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Her Neighbor's Pool

Shy girl meets neighbor at family party, goes swimming, and finally gets it on with him
All it was to the families on this block was a party that was to invite summer into the season once again. There was partying, hanging out and talking and laughing, and yes of course that included some good old drinking too. Many of the younger ones kept to themselves and went swimming in one pool or another if a family had one. Well only about 10 of those families had one

At about eleven in the morning, he began to set up. Everyone of course helped him out seeing as they knew he always hosted a great summer party. He had his kids and his wife and one of his kids had just recently graduated too. She was the shyest of anyone or so he had heard but that never mattered to him. She was sweet. She was pretty. She had lots of friend’s he’d heard. And okay, he didn’t like to admit this, but she had “grown” into a very attractive young lady although nobody had ever made mention of that.

Her name is Sonya. Her dad always called her Sunny but that was her dad. He had nicknames for all his kids and his kids’ friends. They liked him a lot. He liked them a lot too. He was simply that. He was Sonya’s daddy.

However, this story isn’t about Sonya’s daddy. This story is about the new guy. This story is about that guy who moved in about five houses up the way. What was his name?

“I think it’s Robin” said Jason, Sonya’s daddy “isn’t it honey?” he asked his wife.

She didn’t know. As much as she tried to act as if she didn’t care, it was hard trying to act that way. See, Robin was by far one of the sweetest and best looking guys around, and it didn’t hurt that at his age all the women wanted to try, as best as they could, and give this relatively unknown stranger a bit of attention.

“Hi” he said walking into the party “I know we haven’t met but I’m Robin. I moved in to the house up the way, six houses up that way. Thanks for inviting me” he told Jason as he stuck out his hand to shake it.

They talked. As they did, all female eyes found their way over to this tall 6’ 3” curly soft haired young man of 26. They seemed to group together. As they did they began whispering and wondering all about the young, good looking man.

“Is he single, really? He doesn’t even have a girlfriend at all? No way” one of the mothers said to another mother. And he’s that good looking and he doesn’t even have a girlfriend? Ohhhhhh, why did I have to go and get married a few years back?” They had to agree and knew how she felt. A guy like Robin shows up and even though they’ve worked out and done everything they could to stay as trim and as fit as they could they knew they were beyond that point. “Ladies, I’m going on a serious diet starting tomorrow and don’t come tempting me with anything except a guy who looks like that Robin.”

They all laughed and snickered and wished they could suck it all in. They all simply wished all their flaccid weight could run away and disappear forever but did Robin notice?

Uh uhhh, no he didn’t. His eyes, unbeknownst to the mothers who were talking all about him, were on only one young lady he saw walking the party grounds and her name?

Well her name just happened to be Sonya.

“She is pretty I’ve been told” a man said as he was “caught” staring momentarily at her.

“Oh uh yeah, I guess so” Robin said. “She’s kind of caught me off guard though. I mean she has this” and he paused a moment then went on to say “this, I don’t know, this gymnast quality to her I guess.”

“Well she did take gymnastics at one point in her life but well I guess she kind of grew out of it all. Well up until she graduated she was a diver for the swim team” Jason, her father said. “She was damn good at it too.”

“Yeah, she looks like she was” Robin said as he studied her body hard. “I mean she’s tall. She’s slender. She’s probably like a swan or something when she does her thing. Is she going to do it in college?”

He said no. They watched her and Robin soaked it all up as they did. Mmmmm, I bet she is as juicy as they come, he told himself. I have to think this one out. How could I get her over to the house? How could I get her to come on over and swim at my place? Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one.

“Oh hi there” he said as he “accidentally” backed into her. “Oh aren’t you uhhh Jason’s daughter?”

She looked up ay him. Ohhhhhhh his eyes were soooo dreamy. Wow he was soooo darn good looking she thought as she smiled and looked up at him. He smiled back. He introduced himself right away.

“Hi, I’m Robin by the way.”

“Oh uh I’m Sonya” she said.

They immediately started talking. He led the conversation with lots and lots of questions but he cut it off so not to make it look like he was paying that much attention to her.

“So you were a diver in high school I here” he asked. She smiled upon hearing that and said yes and they talked briefly a little more. “Well you can come over and swim at my place any day you want to. Bring your friend. I don’t care” he told her. “Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t told you but I even have a high dive” and he stopped and smiled right into her eyes. She fell in love with his smile. It felt as if he was soooo sweet, and he basically was. “But remember. I have to be there for you guys to go swimming.”

She loved this. She “loved” this guy as well. She smiled. Her heart beat madly upon hearing it, and she gladly accepted the invitation. Now Sonya being who she was, wasn’t sure about going over to his house alone so she and asked a couple of her friends if they wanted to go with her.

“To that guys place, really? You mean that tall older guy’s house? Oh yeah” one of her friends said.

With that, a couple days later, they put on their suits and watched and waited to see when he came home. A half hour after he got there, the three naïve but pretty young ladies who graduated recently from high school grabbed their towels and energetically walked down the street so they could go swimming at Robin’s.

They knocked on the door. He answered knowing it was her and her friends. Smiling he welcomed them inside and he led them back to the pool and once they were poolside he went back inside and he watched these three “lovely” looking ladies, and their adorable young figures dive and dance all over the pool.

He smiled. He did a few things. However, he turned and watched them all dive in and stand around and look so darn pretty at that young age of 18 years old that only one idea came to mind.

“Mmmmmm, I’d sure like to play around with that” he said aloud.

With that, he got himself an iced tea and went on outside. “He’s watching us” one of them whispered to another as quietly as possible. They smiled inconspicuously so that he couldn’t see them. They loved that he was out there, sitting around, and they loved it that he was so nice and sweet about inviting them down to his pool.

“Having fun?” he asked.

They said yes. He watched. He wondered. They wondered too.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if me or you could get that guy to spend time, alone with you, and wouldn’t it even be cooler if and when we did we could, you know, like kiss him and even snuggle?” one of the girls asked.

Sonya, of all of them being the shy one that she was had to giggle. She found it a little funny and mentioned that something like that wouldn’t ever happen to her in a million years. However, she had to agree, and as her two friends talked about it, quietly, a little more Sonya even had to think about kissing him too.

“Boy, wouldn’t you maybe try and” and one of the friends even lowered her voice some more “have sex with him too?”

“Are you crazy?” Sonya burst out saying.

However, as Sonya began thinking about it, she started wondering about it too. What does a real man’s penis look like actually? I mean, I haven’t ever seen one before. Maybe they have but I haven’t. And if the guy becomes hard, I mean erect, what’s that look like?

“Sonya, what do you think?” one of the friends asked.

Looking at them with that blank naïve stare of hers, Sonya replied with “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” asked one of the friends.

They continued to swim. As they did, Sonya could not get her mind off that possibility. Yes, it scared her to fathom something like that, but this guy Robin couldn’t be like that could he, she asked herself. They got up to leave. They thanked him. He smiled and told them they were welcome. However, for whatever reason, she stayed behind for a bit.

“So where are you going to go to college?” he asked.

She told him. They talked some more. He made her laugh. She felt more and more at ease in his presence as the two talked for about five minutes longer.

“Come back again if you three want to” the young but older neighbor said. They did. They’d come back every couple days and within a couple weeks of that first time there she was saying to one of the friends or the other “You can’t come? Why not? I thought you loved going over there?”

So she wondered about doing it all alone. Hmmm, should she go by herself? All by herself she asked herself. Nah, not all alone she thought, but when she looked outside and when she looked at that sky and saw that it was clear and sunny, she thought of that nice pool of his down the street.

As shy as she was, she seemed to rid herself of that bashful feature of hers all of a sudden. She did it. She put on that bathing suit and pulled on that smock and she grabbed herself a towel and headed over to Robins house. And she did it all on her very own.

“Hi” she said as she actually openly smiled. “I was just going to swim and enjoy myself today for a little while” she told him.

Seeing as she didn’t have any friends with her, he said “Oh me too. I was thinking about going out there too. Come on in. Go on back there and dive in. I’ll be out soon.”

I’ve uh never seen him without a shirt off. I wonder what he looks like. She smiled at the thought as she took off her smock and dove in. Swimming around, he walked out in his bathing trunks, and he carried with him a pitcher of lemonade along with two glasses.

“You know, I have to say, you swim as if you’ve grown up in the water. I mean watching you swim is like watching a swan. If you can believe that I mean” he told her.

She looked up and over at him. Trying to smile because it was one of the nicest things she’d heard from what was a complete stranger, although he wasn’t, she appeared to blush as she smiled. Regardless, as she smiled and blushed, she thanked him.

“No, I mean it” he went on to say. “I mean when I watch you swim, and not just today either, I’ve thought that about you a lot.”

She blushed again, but smiled, and she thanked him again. They both started swimming but he’d stop and he’d start up another conversation. “So doesn’t a pretty looking young lady like you have a boyfriend?”

That question actually floored her. But she wished she did but you’d have to know a little about Sonya. She has a nice body. She really does. However, she never liked it that her boobs were a lot smaller then her friends. She wasn’t about to tell him that but what girl ever does.

“I don’t know” she said. “Maybe boys don’t like me” she went on to tell him as she shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m a boy, aren’t I?” he asked and she said yes. “Well uh I like you. I mean you are pretty. You have to admit that, right?” and she kind of shrugged as to say she was and she wasn’t. “Well trust me Sonya but you are.”

That had her feeling so self-conscious about herself that she found she was blushing in a major big way. Although it was now summer, she hadn’t tanned at all, and anyone could see that she was blushing.

“Are you blushing because of what I said, really?” he asked.

As he almost athletically leaped out of the pool as if it was nothing, she watched, but she replied and quietly said “Yeah I think so.”

He turned around and offered her some lemonade. She climbed out of the pool after saying yes and he sat down at a poolside table he had and waited for her to walk up and sit down. He left his shirt off so that she could see his sleek trim chest, and its slight hair as well, and they talked some more.

“So you don’t want a boyfriend or you just don’t have one?” She said she didn’t have one. “Uhhh, I don’t know if I should ask this” and the question he asked absolutely floored her. “But are you uhhh still uh a virgin?” He immediately saw her reaction to the question and knew it embarrassed her a lot. “Oh uh sorry. I guess there’s still a lot of girls who are virgins. Is that right?”

She said yes but she didn’t know about her two closest friends but had to assume they were as well. She tried remaining comfortable for another twenty minutes. He didn’t press her on any further personal questions like that one and within that fifteen minutes she was headed out and back home.

“Yeah and get this” she said to her two best friends once they got to her house that very same afternoon “he asked me if I was a virgin. Can you believe that? What was I going to say? No I’m not?”

The two friends wanted to laugh but they also were virgins and for a guy like Robin, as sweet as he appeared to be, to ask such a question like that was too implausible.

“I guess I’d tell him the truth” one of the friends said. The other had to agree.

Even though he was sweet and nice and friendly that question about being a virgin had to be a bust. Neither of the two friends was interested in going back to his house but as far as Sonya was concerned she didn’t want to stop going over there for some reason.

However, even as shy as she was, she was head strong as could be as well.

So later on that week, she made the decision not to call her friends, but to go on over to his house even though she pretended that she was going to go swimming with her friends. As she walked up, she saw him out washing his car.

“Hi Robin” she said. He was bent over and washing the wheels on his car. He smiled and said hello back to her. “How’s it going?” she said. She was unsure about how to ask him anything at that point. He said he was doing well and he said so with a smile she always loved seeing on him too.

“Go on in” he said, assuming she came to go swimming. “Go on back and go swimming.”

She said okay but remained there as she tried coming up with the right words. “Uh Robin, I was wondering. I was thinking” she said. He stopped what he was doing. He smiled and asked what. “Uhhh well” and as she said that her eyes started looking all around as if she hadn’t found the right words yet. “You know how you asked me the other day if I was a virgin still.”

He stopped everything. He dropped his rag and brush into the bucket. That question kind of shocked him. What was she getting at, he asked himself. He smiled a different smile but not anything too naughty or mischievous, but one which was simply a nice friendly one only.

“Uh yeah uh I remember. Why uh do you ask?” he said.

“Well uh because I thought about it after you asked me this week.” She paused and thought about it all and went on to say “You know something. I don’t want to be one any longer.”

He looked at her. He drew an odd and curious look on his face. He was mystified by the fact that she even said that. “What are you saying, Sonya?”

She looked down at the ground. She shook her head and then said “I don’t know but I know I don’t want to be a virgin any more.”

“Uhhh so what’s that have to do with me?” he asked.

Slowly, she raised her head, and then her eyes. She didn’t speak right away. She looked at him with an expression which said she didn’t quite know exactly what she wanted. All she knew was she didn’t want to be a virgin any longer. She wanted to experience it all, at least once in her very young life, and who best to do this with than with Robin.

“Uhhh, I uh don’t know” she said lying. Then she realized it. “Yes I do. I want to try and, well I want to try and not be a virgin uhhh with you. Would you uh help me? Would you Robin?”

He was shocked. A girl, a woman actually in Sonya’s case, wanted to have sex or do sexual things openly with him. He knew he was a nice guy. He knew he was a good looking and well liked guy too. But exactly where should he start? What exactly should he do with her, to her he asked himself.

Shaking his head as he looked at her he said “I don’t know Sonya. I’m not that kind of guy” he said lying to her. He was unconditionally for this. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind he’d like to be with her intimately and undress her adorable young figure and do things with her no man had ever done in his life with her. He shrugged his shoulders and said “Are you sure about this. Are you Sonya?”

She was. She knew she was. She knew Robin, the 265 year old tall, handsome, and fit looking man was most definitely the right guy. “I’m sure” she said, forcing a smile onto her lips and also making her look a hell of a lot prettier too. “I’m very sure if you are.”

He immediately went and shut off the water. He invited her inside and immediately played the proper host, offering her some iced tea, and the two sat down and talked.

“But does a woman ever want to have sex with a man who is all sweaty?” he said somewhere in the conversation?”

She said no and so he asked if she’d give him 10 minutes but he did invite her upstairs so that she could wait up there, in his bedroom, while he quickly showered and dried off. He did it all and came out wrapped up in a towel and with one of his trademark smiles on his face.

He sat down beside her and looked into her eyes with only that towel wrapped around his waist but with the slit inches from his groin. All she’d have to do is pull it back a little if she wanted to see his manliness. That’s it, he told himself, as his eyes meandered from hers to his crotch as if to suggest to her to go on and reach down to the slit and pull it back some.

But the shyness crept up and she wasn’t going to stroll that vivaciously towards that whatsoever. Not Sonya. That’s for sure. He’d have to push that himself. “So you’re telling me you’ve never even seen a real live guy’s penis before?” He was sweet about it too when he asked and after he asked she affirmed she hadn’t seen one before. “So I’m assuming you’d like to then?”

She was as nervous as nervous could be but she wanted this. She knew she did for sure and what guy to do it all with then with Robin. But first there was that chest of his she kept on looking at. She loved that chest of his and he knew it too.

“Go on, feel it. Feel it anywhere you want” he told her.

She looked at his chest. She peeked at his eyes. She’d look at his chest. She’d look up into his eyes again. She did this four or five times and finally she reached out so she could feel his slightly hairy and manly pecs again. He smiled once he felt her do it and told her he loved how she felt his chest. He asked her to caress it too. She looked at him and then at his chest and with that she lightly rubbed his upper body but also rubbed his flat stomach too.

“Mmmmmm, that does feel goo when you do that” he told her, adding a sweet smile too.

“It does?” she said.

“Yes” he said and asked her if she likes kissing, which she said she does. “Why do you?” he asked her. “Why do you like kissing?”

“I don’t know. It just uh makes me feel all special all over.”

“Me too. I do love kissing too. Wanna kiss for a while? Maybe that’ll make you feel a lot different after we do that for a while” he told her tenderly.

She was hesitant but she knew she’d love to kiss him of all people and so she waited for him to take her in his arms and wrap those arms around her as their lips met and began kissing madly and wildly, or so she hoped, forever.

He took her in his arms, lovingly like, and he leaned into her for her very first affectionate kiss from what she considered a grown man who knew what he was doing. He did it slowly. He kissed her softly. He held her warmly as he kissed her too. And she began loving every last second his bare hand and lips were on her body.

“Mmmmm uh oooooohh uh ohhhhhh” she murmured as they kissed and kissed and held one another’s body.

This went on for what seemed to be forever. He pulled at her body and he kissed it too and she found herself pulling at his body seeming to want more and more and before she knew it she was all over him, intimately and passionately as one leg, and then the other wrapped around him and pushing and pulling for more and more of what he’d given her.

In the meantime his towel was no longer wrapped around his waist at all.

She’d turned him on and she’d felt it too. Her ass jiggled around the imposing erection which because of her presence on his lap made him horny as ever.

Sitting on his lap with her legs wrapped around him, she pulled away. She was sitting atop of him when she said “What is that?”

“What is what?” he came back.

“I’m uncomfortable” she told him as she tried to reposition herself on his legs. “Something is poking me in my butt” she told him and then she looked down. The towel was no longer where it was supposed to be. “Is that” and she stopped and looked up at him. She couldn’t see it but she could feel him. That’s for sure. “Is that your you know what?”

He smiled and he nodded as he looked into her eyes and then he said yes. She wanted to feel it now. She wanted to feel his cock for sure. She asked if she could touch it. He said yes and pulled away so she could see it and also feel it too. It took a her a moment but soon enough she grabbed hold of it, softly, and cupped it in the palm of her hand. To Robin it felt tremendous. To Sonya, it was a new beginning and exhilarating as hell to her too.

“Ohhhhhhh Robin” she exclaimed. “It feels uh ohhhhhh” and she closed her eyes as she palmed his erection in her hand and then said “I just want to hold it forever.”

“I want to you to hold it forever too Sonya but I want to show you something else. Lie down on the bed. Open your legs so I can show you” he told her.

He knew he had to take off her shorts and underwear and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that part yet but she knew she didn’t want to be a virgin any longer either. So she let him do what he needed and she was nervous about it all but she let him proceed.

“Ohhh uhhh oh ohhh god oh god yeah oh yeah” she uttered as his tongue ran along the sleeves of her pussy. “Oh god, more Robin! Oh fuck, fuck yes oh yes ohhhhhh my fucking god yes oh god that oh that feels soooo good to me” she muttered as he ate her out.

By this point, she was buckling all over as she tried grabbing his body or his bed or sheets. It didn’t matter. She was having and orgasm for the very first time in her life. He was licking her out and she couldn’t control any of it.

It felt great!

“Oh my god! Oh my god Robin, don’t stop. Please do not stop that! Don’t, just don’t” she cried out as he continued eating away at her wet juicy young pussy.

He pulled up and smiled as he looked at her. He snuggled up to her and kissed her, passionately, on her lips while simultaneously throwing his tongue deep inside her mouth. Sonya couldn’t believe it at all. This experience, all of it in fact, was incredibly awesome she told herself.

“I wanna have sex. I want to have sex with you. Will you have sex with me please?” she begged him. “Will you?”

He smiled and hugged her. “Not today” he said “but I will do this. I’ll do something special” and she asked what that was. “I’ll cum all over your body and let you experience the true fruit of life as a woman should experience when she’s ready for a man’s cum” he said, lying. He wanted sex with her but he wanted to wait for another day.

She agreed and so he mounted her and took hold of his cock while she watched. She smiled as she watched him jack it off and suddenly out of nowhere he exploded on her chest and face and she watched a tidal wave like current of his cum splash all over her upper body.

“Oh my god Robin, we have to do this again. We have to. We have to” and with that she pulled him down on top of her so she could kiss his lips more feverishly then she’d ever kissed him before as of that day. “I soooo want to have sexual intercourse with you. You have to know that. I sure hope you want to have it with me too because I want to be the best you’ve ever had in your life and I mean that, okay?”

He smiled and gave her a quiet, loving kiss on her lips, and then he pulled her against him and he held her affectionately for the remainder of the afternoon.

“Maybe Monday night, okay?” he finally said.

She fell asleep, at his house, and he got up and got dressed and went downstairs while his guest slept up in his bedroom and in his bed for a short while longer. Later, he went upstairs along with his camera, and he took a few pictures of her sleeping for her to keep and store away in her personal scrapbook if she wanted to keep them that is.

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