Today is our one year anniversary. It has been the best year of my life also.

As always, I wrapped Michelle up in my arms and pulled her close. She folded her hands over mine and I intertwined my fingers into hers. Michelle squeezed my hand. I kissed the nape of her neck softly and she sighed. I could even feel her lips form a smile.

"Mmm, will you love me tonight, Shane?" Michelle asked in a very soft tone.

"I always love you every night," I whispered back and pulled Michelle closer.

"I know Shane, but tonight, I mean, I really want you to lllooovvveee me," Michelle said as she turned over on her back and smiled as she looked me in the eyes.

I loved Michelle's smile. I loved how it lit up her face. Her face was so pretty without the smile, but when she did, there was a glow about her. Michelle was beautiful with that glow. She was absolutely breathtaking.

"Michelle, you don't mean," I said almost in a whisper, "do you?"

"Yes Shane, I'm ready. So ready," Michelle said and leaned up and took my face into her hands and kissed me with a desire that I felt flow from her and into me.

The feeling enveloped me so quickly my cock immediately elongated to its fully erect five inches instantly. Yes, that's right. I said five inches. That's all it was. Michelle had seen it many times and she did not care. She loved me the way I was.

Now she was going to let me love her the way a man and a woman did naturally.

I leaned down and touched my lips to Michelle's, but I did not kiss her. I sensually mouthed over her hot supple lips, tasting hers, tasting a sweetness that developed from a stimulation Michelle had finally decided to take part in and enjoy. Her hot breath blowing on my lips was so tingling and made my small erection throb. I knew Michelle could feel it pulse on the inside of her thigh.

I rolled the bottom of Michelle's tee shirt up in my hand and somehow found my hand reaching up under it and finding one of her breasts. Her C cup softness molded into my hand as I squeezed gently. It was nice and firm, but also soft and supple as I felt it at the same time I planted my lips to hers and kissed hard.

Michelle moaned into my kiss and I tweaked her nipple as it began to lengthen and become erect. It was hot and the bumps around her areola began to form under my fingertip. Somehow, during this foreplay, Michelle's shirt rode up on her body high enough for me to take it off.

Michelle raised her arms so I could remove her shirt and toss it aside. When I came back down, I cupped that same breast with my hand and lowered my lips to her nipple. As I sucked it into my mouth, Michelle sighed heavily and closed her eyes. She let the breath out slowly and as her body relaxed, I slipped my hand down her inner thigh and felt the soft smooth skin there. Michelle took a huge gulp of air as my hand lingered there, so close to what made her a woman.

But I could not stop on her inner thigh. I had to feel what was behind her panties, even though I had seen it and touched it before. This was going to be a different kind of touch. It was going to be a loving tender touch that led to what she was consenting to because Michelle was ready.

While slowly touching her mound through her panties, Michelle shivered slightly and gasped. It was definitely a new feeling for her. My touch meant more this time. I circled over her puffy mound as she sucked the gasp inside. Then, I moved lower and felt the outline of her tender personal divide. Michelle let the breath out as I felt her pussy through the fabric that covered it. The heat from her hot sexual opening permeated through the lining of her panties like a filter. They were ready to come off.

Tenderly, I began to kiss down her body. Her skin was so soft and tasted so sweet. It was like I was licking a vanilla ice cream, except it was warm.

When I reached Michelle's abdomen, I kissed right above her panties elastic waistband then wrapped my fingers around it and pulled down. What was revealed to me was a well-manicured pubic area. Of course, I had seen it before, but Michelle had obviously prepared for this night well in advance. Keeping the area exactly where it grew, Michelle had trimmed it to the perfect length in a perfect triangle. It was long enough to see but short enough to make a statement about herself. Each strand was at the same length and made her look like the real woman she definitely was. It definitely made the smoothness of her labia stand out and gave it character.

Michelle moved her legs in ways that made it easy for me to get her underwear off. I leaned up as I pulled them from her tiny feet and when I was ready to come back down to her level, Michelle spread her legs in a way that showed me she was definitely ready. Her pussy was damp and slightly open. The soft pinkness of it, surrounded by the short trimmed dark brown highlights, set it of wonderfully.

I could have easily penetrated her with my smooth erect five inches as I crawled between Michelle's legs, but that would have been too easy and the wrong way. Michelle was letting me in and this needed to be done slowly.

As I settled between her open legs, I let my hard cock rest between her hot damp labia without even trying to enter her. I wanted her to feel my throbbing hardness against her pussy first. I wanted Michelle to feel what it felt like there; what it was almost going to feel like going in.

It rested between her sexual lips as I leaned down and kissed her slowly. As I did, I felt the heat of her orifice get even hotter and even wetter. Michelle's pussy was readying itself for my entrance and I knew she could tell. I knew when I felt it slightly quiver, Michelle would be ready.

Then it did. I looked at Michelle and did not have to say anything. She looked up at me and with a nod of her head, she gave me the okay signal. She knew she was truly ready.

I positioned my hard cock's head into her moist opening slowly and, gently, I pushed it inside. Michelle gasped as her entrance was spread more than she was used to being and her body tensed from my initial piercing. I did not push into her any further after that. I wanted her to feel me there first. Plus, I was savoring the moment.

Her pussy was hot, wet, and delicately soft. It felt as if my erect head had been surrounded by a warm pink cloud floating on the bed. Michelle let the gasp out and her body began to relax in acceptance. Slowly, I pushed my full five inches all the way inside her love chamber. It was tight, but felt so inviting. Her pussy enveloped my erection with a tight softness as a moan from her lips sounded when I sunk all the way into her warm wet depth. The moan was that of delight and not of pain.

Michelle wrapped her arms around my back as I began to move in and out of her slowly. She dug her nails into my back softly as my hips connected to hers. She began to make sounds she did not even know she could make. Her hands began to rub up and down my back as my thrusts penetrated a place that had once been reserved for herself.

I found her lips once again and tenderly kissed her as my chest pressed into her breasts. Her nipples, hard and sensitive, pressed into my torso as my rhythm in and out of her stayed at a slow loving pace. Our bodies began to rub together tenderly as we became one. I could feel her love pass into me and Michelle could feel my love pass into her at the same time. It was our personal osmosis working together to share a loving bond.

Michelle widened her legs a little more and accepted me even deeper. My pace stayed the same however. The slow long strokes I was making inside her sex satisfied each of us because we were loving each other. We were not fucking. We were making love. There was a difference. And even though this was Michelle's first time, I could tell she knew the difference.

Michelle began to breathe quicker and heavier. She also became wetter at the same time. I began to slide in and out of her even easier now as she loosened slightly. Her pussy was still tight though, just with more lubrication. I loved how it coated her pink membrane with a slick desire that we could both feel sensually. We were both into the moment and loving every minute of our new found bond.

At the same time, our bodies began to pop out in sweat. Our pores mixed with each other’s as we slid together knowing what was about to happen. Michelle began to actually glow as her orgasm built and filled her body. Her breath began to exit her mouth at an accelerated pace. Michelle's pussy was now sopping wet and was making slurping noises as I moved in and out of her. It also tightened even more around my small hard cock. Michelle was about to orgasm.

Suddenly, I became harder inside her as she began to clamp down on me. I began to slow my thrusts even more. This allowed us both to feel the inevitable. I looked down into Michelle's face. She looked up into mine. We were making more than one connection. We gazed into each other; our eyes locked together in a loving gaze.

Michelle then took a deep breath, her body tensed for a quick second, and she moaned loudly. Her pussy tightened around my cock and began to pulse and pull on it as her orgasm overtook her. As she flowed with a warm wet release, I could not hold mine and my cock stiffened even more and twitched rapidly up and down as it spurted my orgasm deep inside her.

Michelle’s tone changed to that of a surprised one as my core filled her. I could tell that she could not believe she was feeling my warm sexual fluid flow into her. Just as she was feeling my love fill her, I was feeling hers drench me in a similar flow. We had given each other the love that we truly felt for each other.

Michelle relaxed under me as I collapsed on top of her. My cock had subsided to normal size and had popped out of her moist sexually satisfied cavity. I looked at her and she was smiling widely. Her body now glowed a natural glow that lit up the bedroom. I leaned down and kissed her softly. Michelle fell into my kiss and we once again felt the love we had for each other fill both of us naturally.

I got up off of her and flopped beside her on my back. Michelle turned on her side and faced me. I turned my head and looked at her. She was still all smiles with a natural beauty. She scooted her body closer to me and I turned on my side and wrapped her up in my arms as I always did every night.

In the same fashion that Michelle and I shared every night, she gave me kisses once again and I, of course, kissed her back. She looked at me and said as she always did, “Goodnight handsome.” I paused for a moment before I answered. Tonight, my usual answer would mean more not just to me, but also to her. I then smiled back to her and let my mouth form the words I always said. When I said, “Goodnight beautiful,” Michelle smiled tenderly and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. I then closed mine and did the same as we held on to each other. The night was definitely beautiful indeed.

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