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Handsome Jack

Teaching a young girl how to enjoy sex.
I had a very good job, a cool apartment with pool, and a really cool car. I was twenty-eight years old at the time and one of my vices was, I liked young girls. High school girls. The best way I found to fulfill my fanasty was to run with young boys who were still in high school. It was easy to get to be friends with them as I had a nice car, and lots of money for beer and what have you, so I was real popular with them. Where there were high school boys, there were high school girls.

Mostly when we got together, the boys were more interested in drinking beer and smoking weed, then taking care of their girlfriends, but that's where I came in. 'Handsome Jack', they called me.

We were having a beach party one night, some of the girls were as young as seventeen. I was always careful not to get them too young for my parties. One little blond was awfully cute and I was real interested in her. She didn't seem to be with any of my friends; she was just there. Her name was Sally and she was sure cute.

After getting her to drink a couple beers, she was getting quite friendly and we started kissing. She let me feel her tits and slide my hands under her blouse. I unfastened her bra, had her bare tities in my hand, all while french kissing her.

She was really getting hot. I moved my hand down onto her leg and started rubbing. I worked my way up to top of her jeans and unfastened the buttons so I could get my hand down inside of her pants and onto her crotch. I felt her cunt getting wetter then anything, so I put my fingers inside her panties and slid my fingers into her wet pussy. She was all over me by then, so I suggested we get into the backseat of my car. She was all for that.

As soon as we got into the back seat, I pulled her pants off of her and also removed her panties. By then, she was helping me to get them off. I slipped my pants down so she could play with my cock as I finished fingering her cunt. I spread her legs and put my hot cock into her wet pussy. She might have been a virgin, but quickly she got the idea. Soon, she was really giving me as good a fuck as a older, experienced, woman would. Boy, I loved these young cunts.

It didn't take her long to come for me and I followed up by blowing a big load into her tight pussy.

I always had towels in the car to clean up with after, so I helped her wipe her pussy dry and get her pants back on. She wanted to know when we were going to do it again. I told her I had to rest up a bit, but maybe latbutte could do it again. She told me that it was the first time she had done it and she was only seventeen years old. She then told me how much she loved me.

I told her that I loved her too, and I'd get us a couple more beers. She was ready to drink more. I went to get the beers and told one of my young friends that if he wanted some pussy he needed to come back to the car with me; which he did.

When we both got in the back seat with Sally, she asked me why Dennis was with me. I said that he was my best friend and that we shared everything. I gave her have a drink of beer and kissed her. I started playing with her tits; she relaxed and started kissing me. That's when Dennis put his arms around her and started playing with her tits too.

She was getting hot as all hell, so I pulled her pants down and told Dennis to fuck her. I also told Sally to let Dennis fuck her. She slid over next to him and spread her legs so he was able to climb onto top of her and start fucking. All the while, I was kissing her and telling her what a good fuck she was. I pulled my cock out and put it in her mouth and told her to suck me off, which she did a great job of, as I blew my load down her throat just before Dennis blew his into her cunt.

Before the night was over four of my friends had fucked her. We got her to suck our cocks too. Boy, she turned out to be one hot little piece of ass.

A couple days later, as I was crusing through the school parking lot, I spotted her walking. I honked my horn at her and waved. She jumped in and we drove to a secuded place in the parking lot. I put my arms around her and told her how I had missed her and what a good time I had had. She said that she had had a good time with me too, and that she didn't mind doing it with the other guys if it made me happy. She just wanted to make me happy.

I kissed her and reached down and pulled her pants off. I told her that fucking her would make me really happy. She pulled her panties off and as I opened my pants and slipped them off, my cock was already hard. She climbed onto my lap and inserted my cock into her wet cunt. Boy, was she ready for my cock, what a hot little piece of ass she had turned out to be.

It was a good feeling when I blew my load into her hot little pussy. She also came and as I lay there exhausted, she moved around and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it nice and clean.

I told her that she was really a good piece of ass and gave a great blow-job too. That really pleased her. She then said before we met, she didn't know how good it was to fuck.

I had lots of plans ahead for this little gal.

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