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His Virginity, She Wanted

Any Young Males Dream Come True
WrittenBy Poppet: For LushStories ONLY!

Paige moved into the neighborhood about three years ago when she was 22. Jared her next door neighbor was the first person she met when moving her things into the house. He offered to help her since she had no one else. She was pretty sure he just felt bad for her. She knew he was younger than she was. She found out he was in fact just 17 at the time.

Though he was just 17 he was still a cutie. He stands about 6’1” has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He keeps pretty fit which was a plus. Paige is 5’6” cute little figure. She keeps her light brown hair shoulder length and worn down. She hates how girls wear their hair up. Her eyes were dark brown, dark like root beer balls. (Like the candy.) Her breasts were nice and perky at 32C.

As the years past they became closer and hung out often. Paige never saw Jared in a sexual way she saw him more like a kid brother. The older he got though she had a harder time seeing him as such. He was starting to fill out and become manlier. They hung out all the time, he’d come and stay at her place and play video games and complain about his mum and sisters and how they treated him like a kid.

It is a month before Jared’s 20 th birthday and he is at Paige’s hanging out with her like he did as often as he could. He started to become more daring and flirt with her. He had always had a crush on her and he couldn't help but think of her often, especially when he was alone at night with a throbbing cock. He was still a virgin and had next to no experience with the girls. His wish for his birthday was to lose his virginity to Paige.

“So, your birthday is coming up. You have any plans yet? Big birthdays bash to celebrate leaving your teens?”

“I haven’t really thought of it. I've had other things on my mind. If you know what I mean.”

“ You've met a girl, haven’t you? You little perv. You've not told me!”

“No, Paige. I've not met anyone. You know I don’t date. Hell at this point you know I’m a virgin.”

“I…. I didn't know that, Jared. We've never really talked about sex and what you've done or not. I just assumed a kid your age was getting some.”

“First off, I’m not a kid. I’m not that much younger then you, ya know? And I've had my eye on someone for a while.”

“Well, why not go for it then? I’m sure she will like you. You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

“No. I don’t think she even sees me like that.”

“Who is it? Do I know her?”

“Do I really need to spell it out? I thought I have been making it clear.”

“I guess not. Or, maybe I’m just that dense? Come on, Jared. Tell me.”

“It’s… It’s… Sighs It’s you Paige…. It’s always been you.”

“Me? You've never seemed into me. Maybe I've just lost my touch since I've been single so long.”

“I guess. Just forget I said anything.”

Before Paige could say anything else Jared got up and left quickly. She didn't chase him she knew they both had a lot to think about and she didn't want to make the matter worse. She sits there thinking of being with Jared like that. To be with someone she has known for almost three years. Someone she has seen as a kid brother figure for so long. He surely isn't so much anymore and to know he sees her like that it’s hard to see him like that at all either now.

Paige has always liked the idea of being with a virgin. She likes the idea of teaching him the sexual ways of being with a woman. The more she thinks about it the more turned on she is getting. She starts thinking of wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking him into bliss. Her fingers moved down into her cut off shorts and found her clit. She moves her fingers easily over her clit and down into her pussy thinking of sucking on Jared’s cock. She is picturing how big he might be, how he’d taste in her mouth. She hears herself moaning with excitement at the thought of it. It’d had been so long since she had sex that it only intensified what she feels now at the thought of being with him. She is moving her fingers faster inside her hooking her fingers to catch her g-spot. She pictured Jared cumming in her mouth as she begins to orgasm herself.

Paige didn't see Jared for about a week. He didn't so much say hi or send a text. She knew he was embarrassed and she felt bad. She missed hanging out with him and wanted to see him. She also couldn't get him off her mind sexually either.

She sends him a text simply asking him to stop by after he gets out of work. She has something she needs to speak to him about. He answers back simply saying “Okay, I guess.” She was a little let down that he didn't seem happier to hear from her. She shrugs it off and hopes once he got there things would be different. It’s about 7:30 pm when he finally shows up.

“Hey Paige, You wanted to talk?”

“I do, come sit. Don’t be awkward with me.”

“It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”

“No, I don’t think so. Look, Jared. I have done a lot of thinking since the last time I saw you and I have a confession.”

“What do you mean a confession? What’s going on?”

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what you said. I have had always had a secret need for being with a virgin. To know what it’d be like to be with one. I guess to show him all the sexual knowledge I have… I want that to be you. I want to be with you, Jared.”

“Is this some kind of joke to get back at me? Because if it is, it sure as hell isn't funny, Paige.”

“Do I sound like I’m joking at all, Jared. I thought you knew me better than that. I’m serious.”

“Why me then? Where is this coming from?”

“You’re the one who brought it up. Why not you? I want to, if you still want me that is.”

“Of course I do but I never thought I’d get anywhere with it, Paige.”

She leans into him breaking off any words and kisses him softly at first. Her lips caressing his as she runs her fingers up into his hair caressing the back of his neck. He doesn't pull away but leans into it, allowing her to deepen their kiss. Their kiss prolongs as she moves herself to straddle his lap. He is wearing faded jeans and a simple t-shirt with shoes. She is in shorts and a tank top with bare feet. She was even bold and didn't wear any panties or a bra. She worked from work today no need to be overly dressed. His arms wrap around her holding her closer as she sucks hard on his tongue. She was basically sucking on his tongue like it was a cock. She can hear him moan out loving it; she knew for sure he is when she felt his cock begin to harden between her legs.

She begins to tease him even more when she starts to grind her hips against his brushing her hot hungry pussy against his harden cock. Her lips move from his to his neck sucking and biting on him, her fingers move to pull off his shirt. He to like her had a nice tan for he works outside for a living. His fingers become greedy touching her, squeezing her ass, pulling her close to him. It was almost as if he didn't want their touch to break apart, but neither did she. She sat up from kissing on his neck and removed before she took his hands and put them on her breasts.

“Touch me, Jared. I want to feel your hands on me. You don’t need to be shy.”

“I just…. I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“It is, and it’s not stopping here. Now touch me.”

Without another word he begins to touch and caress even is bold enough to pinch her nipples as she feels them perk and harden by his touch. She slips her fingers into his hair and pulls him forward to suck on her nipples and he does without hesitation. He sucks on them with near beautiful skill. His warm wet mouth is sucking on her nipples hard and rough. A lot of woman might not enjoy such roughness but Paige loves it and is moaning to the harshness of his suckling. Her hips never stop grinding on him as she slides her hand down into her shorts and begins to finger herself while he plays with her nipples.

“You need to give both attention Jared. You shouldn't neglect either breast, baby. You need to suck and tease one with your mouth and use your hand with the other. Then switch it up once in a while.”

He just nods as he moves his hand up and pinches the one he had been sucking on moving his mouth towards the one that hasn't gotten attention yet. Paige’s fingers move again quickly in and out of herself feeling the orgasm begin to build inside her. Her moans grew louder and whimpering out. Jared is sucking so hard on her nipples she can even hear the sounds of it and it turns her on even more. The suckling sounds of his mouth, her moans, and the wetness of her pussy. She tips her head back and begins to orgasm hard. She is trembling so hard she almost loses her balance. He doesn't stop sucking knowing she is having an orgasm. Once her orgasm passes she leans back a bit and look at him. He looks up at her blushing deeply.

“I can’t believe I just caused that. I've never done anything like this before. Well, alone and surely not like this.”

“You’re doing fine. I have a bit me in store for you, Jared. I just want you to lean back and trust me.”

She climbs off his lap and goes down to her knees. She keeps her eyes locked on his as she begins to undo his pants. She can feel the strain of his cock pressing against his zipper. She undoes the button and then slowly unzips his zipper. She likes the sound of a fly coming undone. She pulls at his jeans pull them and his boxers down as he lifts his ass to allow her to do so. Paige moves in closer and licks the tip of his cock he jumps slightly and lets out a small moan. Her mouth wraps around him fully now and begins to suck on him gently. She doesn't want him busting a nut within seconds of getting head so she is gentle at first building the intense pleasure. Her mouth coats his cock sucking him deeply into her mouth as he leans back into her couch while moaning for her. She can hear the utter bliss in his moans which turn her on even more then she could have hoped for. She begins to pick up speed knowing that he could handle it. Her tongue drags along the underside of him as it brushes his balls when she deep throats him. She can feel him stiffen up each time she takes all of him in her throat. She was guessing he is maybe 7” with a width of 2”. He is a great size and she loves sucking on him. He moves his fingers into her hair and moves her head with the speed she was moving. His moans grew to become really intense. She knows that he is close to orgasm and begins to hum lightly on his cock as she sucks on him. She loves how he lets out a sudden grunting moan from the humming. His entire body convulses when he starts to orgasm for her. It forces his cock to thrust deeper when he cums in her throat. She feels the force of his orgasm as she swallows all of him. She drinks him dry, making sure every last drop is out.

She moves back a little looking up at him as she licks her lips and smiles a coy little smile. She knows he couldn't be any more pleased then he is now. She climbs back up onto the couch and nuzzles into him as he holds her close. He caresses her back lightly with his finger tips as she does the same to his chest.

“I want to take this a little slow, Jared. I want to show you different things before we get to the actual sex. I think the best day to have sex and give you something to look forward to, is your birthday.”

“I think I can live with that. If this is what is to be expected. Holy shit Paige.”

“I thought you might think so. What did you think of that?”

“Like you even need to ask, Paige. That was amazing. I never knew what to think but that wasn't what I had in mind. You've got a pretty little mouth.”

“Ha, well you know how to charm a girl, Jared.”

Since Jared’s birthday was in about 2 and half weeks he was going over to see Paige daily. She sucked on his cock for the first week just letting him get use to someone else touches other than his own. When she knew she couldn't handle it anymore and wanted to move it to the next level she told him more would happen the next time he came over.

His birthday is now about a week away and he is working. It’s Saturday and Paige has the day off. Jared will be coming over about 7:00 and she has all day to get ready. When 5:00 rolls around she goes to take a bath. Tonight she is going to show him how to eat a pussy and she has been horny for it all day. She grabs a new razor and shaves her pussy clean. She always keeps it clean and smooth but nothing beats using a new razor. Once she is freshly shaven and clean she climbs out and waits for him to show.

At 7:15 he comes in like he owns the place but he’s always been like that which has amused Paige from the get go. She takes him up to her room where she has set the mood so to speak and undresses him. He doesn't need to do the same to her since she is only in her towel she never got dressed after her bath. She can see how nervous he is. Even with all they've done he hasn't seen her fully naked. She takes a step back and drops her towel reveling all of herself to him. His mouth drops a little as she smiles at him. She takes a step back towards him and pulls him to the bed as she begins to kiss him deeply for a long moment.

“I want you to do what you think is right, Jared. I want you to touch me, caress me, and do what you think you should to turn me on.”

He moves to kiss on her neck and grope lightly at her breasts feeling how hard her nipples were for him already. He sucks one of them hard into his mouth, biting on it making Paige yelp out loving the pain. The pleasured pain she feels grows so hard between her legs forcing her clit to become so hard she can’t help but whimper out wanting him. He takes her whimpering moans as cue he is doing right. He moves his mouth down over her stomach biting at her rib cage and sucking on her hip bones until he reached her mound. He takes a deep breath and exhales lightly as she feels it tease her soft tender skin. She parts her legs a bit wider inviting him in.

“You can do it baby. Don’t get shy on me now.”

“I’m not shy. I enjoy watching your legs tremble with anticipation is all.”

“Mmm you’re a good tease Jared.”

He leans in and kisses her thighs softly running his tongue close to her pussy but pulls away again kissing along the other thigh. She feels the intense build where she wants to shove his face into her pussy and make him eat her. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any longer he finally gives in and runs his tongue so gently over her slit she wasn't sure if he really had or not. He slips his tongue into her now finding her sweet little nub and flicks over it gently. He lets out a soft moan tasting pussy for the first time. It doesn't take him long before he dives his face into her more to get more. He becomes greedy, needing the taste of her. He parts her lips with his fingers and dives his tongue into her fucking her with his long tongue.

Paige grinds and moves her hips to his pace almost shocked that he needs no help as he fucks her hole with his tongue. He comes back up towards her clit and sucks on it hard with a long moan like she does to his cock. She lets out a long whimpering moan feeling her head spin with such pleasure building inside her.

“Slide a finger inside me baby. Hook it upwards and it’ll hit my g-spot.”

He doesn't give in on her clit not answering her just doing as she said. He slides a finger inside her and hooks as she explained and within a second she was cooing out moaning deep for him. He sucked fiercely on her clit with all he had as his tongue wriggled side to side while his finger moves in and out of her with just as much speed as his sucking. Paige was unable to hold it back any longer as she begins to orgasm hard on his face and hand; he never lets up on her. Paige orgasms so hard for him her body is shaking her moans increase, moaning out his name forcing his rock hard cock to throb even harder than it had been.

Once Paige knows she is able to sit up without getting dizzy she does. Smiling at him before pushing him backwards and climbs between his legs. She wraps the head of his cock into her mouth as she begins to suck on it fast and deep just as he had been eating her out. She gives him no mercy. It doesn't take long before Jared orgasms for her. She swallows everything he offers her and moans while taking it. She milks him dry as she always did before climbing up into his arms.

Jared slept over for the first time that night but they didn't do anything else other then hang out and play video games. They talked about what he had done and if he had done alright. Paige of course was impressed at his skills. She told him to try and few different things while doing it for the next time he had a chance. The coming days were hard to see each other as they both got a bit busy with work.

Jared’s friends decided to throw him a birthday bash which he felt forced to go to even though he didn't want to. All he had on his mind was being with Paige but she insisted that he go and come find her later on after the party. He reluctantly went to the party but had a great time once he stopped pouting.

Around 11:30 the party started to die down and Jared slips quietly from his own party to go find Paige. She is home with few lights on and music playing when he enters. He finds her in the bedroom reading wearing almost nothing.

“I didn't expect to see you so soon, Jared. Was the party fun? Did you try and have a good time?”

“I did. Once I stopped being all sad face over not seeing you sooner. It was nice to hang out with my friends and let lose but here is where I rather be.”

“Here is where I rather you be also, Jared. Come here.”

He was wearing some dark dress pants with a nice black dress shirt. His hair was done up nicely and Paige couldn't wait to run her fingers through it. He went to her and she unbuttons his shirt as she does she kisses along the bareness of his exposed skin. She pulls it off and flings it across the room pulling him into a kiss. Her fingers roam over his pants and undo those just as easily as his shirt. She has nothing but top and short shorts on. As she undresses him he does the same with her. She can tell both of them are excited to start.

Their kiss is full of passion working deeply as she pulls him on top of her. His weight on top of her as she wraps her legs around him she can feel how hard and throbbing his cock is for her. She knows she is as ready as he is. She reaches down between them and strokes his cock lightly before placing it at her entrance. She can feel his heart racing against her chest even as they kiss she can hear him let out a soft excited moan ready for her to keep going. She places it right at her hole.

“Just push in, don’t rush baby. Just push in slowly let me adjust to your size.”

“Will it hurt you?”

“It might a little; it’s been a while since I've had sex. Just do as I say baby.”

He nods at her as she bites her lip holding her breath as she feels his hips begin to move towards hers. The head of his cock pushing into her as she lets out a low whine as she gives him a look to keep going. He can feel the thickness of his cock spreading her as he shakes slightly feeling the pressure of her tight pussy cling to him. It feels as though she is sucking him into her tight slick pussy. She begins to rock her hips up to meet his as he pushes down until he is balls deep inside her.

“Oh fuck Paige I never thought it’d feel like this. Sweet fuck!”

“And we just started, Baby.”

She bucks her hips up at him to tell him to keep going. He takes cue and begins thrust into her at a good pace as they both moan. Paige helps pick up the speed as she runs her fingers into his hair gripping him harder as he slams down into her. She can feel him bottom out with each powerful thrust. She digs her nails into his back feeling her orgasm coming closer. She lifts her legs onto his shoulders as he leans forward to get deeper inside her. They can both feel his balls slap against her ass as he fucks her harder. Her moans grow more intense when she feels an orgasm build even more intense.

She wants to hold back as long as she can. What she doesn't expect is for him to lean into her and suck her nipple into his mouth and bite on it hard as he grinds his thick cock into her. Paige throws her head back and moans out as she orgasms on him hard. The tide wave of orgasm coats his cock as she cums for him. He grunts hard through her orgasm fucking her deeper. She can tell he is close also and she moves her hips in a rotating way until it takes his breath away. He in hails sharply with a loud grunt he orgasms into her womb deeply. He plows deep into her still not wanting to end it. He can feel himself drain every last bit of seed into her loving tight pussy.

Their orgasms finish together and he lies there on top of her for the longest time as she strokes his back lightly waiting for both of them to come back to planet earth. Their orgasms so intense it feels as if though they may never come back though. Slowly but surely they do and Paige can’t help but giggle a little bit.

“Great... I've made you laugh. That’s a good sign.”

“No, no. It’s nothing like that. That was just one of the most intense orgasm I have had in a while I can’t help but giggle a little bit. It was very much needed. You did wonderful Jared.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Right, because I've ever been the type to lie to you, you ass.”

“This is true. So, I did okay?”

“Better then okay. I've got a lot more to show you once we can both move again.”

“Sounds like a date.”

Paige taught Jared all she knew. He even taught her some things over time. They never became a couple just great friends who had amazing sex. It lasted about a year before Jared found someone serious. Though after time Paige also found someone Jared and Paige still had their random fun. She was of course his first and he still wanted a taste of what he first ever had. They’d forever be best friends…

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