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The most unexpected birthday present ever...
I wake up but keep my eyes closed; the bed is too soft and comfy to get out of. I have had such a good night's sleep, I don't want it to end. I eventually open my eyes and see the sun shining brightly through the gap at the top of my curtains, it seems like a nice warm Saturday morning. My boyfriend, Charlie, must have already got up and left me to sleep in.

I get out of bed, quickly make it and walk into my en-suite bathroom to take a quick shower. I finish, and wrap a big, soft, fluffy, pink bath towel around myself. I tie my wet hair up in a bobble, brush my teeth and dry my mouth.

I go back into my bedroom and get dressed. Since its a nice day, I decide on a white pencil skirt and a light pink flare top with straps. I don't need a bra, and as for panties, I think a white mesh thong with a butterfly back will do. I put on my pink and white wedges, brush and dry my hair. I hang my towel to dry over the end of my bed, and head downstairs into the living room.

The living room has two equally sized walls, the third wall has the bay window above it and the fourth wall has a white door leading into the hallway. The top of the walls have cream wallpaper, printed with little red squares and the bottom of the wall has plain red wallpaper, with a red and cream squared border going around the middle.

The floor is a deep, red, soft carpet with swirly patterns imprinted in to it. There are two sofas, both are red and have little squares sewed into them. The three seater sofa is situated along the middle of the left wall and the two seater opposite, along the middle of the right wall.

The bay window is directly in front of the door, there are freshly picked flowers in matching cream vases at either end of the bay window, between them is my little glass clock, I had as a present from my Mum and Dad when they went on her holiday last year. In the centre of the room is a pine coloured coffee table with a shelf underneath, Charlie keeps his football magazines and newspapers there for when he sleeps over. My black LG T.V is bracketed on to the middle of the wall, next to the door, with a pine T.V stand underneath which holds my Hi-Fi system and DVD player. The speakers are large so they are on the floor, either end of the stand.

On the table are a pile of five or six brightly coloured cards with my name on. I completely forgot it was my birthday. How I forgot I'll never know.

'I'm twenty-five today, a whole quarter of a century old. It sure sounds old when you say it like that,' I think to myself.

I open the cards, they're from friends and family. I set them up on my living room window ledge, making them look pretty.

Charlie walks into the living room. He's dressed in dark, worn, blue jeans, wearing no top or socks. His hair is a mess, I love this look on him, so sexy. He has a sexy muscular body and he's very nicely tanned. Just perfect for me to imagine naughty things when I'm all alone of a weekend. He has a beautiful smile on his face and he is holding a tray.

“Good morning babe. Happy birthday,” he says as he sets the tray on the table.

I smile at him. “Thank you babe. I'm glad you remembered because I didn't,” I reply laughing.

Charlie laughs too.

I give him a kiss on his smooth lips, a hug and a sly grope of his ass. I glance at the tray and on it, are two cup of teas, two sandwich plates with slices of hot, buttery toast and a hugely over sized pink envelope addressed to me.

Charlie smiled at me. “What was that in aid of?” querying about his ass grope.

“Oh, nothing. Am I not allowed to grope my boyfriend?” I say smiling sarcastically at him.

I kneel on the floor, next to the table and eat one half of the toast. Sip a bit of tea and pick the envelope up. I open it and the picture on the cover is cute, there are two teddy bears cuddling each other in front of a picnic on a field with the words 'Worlds' Best Girlfriend' in pink sparkly writing spread across the top.

I smile at Charlie and open it. Something in a white envelope drops to the floor. I pick it up and place it next to the tray. I decide to read the card before I open it.

I read aloud, “To my sexy girlfriend, I love you more than anything. Have a perfect birthday babe, Love you always, Charlie. Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

I smile again and pick the up white envelope and tear it open carefully. It's about the same size as an aeroplane ticket so, if it is, I don't want to rip it.

I take hold and pull it out. It's a white strip of paper with the word 'Heaven' written on it in shiny golden letters, looking puzzled, I turn it over. The voucher is for a free massage. I have always wanted a massage, but I could never afford it, or, I never had time to have one. So this is a perfect gift!

“Aww, thanks babe,” I say.

Charlie smiles at me, “I know you have wanted a massage for ages, so I have been busy saving. It's a full body massage too. It's at the new place, Heaven, that's opened at the top of our road. It looks very posh inside and you don't even need to travel too far,” he replies.

My eyes light up. Ever since I knew about Heaven, I have wanted to go. It's been there for about 8 months or so now. I always look in the window when I'm passing and it does look very posh. I briefly wonder how much the voucher was, but dismiss it as suddenly as I thought about it because I'm a very stubborn girl when it comes to buying things. But this is my birthday, so I think I shall make an exception.

“There's no expiry date, so you can use it whenever you have a free day,” says Charlie.

“Ah, brilliant babe. Thanks ever so much. This is the perfect gift,” I reply.

Charlie has got work at midday. He has to work at least two Saturdays' per month, and typical for us that he had to work on my birthday. He's a workaholic, so he will only take a day off work if he's practically dying. Its getting on for ten thirty now, so he has got to set out in a few minutes, it takes him around an hour to get to work.

I head towards the door and Charlie asks, “Where you off to birthday girl?”

“The kitchen babe, to make your lunch,” I reply.

“No need sexy, I already made my lunch, I thought I'd give you a break,” he says again, smiling at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

Charlie gets his gear together as he's heading to the front door. He turns around and gives me a big kiss, holding me, hugging my body for as long as he can before he has to leave. I wave goodbye and blow him one more kiss, then shut the door. I do truly miss him when he's at work and I'm home alone. I won't see Charlie until around 8:00 pm.

I glance at the clock. It's now 10:45. “Hmm, If I get cleaned up quickly, I might be able to go to Heaven today” I say to myself.

I wash a few bits up in the sink, it don't take me long considering I wash up every night so there's not a lot of a morning. I give the living room a quick dusting and wipe the kitchen sides over. I then get the hoover out and give it a whiz around the living room and hallway.

I look at the clock when I'm done and its 11:00 am.

“Wow, broke a record,” I say to myself. “I'll give Heaven a call, see if they have any available appointments for today.”

I get the voucher, which is still on the table, and scan it over with my eyes in search for a contact number. I pull out my mobile phone and dial their number.

“Hello, this is Heaven. Good morning to you, Heidi speaking. How can I help you?” says the receptionist.

“Hi,” I say, “I'm just wondering if you have any bookings free for today?” I ask the receptionist.

“One moment, I'll have a look for you,” she replies. “Ah, yes we do as a matter of fact. We have an opening at 1:00 pm.”

“May I book myself in for then please?” I ask.

“Yes Miss. May I take your name please?” She asks.

“It's Elle Anderson,” I reply.

“Thank you Miss Anderson. We'll see you at 1:00 pm,” she says kindly.

I'm over the moon, I can have a well-needed massage on my birthday. I make myself some lunch and potter about for a while, until it's time to go. I get my pink leather handbag, of course, it has got to match my shoes. I put the voucher inside my purse then into my handbag, along with my mobile, keys and set out for Heaven.

I walk up to Heaven's brilliant white door and open it. Inside is very posh. I feel out of place. The floor is a white marble of some sort. The walls are plain cream, with very pretty nature pictures hanging on them. The ceiling lights are scattered around and the lampshades are little glass flowers, very bright too. There are two waiting areas, up against the huge windows, either side of the door which I just walked through. There are a selection of cream leather seats set out in an 'L' shape with a small glass coffee table in front of each of them with a selection of different magazines. The reception desk is right in front of me. The desk is pine, large and an oval shape, with a white marble top. I am pretty small so I cannot see over the top very well.

Placed around the room are various large plants in pots, mainly Yucca trees and little palm trees. It smells very clean and it's got such a relaxing feeling to it already.

I walk up to the desk and standing behind is a very pretty Chinese lady, she must have been in her early thirties at most. She wore a pale yellow blouse which just fastened up above her breasts, which may I add are very plump. I don't normally perv on other women, but I do like Chinese girls. That's all I can see as the desk is so high. She has a pretty face, brown eyes with deep black mascara and eye liner on. Her hair is in a neat pony tail with two bits of fringe dangling by her eyes.

“Good afternoon,” she says to me. “I'm Heidi, how can I help you?”

“Hi, Heidi,” I reply, “I'm Elle Anderson, I have an appointment for one o'clock.”

“Okay, let me just have a look,” she says, “Ah, yes. You called a couple of hours ago. Please take a seat and somebody will be with you shortly.”

“Thank you,” I reply.

I walk over to the waiting area, sit down and put my bag on my lap. 'She is very beautiful' I think to myself, 'I wonder if all the ladies here are just as lovely.'

An even more beautiful lady approaches me, she's wearing a white vest top with golden letters saying 'Heaven' on, with a shortened black pencil skirt and some black flat shoes. I see she's not wearing a bra either, her breasts look perfect, so round and soft. Her nipples are visible too, very perky. She has long brown hair with blonde highlights, braided and flung down over her right shoulder, with a very fine fringe just resting on her right cheek bone. They are very beautifully defined cheek bones too. Her eyes are a very deep brown colour, the kind you find yourself lost inside if you look in to. She has very long black eyelashes and she has a little bit of make up on, not much, just enough for her gorgeous eyes to stand out a little. Her lips look so smooth and soft, I find myself fantasizing about kissing them.

“Miss Anderson?” she asks.

I quickly jump back to reality, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“That's me,” I reply with a bashful smile on my face. 'I hope she didn't notice that I actually blushed then,' I think to myself.

“This way please. I'm Mei, by the way, I will be the one who will perform your massage,” she says, holding out her hand to greet me.

I stand and shake her hand. “Please, call me Elle,” I reply.

“If you would care to follow me,” she says. She turns around and walks past the reception desk and I follow.

'Wow, she's got a lovely round bum,' I think to myself.

We go through a door and into a narrow hallway. There are several doors all exactly the same, all white and wooden with gold painted handles. The only difference is that each door has a room number stamped in the middle, a bit like a hotel I suppose. I find myself at room thirteen. I'm normally superstitious, but today I just don't care.

Mei opens the door and allows me to go inside first.

The room is beautiful. All white, two trees in their pots, flower lampshades. Tthere's a fountain in the corner of the room and the sound of some soft sensual music, I immediately relax. Mei stands by the massage bed, so I go over to her.

“Right then,” she says. “What type of massage would you like?”

“Well, I have a voucher for a full body massage,” I reply.

I get the voucher from my bag and hand it over. Mei takes it and looks at it. She smiles at me and her eyes look like they are twinkling.

“This is fine,” she says.

“Oh, good,” I reply.

“While I go and sort the voucher out, you can get undressed and wrap this towel around your body. Then lay down on the bed facing up,” she says gesturing at the towel that's neatly folded at the bottom of the bed. “Just pop your clothes on the shelf under the bed, I'll be back in about ten minutes.”

She then exits the room. I lift the draped sheet up and peer under the bed, just to be sure there is a shelf there. I get undressed quickly and wrap the white towel around my naked body, its a small towel, it just covers my bum. I fold my clothes and place them on the shelf, along with my wedges and bag. I then lay down and listen to the music until Mei returns.

There's a knock at the door and Mei walks in. She's pulling a trolley with a small woven basket on top. It has some oils and lotions inside. I don't really take in what else is there, I'm there to relax, not scrutinize.

“Ready?” She asks

“Yes,” I reply

She picks up a bottle and squirts some lotion on her hands and rubs them together vigorously, I think this may be an anti-bacterial cleanser.

“I tend to start with the back first, but it's up to you,” she says.

“OK, I'm fine with that. This is my first time,” I reply.

I sit up, turn over and lay on my front.

“We need to fold your towel small so it covers only your bum,” she says, “don't worry, I shall turn around if you want me to.”

“Oh, okay,” I reply, “It's fine, you don't need to. We are both women.”

I get up and face away from her, I let her watch me take my towel off, wrap it around my bum and hold it tight around my pussy. I turn around so I'm showing my breasts, walk back up to the bed, look at Mei, who's smiling at me and I lay down on my front.

Getting naked when another woman is watching has got me a little excited. This is new for me.

I put my arms by my side and let my whole body relax. I hear a squirt of some lotion and then I see her feet through the hole where my face is. She's standing by my head.

I feel her soft hands touch my shoulders, rubbing gently. She's rubbing and smoothing down my shoulders and it feels great, she then moves down the back of my arms, rubbing and smoothing down the whole length, all the way down to my finger tips. She's pushing the tension out of my shoulders, down my arms and out of my fingers. Well, that's what it feels like.

I feel her move my hair out of the way, hearing another squirt, she begins on my back, rubbing away and all that I can think of is her breasts, how perfect they are, I want to touch them.

'I had best try and stop thinking about this, I may end up getting a little too excited and there will be a very embarrassing wet patch on the bed,' I think to myself.

She's now on my lower back, her hands are feeling a little dry, she stops and picks up the lotion. I hear a thump, the lotion has fell on the floor. I can see it behind her. She turns around, bends down to pick it up.

She's wearing no panties! I get an eyeful, her skirt rides up so high that her bare pussy is on show. In that brief moment I think I can see it glistening. 'Is she wet?' I ask myself.

“Oops,” she says, “the lotion bottle is slippery,” she laughs.

She squirts more on to my back and resumes, now I have the image of her breasts and her pussy in my head. My pussy is now tingling with desire. I'm lost in thought, thinking about what it would be like to kiss and feel her.

I can feel her rubbing the back of my calves and she's working her way up. This feels unbelievably sexy. She's now on my thighs and every movement is getting closer to my bum, she does hit it a few times, but carries on as normal. I'm unsure if it was even an 'accident.'

She slid the towel off my bum, onto my thighs and her hands are rubbing me. Pressing and kneading on my bum, I'm so shy, yet this is so good, her hands are well trained on women's bodies. The more she rubs my bum, the more I can feel my legs widening and pussy tingling.

My legs are wide and my pussy is tingly and wet. She knows it too. I'm sure about it. I'm getting pretty horny here.

She places the towel back onto my bum and says “Okay, time to turn over.”

I turn over, grasping the towel by my pussy. I lay back and stare at the ceiling. Mei stands by my head and gets more lotion on her talented hands. She leans forward to rub the front of my shoulders, I think she's going to repeat the same process as before. Her breasts are in my face, I have nowhere to look. They are so plump, so round, I'm dying to feel them, to taste them.

She moves away to rub my arms and hands. I'm really beginning to enjoy myself.

She's now rubbing her magic fingers on my stomach, “Wow,” she says, “you have a very nice firm tummy.”

“Thank you,” I say.

She's moving down my stomach and now just above my pussy, then back up. I feel her hands all over my breasts, my nipples harden instantly. I'm beginning to pant, trying my best to keep it secret, but I'm not sure if it's working. I'm horny now and I need a fuck. I wish Charlie was here!

She moves again, to my ankles working her way up my shins. Then to my thighs, higher and higher, my legs are spread wide and my pussy is wet at her touch, her fingers are catching my pussy and its driving me mad.

Mei slowly opens the towel, revealing my wet bare pussy, I look up and she's looking at me as if she's asking permission. So I nod, and lay my head back down.

She places her hands on top of my pussy, rubbing in tiny circular motions, smoothing her fingers down both of my pussy lips, opening them and closing again. I'm dripping wet and I can hear my wetness. I need a fuck. I'm dieing to lift my legs to get into the 'sex position,' it's hard to fight myself. This feels amazing, I can't believe I've not come here sooner.

I feel her fingers smoothly running up along the crack of my pussy, along my clitoris, and down again, her fingers are by my soggy entrance. She circles it with her delicate fingers a few times and then slides two fingers inside me, again and again.

'I have got to lift my legs, I can't take any more,' I shout in my head.

I lift my legs and feel her fingers inside me, then I feel a hand on my breast, squeezing it gently and two fingers around my nipple, twisting it, teasing it. I'm panting hard now. She moves her hand off my breast and I feel something cold and wet along my pussy, again and again. I manage to look up, she's licking my pussy. This feels amazing. I'm so fucking horny right now, I can't help it. I moan loudly and come just a little.

She's teasing her delightful tongue on my clit, pressing hard as well as fingering my pussy fast. I can't hold back any longer; I come loudly, moaning and panting.

She does it again, but this time she's sucking hard on my clit and finger fucking me really fast. I'm coming harder and louder.

She stops, I look at her and she wipes her mouth with her hand. Helps me up off the bed and puts my hands on the base of her top. I don't hesitate, I lift it up, revealing her delicious breasts. I throw her top to the floor and hold her waist. I unzip the back of her skirt and slide it down her legs, then she steps out. She's so hot, just beautiful and she wants me now.

I kiss her, feeling another woman's mouth is indescribable, I love it. It's so naughty but it's very sexy. I feel her sweet tongue on mine and I reach to grab her breasts. I look down at them and lick them, sucking on her breasts, playing with her nipples, they are so hard in my fingers. My mouth has got to taste those nipples, I put them in my mouth, she's moaning and panting.

I stop and she climbs on the bed. I take some lotion on my hands, I massage her legs and 'accidentally' brush along her wet pussy a few times, her head is thrown back. She's as horny as I am. She's moaning pretty loudly now.

I feel her pussy with my hands, so smooth and soft. I run my fingers along the crack of her pussy and ease it in and out of her glistening entrance, fingering her, speeding up as I go.

She's so wet, her come is dripping off my fingers so I dive in, licking her clit. I give long hard strokes with my tongue and finger her as she did to me. Her pussy tastes so sweet, I'm lapping it up. She starts to move her body in rhythm with my fingers fucking her and then she comes loudly, thick white blobs of come all over my hands.

I do it again, just as she teased me. I suck on her soaking wet clit and finger fuck her as hard and fast as I can go, she explodes, coming everywhere, inside my mouth. I swallow loads of her come and it tastes so sweet, so naughty.

She gets up and looks at me, breathless and eyes gleaming.

“This your first time you say?” she asks.

“Yes,” I say, “why you ask?”

“That was fucking awesome,” she replied. “I hope you will come again soon,” she gives me a wickedly naughty smile.

“Definitely,” I say, and give her a cheeky smile back.

“Oh, by the way,” Mei says.

“Yes?” I reply, looking puzzled.

“Happy Birthday,” she says again.

“How did you know it's my birthday?” I ask.

“Charlie told me, he and I are friends. No need to worry though, just friends,” she replies. “This was his idea. I hope you don't mind.”

I'm utterly gobsmacked. I had no idea that Charlie knew that I'd like to try another girl.

“Sure,” I say, “I don't mind at all.” I smile and she smiles back again.

We both get dressed and walk out of the room together.

'Definitely is Heaven,' I thought to myself as I walked home.

As I walk through my front door, into the living room, I notice Charlie's work coat is on my sofa. I go into the kitchen and he's there, drinking a cup of tea.

“You're home early,” I say.

“Yes I am,” he replies, with a delicious look on his face.

“I take it, you really didn't have to go to work at all?” I ask.

“No,” Charlie laughs, “I was wondering how your day went.”

“Oh, well, It was different. But you already know that don't you?” I reply, smiling widely. “How did you know that I'd like that?” I ask.

“Babe,” he says, “You talk in your sleep and I know that it's exactly what you needed.”

Charlie stands up, I notice he has an erection. He looks at me, eyes glowing.

“I want you to tell me all about it,” he says.

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