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HI! I'm Maggie

Maggie learns what fun is.
Hi there Boys and Girls, I'm Maggie and I am a slut!

I love to fuck and suck!

I got started at an early age, I had just turned sixteen and was baby sitting for a neighbor, when my girl friend Millie showed up with her boy friend Sam and his friend Richard.

Boy! Richard was a knockout and all the girls in school was wanting to date him.

I had been watching TV, so everyone just kind of settled down on the couches in the front room, I was happy that Richard choose to sit next to me.

Millie and Sam was on the other couch and they started hugging and kissing each other and really getting with it.

Richard moved over closer to me and had put his arm around me. He gently squeezed my shoulder as he rubbed his fingers on my neck, I have to confess it felt good.

The lights in the room were turned down so it wasn't really clear that the others could see what we, or they were, doing.

He slowly moved his hands down onto my breasts and gently caressed them. It felt good, so I didn't stop him. He moved closer and moved my head up and kissed me. His tongue gently entered my mouth and I was enjoying it so much that I inserted my tongue into his mouth and we were kissing like there was no tomorrow.

I could feel myself becoming aroused, as he moved his hands under my blouse and his fingers slid under my bra and were rubbing my nipples. Oh how good it felt.

We continued to kiss, as he played with my tits. He had unhooked my bra and had removed my blouse and bra, so my breasts were fully exposed to him and he was kissing them and pinching them and it felt so good.

He continued moving his hand down onto my leg and edged toward my crotch, slowly rubbing my leg, as he did so.

I was so hot by then that my panties were soaked.

Richard very slowly rolled me over, so we were laying on the couch, all the time kissing me and rubbing my tits and leg.

Very slowly he started rubbing my cunt through my pants, oh it was on fire. I pushed my crotch against his hand as I wanted him to do more than just rub it.

He reached and grabbed the top of my pants and before I knew it he had my pants completely off and I was just in my panties, which he quickly removed.

He was rubbing my clit and inserted a couple of his fingers into my pussy, which was so wet by then he had no trouble finding a opening to put them all the way in.

The next I knew, he had his pants off and was putting his big cock into my cunt.

He pushed it in and I felt it hit something and it hurt, but only for a moment, as he slowly pushed it all the way in, I begin to have a wonderful feeling, that incredibly got more fantastic every time he shoved his cock into my cunt and withdrew it.

I was being fucked by a Master. He was still kissing me and playing with my tits, but he was fucking the shit out of me and I was really enjoying it.

I came so fast I could not believe it, as I yelled and screamed it felt so good. He continued to fuck me and it wasn't long before I came again. It was so unbelievable that his cock in my cunt felt so good.

He blew his load just shortly after I did. I was so exhausted after having been fucked so thoroughly by Richard's big cock.

I looked over at Millie and she was sucking Sam's cock and he was really enjoying it.

I looked down at Richard's cock and it was all shrunken up and looked quite small. I reached down and grasped it in my hand and I felt it move, like it was starting to grow, so I moved my mouth down and put it inside and ran my tongue around the head of it, as he slowly filled my mouth with a big throbbing cock.

Richard didn't have to tell me he liked it, so I sucked his cock.

I could tell he was about ready to cum, as he was gasping and moving his ass, as he fucked my mouth, with his hands on the back of my head. I really wasn't aware how much cum he would have, when all of a sudden, he filled my whole mouth with it. I tried to swallow most of it but a lot ran down my chin and onto my tits. He put his arms around me and told me that I was the best piece of ass he had ever had and also I was a pretty good cock sucker too. Little did I know that this was the start of me becoming a cock whore.

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