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Her Post Prom Experience

19 year old student goes to teachers on weekend for sex for her first time.

She couldn’t shake him out of her mind. The guy was soooo darn sweet to her as he held her close while they danced. And he is a teacher, she told herself as she smiled from ear to ear. She couldn’t believe what had happened that night. Ohhhhhh, I so want to be with him again. I can’t wait. I can’t wait until he calls me the 19 year old senior said.

And he was proud of himself too. He made someone happy that night knowing he’d danced with her even though he knew what had to come next. He smiled all the way home as he thought about her body in his arms. Mmmmm, I have to say, he told himself. She does have a great figure, a great body. Those hips, her breasts, I mean what guy wouldn’t want to be with her?

“I know I’d like to be with her if she really wants to be with me” the 29 year old substitute teacher said aloud as he headed on home to his apartment.

A few of them were outside their apartments talking when he came up the steps. They heard someone heading up and it sounded as if it was him. They stopped chatting. They turned their heads. All of them “loved” Chet Cooper. He was a nice and good looking fellow. And he was a dreamy guy too. In addition to those qualities, Chet was a great lover as lovers go. They all knew that and each and everyone of them had shared time with Chet. They knew it but they never cared. Chet was something else. That was sure.

“Hi ladies” he said, smiling as usual.

And they all turned up smiles and responded too. “Hiiiiiiii Chet” they said as if all were young girls but in reality they weren’t. All of them were, in this group, between the ages of 26 through 32 and all of them were looking right at him and smiling too.

He talked with them a few minutes and then headed into his apartment. He thought about the prom at school a little more and as he did it was a rewarding daydream to him. His eyes were closed. His head was back. He felt her up against his body. Mmmmmm, he told himself. She does have such a womanly like physique. Yeah, he knew it. He’d had these thoughts already earlier in the evening.

She was not fat. In no way did he ever think she was she fat. She was slightly “fluffy” he told himself. She may have been a bit on the end of being fuller figured as he recalled her body in his hands. Hs eyes closed again. He felt her in his imagination. His eyes closed again while he imagined dancing slow against her body. Okay, so what if she was young? She was old enough he told himself. At 19, she was definitely old enough as he began smiling more and more.

Her boobs, he thought as the size of his smile grew and grew, were fabulous for her age, and he wished he could have told her so too. Mmmmm, he even wished he could have laid one of his hands on them too. And he also wished that when he did that he could have casually and ever so slightly squeezed one of them as well. That would have been so darn wonderful he told himself. She probably would have fallen in love with that.

Here she was, smiling, as she headed home. She was on cloud nine. Her thoughts were in another world as she felt him up against her body as he held her against it too. His hands, his arms, and how strong he was as well oooooohh she thought. Mmmmmm, I’d do that in a heartbeat without even thinking about it. Gosh, Mr. Cooper, she thought, you are so fantastic she told herself as she drove around the corner. I so wish we could do this again.

It was Monday. Start of another week of classes and they both headed in to school. She of course had to go to class and he was teaching a few classes as well.

“Chet, may I see you?” the Principal said.

He came in and sat down. He was told he was to take over for one of the other teachers, the one who taught seniors in American History. No problem he thought. Chet knew American History quite well. He agreed and added that class into his daily routine.

She walked in and sat down and waited for her teacher to arrive. Mr. Cooper had walked in and that is when she looked up. She could not believe it. Chet Cooper, her teacher. Oh wow, oh my god she told herself as her body “burst into emotional flames.” Her knees began knocking. Her heart started ticking faster. She soooo wanted to be with him, alone. She wished right then and there she could run up and kiss her teacher’s lips. Oh my god, she told herself. I want you. I so want you as her eyes closed and opened and closed again just before he started to speak. And that’s when she heard that dreamy voice of his.

He was smiling and looking all around and at the same time he was introducing himself to those who did not know him. He explained why he was there and promised he would not make the class too difficult. The classroom erupted in a quiet chatter of “praise.”

He saw Sara and looked right into her eyes but made no noticeable or evident gesture of them being together this past weekend. Still, here she was, in another world, and in she was burning up. She was putting herself under all this pressure and telling herself how she so wanted to be with him right away. Yes, he could tell something was going on and all he did was smile, give her a swift nod of his head and move on.

Class was over with, homework was light, and she had to move on to another class. Still she took her time getting out of there. “Uhhh hi Chet, I mean Mr. Copper, right?” she said and of course he said yes and acted professional throughout the short, quick chat. “This is weird” she told him and he casually told her he knew it. “But regardless, I want you to know uhhh that I’d love to get together again.”

He said he’d look at his schedule and calendar but he told her to run along and get to class. She wished she could jump on him, right then and there, and give him a big hug and also maybe a kiss on his cheek. She was excited but he could tell that just by how she was behaving.

“I’ll talk with you soon and let you know, alright?” he said.

Hearing that only aroused her to the max. She wanted him day and night. She wished for him in the morning. She wished for him in her showers or baths as well. She wished to be with him on her drive to school and she wished that she could sneak into the teacher’s lunch room and kiss him endlessly. She was ravenous about being with the man who had begun to open up her world of erotic thoughts and endless ideas.

School was done. The day was over. She wanted to go and say hi. He left and he left quickly as he wasn’t ready to set a date to be with her. Seeing her was okay but being with her, seeing as she was still a student there and even though she was very adorable in a sexual manner too, was off limits he wanted to believe.

She went in early. She couldn’t find him. He hadn’t arrived yet. And so she went in and hung out with her friends instead. Still, she wanted to be with him and talk. It was close to going to class and suddenly, as she and her friends got up to go, he walked in. Yes, she did see him just as they were heading out of the lunch room to go on to their lockers.

She went to class early. He hadn’t arrived. She and her friends talked and laughed and finally he walked in. “Good morning everyone” he said. “And how is everyone doing today?” They all responded. He taught class. He dismissed class. And she waited for that chance to speak to him, again.

Nope, he left just as quickly as the students did. She was depressed. She felt as if he was ignoring her. Was he in fact? She didn’t know and was so conscientious of it that she felt like crying right then and there. But the next class beckoned and she knew it and headed off for it with thoughts of him and her, together again, on her mind.

She was in class but not paying attention whatsoever. Doodling marked up her whole notebook as she thought about this, that, and whatever else she could imagine as the teacher spoke and asked questions. He called on Sara. She didn’t have an answer and proceeded with doodling some more. Love, us, me, and him, and all sorts of love filled doodles filled one and a half pages of notebook paper. She felt she was undeniably in love with Chet Cooper. She told herself, in that next class, that she was going to get another date with him come hell or highwater.

The day was over. It was Tuesday afternoon. She walked out, with a few of her friends, and they talked and laughed and joked about guys. Meanwhile, the only guy on her mind was Chet and that night of the prom. Carrying her bookbag, she saw him walking out. I gotta catch him. I have to talk to him. I have to, she repeated to herself, and she told her friends she’s see them later.

“Mr. Cooper” she called out. “Mr. Cooper” she said again even louder as she looked around her. Nobody was nearby. “Chet, Chet” she called out again.

He stopped and saw her and immediately smiled that heartwarming smile she loved. It glistened and melted her right on the spot. “Hiiiii Sara” he said in his soft toned voice. “Oh I’m glad you caught up with me.”

She was all ears and willing to do anything.

“I really didn’t know how to get a hold of you outside of school but if you’re willing I’d love to invite you over on Saturday afternoon, say around 1:30?” he told her. Her heartbeat sped up, she felt hotter then ever as she became unglued all over. Smiling he added “So how’s that sound?”

“Yes, oh yes for sure. I’d love to come over. That would be fantastic” she told him enthusiastically. He could see it in her face and smiled that charming smile of his. “Saturday, right at 1: 30 correct?” she went on to confirm and he nodded. She felt like jumping on him and hugging him right then and there. She was soooo delighted and excited and she could not wait for four more days.

They didn’t speed by. It was a long, long week until Saturday, but she made it. She was even endorsing that day to be honest in that she masturbated, that night, and told herself she would not touch her own body, whatsoever, in that manner until after that day. And she didn’t.

She left the house. She was all dressed and ready to be with him. She wore her newest and nicest top she could find for a casual day of entertaining pleasure or so she hoped it would be that. She left the windows up so that her hair wouldn’t get all messed up. She looked marvelous and she smelled just as sweet as she looked too.

She got there and pulled up to park at his apartment. She felt as if she was out of control already but she maintained her composure thankfully and went on in. Up on his floor there were three other women, about his age, and all of them were quite attractive she noticed. “Hi there” said one of the women as Sara walked in. Another did the same as the first one said “How are you?” Sara told her she was fine. “Come to visit Chet?” she asked smiling as the others smiled approvingly also.

Sara found the question odd. She said yes, with some hesitancy, and the women all smiled nonetheless. Sara knocked on his door as the women disappeared and he answered the door.

“Hi, come in” he said and she walked in. “Have any trouble finding my apartment?”

She said no while feeling all the sensations a young woman feels in hopes of having a sexual relationship with a good looking older man, like Chet. Her stomach was in turmoil. She felt it all the way up in her temples too. She wished to hug and kiss him but he simply walked her in and they sat down while he offered her something to drink.

They talked. It was pleasant. But the man made no move on her. What’s going on, she asked herself? Why isn’t he making a pass at me? Something’s just isn’t right. So she said “May I ask you a question?” and he smiled and said yes. “Umm, why haven’t you kissed me or anything, yet?”

He smiled some more and said “Did you want me too? Is that what you’d like?”

She told him, stumbling with her words that yes and that she’s looked forward to this day since last weekend. She told him, it was her dream and fantasy, to have a moment like that. “Don’t you want to kiss?” she asked.

He didn’t care but he lied and knew that it would make her feel 110% better if he said yes and so that is what he did. He cuddled up close to her while at the very same time she was telling herself she would and could do anything with him.

He leaned in. She was more then ready for a deep, profound tongue lashing kiss, but all she got was a peck on her lips. What the heck, she told herself. What was that? I thought, well I thought we were kind of, I don’t know, but I thought we were here for that. Or something like that at least.

He pulled away, smiling. “How was that?” he asked.

That sucked, she told herself. Where’s the passion? Where were your arms? Why didn’t you pull me in, kiss me passionately, and do all that other stuff. Instead she said “It was nice” and she didn’t say so in any heartfelt way either.

“It doesn’t sound like you mean that” he told her. “Did you want something a little more passionate or fiery?”

She wouldn’t say it but he saw it in her eyes and so he did it. He leaned in, again, and this time, when he leaned in he kissed her with all the feverish passion she so dreamt about. His arms went around her. He pulled her in hard. His lips hit hers. And when they did, she lifted off. He kissed her firmly. His tongue leaped out of his mouth and when that happened she felt fire in her mouth. It moved about her mouth and sent burning like flames all about her. Her mouth, throat, belly, and even her pussy started feeling weird and wild affects all over.

She grabbed hold of him. She pulled him into her body. Her tits, as well as the rest of her, started calling out his name. She had to have him. She had to have all of him. At first, she ran her hands through his soft curly hair. That was exciting as ever to her.

But she soon realized she needed so much more at this point and before even he knew it, as they kissed, she took hold of his hand and put it inside of them so he’d feel her boob. She pressed his hand against it. She pressed it against it some more. It felt awesome. It was incredibly wonderful feeling his hand on her tit. She wanted so much more.

She pulled away and briefly looked into his eyes. “I want soooo much more, please?”

He smiled. “Like this?” he told her and then he pressed his hand on the 19 year olds top so that she’d feel his hand on her boob and she’d never forget it ever.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah” she cried out. “Mmmmmm, yes oh yes Chet. I love that. Ohhh if only I could be naked with you. I’d love that so much more” she said in a voice which sounded as though she was ready for anything.

And so he did it.

He kissed her again and as he kissed her, he lowered his hand. It slid up inside her top. She felt that. Ohhhhhhh, yes she told herself. That does feel good. Go all the way. Do anything you want. I’ll let you do as you please. I will, I will, I so will let you do anything you want Chet.

It hit the underside of her boobs. Oh my god, she told herself. Touch them. Do more, feel them, do so much more she said to herself, and that’s what he did. Given enough time she was going to get it all.

He squeezed Sara’s tits. He caressed them, even though her top was still on, he caressed them some more anyway, and Sara being who she was absolutely loved it too. Her chest was thrust into his hand as they kissed and while his hand rubbed and squeezed her boobs and she kept wanting more too.

“I want you” she said between kisses.

“I know you do” he said as they went back to kissing.

She stopped and looked at him with surprise. “You do?” she said.

He nodded along with that smile of his. “Yep, I know” he told her.

“Then uh why haven’t you uh you know done anything?” she said.

He pulled away. “Love, like anything in this world, takes time. Passion and desire might be there but first we have to kiss. And then there’s foreplay” he told her. “This is some of the foreplay.”

He leaned in, pulled her into him, and he went right back at it and kissed her passionately. Then he stood up, out of nowhere, and took her hand in his. “Now you and I’ll go for all that fun stuff you’ve been wanting, okay?”

Her heart leapt into her throat. She was profoundly excited at that point. Knowing he was going to be naked and she was too and he’d soon see her entirely naked sent a fun-filled series of chills throughout her body.

She followed him, into his spotless bedroom, and although it was impressive she wasn’t thinking about it. He stopped. He smiled as he turned around. While smiling, he pulled off his top for her. This way she could see his lovely, manly chest.

Right away, her eyes were glued to his chest. She looked at all its definitions. She could not pull her eyes off it. As she stared, her eyes grew bigger and wider. Suddenly she felt something. What was bothering her? Oh my god, she thought. I want that. I so want him. And as she told herself these things, she grew hungrier and hungrier for him. She wasn’t sure what to do next. Should I touch it? Should I rub it? Should I kiss his chest?

I don’t know. What should I do next she asked herself.

“Want me to take off your top too?” he asked as he watched her.

Not aware of what she’d done, she nodded her head as she ogled and felt bewitched or something while staring at that chest of his. Yes, she nodded her head, and kept on looking at his up-to-the-date manly upper body. Yes, that’s right. She nodded. So seeing as she did, he slid it up off her.

“Mmmmmm, I will say this. You certainly do have a really wonderful body” he said.

“Huh, pardon me? Oh, I do?” she said. She was in a daze. She wasn’t even paying attention seeing his great looking chest right in front of her eyes.

After saying what he had he went and added “I said I think you have a really wonderful body.”

Then he reached in and with his index finger, he started with her shoulders. He trailed down over them going around her boob and bra, and fingered all the way down around her hip. He smiled and ended with “All of you makes a man like me want you badly. And when I say that, I mean it. I mean it real, real badly.” With that, he pulled her in. And he kissed her enthusiastically on her lips.

She fell into it all. Her arms dangled as he kissed her hard. Her body had melted as well. She was like putty in his arms as he kissed her. Ohhhhhhh she wanted soooo much more, she wanted a lot more she told herself while he kissed and tugged at her body.

She felt those lips and that tongue doing stuff none had ever done before. Finally, she came about, so to speak, and seeing as she had she pulled at his body and she began pawing at his back. She wanted to lie down and do it all. She tugged at him. She stepped closer to the bed. They kissed harder then ever and she pulled at him some more.

Before she knew it, she was down on the bed, and he was over her and kissing her while his hand was on her breast. He lowered a strap. She wanted more and lowered the other one herself as they kissed. His hands pushed the bra down off her boobs.

Oh my god, she told herself. Do something, anything. Make love to them, please make love to my boobs, and that was what he did. He felt them, he squeezed them, but then he stopped kissing her and he started kissing her breasts as if they were he mouth.

Oh fuck yes, that’s it. More, do that a lot more she was telling herself. She felt wild and crazy and out of control. Her emotions were driving her in a direction she didn’t know. “Mmmmmm, oooooohh ahhhhh” she murmured as he kissed and licked and sucked on her tits. I want him forever she thought. Keep doing that. Ohhhhhh keep, yes, keep doing that. I love it. I soooo love that. “Ooooooohh ohhhhhh, Chet yes” she said, in a tone of voice which said she had to have more and more.

He kissed her stomach as she pawed and clawed away at him. He got hornier as he did it. He kissed her around the sides and down to her shorts. He didn’t stop. He undid her shorts and pulled them off.

She grew hungrier for it all as she felt hornier and hornier.

Feel it, touch me inside my panties she thought. Ohhhhhh, fuck yes. Fuck yes, she told herself as she felt his fingers and mouth all over her waistline.

He reached in. Her knees felt like they were knocking. Her thighs seemed to get tighter. She could not wait. She reached down around his shorts and tried feeling his cock. She was in a “full fledged battle” for advancement in this sexual stream of more sex. She knew she wanted to go all the way.

He stopped a second and pulled off his shorts and she saw him do it. She felt her mouth watering now. Her fingers grew hungry as was her body. She wanted to launch into him, somehow, but did not know how.

So she reached down into his groin and she felt his manhood. “Ohhhhhh wow, you’re so uhhh big” she told him in amazement.

“You think so?” he said.

“Oh yeah” she replied.

“Want to see it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah” she said.

“Okay” and with that he pulled back. He pushed them down and it appeared. He smiled and added “Does this turn you on at all?”

Her eyes were glued to it. She was nodding as she stared at its neat and wondrous size. “Fuck yeah it turns me on” she told him.

He smiled again. “Go on, feel it then” he said.

She did but slowly she reached out and felt its softness. She felt that soft layer of rippling flesh surrounding the length of his soft cock and then was ready to ask her the question.

“Do you want to hold it or are you into sucking a guy’s cock at all?”

“Uhhh I don’t know” she said “maybe just holding it and you know, stroking it.”

She did it. She took it in the cusp of her hand. She held it but she didn’t start stroking. She simply felt it over. Slowly, she stroked it, and did so little by little. It got easier as the seconds ticked off the clock.

“You know something. A guy gets really turned on when they are sucked off” he said.

She looked up as she held it, giving him that look of surprise. “Really, you mean that?” and he nodded once she asked.

So he laid down. She got positioned over it. Slowly but surely, she gradually eased his cock into her mouth. First its tip, then a little of his shaft, but soon enough she was doing and swallowing and sucking him off.

He was hard and in no time flat she was horny as hell. “Uh uhhh I think uh I’m ready” she told him.

“Ready for?” he asked.

“Uhhh well I think this is where I tell you I think I’m ready for you to do me” she said.

“So you want me to go in you? Is that what you’re saying?”

She nodded and said yes and told him to be gentle of course and he said he would be. She smiled, nervously and he smiled back. He was naked. She was too but before he fucked her, he played with her pussy so it could be primed so to speak. She loved how he did it. He was soooo darn experienced. It felt so wonderful and she soon was wet as a sponge.

He went in, slowly. She cried out, immediately, but it was her anxieties which caused her to cry out more then his cock. She calmed down and he pulled away and went back in. She cried out again but not as badly and he went slowly too. He went in deeper each time and he could see her enjoying the experience each time too.

He was in her all the way. Once he was he leaned down and into her and kissed her mightily on her lips. Between his cock being inside her like it was and his kisses, she was in heaven. Was there anything better, she asked herself.

He came back out. He went back in. He repeated this more and more and he did so more swiftly then she had ever expected. Was life great? It was to her she said to herself. He was great. Getting fucked by him was great. He was great looking.

And he was a great lover too.

She orgasmed two times. She loved it. She was in love with him. She wanted to do this tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that she told herself. He pulled out and as a treat he came all over her breasts. Cum was everywhere. It was magnificent. He was too. Life was as well. What else was there?

“I love you” she said, softly.

“I know you do” he replied as he held her in his soft invoking hands. “I sure hope you will always remember this day” he added.

“I will” she said and with that she leaned in and kissed him hard on his lips.

After about an hour, they got up, and got dressed.

No one was anywhere to be seen but when she got in her car she turned on that stereo and hyped up the volume with her favorite love song CD. She was singing at the top of her lungs all the way home and enjoying herself too.

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