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Hot Day Fishing...

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As she does I feel more and more of her juicy goodness running from her onto my lap and balls.

It was just another warm July day, so I figured I would go fishing. Little did I know that July day would be the beginning of a wonderful and crazy relationship...

So like I said it was a warm and beautiful day to go fishing so I grabbed my gear and pole and jumped into my jeep. I then drove down to the river stopping only to get bait and vodka. Because what’s fishing without booze... As I neared the spot where I park I noticed there were already a few cars around and another just pulling in ahead of me.

While waiting to park I loaded a fat bowl of some stinky and hairy chronic then took a big hit. After I inhaled I noticed I was being watched by some chick. She may not have been a "10" but hey I don't normally go after those stuck up high maintenance bitches. She was however an "8" in my book. But then again I have no standards. She had long hair in two braids. Kinda thick but in a good way. Nice round ass. Huge tits. And a pretty face. As I exhaled my hit she kinda smiled and winked. Giving me that look that says "Damn I want some of that."

I finally get to park as she walks down a trail to the beach to swim or lay in the sun. I get out grab my stuff and head down a less known trail to my secrete fishing hole. About two hours, two bowls, and two cocktails later just sitting there chilling zoning out I hear footsteps and brush moving behind me. Then a voice that says

"Hey I like your Willy you catch anything yet?" 

Being a smart ass I reply "My Willy... it’s not hanging out is it? And all I have caught is a good buzz and that smile from you earlier."

She blushes and says" No not that I meant your jeep."

Then she laughs and asks if she could smoke some of that stinky green she been smelling 100 yards away.

I say “Sure but it will cost you and the booze is probably cheaper."

"Fine I'll start with a drink." She says. "And how much is that going to cost me?"

So I tell her, "Well how about you show me one of those huge knockers you got there and you can have some vodka. Show me both and heck I'll make it a cocktail, but there is a minimum five second rule involved."

After a quick thought she lifts up her swim top and says "Are these what you want to see?" Then for good measure she jiggles them for a bit.

"Well damn those are some smoking hot mountains. Here sit down and have a cocktail." I said.

As she sits down I can't help but to notice her shaved pink slit peeking out under her skirt. Course its hard not to notice when she was wearing a short short skirt and no panties.
At that time my shorts were getting tighter as I was getting a little wood growing.
"So now how about that bowl?" she says.

I ponder for a minute wondering what I could get her to do for it.

Finally I say "Well how bout you let me watch you play with that shaved kitty that was so hard not to see while you sat down on that rock?"

After a few seconds of deep thought she adjusts her skirt and spreads her legs open showing her slit again. Slowly she starts rubbing her clit. I watch as it becomes hard and her pussy lips start to swell. After a minute she speeds up and slides two fingers in and out of her wet hole. As she goes faster I could hear her moan and whimper. By this time my "little wood" has turned into a "giant red wood" so hard you could pole vault with it.

She sees the tent in my shorts and tells me that I better free that thing before my balls go blue. I unzip and release the beast from its confinements. Even more turned on by the sight of my huge hard cock, she fingers her wet pussy faster. I hear her moan louder and hear the juicy wet sounds coming from her vertical lips. I could see that the once dry rock she was sitting on was now almost completely wet from her juices.

Now you could tell she was about to let loose and cum, seeing her eyes start to shut and biting her lower lip... Then with a final moan and a quiver she came soaking the rest of the rock.

“Damn what a lucky rock all wet." I say while handing her the pipe.

She takes a big hit and says "Guess it’s only fair for it to be your turn now."

And hands me the pipe for a hit.

"Now let’s not let your balls turn blue." She said while kneeling down.

Taking another hit she blows the smoke out on my cock and then slides it into her mouth all the way deep down her throat. Almost gagging on it she comes back up and starts licking my shaft and balls. Only stopping to take more hits from the pipe then going right back to her work on my cock. After about ten minutes of this and the bowl gone, she could tell I was holding back trying not to let loose and explode deep down her throat.

"How was that?" She said.

"Great but my balls will still turn blue if I don't cum." I said back to her.

She smiles and says "I know..."

And takes her top off again letting the big girls loose. Then lifts up her skirt and straddles me lowering her hot juicy cunt onto my hard cock.

Moaning again as she slides down my pole she says "Damn that feels good...hmm."

She starts to rock back and forth. As she does I feel more and more of her juicy goodness running from her onto my lap and balls. After a minute or two she turns around and rides my cock in a reverse cowgirl position riding my cock as deep and hard as she can. The moans get loader and she starts to bite her bottom lip looking like she is about to come again. She rides faster and faster...

"Whoa there cowgirl you’re gonna make me loose it quick at that pace..." I say.

Ignoring me she rides even harder making sure to get all of my cock as deep in her as possible while holding my balls up so they hit her clit. Again I warn her that she’s gonna get a hot load of cum exploding in her at any minute.

While moaning she says "Oh yea then cum in me."

So I smack her ass and slip a thumb into her tight brown eye.

She screams "Oh yes!!!" and lets loose with a whole body quiver and gushing orgasm.

Soaking me with her juices and putting me over the top. I grunt and start to pump my big hot load deep inside her juicy cunt. Liking the feel of my cock pulsating and pumping deep in her she rides it slow massaging every last bit of cum out of it. Both tired and spent she turns back around pressing her tits on me and we kiss. We get ourselves put away and smoke a cig.

“Well that was a damn good fishing trip. By the way my name is David. What’s yours?" I say with a smile.

"Megan." she replies.
"Well nice to meet you Megan. Here is my number give me a call sometime if you want." I said as we left our separate ways.

So that was it a great day to go fishing turned into a hell of a good time fucking. Not a bad way to end a fishing trip and the day. Or so I thought. Because four hours later I get a text that says "Hey this is Meg want to hang out and smoke another bowl?"

Ding ding round
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