His Angel Eyes

By sassycheergirl

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After coming home from an extended absence Christa finds a love that she never knew was there...

Special thanks to a very special guy that helped me come up with ideas for this story.  Hope you all enjoy it and please vote and comment if you would!  Thanks!!!!

Christa had been away from her dad's ranch for over 10 years, and things still looked the same.  She was now 29. She had left right after high school for bigger and better things, she had thought. She wondered if Wayne, her dad's foreman, was still working there. He had been there since she was 17. He used to take her to all her after school activities and to her friend's till she got her license. When she left, she didn't know that he was going to be the one person that she'd miss. But she was back now, ready to take on the family ranching business after her father had his last major heart attack.  She was going to have to learn from Wayne how to run the ranch and take care of everything while her father got some much needed rest.

Christa walked up to the big brick house, took a deep breath, unlocked, and opened the door. She was instantly taken back to her childhood days. Nothing looked like it had been moved in the years she was gone. All the furniture was in the same place that it was when she was little. The pictures of her school days were still hanging up in a neat row along with her pictures of her awards for riding.  She walked up the stairs to her bedroom and set her luggage on the bed and took a deep breath as she began putting things away.  Someone knocked on her door as she was putting her last suitcase under the bed.  She wondered who would be knocking at her door when she knew she was the only one home.  

"Hello Christa, I bet you don't remember me."  Said a man that looked much younger then his 37 years.

"Wayne,  wow you look about the same as when I last saw you."  Christa said looking up into his hazel eyes.  He looked the same as he did when she left.  He was still so tall.  She knew he was 6'2'', and he always would tease her about being 4'10''.  He even had his own little pet name for her.  He always called her Angel eyes.  Her eyes were bright blue when ever he was around, but he knew they would change color when he was gone.  He ran a hand through his blonde hair, and smiled when she began to blush.  He always loved seeing her blush.  He always would try and see how red he could get her face.

"I see you still have that little blushing problem there Angel eyes.  Can I come in and help you with anything?  I know things around here don't seem to have changed much, but there are a few little changes.  I would also like to just talk and see what have you been up too."  Wayne said as he stood at the door.

"Sure come on in.  Here have a seat just let me get these off the bed.  I can't believe you still call me that."  She said laughing as she grabbed her coat and a few other odds and ends that had fell out of her overnight bag.  

Wayne sat down and followed her with his eyes as she hung up her coat, and put the other things she had in a drawer inside her closet.  He couldn't get over how much she had changed over the years.  Her hair was still blonde and curly as hell.  He had always wondered what her hair felt like, but he had never acted on that impulse.  He couldn't believe that he still had feelings for her that he had never told her.  He was surprised that she had never noticed that he was always looking at her.  Maybe this was his time to finally tell her how he felt.

"Wow Angel eyes you look good.  I'm glad time has been good to one of us."  Wayne said as Christa walked back to the bed and sat down across from him.  

"Wayne you look like you did before I left."  Christa said.

"Well I still play hockey with the guys.  And it helps working on the ranch too."  He said smiling at her.

Her hair slipped into her eyes, and before she had a chance to push it back behind her ear Wayne pushed back behind her ear.  He let his fingers slowly caress the side of her face before dropping his hand back onto his lap.  She looked into his eyes and smiled.  She felt her stomach flip when he touched her face.  "I'm glad your finally came back home my Angel eyes."

She could see the fire that lit up in his hazel eyes. She couldn't believe it, but she wanted to feel his hands on her again. She wondering what he would feel like. She wondered what it would feel like to have his lips kiss her, but she was afraid to kiss him. She had a few boyfriends, but it had never went past the kissing stage. She was very pretty, but just never found the guy that would make her heart beat like it was beating now.  
Wayne leaned over and lightly kissed her forehead.  She gasped when his scent teased her nose.  He smelled like Stetson and the outdoors.  She smiled as he drew back.  He got on to his knees on her bed and pulled her up to hers and gently kissed her mouth.  She felt his hands on her back, lightly caressing.  Suddenly Wayne pulled away.  Christa sat on her legs and looked down at her hands.   Maybe he didn't like how I was kissing.  She thought to herself.
"God Christa, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."  Wayne said breathing heavily.  "Aww, honey don't cry.  Baby you did nothing wrong."
"Neither did you Wayne."  Christa said as a tear fell from her eye.  Wayne pulled her into his arms, and gently kissed her tear stained cheeks.  He kissed her mouth once and then kissed her again.  
"Tell me to stop Angel.  Tell me to leave now.  If I stay here much longer I'm going to make love to you, and I won't be able to live with myself if I hurt you.  I fell in love with you the beginning of your senior year, and my feelings haven't changed one bit.  I'm sorry I just couldn't hold my feelings inside me anymore."  Wayne confessed as he continued kissing her cheeks, lips and neck.
"I have a confession too."  Christa said as sparking blue eyes met hazel eyes.  "I'm still a virgin.  Will you be my first?"  She whispered softly.  She started to turn a deep scarlet red.  She couldn't believe she just asked him that, but she knew he was the one for her.  
"Are you sure Angel?  I will be gentle I promise."  Wayne said.

"Yes, I'm sure.  I think I have always loved you.  I just didn't realise it till now."  Christa kissed his face and then began to kiss his neck she kissed the little scar he had on his neck from a hockey game.  She took a deep breath and went to take her shirt off.  Wayne took her hands and put them in her lap.

"Please allow me."  Wayne got up from the bed and pulled Christa to her knees.  He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her head and threw it into the corner.  He unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down, and off of her.  She laid down on her bed with only her pink bra and boyshorts.

"Wow Baby your beautiful."  Wayne said looking down at her.  She had curves in all the right places, and he couldn't wait to kiss every inch of her.  He took off his shirt and jeans and threw them over in the corner to join Christa's clothes.  He slipped his boxers off and his 7 inch rock hard dick sprang up.  Christa took a deep breath.

"Ummm Wayne are you sure you will fit inside of me?"  She asked nervously.

"Oh yes Angel eyes I'll fit inside you."  Wayne said smiling.  He got on the bed and began to kiss her mouth.  He began to suck gently on her earlobe biting softly.  His large hands caressed her body lightly moving all over her satin skin.  He unsnapped her bra as he deeply kissed her, smiling as she gasped.

He slowly kissed his way down to her chest and took each breast into his hand and started sucking on the right one.  He gently pulled her nipple with his lips and sucked till her nipple was hard.  He lifted her other breast to his mouth and gave the left one the same amount of tender care.  

Wayne slipped his hand into her panties and ran his index finger between her pussy lips.  He smiled when he felt how wet she was.  He pulled her panties off and tossed them off the bed.  He slipped a finger into her tight hole and looked up into Christa's face as she wiggle against his hand.  He bent his head and kissed each of her thighs.  

Christa moaned as Wayne slipped his tongue in-between the folds of her pussy.  She moaned when she felt his tongue flip over her clit.  He kept up his gentle assault licking and sucking on her clit and pussy lips.  

"Oh God Wayne please don't stop!  I think I'm going to cum.  Oh wow!"  Christa moaned as he slipped a finger then two fingers into her dripping pussy.  He continued sucking and licking her clit until he felt her shudder as she came all over his fingers and inside his mouth.  

"Wow Angel!"  Was all that Wayne could say.  He was now even harder then ever.  He moved on top of her, looked down into her eyes, and smiled.  "Are you sure about this Baby?  Tell me now and I'll stop.  But God please don't tell me to stop.  I want you so much right now."  

"I don't want you to stop Wayne.  Please make me yours."  Christa said as she looked up into his passion filled eyes.

Wayne leaned down and kissed Christa passionately.  He settled his body between her legs and gently pushed the head of his dick into her tight pussy.  She gasped when she felt him inside of her.  

"Angel this may hurt a little bit, but it won't long."  Wayne said.  He gently broke threw her hymen.  

"OW!!!" Christa cried out.  Wayne stopped moving and held himself up by his arms.

"Baby?  Are you okay?  Do you want me to stop?"  He asked with concern in his eyes.

"No, just give me a few minutes.  Will it always hurt?"  Christa questioned.  She shifted her body a little taking Wayne deeper inside of her.  Wayne groaned at the feel of her pussy contract around his dick.

"No, it won't hurt like this again Angel, but if you keep moving like that your gonna kill me Babe."  Wayne said letting his head touch her forehead.  She moved again and moaned when he went even deeper inside of her.  

"Mmm that feels kinda good now."  Christa said as she wrapped her legs around Wayne's waist pulling him into her more.  She moaned as he started to move inside her.  Her nails made scratches across his back as he thrust inside her.

"Wayne Oh My God I'm going to cum!!" Christa yelled out as she became to cum.

"I'm right there with you Angel!  Mmm God Christa!"  Wayne yelled out as he began to shoot his load into her.  Wayne pulled out of her and went to get a clean warm wash cloth and clean her thighs and the outside of her pussy.  He was so gentle with her.  After Wayne was finished washing Christa he took the wash cloth and threw it into the hamper and got another one out, got it wet, and washed himself off.  Christa got under the covers and began to cry.

"Angel eyes what's wrong?  Oh Baby don't cry.  Your gonna brake my heart!"  Wayne said as he came back into her room and go into bed with her.  He pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently.

"It was just so beautiful.  I'm so glad I waited till I found you again before I did anything."  Christa said as Wayne wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Um Honey are you on any birth control or anything?  I know it's stupid to ask after the fact, but I could have made you pregnant."  Wayne asked as he looked down into her eyes.

"Um no I'm not."  Christa replied.

"Okay we will cross that bridge if we come to it, but for now I just want to hold my Angel eyes in my arms and be with you."  Wayne said as they both snuggled closer to each other and fell asleep shortly after.