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Harry leads the way

Exploring yourself is so much easier when you have a good tutor…
I always had a slight doubt in the back of my mind, never really acknowledged, that I might not be fully straight. I knew that I liked girls, and I knew that I wanted a girlfriend, but part of me had always been confused by the way other guys treated male contact or anything ‘homo’ as if it was disgusting. I played along, and I acted the part, but I always knew that something in me was different. I just never gave it a thought until it was staring me in the face, naked and sweaty…


I guess I should start with a hello. My name is Luke, I have been at university for a year at the time this story unfolds and I am less than experienced in the sexual playing field. I had kissed a couple of girls before, and there had been some heavy petting on a few occasions, but I was a virgin, and it seemed likely to stay that way while I lacked confidence. University had been good to me; I had made good friends, I enjoyed my course, I had grown up a lot, but I was still, to put it bluntly, a pussy. I was scared of messing up, scared of falling down, scared of changing and scared of staying the same. People I knew said I needed to just shake it up but that’s easier said than done I am afraid. This story takes place on a cold winter’s night, mid-November, in a rubbish club like many across the world.


As I paid for my over-priced drink and squeezed my way back to the dance floor I wondered again why we always came back to this rubbish bar. Every week it was student night on a Monday and every week it was chock full of over-pumped jocks and over-tarted slags hopelessly trying to outdo each other and scorning everyone else along the way. In short, not a very friendly environment.

I gently wormed my way back to where I had last seen the course mates I had come with, beneath the big speaker stacks to the left of the club. When I got there, they were nowhere to be seen, there was only a couple of drunken slutty girls dancing like they were the coolest cats. 

Scanning the faces of people close by, there was no one I recognised, so I stood back against the wall, getting dirty looks from the girls just for being near them, and waited. The vodka in my drink was very poorly hidden and the lights were bright, and it felt really shitty being rejected by girls before they even knew me. I tried to tell myself they were not the kind of girl I wanted, but watching everyone else in there having fun and getting off made me feel, well, really fucking shitty.

Heading outside for a cigarette my eye was caught by another guy, stood alone in a dark corner nursing a drink. I couldn’t make out his face but I thought I caught the flash of eyes on me. Thinking nothing of it, I head outside to the fresh feeling of the night and rolled myself cigarette.

I felt a hand on my elbow and turning met one of the biggest brightest smiles I had ever seen. Recognising the guy from in the club earlier, I was still a little taken aback. He had dirty blond hair casually messed up, strong face, blue eyes and clearly worked out in the gym. Though I was still totally oblivious to my own feelings, something in me snapped to attention and started drooling at this beautiful man.

“Hey, you here alone?”

A little taken aback, I stammered, “No, just lost everyone, as per usual, you?”

This prompted another grin, “Nah, but the girl I brought was boring as fuck, and this place sucks. My name’s Harry, want to go get a beer somewhere a bit less shit?”

“Yeah, sounds go,” I replied, seeing a way out of this hell-hole, “Just let me go say bye to my friends.”

“They’ll work it out; give them a text on the way.” With that he climbed the railing around the smoking area and headed off up the street, beckoning. Quickly stubbing my cig out, I followed suit. Catching him up he turned again, offering me a mint from a large bag. This night was taking a very strange turn.

“What’s your name then? I think I was a little old for the crowd in there.”

“I'm Luke, pleased to meet you. How old are you then?”

“I'm 23, graduated a couple of years ago now. Are you a fresher?”

“Nah, second year, I'm 20. Where are we going? This is a bit of a sudden change of pace for me.”

Stopping dead, he grinned, “Don’t tell me you were enjoying yourself in there, I saw you earlier, and you looked about as thrilled as I felt. There’s a little bar just up ahead, maybe a bit pricey for you student types but I’ll buy you a couple.”

Starting to walk again, he said, “Nothing weird mate, just a bit of company. Another unsuccessful date for me, I reckon that deserves a little repayment by the world.” and he laughed loudly.

At the top of the street was indeed a bar, nowhere I had ever been. It looked classy, and I was glad I had worn a shirt out tonight. The bouncer at the door didn't check our ID’s, but welcomed us straight in, and we wandered to the bar. Harry leaned over and ordered us a couple of beers and we wandered to a booth in the corner.

“So,” he said, cutting the top off his beer, “Whereabouts are you from?”

“Leeds,” I answered, “yourself?”

“Well, I've been most places really, my dad used to work for the military and my mum used to write little books of proverbs, so never really settled anywhere but here longer than a couple of years.”

I took a big swill of beer, which tasted expensive. “Cheers for the drink, my round’s next.”

Harry grinned, “Don’t worry about it; you can pay me back by humouring me.”

That made me laugh, and I looked around. As it was Monday the bar was quite quiet, with only a few couples hanging around by the bar.

“So what do you do?” I asked, “You work here or commute?”

Harry grinned, “Well I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I'm a model.”

Raising my eyebrows, I looked at him, “That’s pretty cool, what kind of thing do you do? You’re perfect for that kind of thing,” Harry said nothing, just grinned; I struggled to fill the silence.

“Do you do underwear? Or just face or hands or something? One of my friends once did some foot modelling, but I bet you could do whatever you wanted…”

With a cheeky smile, he laughed at me, and I felt myself go red in the face, wondering what the hell I thought I was saying.

He took a swig, “I'm not really a model mate, I'm an accountant, not quite as sexy eh? Nice to hear that you think I am perfect for modelling though,” He winked, “Maybe I can give you a private show sometime.” I wasn't sure what that meant, but it made something in my brain get warm, and the rest of my brain wonder what was happening.

“I just meant that you are… I mean, you could…. well…” Harry reached over slowly and put a finger on my mouth, shushing me. The feel of his skin on mine sent tingles through my mouth and I just sat, jaw hanging open.

“Listen mate,” he said, “think nothing of it. I'm just playing.” Sitting back, he finished his pint and stood up, heading to the bar.

I sat there like a lemon, wondering what had just happened. Digging down in my head, trying to work out what I was feeling I finally put my finger on it. I was fucking horny. I was so turned on it was insane. I hadn't realised that my cock had pulled as hard as it could in my jeans, and I could feel sweat on my skin. 

Taking a swill of my pint I looked over at Harry at the bar and my cock twitched. This was nothing I had ever felt before, though as I already mentioned it was not completely unexpected or new. Wiping my brow I tried to work out a plan of action, how to get out of here without making an ass of myself in front of this beautiful man.

Harry sat back down next to me, all smiles again, with a couple more beers and a couple of shots of something on a tray. Handing me a shot, he clinked his own on it and downed it without warning. I did the same and felt the hot aniseed flavour in my mouth.

“So yeah,” said Harry, “Don’t worry about it mate, I know I was rubbish with older guys when I was younger, you just have to learn the banter.”

“Yeah, I am not great at the whole back and forth even with my mates. I think I have an over-active awkward muscle.” That made him laugh and he passed me one of the pints.

“So why weren't you with all the other guys in there then?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Why weren't you rubbing your cock on the leg of some fake-tanned attention-seeking monstrosity who won’t put out unless you buy them at least their own body weight in drinks?”

“Not really my thing, I guess. I don’t think I like girls like that.”

“Fair enough mate, you do right. Always louder bark than their bite anyway. In a good light, without a few drinks in you, you would think most of them should be living under a bridge or something.” That made me laugh.

“No, what you look like you need is someone who knows their stuff, someone who has been around the block a few times, some sexy housewife who is bored of her husband and needs some hot hard young loving.” Reaching over, he playfully grabbed at my crotch. I tried to shift backwards but it was too late and Harry wrapped his hand around my erection. We both froze. I had literally no idea what was going to happen.

After an age, he said, “Well hello, what do we have here.”

Nervous, I avoided eye contact. Trying furiously to think of a way out, I saw none and felt myself go limp with shame. I could feel myself tearing up at the awkwardness of the situation. Harry took his hand of my cock, and put it instead around my shoulders, pulling me into a hug.

“Hey, hey, what are you blushing about? Nothing to be ashamed of mate, I have definitely felt smaller.” This made me do a double take.

“I'm sorry I grabbed your dick, I was just joking around, and the drink makes me handsy. Listen mate, are you gay?”

I pulled away at this question, “I don’t think so,” I said, choking on the words, “but I guess you noticed you have turned me on. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

This made Harry’s eyes light up.

“You ever been with a guy before?” I shook my head.

“You ever been with a girl before?” Again, I shook my head, blushing.

“Nothing to be ashamed of mate, I hadn't lost my virginity until I was your age. If anything you are lucky, you won’t have any regrets yet. And you can definitely make up for lost time.”

And with that, he leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. My mouth exploded, with the gentle feel of his lips on mine, the feeling of his light stubble on my cheeks, and he put a firm hand on the back of my neck to stop me pulling away. I got lost in the moment, gently making out with this beautiful man in a strange bar. Pulling back gently, I couldn't keep the grin off my face. He smiled back.

“Come back to mine.” It wasn't a question.


We walked back as it turned out Harry lived in a flat in the centre of town. My stomach was aflame with butterflies, and my head was light. I was absolutely petrified about what was going to happen. No-one had even seen me naked before, and I have to admit I didn't like my body one bit. I was thin, and long, and hairy without being covered. I was plain in the face, but most importantly I was very conscious of not having a big dick. Being paranoid I had googled the average size, which I gladly found I was, but when all you know of sex is gleaned from porn you are bound to have an inferiority complex.

As we walked, Harry told me the story of how he had explored sexually, how he had learnt to always try everything, how he had found that once you got past the taboo everyone loved having their cock sucked or their clit licked or their ass fucked, and you just had to get someone’s pants off to unleash the animal. 

He lived in a high rise in a nice part of town, and as he turned the key in his door I had no idea what to expect. His flat was lovely, huge windows looking out over a park and clearly very neat.

“Do you live alone?” I asked nervously.

“Nah, but my flatmate works in London a lot, so most of the time I do.” Harry was putting on lights, moving stacks of books, trying to make some space on a sofa stuffed with cushions.

He sat me down in the middle of his living room and told me to wait. I had a little glance around, and then remembered I hadn't checked my phone. I had several poorly spelled messages from my housemates asking where I was, so I was replying to one saying I had headed home when I heard a soft cough and looked up to a jaw dropping sight.

Harry stood holding a couple of cocktails, as naked as the day he was born. He held himself with easy confidence, looking me straight in the eyes. He was toned, and I thought how right I was he could have been a model, with the v shape in his abdomen just below his slight six pack. His whole body had the same smooth appearance you got from a fading tan apart from a speedo shaped area around his waist. I drank him in with my eyes, loving his strong arms, his scruffed up hair and his… I had never seen another cock before. He was trimmed, and I noticed he was sporting a semi erection which looked like it could get a whole lot bigger. He sauntered over, giving me one of the glasses and offering a hand to help me to my feet.

“I am going to try and make this a night to remember. We are going to try everything you want to, and some things you didn't know existed. We are going to push some limits, and you are going to come out of this with the confidence to go bang dirty sluts and make men drool.”

I didn't know what to say, so I just gaped.

“We’ll start slow, and we’ll finish hard, and we’ll have some fun, yeah?”

“You are absolutely gorgeous, what are you doing with a guy like me?” I stammered.

“Well shucks, Luke, you are a sweetie. But the truth of the matter is that you are incredibly handsome, and I reckon you have a sweet body of your own under those clothes, and I want you any way you will let me have you.”

No-one had ever called me handsome before, and it took a while to process. I realised something in my brain was trying to get through the cloud of arousal, and when I looked I realised that this was exactly what I wanted. Leaning in, I kissed Harry, gently. There are few feelings better than slowly making out with someone you want, the promise of what is to come.

Harry reached down and started undoing my shirt buttons, one at a time, and slipped the material off my shoulders. All the while kissing me, he started touching my skin, feeling my body, and I was excited to see he now had a full erection. He had a huge cock, and I was quite intimidated.

“Don’t worry mate,” he said, spotting my uncertainty, “We come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ll take it slow.” He took my hand and placed it on the end of his cock. The feeling of the smooth skin was very alien at first, but as I started to stroke around it feeling the hardness under the skin I felt my own cock growing.

Harry was undoing my belt, when he suddenly pushed me backwards. I managed to not spill too much of the drink as I landed on the sofa, and he took it off me to place on the table. He pulled my shoes and socks off, and knelt before me. Looking me in the eye, he leaned in very slowly and licked my stomach. The feeling was warm, erotic, incredible, and I felt myself tense. With my jeans still on Harry unbuttoned my fly and reached in, grabbing my cock as he had only an hour or so before in the bar. This time he was gentler, and as he tugged it out he smiled to me.

“Tell me what feels good, Luke.”

With that he licked my cock from the balls to the head in one fluid motion, sending a shiver through my body, and engulfed me in his mouth, taking my whole cock to the back of his throat. He had clearly done this before, and the feeling was mind blowing. As he started to slowly bob up and down on me I put out a tentative hand and ran my fingers through his hair. 

I was starting to understand why the blowjob was such a mythical beast; the warm, wet feeling of Harry’s mouth was driving me wild, making me breath hard and groan. After what seemed like no time at all but was probably about ten minutes he pulled back, grinning.

“You like that then, I can tell that much. Want to have a go at sucking my cock?”

I did, although I wasn't sure why, I was just lost in the moment. Taking the lead I got on my knees in front of him.

“I don’t know what to do…”

“It’s easy, just imagine what feels good on you and try to do it to me. See if you can make me twinge, there’s a challenge.”

Now I was on my knees with it in my face Harry’s cock seemed enormous. I reached out and started stroking it, touching his balls, his thighs and his bell-end. Remembering how he had started, I tentatively reached out my tongue and licked the underside of his cock, looking up at his face to check for signs of approval. He sighed gently, and smiled when he noticed my glance, giving me a nod to show the all clear. 

Looking back at the job at hand, I put my mouth on his knob end, tasting salt and sweat from his night in the club. I explored gently, seeing how much I could fit in my mouth before it hit my throat and trying to keep my teeth away from the soft skin. Remembering to multi-task I reached up and stroked his balls, thinking how much stranger the wrinkled skin feels when it’s not your own.

From the encouraging sounds Harry was making, I must have been doing okay, so I wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and started jerking while I bobbed my head as far as I could, getting about half of his cock wet. He put a hand on the back of my neck, gently rubbing and pushing forward, showing he was enjoying it, so I sped up, trying to use my tongue in my mouth to add to the whole experience. After a minute Harry pulled back, gasping. Worried, I stepped back.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

He grinned. “Nah mate, that was really good for a first time, I just need a second to cool off or tonight might be over a bit too soon!”

I blushed at the thought I had done well, but went to him. Touching him gently with new found confidence, I kissed him on the mouth.

“So,” I said, “What happens next in your master-plan?”

“Well, I know it won’t be something you have thought about much, but I want to fuck you. I want to warm you up and then fuck you till you come.”

“Is that a thing? Can a guy come from getting… er… fucked?”

“Yeah, course you can Luke, you have a prostate right? Look, I’ll show you.”

He kissed me again, rubbing me harder all over, pulling close so our cocks knocked together. Pulling away he took hold of my cock to lead me through to a bedroom at the end of the hall, grinning all the way at this little game. I laughed, realising how much fun I was having.

His bedroom was nice, lots of space and a big double bed in the corner against two walls. He led me to it, onto it and pushed me down onto all fours.

“From this point on you have to stay as still as you can while I work some magic, ok? No squirming or fucking about or…” He spanked me hard on the arse, “There’s more where that came from.”

I smiled, holding that in my mind. I could hear him behind me, feeling cool air on my bum. My cock had dropped to semi hard. Suddenly I felt a full assault on my arse; his tongue, making out with my hole. The feeling was incredibly intense, and made me pull tight all over. I heard Harry laugh, and then he moved back in, slower, gently licking and kissing around my anus. The feelings coming from my back were driving me wild, my cock was straining under me, and Harry reached down to gently run one finger down the underside. I pulled to one side, and he smacked me hard on the bum.

Returning to my post, Harry carried on turning me on, playing and gently toying with me, reaching out to flick a nipple here, or run a hand up my back there. After a time of this incredible smorgasbord of feeling, he pulled away.

“Give me two seconds.” I could hear him moving around the room. “Let’s get something else in there shall we?”

Turning, I saw he had a little box down from the top of a cupboard and was rooting in it. Having found what he wanted, he came back to me, showing the lube and a couple of small objects. I had seen anal beads before, and the other thing was a small bullet shaped metal device I thought might be a vibrator. Harry slapped me back around into position and started eating out my ass again to get me back in the mood. 

My brain was going fuzzy from the feeling, when I felt a cold presence on the underside of my gooch, and suddenly a warm vibrating feeling ran through me. I had never felt anything like this before but it almost made my eyes cross it was such a subtle building feeling. I realised there was a small object at my entrance, and then it was in. Harry had popped the smallest anal bead in, and I had hardly noticed. Maybe this whole anal thing was going to be easier than I thought. Another few beads followed, and then, with a gentle pressure, I felt him pulling back on them, pulling them out of me, all the while running the vibrator around. 

As they moved out of me spikes of feeling jerked up through my cock and stomach, warm and strange and incredible. Harry repeated this, and all the while I could feel myself building, building to something huge like I had never felt before. Realising, I turned and pushed him off. He fell on his bum, and looked up at me shocked.

With my newfound confidence, I offered him a hand

“You need to fuck me now. I'm getting close.”


He didn't need telling twice, and rushed up to me, kissing and rubbing me again, holding my cock and feeling my skin. Pushing me back he had me on my back on the bed. He lifted my legs up, all the while stroking my cock, so they were laid on his shoulders, and rubbed a finger up to my hole. I felt him stroking around, but I couldn't take my eyes off of his, this man who had opened a carnal need in me, who had made me need fucking, who had made me crave his cock.

I felt him slip a finger into me, and another, with relative ease. Some of those beads must have been bigger than I realised. Leaning down to kiss me, he said,

“Shall we try?”

I nodded, and he startled fiddling around with a condom. I wondered if they did them big enough, but sure enough he stretched one all the way down to his balls, and he manoeuvred himself into position. I felt his knob touch my ass-hole, and he pushed forward. I was a little nervous at this point and tensed and put my hands on his legs to slow him. Harry leaned down and kissed me softly again.

“Relax. This will be so much better if you relax. And trust me, I won’t hurt you, I know I am quite big but you will be surprised how much you can stretch.”

Moving my hands away with his, he pushed again. This time I closed my eyes and breathed deeply and after a time I felt a pop and realised his head was inside me. Smiling up at him, he started to push forward again. Now he was in it was easier, and after a couple of minutes of gentle pushing I felt a tickling, and he touched my face.

“Look,” he smiled, “You took the whole thing!”

Looking down I realised the tickling was his pubes, and he had indeed crammed his whole fucking dick into me. Exploring the feeling, I felt so full, like I couldn't hold another inch. This was followed by a very strange sucking feeling as he pulled back, and I moaned without meaning to, catching myself by surprise. We shared a glance, and then Harry pushed back in. And out. And in. And like the waves moving up the shore the feeling built in me, and I started to lose my mind to it. I started pushing down onto his cock and we moved in sync, as one. It felt fucking incredible.

Looking up at Harry he smiled down and reached between my legs to stroke my cock. He was fucking me now, really fucking me, and I couldn't believe it. The feeling of being on your back, being on your back for someone else, was incredible, and I felt my mind start to glow.

“Want to try it another way?” he asked.

“What other ways are there?” I panted.

“Don’t answer a question with a question,” he joked, “It’s rude, and if you’re rude I might fuck you.”

That made me laugh. Harry pulled out of me and lay on his back. I straddled him without being told, and felt down to put his cock at my entrance, sitting down and spearing myself. Loving the way he breathed in sharply. I started a rhythm, although this was a lot harder than porn stars made it look. After a time Harry took me by the waist, holding me above him, and said,

“This’ll be easier, hold onto your hat.”

With that, he started to pump up into me, hard, fast, taking his cock almost all the way out of me to slam it back in. The sudden gear change made my cock groan, and I couldn't breathe for a second the feeling was so intense. This position was hitting hard against something inside me which made a warm feeling build in my stomach. I was speechless.

There a sudden strange feeling inside me, a snapping, and Harry pulled out. The condom had exploded, pulling down to the bottom of his cock. I looked him in the eyes.

“Are you clean?”

“I had a test the other week, came back fine. Better safe than sorry though.” He started to get up. I put a hand on his chest.

“No. Fuck me. Now.”

He grinned, and I slid down again, putting his bare knob head against my hole. He started to fuck again, a slower beat but building in grades. I could feel my heart rate rising, my balls swelling, and a strange feeling started to fill me. It was a golden glow, in the middle of me, and I couldn't place it. Harry kept fucking harder and faster, and I kept glowing, and then, just when I couldn't take another second of waiting…. POW. 

I came, hard, firing all over Harry’s stomach and chest, over and over, as my cock twitched hard and I felt myself tense. My mind was completely gone, nothing left but waves of ecstasy. After half a minute I came back to the world, me laying on Harry, his cock still in me but softening, smearing my come into his chest. Leaning back, I apologised and he put a finger on my lips.

“I came when you did, Luke.” He grinned, “You pulled real tight and I just blew when you were loving it. That’s never happened before, felt great though. Did you enjoy yourself?”

I could only nod. He smiled and reached up to kiss me. “Well we better get you cleaned up, you’re probably holding about a pint of my jizz in you. That was possibly the best gay sex I have ever had.”

“Really? Is it much better with a girl then?”

“No, no, not much better, but quite, quite different. Not as mutual, I usually find. Maybe it’s just my experience though. I recommend you try both.” he smiled.

I felt his cock pop out of me, and I suddenly felt very empty, and in a strange way nostalgic. I could feel his cum running down my balls, strange and gloopy but not totally unpleasant.

Harry stood up strongly, picking me up with him so he held me in his arms and carrying me to the bathroom with us both laughing. There we showered, rubbing each other off, and taking control I got on my knees and sucked him again, loving how he got hard, feeling the water from the shower running over his cock and onto my face. We returned to the bed once cleaned and sixty-nined for a while, playing around until we both came, me all over the sheets and Harry on my stomach. He wiped it on a pillow.

“You should stay here.” Again, not a question.


I woke up in the morning tangled in the sheets of his bed alone. The light was streaming through partly opened blinds, and made my eyes hurt. The whole bed stunk of jizz, and I replayed the night over in my head, remembering how it had felt and how I had come so hard. The best orgasm of my life by a country mile, I decided. I couldn't believe I had come without touching my cock, such a thing had never even occurred to me before. 

Feeling guilty for waking up alone in this come stained bed, I put on some clothes and headed out, remembering I should probably try do some coursework today so I don’t fall too hideously behind my schedule. I could hear activity from the kitchen and entered to an incredible sight.

Harry was stood frying bacon, balls naked. Hearing me, he turned and gave me his trademark grin, cock hanging long between his legs and muscles gleaming from a night’s sleep.

“Morning, champ. If you don’t have to rush off I think I have devised some more fun we can have…”

I could see his cock was rising as he thought of whatever mysterious things he had dreamed up, and I realised what I wanted.

Crossing the kitchen I knelt in front of him and took as much cock as I could in my mouth. Fuck the coursework, this was urgent.


This is all a work of fiction, just some ideas that turn me on, and hopefully you too. Thanks for reading, and any comments are much appreciated.

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