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Hot Teacher

A 17 year old boy finally fucks his hot teacher.
I wanted to fuck her so bad. She had golden blonde hair, with streaks of brown in it, and she always had it in a crazy bun. Her eyes were blue, and her face was smooth. She talked with a whisper in her voice too. Her body was great, with huge tits and a nice ass. She was young too, age 28, junior teacher. This was my chance.

I had to report to her office, because I "accidentally" grabbed her ass when she wasn't looking. I sat down on the chair in the middle of the room, as we all did when we were in trouble. She sat on the left arm of the chair and started speaking slowly.

"Now Daniel, I know that I may be young, and enticing, and you’re going through some hormonal changes, but you can't act like that in my class." She was surprisingly calm about it.

She put her hand on my upper thigh, and I got excited, and started to get hard. She cocked her head and said, "do you understand?" I nodded, and she got up and started to walk away. Half way to her desk I ran up behind her and turned her around, immediately locking lips. She hesitated at first, but after a couple seconds I began to slide my fingers down her stomach. Our tongues were dancing as I slowly slid my fingers down her tights, and rubbed her sex through them. She jumped in ecstasy, and backed away.

"We can't do this Daniel, its illegal,” She reclined on the desk. “Teacher-Student relationships can't happen."

I didn't say a word, and jumped between her legs, pulling her legs up around me. I fondled her double D's. They were so perky. I slowly lifted up her shirt, tore off her bra, and licked her nipples, which were hard at this point. I kissed them, and slowly made my way down to her pussy. I pulled her tights down to her ankles and got back in between her things. I stuck one finger in her swollen wet pussy and she moaned, and gasped. I smiled and said, "If you like that, you’re gonna love this." I pulled my dick out and immediately shoved it inside her.

I just kept pounding and pounding as she was speechless of how much pleasure she was receiving. Her tits bounced as she rode my cock on that desk. She loved it. I was about to come, so I pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach. I wasn't done. I knew she kept dildos in her desk. I saw her take one out when she thought no one was looking. I took it out and stuck it in her asshole. My cock was still hard so I stuck it back in her pussy and began to fuck her again. She kept moaning and gasping with each thrust. Cum and pussy nectar was making a puddle underneath us. I felt my cum building, and this time I let it release in her. I took my dick out, put on my pants, and walked away.

I looked back and saw her lying there, cum coming out of her pussy, her stomach topped with come, her hair in a mess, and her pussy still wet. The dildo was still in her ass too. I walked out of the room, with a job well done.

The next day I saw her outside of school. She was in her car, and I gave a wink. She pulled over, and said "What happened yesterday was a mistake."

"Sure it was."

"I think we should meet at my house to marrow." She gave me her address and phone number and drove away. The next day would be the best sex I have ever gotten...

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