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Happy Birthday to Me

First blowjob from brother's girlfriend.
My sixteenth birthday (back in 1985) started out as a downer. For the first time in my life I was going to be alone on my birthday. My parents were on a cruise to the Bahamas for a second honeymoon, my older brother Paul had moved to LA with his girlfriend, and my sister Stacy was camping in Yosemite with a group of friends. To top it off, my best friend Tim was visiting his grandparents in freaking Iowa. Sometimes it sucks having a birthday in the middle of summer.

To be fair, my family was throwing me a party on Saturday (my birthday was on a Wednesday) and my folks had left the fridge and pantry fully stocked, as well as leaving me 500 cash with a note: Sean, sorry we won't be there for your birthday. We'll make it up to you. Love, Mom and Dad.

I had planned on sleeping late that day, but I was wide awake at 6:30. I lay in bed and contemplated the possibilities of the day. I didn't have my driver's license yet; I had my learner's permit and needed ten more hours behind the wheel to be able to take the test. I didn't have a girlfriend, I was extremely shy and nervous around girls most of the time.

As I looked around the room at my assorted posters--Star Wars, Air Coryell, etc--my gaze settled on a poster of Elle Mcpherson in a skimpy bikini and I automatically began to stroke my morning woodie. Maybe I would jack off all day, have another masturbation marathon.

As soon as Stacy had driven off with her friends on Monday morning, I had stripped naked and raided my brother's porn collection, which consisted mainly of old Hustler and Penthouse magazines. I went through his whole collection, pausing only for meals, and ejaculated five times. The first orgasm was a truly majestic cascade: thick, milky and copious; the last was a dismal, watery trickle that took so long to achieve that my cock was left feeling raw and irritated. I actually had to take the next day off from masturbating to recuperate.

My gaze shifted from Elle's incredible body to the poster Paul had given me the year before. It was a black-and-white picture of a naked woman lying on her back with her arm across her chest concealing her nipples. The caption on the poster read CARPE THAT FUCKING DIEM.

"Carpe that fucking diem," I whispered softly. I swung my feet off the bed and sat up.

"Carpe that fucking diem!" I said louder.

I walked across the room and opened my window.


"What the fuck are you doing?"

I looked across to the house next door. Kelly Adams, one year older than me, was looking rather pissed off as she leaned out of her second-story window directly across mine. Kelly was very pretty, borderline gorgeous really, with long blonde hair and amazing green eyes. She was tall and athletic, playing guard for the basketball team as well as shortstop for the softball team. We had known each other all of our lives (well, all of my life) and were best friends until she got to high school. Then suddenly I wasn't cool enough for her and our friendship was over. She was dating Billy Thompson, the starting quarterback of our football team, and hung out with the popular kids, which did not include me. Usually whenever I saw Kelly I felt angry and a bit sad, but not even she could dampen my enthusiasm.

"It's my birthday!" I exclaimed, Then, taking a deep breath, I said "Do you wanna have dinner with me? Maybe go to a movie?"

"Go to dinner with you? I have a boyfriend, you know. I don't think Billy would be too happy if we went out."

I stood up and was about to reply when I noticed Kelly glance down my body and she blushed. I realized she was able to see my erection and I had to stifle a grin. Her boyfriend was bigger than me physically, but I had seen him in the showers at school and knew I had the bigger equipment. Not that I was huge, but I certainly didn't need to hide my stuff in shame in the locker room.

"How about breakfast, then? C'mon, my family is all gone. I'm all alone on my birthday. Please? For old time's sake? I'll buy."

She stared at me for a long time. Finally her expression softened and she smiled at me for the first time in years. "Okay, breakfast. But I'm buying. Let me get dressed and I'll meet you out front in fifteen minutes."

I was ecstatic. "Okay!"

I was out front in five minutes; it took her twenty-five. She had her license so she drove. We had a very enjoyable meal and chatted like old times. I was completely at ease with her and as she laughed at one of my corny jokes, I thought how great it would be if she was my girlfriend. I wanted to pull her close and kiss her, but I settled for just being in her company. All too soon we were back in front of her house. I invited her to my party on Saturday, and reluctantly added that she could bring Billy if she wanted to.

"And if you change your mind about dinner or a movie, or anything else you might want to do, just let me know. I'll be home all day."

"I'll let you know," she said. Then she placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned up to kiss me softly on the cheek. "Happy birthday."

I watched her go to her house, her ass, which looked incredible in her tight jeans, swaying sexily as she walked. I felt my cock start to rise and hurried to my own house, not noticing the car parked in the driveway. I closed the door behind me and was about to start tearing off my clothes when I heard a booming voice.

"Happy birthday, you little turd!" My brother grabbed me in a bear hug and lifted me off the ground.

"Hey, Paul," I said. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't leave you alone on your birthday! Mom made me promise I would come down, so I took a few days off. Trish is here, too."

I had met Trish once before, when she and Paul moved in together. She was twenty, a year younger than Paul. She had short blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. She reminded me of Meg Ryan. She was wearing white shorts and a tight-fitting blue T-shirt with Tweety Bird on the front.

Trish gave me a hug as well, not a great big one like Paul had given me, but she pressed her breasts against me as she pulled me close.. As I hugged her back, I inhaled her flowery perfume and felt intoxicated. My erection twitched involuntarily, and Trish stepped back with the hint of a smile.

"Wow, Sean. You've gotten big!" She glanced quickly at my crotch and then back to my eyes.

I felt my face get hot. Before I could stammer out a reply Paul said, "What are the plans for your big day?"

"Nothing, really," I mumbled. "I asked Kelly to go to dinner or a movie, but she has a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Are you going to let that stop you?" Trish asked with a smirk.

"Kelly, the girl next door? Leave it to me," Paul said confidently. "How about steak and lobster tonight?"

I said sure as he left the house, promising to get Kelly to agree to join us. I started to go up to my room.

"So, Sean. Paul tells me you're a virgin. Is that true?" Trish was staring searchingly into my eyes.

I didn't have to answer as my blush gave me away.

"Maybe after tonight you won't be," she said softly. I nearly gasped and swallowed hard. "I mean if Melanie goes out with us," she continued.

"Yeah, maybe," I managed to get out, as I ran past her and fled to the safety of my room.

Between Kelly and Trish my cock was so hard that it hurt, and I desperately needed to jack off and get some relief. But the next minute, my door was flung open and Paul walked in with a triumphant smile.

"Don't you knock?"

Paul ignored my question. "Kelly's in!"

He noticed my stash of magazines. "Hey, my old porn collection! I had many a good time with these! That reminds me, I have something for you."

He left my room and returned a few minutes later with a box. "Happy birthday! Enjoy."

The box was a masturbatory treasure chest. Porn magazines, VHS movies, books, lotion, tissues. There was also a box of condoms with a note: For when you're ready. Always be prepared.

Paul was standing beside me looking might smug.

I was feeling mighty uncomfortable. "Er, thanks."

He laughed and clapped my back. "If you're anything like me, or at least when I was your age, you'll use this twice a day at least!" He left my room whistling, making sure to close the door when he left.

There was no way I could jerk off now, not with Paul and probably Trish thinking that I was. I resolved to wait until bedtime to jack off, long after the others had gone to sleep. Not for the first time, I regretted not having a lock on my bedroom door. So I took a long shower, cold at first and then as hot as I could stand it.

Although I was incredibly horny, I was able to make it to the afternoon. Paul grilled burgers for lunch and Trish made lemonade. Every time she stood close to me or put her hand on my arm it felt like my skin was on fire and I fought to keep my erection down. She smiled and laughed a lot and I could tell she was enjoying my discomfort.

We hung out in the family room watching TV, Paul and Trish on the couch and me on the love seat. At around three o’clock, Paul announced he was going on a beer run. My mom and dad aren’t big drinkers and don’t keep much alcohol in the house.

“I’ll get some party food, too, for tonight. You wanna go with, Trish?”

Trish yawned and shook her head. “I think I might lie down for a while. You won’t be long, will you?”

“Nah, maybe twenty minutes.”

He left and as soon as he started the car Trish got up and came towards me. I looked up nervously.

“Okay, birthday boy. Time for your present. Stand up.”

I stood and looked down at Trish. “Wha.. what is it?”

She smiled and leaned forward, pressing her lips against mine. She kissed me, applying soft pressure. I kissed her back the same way, then felt her part her lips slightly and her tongue probed gently at my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues met, dueling lightly against one another. She ran her tongue across the front of my teeth and I shivered as a delicious thrill went down my body. She kissed me harder and moved her hand between our bodies, reaching down to caress my now throbbing cock. I moaned into her mouth as she ran her hand up and down the length of my erection. She used her other hand to seek mine out and place it on her breast, which I immediately started to fondle. I could feel her hard nipple poking through her bra and shirt, and I softly pinched it between my thumb and index finger. This time it was Trish who moaned, and I felt a surge of confidence as I realized she was enjoying herself as well. Emboldened, I slipped my hand down and rubbed across the front of her shorts, hoping that I was close to the right spot.

“Oh!” she gasped as she threw her head back and pushed her pelvis against my hand. I continued to rub and could now feel her pussy lips along my finger.

“God, you’re making me wet!” She stepped back and smiled at me. “This is your gift, not mine!”

I smiled back. “That was the best gift ever! Thank you.”

“Silly boy, that wasn’t it! Are you ready for your first blowjob?”

Yes! I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t help thinking about my brother. It just wouldn’t be right.

“We can’t, “I shook my head. “Paul…”

Trish placed a finger against my mouth. “Don’t worry about Paul. Now, we need to hurry, we have less than fifteen minutes."

She dropped to her knees and pulled down the zipper on my jeans, then pulled off my jeans and briefs as I raised one foot, then the other. My cock stood straight up against my belly and it twitched as Trish wrapped her hand around the base and softly stroked up and down. A drop of precum leaked out of the tip, and Trish locked eyes with me as she slowly stretched her tongue out and licked up the precum. My body shuddered as her tongue made contact with my cockhead, and as I almost toppled over as my knees went weak.

Trish pushed me gently against the love seat until I sat down, her hand holding on to my cock. She scooted closer as I spread my legs and got comfortable. She lowered her head and slowly licked from the base of the shaft up to the tip, then she swirled her tongue around my cockhead. The feeling was incredible. She did it again and again; lick, swirl, lick, swirl. My cock began to glisten from her licking. After the fifth or sixth time I thought I was going to come. I didn’t want to, but the feeling was just too damn good. Trish sensed my imminent orgasm and stopped licking. She gripped my cock firmly down at the base and lightly ran her fingernails along my leg.

When she sensed I was under control again, she leaned down and licked my balls, first the right, then the left. She then put one in her mouth and sucked gently.

“Uhh,’” I moaned. “That feels fucking fantastic!”

Trish smiled at me as she raised herself and paused with her mouth open just inches from my dick. My cock throbbed in anticipation but she waited, tantalizingly close. I lifted my pelvis, trying to put my boner into her mouth, but she pulled slightly away, her eyes laughing at me.

“Oh God, please!” I groaned. “Please put it in your mouth.”

She winked and leaned closer, stretching her mouth wide open. I gasped as I felt her silky smooth lips brush against my cockhead, then I felt the soft, moist warmth of her mouth as she slowly lowered her head and my cock slowly slid into her mouth. She kept going and I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. I thought she would stop there, but she kept going until only half an inch remained. Trish pulled up and my cock sprang free, glistening with saliva. She curled her fingers around the shaft and stroked it as she looked up at me.

“You’re a little bigger than Paul, but I’m not stopping until I get this beautiful cock all the way down my throat!”

She wrapped her lips once again around my swollen member and sucked gently on the head before sliding her mouth down, this time not stopping until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Trish looked up triumphantly and winked again. She raised her head slowly until only the tip of my cock was in her mouth, and then plunged back down quickly. She began to bob her head up and down on my meat stick as I grunted in time with her.

“Uhnn… uhhn… uhhn.. . I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m gonna coooommme!”

I erupted like a volcano. I arched my back as I thrust my hips forward, driving my cock deep into Trish’s throat. She gagged and pulled back just as the first stream of semen shot across her face and landed in her hair. The next shot splashed against her nose as she quickly grabbed the spewing hose and put it back into her mouth. She swallowed frantically as spurt after spurt of cum flooded her mouth. My body jerked uncontrollably as my orgasm slowly subsided and I sank back into the love seat. Trish followed as if her mouth was fused to the end of my cock. She softly stroked me and then reached down and gently squeezed my balls, causing my body to spasm again and another trickle of semen to flow into her mouth. She slurped it up and continued to suck until my erection started to dwindle. Finally she raised her head.

“Fuck! That was a lot of cum!” She proceeded to wipe the cum off of her face and licked her fingers, then stopped and offered them to me. “Want some?” she giggled.

I shook my head no and watched her get most of the jism.

“Uh, you have some in your hair,” I said helpfully.

“Shit, I’m going to have to take a shower. Too bad you can’t join me!” She jumped up and headed upstairs. She paused at the bottom of the stairs and turned to me. “We’ll have to do that again. I usually don’t spill a drop.”

She blew me a kiss and hurried up the stairs.

I pulled up my briefs and pants just as Paul’s car pulled into the driveway.

To be continued.

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