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High School: Jared

A high school boy's unforgettable experience (my first story)
**This story is completely fictional and doesn't depict any real life figure.

There's a small town in eastern Colorado by the name of Holyoke. It's a quaint little town with a friendly community. This is where Jared Robinson had lived for all of his 17 years. He had been brought up in a middle-class household where hard work and honesty were regarded highly. He was in his 2nd semester as a Junior in high school when this story begins.

It was the middle of May, the hurdles were out and Jared was running and jumping, running and jumping in near perfect form over the hurdles with relative ease. It was the last week of track practice and he was just getting into his best rhythm of the season. With great timing too, sectionals were coming up in a couple of days and he needed to be his best to make it to state. He finished his hurdles a good 3 seconds before all the other guys behind him. Jared was an athletic kid and standing at 5' 11" he was the tallest person in his short family. He had brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He was lean, he could be buff and big like the football players but never liked the way they lumbered through the hallways, plus he never enjoyed physical contact and liked to be built for speed. In school Jared hung out with the nice, smart kids although sometimes he would hangout with the athletes. and the party people. He had a handful friends and he enjoyed their company. Sometimes they felt intimidated by him because he could have been the most popular kid in school but chose not to be. Jared was very comfortable with the girls at his school and enjoyed being around them, but he would never pursue them to the extent they wanted him to.

After practice Jared helped put away the hurdles. He took off his shirt which was stained with sweat and headed towards the locker room. Before he opened the door a familiar voice called out to him. It was Jennifer, or Jenny to him. She was one of his best friends.

"Hey Jared could you give me a ride home? My mom had to take my car to work today,"

"Sure Jenny, I'll be ready to go in a couple minutes."

Jenny just smiled and walked away. Jared had seen it though, her eyes had wandered down to his well defined torso, admiring his lean cut body.

"Man, I'd like a piece of that ass." It was Tony. What a jerk. The fullback of the football team who was never able to get anything except from the girls who slept around almost every night.

"Shut it Tony. Your 150 pounds heavier than her. She wouldn't go for that." Jared retorted coolly.

Tony just glared and walked away. Although he was much bigger than Jared, people were afraid of what Jared could do. It was true though, every guy wanted a piece of Jenny Ware. But no one ever got anything. She was a shy girl in one hell of a body. At 5' 6" with blonde hair down to her shoulders and sparkling green eyes, all the girls envied her. And that wasn't all, she had a flat stomach with a round tight butt and legs that were to die for. For a 17 year old her chest wasn't too shabby either. She had a shapely C cup that made her a goddess in many guys eyes. Freshman tripped while trying to stare and walk at the same time and the seniors would drool as she strolled past.

Jared got dressed and headed out to his "car" it was a 97 focus that had 200,000 miles on it and the paint was chipping away almost everywhere. Jenny was leaning against the passenger door, texting.

"Hey Jenny ready to go?"

"Yeah, I need a shower big time."

He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot to go home. They chatted about their day and made jokes in a harmless flirty way like they had done since 7th grade science.

"Do you mind if I stay at your house for a bit and do my homework?" asked Jenny.

"Yeah no problem, just don't eat all our food like last time."

She gave him a soft punch on the arm and gave him a fake angry glare. "Hey I was hungry that day, it was monday and school lunch is always bad on monday."

"Surrrrrrre!" remarked Jared which earned him another punch.

He pulled up to his house, taking his normal spot on the curb. They got out with their bags and headed in. Jared's parents weren't home because they both worked the 12-9 shift at the nearby food processing plant. They made good money but lived modestly so they could send their son to a high quality college for a good education. Brownies were waiting on the counter with a message from his mom. She was the best baker he had ever seen.

"Oh my god, I love your mom." mumbled Jenny through the brownie that was stuffed into her mouth.

"Enjoying that?" Jared asked while stifling a laugh.

"Shut it, I'm gonna take a shower. Do you mind?" Jenny asked.

Jared said he didn't and watched her as she walked back to the bathroom, her hips swayed ever so slightly and he was lost in the way her ass seemed to be calling out to him. She turned around and saw where his eyes were. She just gave a small giggle and winked. She knew Jared had always had some feelings for her, but he kept them to himself, and just went with it because he knew Jenny. And she had never had a boyfriend and didn't seem to want one. Jared on the other hand, had his fair share. Three in high school to be exact. One for each grade. Sally as a freshman who was to afraid to kiss him for longer than a couple seconds. Kayla as a sophomore. Probably one of the few girls who was in the same league as Jenny. She was his favorite of the three. Smart and sexy but too flirtatious with the other guys for his taste. They fooled around a bit, him getting multiple blow jobs in her basement. And Kayla having her toes curl thanks to his handy work with his fingers and tongue. He wasn't experienced but he made up for it in focus and determination. He was always able to tell within the first few seconds what made a girl squirm and what didn't. Kayla had loved to be teased. Followed intense fingering with him making slow and gentle circles around her clit with his tongue. Kayla had told him that she still couldn't find a guy who could make her cum the way he did. Junior year was Rachel, Jenny's least favorite and for good reasons. Rachel was always starting drama and stared at Jenny whenever she was around Jared. He dumped her after a few weeks when he realized it was her causing his throbbing headaches.

Jenny came back from the shower in her sports bra and a pair of Jared's shorts. This was totally normal for him because Jenny always walked around in a sports bra because she hated shirts and enjoyed guys shorts for how comfortable they were.

"My turn for a shower," Jared said as he walked past her.

"Where's your mom's hair dryer?"

He showed her where it was in the lower drawer. When she got up from her squatting stance her hand brushed his cock which was semi-hard from thinking about her in the shower. He stopped. Jenny acted like nothing had happened although he knew he saw her pause momentarily after it happened. He just forgot about it and went into the shower and let some cool water cascade over him, washing away his arousing thoughts about Jenny. After he was done he wrapped a towel around himself and went to his room to find some clothes. He put on some boxers and shorts but couldn't find a shirt that wasn't on his floor. He ventured to the laundry room and passed Jenny in a chair, doing homework, along the way.

"Sorry, no shirts" he half grunted.

"Hey, you don't need a shirt if you look like that." she said nicely.

She looked at him and he blushed. "Are you sure? I hate shirts as much as you,"

"Yeah I don't care, it's something nice to look at anyway." Jenny's eyes were wandering all over his body and he was enjoying it.

"OK! Sweet, now what's first?"

"Math." Jenny replied.


Jared hated math, it was so boring with all the numbers and didn't challenge him one bit. He loved to be challenged and did better when he was. They blew through the problems with ease.

"What's next?" asked Jared, always the gentleman.

"How about human anatomy?"

This was a first Jenny never asked to work on that subject with Jared. What was weirder was that the homework was over the male and female reproductive organs. Jared just went along with it though, he didn't care. They finished their reading about vaginas, uteruses, penises and testicles.

"Why can't they put real pictures instead of these stupid graphics in here?" said Jenny suddenly.

Jared laughed nervously, "What? Why?"

"This doesn't give anyone an accurate image of what anything looks like, I mean I know my vagina doesn't look like that. And it's not like we're first graders, we can handle it."

This startled Jared, she had never talked like this in front of him except when she was drunk one time at a party, but that was expected.

Jared played it off, "You wouldn't want to see anything anyway. Penises are ugly."

Jenny stared at him, "Show me yours then."

Jared was shocked, "Wooooaaahhhhhhh. Don't get ahead of ourselves Jenny."

"I may be a virgin to everything sexual, but I'm not a kid. Show me, are you chicken?"

"I'm not chicken, I just don't think it would be appropriate," exclaimed Jared.

"Jared Robinson, afraid to accept a challenge! I thought I'd never see the day!" Jenny exclaimed.

That one hit a nerve, it was true Jared never backed down from a challenge unless it was idiotic. Like the time Tony challenged him to stick his dick into a snake hole. Jared just left and Tony was in the hospital the next day. This wasn't idiotic however and it had Jared really turned on. He'd never seen Jenny act this way before and he really liked it. His dick was semi-hard again and he just stared at her and pushed down his waistband to his shorts.

"That's better" Jenny said with a grin.

"You do the rest," Jared calmly commanded

"What??" she had apprehension in her eyes now, she looked a bit scared.

"You challenged me, now I challenge you, pull my boxers down."

Jenny looked at Jared in the eyes and saw that familiar look in his eyes. It was his determined look that everyone found intimidating except Jenny. She found it calming and she knew she was safe when she saw him that way. Without a word her gaze went down to his boxers where there was a large bulge in the middle. She swallowed and pulled down his boxers. This was the first cock she had seen. Jared was shaved, and his dick was standing at his full length of six and a half inches. Jenny stared for a moment.

"What do you mean it's ugly? I think it's quite handsome." Jenny said breathlessly.

Jared pulled his boxers back up slowly. Sat back down and stared into Jenny's eyes. She had trouble meeting his shining blue eyes.

"I'm sorry Jared. I shouldn't have done that," Jenny said sadly

Jared just said, "It's OK, I understand Jenny. There's something you want to tell me isn't there?"

"Yeah," Jenny smiled, "I find myself attracted to you Jare. And I want you."

He smiled, "Jare? You haven't called me that in a while."

"It's a special occasion," she said quietly with a smile.

"Well alright Jenny. I find myself attracted to you, although you've known forever. And I want you too."

Jenny let out a small laugh and Jared went in for the kiss. It was a light one. Just a small gentle touch of his lips against hers. He pulled back and she smiled her beautiful smile. He grabbed her hand and led her to his room. He turned around and kissed her again, longer this time but still a small light kiss. Then it turned into a harder kiss and soon their tongues met. She was clumsy but he didn't care. Their tongues were entangled and brushed against each other, back and forth, while their lips worked in a rhythm together. One hand was in her hair, slowly moving his hand through it and massaging her scalp. The other was roaming between her bare lower back and onto her tight ass which pushed against his hand with every touch.

Jared brought her closer holding his skin against hers. Their hips met and she could feel his bulge in between them. It excited her and she let out a whisper of a moan. Hearing that Jared pushed the shorts off of her waist all that was there were some blue panties that accentuated her backside tremendously. Jenny gasped when she felt his hand on her bare cheek. It felt so good and she wanted more. Jared did too, but he was always the careful one. He took his lips of hers and just asked, "How far should we take this?" Jenny replied, "All the way."

That's what he wanted to hear. The sexual urges had been inside her and him for so long that there wouldn't be anything that would stop them anyway. Jared picked her up and sat her on the bed. He lifted her hips and pulled off the sexy blue panties. And there it was. What he had been dreaming of for so long and it didn't disappoint. She was shaved and already moist, her lips protruded ever so slightly off to the sides and her clit poked out just a tiny bit, but enough to make it's presence known. Her pussy was everything he dreamed of. He looked up and was given another great sight. While he had been staring she had taken of the sports bra and there she was in all her glory. Her breasts were firm and in place perfectly, her pink nipples were pointed and hard showing how turned on she was.

Jared could stare all day but there was work to be done. He kissed up her left thigh making Jenny gasp with his lips on her skin. He made it to her pussy and licked all the way around her lips. She shuddered a bit and he took note. He spread them out a bit with his left hand and brushed his right index finger over her clit. She jumped a bit and he knew that was the spot. He licked around some more and ever so gently pushed a finger in. She was soaking wet and was dripping onto the sheets. She let out a low moan when his middle finger entered her. Slowly in and out it went, as she gyrated his hips to meet his finger. Every time his finger was all the way in he tickled her clit with his tongue. A second finger went into her pussy. Making her moan a soft moan again. He started going a bit faster and licking a bit faster. Her hips picking up speed with him. He knew it wouldn't be long now. Then he felt her body tense up and the muscles around his fingers tighten and she let out a high pitched squeal and arched her back. He had done it. Jared always felt accomplished when he made a girl cum. Jenny's hands were on his head pushing him into her pussy, and he just kept flicking her clit lightly with his tongue.

It took her a few minutes to come down off her high, and finally she looked at him. He winked. "Do you want me to return the favor?" Jenny asked, her nervousness showing up again.

"No, we'll save that for another time. I want to be inside you." whispered Jared softly.

With that she tugged on his boxers pulling them back down to reveal his cock. It was pointing right for her pussy. "Alright, it's all yours," Jenny replied.

Jared went to his drawer and got out a condom, he quickly put it on and went back to where Jenny was laying. "This will hurt, OK. Tell me when to stop." Jenny nodded. He positioned himself over her and gave her a quick soft kiss to tell her everything will be alright. He put himself at her hole and poked himself through. She groaned a bit, but didn't say anything so he pushed himself through slowly allowing her to get adjusted. She breathed and squirmed a bit but smiled. He went a little further and that's when she let out a little yelp. He'd popped her cherry, she held onto him breathing harder in some pain. He kissed her apologetically. "It's OK, I'm fine." she said.

He waited until she gave him the signal. She felt the pleasure coming back. He slowly went back till his head was all that was in. Jenny moaned and pushed his butt towards her waiting opening, wanting him back inside. He pushed back in a bit further this time, with Jenny exhaling a deep sigh. He continued this rhythm for a bit, slowly pushing back in and out. He bent his head down and started sucking on her pointed nipples. They were as hard as rock and pointing right at him. He licked over them and Jenny let out a moan every time his tongue ran over them. Jared started picking up the pace a bit and Jenny started letting out little moans. He could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around his dick and it felt so good.

"Harder." Jenny said loudly. "I'm ready, Fuck me Jared!"

Jared gave a little smile and did as he was told. He started pushing in and out harder and harder. His balls slapping against her skin. Wet slopping noises coming from her pussy. Jenny was moaning and had her eyes closed.

"God, god, god, fuck, fuck!" She was saying

Jared was feeling great, he was in the zone. He pistoned in and out of her. He felt like he was doing the hurdles and nothing was gonna stop him from getting to his goal. His dick coming almost all the way out then slamming back in at a wild pace. Jenny was holding onto his neck for dear life, her legs bouncing off his butt and her hips involuntarily meeting his dick with each stroke. She was getting closer, she felt the same feeling she did a few minutes ago.

"I'm gonnnna cum," she let out through a moan.

This excited Jared. He started going faster bottoming out with each stroke and making himself sweat. He could feel it coming too, more intense than he ever felt before. Jenny was going wild now. "Fuck, fuck, oh my god Jared fuck me!" She let out one last squeal and her body tensed up. Her back arched again, her mouth stayed open in an O, and her eyes were closed shut. Her muscles in her pussy stretched and squeezed around Jared's swollen cock and he couldn't last any longer. He let out a loud, "Fuck!" and started to cum. They came together, Jenny felt the condom get warmer with his cum. They both stayed still until they came off their orgasms. Jenny clinging to Jared, her breasts brushing against her as she breathed. His cock was still throbbing from his intense load. He came down first and looked at her, she was still breathing heavy with sweat beads all over her body. But she was smiling at him with those green eyes shining, and he knew that everything was alright.

The End

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