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Helping a friend

My efforts to help Lori withy her problem
I was 28 and Lori 18. We had lived next door to each other since we very young and I had watched her grow from a gangly little girl into an absolutely gorgeous teenager.

I worked in a local grocery, only a few doors away from the Cafe Lori worked in so we saw quite a lot of each other. One thing did strike me as odd and that was the fact that Lori didn't seem interested in boys.

We were sitting having a coffee one day, with Lori looking very young and sexy in a short navy blue skirt and white blouse, when I noticed that she seemed a bit down, making me ask,"Are you alright, Lori?"

"I don't really know where to start, Adam."

Reaching across table and taking hold of her hand, I said softly, "How about the beginning."

Lori's face was bright red as she began nervously,""Well, Adam, my problem stems from the fact that I don't have a boy-friend, am lonely and frustrated."

"You're what?" I gasped, "How can a gorgeous girl like you be frustrated, Lori? I would have thought that you would be fighting off the boys with a big stick."

"If only," she responded, adding, "I look at my friends then at myself - never been out with a boy so have never let one touch me - you may not believe that but I've never even touched myself."

"You're joking," I gasped, surprised that a girl her age had never masturbated - my God, I thought, just how much help does this girl need.

"You know I'll give you any help I can, Lore," I told her, "After all, I've known you since you were very young and thought about asking you out a few times."

"Why didn't you, Adam?" she asked quickly, "I've had a couple of fantasies about you and would have gone out with you eagerly."

Feeling my prick rising, I croaked, "Would you like to share those fantasies with me, Lori?"

Sitting looking at me with a far away look on her face, she sighed, "I'd better, Adam, you'll only get me to tell you about them one day."

Getting to my feet and leading her to a quiet table outside, I said softly, "Come on then,I'm all ears."

"Well," Lori began,"In the first one I was playing netball and you were watching me and I couldn't help noticing the look of delight on your face every time my skirt flew up, letting you see I was wearing navy blue knickers with my white blouse and lemon skirt, but the second, though difficult to understand, was more exciting."

"Don't keep me waiting, Lori," I gasped, " You've got me very interested."

"It was sort of strange," Lori began, "I would have been sixteen or so and on my way home from school and we met and started talking. Soon I agreed to go for a walk with you and, when we found a nice quiet corner, we sat down and almost immediately your hand was at the bottom of my grey school skirt."

"Not much of a gentleman, was I," I remarked.

Grinning happily, Lori responded quickly by saying, "If you behaved like you did in my fantasy, you must have been a right randy little sod."

Being perfectly open and honest with her, I replied, "Yes, I was."

Seeming to be fairly relaxed now, Lory continued, "Anyway, like I said, as soon as we sat down, your hand was at the bottom of my school skirt and I really didn't know what to do as I'd never been with a boy let alone let one do anything to me."

Feeling wonderfully happy and relaxed. I said, "I'm just dying to hear what you let me do to you, Lori."

Trembling visibly again, Lori stammered, "I ... I let you t ... touch me, Adam."

Knowing that even this would help Lori, I asked softly, "Where did you let me touch you?"

Blushing bright red again, Lori groaned,"Can't you guess?"

"Yes," I responded quickly, "But I want you to tell me."

Getting up and moving her chair around till it was close to mine, Lori whispered, "Between my legs, Adam, you are the very first boy I let touch me between my legs."

I kissed Lori lightly on the lips before asking, "You know what I'm going to ask next, don't you?"

"Y ... yes," she groaned, "You want to know what I let you do to me and how much I liked it."

As I sat waiting for her to reply, Lori smiled as she began, "Alright, Adam, I was trembling like you wouldn't believe as your hand went up my school skirt and, without really knowing why, I opened my legs for you and, when your hand touched my school knickers, I almost passed out with sheer excitement."

"What colour were your school knickers, Lori?'' I asked then.''

"Black,"" she told me, ""I went to the High School and we wore black cotton knickers,"

I was so excited I couldn't stop myself from asking, "Did you let me see them, Lori? Did you let me see your black schoolgirl knickers?"

"No, I was too scared,"" she told me, adding "I wanted to, I wanted to lift my school skirt but I was simply too scared."

Now that I'd established that, I asked then, "Is there anything else worrying you?"

"Yes, Adam," she began softly, "I'm worried about by Dad as he's always trying to come on to me and I even caught him one day using a pair of my panties to masturbate into."

"Suddenly very concerned, I said, "Now, that's a situation you'd be better out of, I've got the big house Mum and Dad left when they were killed so why don't you move in with me."

Much to my surprise and great delight, Lori agreed quickly so we spend the next few minutes working out how and when she would move.

On a high about having an eighteen year old girl moving in with me, I said, "How about we have lunch then if you want, we can move you this afternoon."

"Adam, Ooooh, Adam," Lori moaned softly, "I'm so excited that for the first time in my life my little cotton knickers feel quite wet between my legs."

Extremely happy at hearing that, I remarked, "That proves that I can excite you without even touching you, Honey," then, pulling her towards me, I whispered, "What colour of knickers are you wearing?"

Blushing a bit, Lori smiled as she replied, "Light blue, Adam, I'm wearing light blue knickers,"" then, looking at me with a lovely contented smile of her face, she added, "I think I'd better tell you that I always wear cotton knickers as I simply hate thongs and g-strings."

As I heard that, I couldn't help kissing her long and hard, gasping when the kiss ended, "Things just get better, Lori, I prefer girls wearing cotton knickers as they look so young and innocent."

That comment was more than enough to get us going so we had a quick lunch, went to her place and collected her things then on to my place.

Once there, Lori seemed remarkably relaxed and, as she put her things away while I made coffee, I wondered just how long it would be before she let me get my hand up her skirt and between her legs.

"How do you feel now?" I asked softly as we sat sipping our coffee.

Lori sighed, "Extremely excited, Adam. I never ever anticipated a sexual relationship at this early stage in our relationship but it looks as if it's going to happen as, never having experienced the delights of having wet knickers, mine were wet earlier and they're starting to get wet again now."

"And what do you think caused this?" I asked.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Lori said, " In the car on the way here, Adam, when you put your hand on my knee, I began thinking about how it would feel if you moved your hand up my skirt till it was between my legs, feeling me through my little light blue cotton knickers and you know, I like the idea, I really do like the idea of you doing that to me."

Starting to tremble in anticipation of what was about to happen, I asked softly, "Will you do something for me, Lori?"

"Yes," she replied eagerly.

"Show me your knickers," I said, "Lift your skirt and show me your little light blue cotton knickers."

I was absolutely amazed at just how relaxed Lori was as she reached down and took hold of the bottom of her navy blue skirt and slowly lifted it up till it was round her waist, making me groan as I looked at her lovely soft, smooth and tight little light blue cotton knickers.

Watching me carefully, she asked, "Do you like them, Adam? Do you like my blue cotton knickers?"

"God, yes," I groaned, "I can't wait to get my hand on them and inside them."

There was a short silence as I got to my knees on the floor and made my way over to kneel in front of Lori, gently placing my hands on her knees and pushing them apart, making me croak, "Jesus, Lori, you're knickers are wet, you're knickers are lovely and wet already."

Lori's breathing was heavy and she was blushing bright red as she moaned, "Feel me, Adam, feel me."

Seeing that Lori was so totally relaxed yet obviously sexually aroused, I said softly, "You know what I'm going to do to you now, don't you?"

Trembling as I slipped my right hand between her legs and started fingering her lovely wet pussy through her knickers, she moaned, "Y ... you're going to m ... masturbate me, Adam, you're going to masturbate me till you make me come in my little blue cotton knickers."

"Would you like that, Darling?" I asked softly, gently moving the sticky wet crotch of her light blue knickers against the now incredibly wet lips of her pussy.

"Yes, yes, Oooooh, yes," Lori cried "Masturbate nme, I want you to masturbate me till you make me come."

Playing with a gorgeous eighteen year old through her cotton knickers while she literally begs you to masturbate her just has to be the biggest turn on ever and it wasn't long till her whole body tensed and she screamed, "I'm coming, Adam, I'm coming on my blue cotton knickers for you ... now ... now .... I'm coming for you now."

With that, poor Lori lost it completely, screaming and thrashing in the chair as I kept masturbating her, making her come and come and come in her knickers."

If this was just the beginning of our relationship, I thought, what the hell was the remainder of it going to be like.

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