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Her Unusual Prom

Pretty girl not asked to her prom goes anyway and teacher picks her up and they go home together
She sat back, the night of the prom and felt like the only one she knew of who didn’t get herself a date that night. Now 19 and one of the prettiest girls in her class she never could figure out why she hadn’t gotten a date for it. Still she went anyway. For some reason, she told herself, maybe there’d be a guy who’d come up, and ask her to dance.

Was that lame or was it lame she wondered?

It was 1982 and yes that’s right, it was the school’s senior prom. Sullen about not being asked to it, she wasn’t thrilled about doing this. Going on her own to it that night but she went, alone, anyway just so she could see if she could have a good time anyway. She was a very pretty, long haired blond. Her hair was cute and wispy and her eyes were sparkling blue. She was so darn good looking that it never made sense why she didn’t get a call from some guy to go to the prom with him.

Standing alone that night against the remote pillar someone approached her from behind. He was taller. He wore curly short hair. He was slender and wearing a nice tweed jacket too. He smiled often and when he did, it was one of the dreamiest smiles a girl or a woman had ever seen. She found out later how old he was. Although one of the schools substitute teachers, he was only 29, and to her that was both exciting and scary too. He was 29 and he was asking her to dance, she told herself.

Like I said, she was only 19, but once they were together after he spoke to her a little bit, he eventually asked her to dance with him. She realized that to be with him, maybe, in any other manner like kissing this guy possibly, she had to at least dance with him. It was an experience she would never ever forget in her life. What he talked about, what she did in her life all seemed to interest her, and she wanted to know so much more about him as the night moved on.

And he never left her side that night either. He had to do certain things she wasn’t used to doing but he was a volunteer at the end of the prom and he had his responsibilities. Seeing as he came back to her, she was more then happy to dance the night away in that remote corner of the gymnasium with him.

One thing for instance was she had to slow dance with him but doing so with this older and one very good looking guy felt wonderful. She felt like warmed chocolate in his arms as she melted immediately and she told herself she might do anything he asked of her.

“So I’m assuming you are a senior here?” he said.

Quietly she said yes as she lightly held his body with her hands but knew he was holding her with both his arms and his hands too. He moved soooo nicely as they slow danced and while he rocked gently left to right. Seeing as she was without a date, for some odd reason, she didn’t mind being “escorted” in a slow dance or two with this guy. Maturity wise she was a little beyond her years.

“You seem older then that to be honest” he told her.

That stroked her heart a lot. She smiled although he hadn’t seen it yet and when she ever smiled it made her into a brilliant looking beauty of sorts. “I’ve been told that by a lot of well a lot of older folks” she told him “not that you’re older or anything.”

Both of them smiled though neither let on as quiet sounding slow music played on. “So where do you care to go to college?” he asked. She told him. “Ohhhhhh I’ve heard that’s a really nice college. Hmmm, any friends going with you?” he asked.

She finally, while cuddled in his arms as they danced together, she looked up into his eyes. At first she was wearing a gloomy look on her face but when she saw his face and that smile of his, hers changed quickly. She told him no. No friends were going there that she knew of. Still, she felt pleased to be dancing with the stranger who was a substitute teacher anyway. He appeared nice and seemed sweet as a gumdrop to her.

“This is nice” she finally said while being held against his seemingly affectionate body. She smiled again. “I like how you’re holding me.”

“It is isn’t it?” he said looking down upon her eyes and once she looked away he looked at her boobs as well. She nodded. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hope it doesn’t bother you at all.”

“Ohhh no not at all” she told him. “I uh like how it feels to be slow dancing. Did you slow dance a lot when you were young? I mean around my age too?”

He looked into her eyes and again smiled that smile which sunk down inside her bones. Her heart melted again as they danced even closer, it felt to her, and he moved her about as if a feather which she loved as well.

“So you don’t even have a boyfriend, at all?” he asked.

She said it quietly as if disappointed in herself “No uh uhhh.”

“Well heck, I’ll be your boyfriend tonight. I mean” he went on to say while wearing that same manly and handsome smile on his lips, which of course she loved “that’s if you want me to be.”

She jumped at his offer and too quickly I might add. “Oh uh yeah, sure that’ll be cool. You and me, boyfriend and girlfriend tonight?” With that she automatically pulled herself up against his body and felt his manliness against her. “I’d love that. Can we go to breakfast later on too?” she asked serendipitously.

“Really, me and you go to breakfast together? I’d uh love to. That would be really neat” he replied as he looked down at her smiling.

He looked down at her. She was older looking then most the seniors he’d seen or known on campus. She even had a “fuller” looking figure at that. With slightly fuller bosoms, she was thin waisted as well as carrying a great set of hips too. He wished he could put his hands on her ass but didn’t and soon wished the prom would be over. Maybe they could slip out early. He wasn’t sure about that. Maybe he could invite her over to his apartment instead and he could make her breakfast there instead of going out to a restaurant he told himself. He thought about it all. He thought he could put on some music there. They could dance some more. And then, maybe, if he was lucky, he would get his chance.

He’d kiss her on her lips. And maybe just maybe do something else romantic with her.

“Hey, I have an idea” he said as his eyes looked around them. She asked what. “Let’s do something crazy.” She looked up and asked what. “Uhhh, let’s sneak out of here and let’s go somewhere. Somewhere special and somewhere other then a restaurant?” he added.

Her heartbeat sped up to a rapid pulse. Go out with you, in your car, honestly? Ohhh wow, gosh yeah. I’d love that but should we really?

He took her hand in his as he smiled and looked into her eyes. “Come on, want to?” he said and without thinking she jumped at the chance.

“Sure, where to?” she said.

“Let’s get in the car uh my car and let’s figure out where okay?” he told her.

She was all ears and all heart. This guy, one of the schools younger teachers was all over that, all over her hearts shortcomings. He told her what to do and she did it. He walked out another door and met her outside. They ran, hand in hand, to his car, and once there both were so excited that she made the first move.

She jumped at him. He was not expecting it at all. Her arms, thrust up around his head seeing as she was too excited for words, were followed by her head, and once it was there he felt her lips on his. She kissed him hard and she kissed him madly as her body warmed his up seeing as she pressed up against him as best she could.

“Wow” he said once she stopped. His eyes were blinking. He never in his life expected that although he wanted some of it in the first place. “Wow” he said again “For a woman to do that” he add as he shook his head “to me is well wow you kiss really well.”

She easily and quickly smiled at his compliment. “Do I really?”

She did it again but this time when she did it, he took her into his arms and he gave her what he hoped she’d think was a fantastic kiss. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. It blew her away. She had never experienced that before and tried doing it herself but his tongue ruled that moment as they hugged and kissed one another hard and frantically.

“Let’s go, okay?” he said, smiling. She was too. He unlocked her door, let her in, and they were off as she held his hand.

He didn’t mind. She was game. He let her hold his hand while he drove to his apartment. She did not care one bit where they went. They got there. They went inside. And again, once inside his apartment, she was all over his lips as she hoped he’d do that tongue thing again. He did. That was fantastic. It was a turn on too. She didn’t realize it but she would. They kissed a little longer. She enjoyed it. He liked it too and once that ended he went and put on some soft playing music.

“Ohhhhhhh I love this” she said, affectionately.

“Me too” he told her and he offered her something to drink. She accepted water. He went with that too. Hormones were up he figured and that was all that was needed on either side. “Let’s sit down and hang out, okay?”

She was more then happy to sit down with him and wanted him to sit beside her. He didn’t at first so she slowly cuddled next to him. He didn’t mind. He liked her.

“Uhhh, want to slow dance some more?” he said.

“Really, here?” she asked.

“Why not” he told her and then said “let’s just say doing it at the dance was a prelude to doing it here.”

She immediately giggled. He loved her delicate giggle. He told her too. That made her feel even more excited and more willing to do anything especially seeing as he was older and soooo darn good looking too.

They got up and put there arms around one another. She pulled herself into his body and quickly put her head on his chest. “Mmmmmm, this is really nice” she said. “I’ve never ever danced at a guys place before.”

He told her he never danced with a girl, meaning a woman, at his apartment either, which was the truth and then she said. “But I do like dancing with you. That’s the god’s honest truth.”

“Can I ask you something?” she said. He asked what. “Do you bring lots of girls, I mean women, up here on dates?”

“Ohhhhhh no” he replied. “Uh uhhh” he said as he shook his head. “You are the first to be honest.” He smiled right into her eyes. She of course melted at that look he offered her and knew right then and there what she wanted to do. But she didn’t.

“Oh” she told him. He asked her why. She said “Well I don’t know.” She then looked away from him as he waited.

Something clicked inside her. She knew how she felt. She knew perfectly what it was she felt inside. A storm hit her. A disturbing storm of sorts sauntered up inside her and she could not stop it at all. A scowl seemed to overtake any other expression on her face as the hormonal discharges grew with in her. She badly wanted to not only kiss him. She wanted that and suddenly so much more then that too. As she sat there, on the couch beside him, she’d occasionally look his way, but each time she did it hit her like one hell of a tropical storm again.

“Is everything alright?” he said, softly.

Is everything alright, she told herself. Is everything alright she said to herself again. No everything isn’t alright she went on to think. Oh gosh, oh wow ohhhhhh no and her eyes closed and remained closed for a few seconds longer. That is until she felt something on her lap. She opened them and looked down at it. Then she looked at his smiling face.

He appeared so lovely, so warm, and soooo darn appealing to her she thought. I want to marry you. I’d marry you in a heartbeat she thought. “Ohhhhhhh” she said by accident. With that he knew exactly what was wrong. He kept on smiling as he awaited it. “Ohhh my lord” she said again as her heart beat faster and faster. He waited and smiled and he rubbed the side of her arm too. “Ohhhhhhh don’t do that” she told him. “Just hold me will you?”

He did. He pulled her into him. She loved how gentle he did that. But before he knew it, she crashed him. She was all over his body. Her fingers, as her lips trampled his lips, were in his hair, and as she kissed him more passionately then she had ever kissed a boy before her fingers were waving in and out of his hair. Her body was on top of his. He now could suddenly feel her bosoms as they smashed into his chest and her body was smashed all over his.

He kissed her back. He pulled her into him. She let him pull her as they kissed and soon enough fell off his couch to the floor. She still lay atop of him and kissed him almost violently as her tongue, not his, cross through the threshold of his lips. She was wild and then some as her legs slowly but in a most gifted manner, wrapped around his legs.

After what seemed like ten minutes of kissing he pulled her off. Again, he was smiling. “Whoa” he said as he smiled at her. “You must do this more often then I ever thought you did.”

“Well uh no, no I uhhh don’t. Uhhh did I do it all wrong?” she said, not sounding confident at all.

“Ohhhhhh my lord no girl, not at all” he told her. “It’s just that no woman ever has kissed me as well as you just kissed me.”

“Really, you mean that?” he said.

Nodding his head he said “Yeah, I mean that alright.”

“Uhhh what else have you done besides uhhh kiss a woman?”

“What do you mean?” he asked as if naïve to what she was referring to.

“You know” she told him. “I’m not that dumb” and then she smiled. “You know, guys and uh girls uhhh playing around with each other. I’ve never done that with a guy.”

He looked at her and finally smiled, not that he ever wore a brooding expression on his face, but he liked how she put it. “I’ve done things” he told her and she asked what things has he done. “Well things I suppose.”

She wanted and felt she had to know. “Like what?” she asked again with hopes he’d show her a few things.

“Well, I’ve uhhh you know made love with women a few times” he replied.

She skyrocketed with emotion. The sensational emotional exploded within her all over the place. She had no real idea about it all but knew she wanted to experience it too. No guy had ever done anything that she thought maybe he’d done and she wanted to know.

“Well we’ve kissed and all guys and girls kiss and I know there is a lot more to it all. Will you show me?” she said, quietly.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

She nodded and said “I’m sure.”

He looked into her eyes and saw what he wanted to see. He smiled, gently, and once he did he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. She liked that. He ran his fingers through her hair, which she liked too, and then again he lightly rubbed her cheek. She waited for more and she waited patiently.

He looked down, at her breasts, and then into her eyes again. In a quiet sounding voice he told her “You do have nice boobs. May I feel them?”

She nodded, anxiously. Slowly, he reached forward. She waited to feel him touch her boobs, although her dress was still intact. She did not care. She’d take it off if and when it was required. Doing all this with an older, more mature, and quite the good looking guy that he was, was a very easy decision to make.

Ohhhhhhh she thought as his hand touched her breasts. Her eyes then closed. It felt phenomenal to her. Do that again. Ohhh god do that again. Feel it some more she thought. Feel them some more. Oh god, go on she told herself as her eyes stayed closed. Touch it again and when you do squeeze it or something.

“How’s that feel?” he asked.

“Great” she told him. “That feels incredibly wonderful” she said with a smile. “I’d do this all night long with you.”

“Me too” he assured her.

He leaned in and kissed her lips again but as he did he felt her tits again too. She loved it and thrust herself into his body and actually knocked him backwards. She pulled back. She looked at him. “May I undo the top of my dress for you?”

He smiled approvingly and said yes to her. Of course she wore a bra beneath it but it was a rather fancy looking bra to him. “Wow, that’s a pretty cool looking bra” he said.

“Want to see it off me?” she said not even giving the idea a second thought.

“Uhhhhhh are you sure about that?” he asked.

“Only uhhh if uh you and I uhhh go to your bedroom” she said slowly.

That gave him an idea. He stood up and took her hand in his. Even though she was naked from the top up he led her to his bedroom. It wasn’t a mess but it wasn’t all cleaned up either. She did not care. He took her to the bed, which was made, and sat her down. She now had covered herself up but she was smiling nonetheless. She was in heaven. He liked his situation a lot too. He sat beside her and took off his coat but also unbuttoned his shirt for her.

She was thrilled to death. “I must say that I think your breasts are very beautiful looking breasts. You know, when a guy thinks that, a guy wants to fondle them all night long, and also kiss them and suck them and even lick them too.”

“Really, you mean that?” she said and he nodded his head. “Uhhh will you do that to me too?” she asked, excitedly.

He said yes and got beside her. He took off his shirt and laid beside her in his pants and t-shirt which she wore beneath. He fondled her bosoms and she loved it. When he began kissing them she went berserk. That felt amazing she told herself and found herself pushing up into his mouth. He kissed some more but soon sucked on her tits, which she loved too, and even licked them. Then before she knew it he was focusing on her sweet tiny nipples. He got them hard and tingly in no time flat.

She found herself crying out but also that she truly enjoyed the experience too. Before too much longer she started feeling something else. It felt odd. It felt strange as hell in fact. Her vagina began “aching” like never before. She wondered if it needed attention. It wasn’t something she’d ever done before in her life though she had heard of this before. Still, she felt it needed some kind of attention but didn’t know how to deal with it at all.

“Oh god” she finally clamored emotionally. “Oh wow” she added as her eyes closed and then she said “yes oh nooooo god no. I mean yes ohhh wow.” She wasn’t sure how she felt but something needed to be done.

As he felt her up he asked what was wrong and looked at her oddly. She felt she couldn’t tell him or not yet she couldn’t but went ahead but he went ahead and said “What is it?”

“It’s nothing” she replied and then added “it’s something uhhh personal.” He said he understood in an affectionate and gentle way. Then she went ahead and said “Ohhh it’s just a girl thing.”

Once she said that, he figured it out right away. “Ohhhhhh a girl thing huh? Does it have something to do with your vagina?” He asked the question in the sweetest way.

She was shocked that he knew about vaginas but she loved how he asked it too. She knew something had to be done about how she felt and seeing as she was in “pain” kind of she didn’t know how to correct her problem. She had to resolve it.

“Maybe if I do something, something I think you’ll find enjoyable too, well hmmm, I think you’ll feel entirely different” he told her. She grew seriously curious as to what he was talking about. However, she did want to learn the ways of the world and being with him she knew she’d learn alright. “Would you like to try something?” he said.

“Uhhhhhh, I don’t know” she said and he smiled, softly and told her she’d love it once she felt it. “Okay, I guess so.” She wasn’t sure about it at all but allowed him anyway.

“Now” he said at first. “This is going to feel odd but bear with me. I’m going to go slow, okay?” She said okay but he could tell she was very, very hesitant.

Although she still had on her dress and he had on his pants, neither of those two things mattered because all he was doing was lifting her dress, reaching beneath it, and reaching down below it so he could rub her where her underwear were at her crotch. So that was what he did.

“Oh ohhhhhh my holy god” she screamed out once she felt his fingers down inside her legs and lightly rubbing her pussy’s lips. She jumped at first upon feeling them. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as well. She could not believe it. A man did that? He did it again anyway and although it wasn’t as scary and nerve-wracking as the first time it was a tad unsettling to her nevertheless. He did it again. “Ohhhhhh wow, I guess that does kind of feel really neat” she told him which brought on another smile.

He smiled back knowing it probably would and as his hand rested down near her pussy. “I thought you might like that and I’m really glad you did.”

She nodded and confirmed it. “I did” as she reached out to caress his cheek and then asked him to do it again. He did. She loved it again and as he did it, she leaned in and kissed him on his lips. She breathed in. “Uh oooooohh ahhhhh that is soooo nice.”

He looked at her and she saw him looking and asked what was on his mind. “Want to feel something else?” he asked. She asked what. He quietly told her and once he did she became all crazy inside. “Here” he said as he undid his pants and pushed them down. “Feel my underwear, okay?”

She did. Her eyes grew big. She wondered what it really looked like and asked. He told her to reach inside and hesitant to do so he took her hand and placed it up against the waistband of his underwear.

“Go on. Reach down inside it if you want to” he told her calmly. She looked into his eyes. He could tell she wasn’t ready and wasn’t sure about it either. “It’ll be okay” he said. “It’ll feel fine once you feel it. It’s soft. You can hold it in your hand and when you’re ready just stroke it. If you want, I’ll pull them down.”

And that was what she did. She reached down in as she looked at him and his underwear and once she felt it she hesitated. He encouraged her some. She kept on pushing forward. Once she felt it again she hesitated but finally took hold of his cock in her hand.

“It does kind of feel nice” she said with a smile. “I guess I kind of like it” and with that he then asked her if she wanted him to take them off completely.

“I don’t know” she told him.

He let her fool around with it as it was and that worked for the two of them for now.

“I think I better go now” she finally said after about ten minutes of holding his cock.

He took her back to the school and they were quiet even though she was delighted at what happened that night. She knew the guy was about ten years older as did he but he said as she started to get out of his car “You want to come over again sometime?”

She was giddy as heck and smiled a big smiled. “Yeah, I’d love that. Can I?”

He touched her hand and smiled and said yes. He’d arrange it.
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