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Hot Weekend: Part Two

Our three-way friendship takes another step
Hot Weekend: Part Two

I think we must’ve dozed a little after our earlier fun, the sun was on its way down now, slowly, but surely. I couldn’t help smiling at the girls as I got up to go and dip my feet in the sea. They smiled back, cheeky grins, at the fact our friendship had advanced so much in one day. It’s true what they say about men and women, men like to be alone with their thoughts and women like to share their feelings. As I allowed the shallow waves to cool my feet, I looked back over my shoulder to see Anne and Kym chatting away and looking at me. I smiled again this time to myself and looked out at the waves. I wanted more. I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredibly sexy these two were and what we had just shared.

I started to walk slowly along the beach, picking up driftwood as I went. We would need firewood later, I doubted we’d go back to the campsite, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. The sand dunes would be our bed tonight. I took my time piling the wood at the base of the dunes, letting my mind wander, imagining what we could get up to later. I was pretty sure the girls would be up for more fun, but I wasn’t sure how far they’d be willing to go. I eventually had everything set up out of the wind in the dunes and went back to get the girls. They had already started to get the towels and stuff together when I arrived.

"C’mon Dane, we haven’t got all day!" Kym beamed at me, "Could do with a drink and smoke too!"

I helped them carry the stuff back to the dunes and in no time we’d all had sausages on sticks and some toasted bread, and the tequila passed around. Kym and I skinned up, one for now, one for later.

‘You’re very quiet Anne,’ I inquired, looking up as I licked the rizla. ‘Penny for your thoughts?’

A sly smiled crept across her face as she replied ‘I was just wondering….which one of us is the best kisser?’

Kym smiled, taking Anne’s face in her hands and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She lingered, pressing Anne’s lips a little harder, then repositioned so she could suck Anne’s bottom lip. It was, to that point in my life, the single most sexy thing I had ever seen. My cock was getting hard just watching. The kiss ended, much to my disappointment, the two girls looking deep into each other’s eyes and grinning. Kym pushed Anne’s face slowly away, towards mine, Anne’s grin widening, she leaned into me, catching me off guard as our lips met. I pulled away slightly, looking down at her lips, before kissing her again. I kissed her top lip softly then sucked her bottom lip hard, licking it as I did. We were interrupted by Kym, pushing us both onto our backs as we all started giggling. She crawled on top of me, pressing her sexy body to mine as she wetly kissed my mouth, her tongue flicking my lips before dipping inside, playing with my own.

"So, who is the best kisser?" Smiled Kym as she knelt up between Anne and I. We glanced at each other then back at Kym.

"You are!" We said in unison. She jumped on top of Anne kissing her passionately this time. I propped myself up on my elbow, enjoying the show. Kym wearing a long t-shirt which had ridden up, showing off her tanned slender legs and a glimpse of her white knickers. Her hands sliding over Anne’s white stomach as she pushed her t-shirt up away from her jeans. Their mouths locked together in a wet kiss, tongues obviously played inside. Kym’s hands seemed uncontrollable, I watched as they cupped Anne’s breasts under her T-shirt. Anne moaned in response, her own hands sliding down to the small of Kym’s back. Kym pulled her face away with a loud smack as their wet lips parted, she smiled slyly before pouncing on me, pushing onto my back again as her lips found mine. Instinctively, I grabbed the back of her head with one hand as she sucked my lips, my other hand slid down her back mimicking the actions of Anne, but I continued further. I felt the band of her knickers through her T-shirt, my cock throbbing as I did so. To this day, I love knickers, there’s nothing sexier than a girl in her underwear. My hand roamed lower, feeling her sexy buttocks through the cotton. Kym sat up, looking at the tent that had formed in my shorts, she raised an eyebrow.

“Who is for more tequila?” She yelped, smiling. “I’ve got a great idea, either of you ever had a body shot?”

Anne and I looked at each other puzzled.

“Here,” Kym replied, licking her fingers then tracing her saliva on her inner thigh. She grabbed the salt, pouring it so it stuck there. Grabbing the bottle of tequila and a slice of lemon, she looked at us both, “Who’s first?!?” She beamed.

I smiled back, catching on, “Go on then!”

I knelt in front of her and lowered my head between her legs, she caught her breath as I went down. I softly kissed her inner thigh first, making the most of it, then gently licked the salt. My eyes were drawn to her knickers, they were soaked at the crotch, making them almost transparent, I could make out her sexy bush behind as I caught the scent of her sex. I started to kiss closer, being drawn in by such an amazing sight and smell, when she cupped my chin, raising my head up to the tequila bottle. She bit her bottom lip as I drank from the bottle then placed the lemon between her lips, pulling me up to take it from her mouth with my own. My head was spinning, whether it was the drink, the joints or these two sexy girls, I didn’t care, I let go, I wanted this to go on as long as we could.

“You’re next!” Kym teased, turning to Anne. But instead of licking her fingers again, she lifted my shirt right up and sucked my left nipple, hard. I gasped, slightly in pain, but mostly in delight. As Kym laced my wet nipple with salt, Anne came closer, kneeling next to me, licking her lips. She placed a warm hand on my back as she leaned her face to my chest. Tentative at first, using the tip of her tongue she dabbed at the salt, then, feeling my nipple harden, she licked around it in wet circles. She even sucked it a little as her other hand came to rest below my belly button. I was ready to cum right there and then! Kym pulled her away from me, offering the bottle to her lips as she placed a slice of lemon between mine. Anne took the lemon with her teeth, pushing her lips against mine.

“My turn!” Announced Kym. “You choose where on Anne’s hot body I take the salt from Dane…”

Fueled by the tequila, I grinned widely, gently pushing Anne backwards so she lay down, I lifted her T-shirt exposing her perfect, pale stomach. As I started to undo her jeans, she gasped, perhaps thinking I was going too far. I winked at her reassuringly as I leaned down to kiss just above the line of her knickers. I pulled them down slightly, licking a small area before reaching for the salt. Kym giggled excitedly, scootching over to Anne’s side, she didn’t hesitate kissing and licking away at her intimate area, Anne moaned with delight. I had to stop Kym getting carried away and handed her the bottle, as she drank deeply, I took the opportunity to lift Anne’s knickers from her body and throw in a slice of lemon. She yelped with surprise!

“What the hell?!?!” She shouted laughing, sitting bolt upright.

“Woohoo!” yelped Kym, “New rules! I like ‘em! But its gonna be hard with these on…” She said, pulling at the legs of Anne’s jeans. I helped her tug the jeans off by the legs, causing Anne to fall backwards again, we were all in fits of giggles at this stage.

Kym slid her hand up Anne’s inner thigh, and cupped her crotch with the lemon inside, reaching up with her thumb, she pulled them down to expose the lemon and the fine red hairs of Anne’s pussy, shaped into a fine line leading down to heaven. Kym lowered her face to Anne’s bare pussy, leaving her perfect arse sticking up. I could resist no more, I knelt behind her beautiful behind and my cock pumped out pre-cum as I took in the amazing sight. Her T-shirt sitting on top of her buttocks and her knickers hugging the sweet flesh. Her crotch was practically dripping as I found myself drawn in to kiss her arse cheeks. She swayed her hips slightly as I kissed her soft skin, I took this as a sign to continue. I slid her T-shirt up her back to see her knickers in their full glory, I could smell her sweet aroma, it was driving me wild, I kissed and licked her cute buttocks, my hands running all over them, pulling and lifting her knickers to allow me more access. I kissed across the cotton and down between her buttocks until I could feel her wetness on my lips. As soon as I tasted her, my cock twitched in my shorts, I had to stop and sit back on my knees to calm myself down. It was only now I realized that Kym was busy lapping away at Anne’s pussy, I titled my head for a better view. She had pulled Anne’s knickers down and was sucking and licking her pink pussy lips, Anne moaning, lost in the moment.

“Fuck,” I said, “I’m ready to explode!”

Kym reached back, not stopping her oral magic on Anne, and grabbed the waistband of my shorts, yanking them down. My cock sprang free, a sticky mess of pre-cum. She started stroking it slowly. As she pushed two fingers inside Annes glistening wetness, rubbing her clit with her thumb, she turned her attentions to my cock, licking and sucking the head as she continued to stroke it.

“Oh my God,” I breathed as my vision started to blur. I must have lasted another 20 seconds before I pumped burst after burst of hot cum into Kym’s mouth. Her eyes widened and she even squealed a little as she continued to stroke me, emptying my balls. Somehow, she had turned into a crazed nymph! She kept her mouth full of my sticky juice and crawled on top of Anne, all the while sliding her fingers in and out of her slushy quim. As she kissed her, I realized they were sharing my cum. Kym was grinding her crotch on Anne’s thigh now as their tongues played and Anne suddenly cried out in orgasm, her body going stiff and shuddering.

Kym rolled off and onto her back, giggling like a crazy kid. I crawled on top of her now to kiss her sticky mouth. I couldn’t believe how much I had just came or how powerful my orgasm had been because of her. I could taste myself and even Anne on her, she pulled me down on to her body, my still-hard cock pressing against her wet knickers. She moaned in pleasure and started grinding her hips underneath me. Her soaked knickers seemingly gripping my cock, I flinched a little, still sensitive from my orgasm, but conscious that she hadn’t cum yet. I rubbed my hardness back against her, making her moan into my mouth. I heard Anne light up a spliff, obviously enjoying the sight of us grinding together.

“I want you to be my first Dane,” she softly said, “but I think I want to see you take Kym right now…”

We stopped kissing and looked at each other smiling. We were all virgins, but I knew the girls had broken their hymens, either riding horses or falling onto the crossbeam of their bicycles. But actually having sex…this was new to all of us.

Kym simply bit her bottom lip as she reached down between us, pulling aside her soaked knickers. She gripped the shaft of my cock as she slid the tip between her wet lips and around her clit. I gasped, still sensitive, as she lowered me down to her wet hole. I slowly pushed my hips forward, feeling her hot wetness open slightly to let me in. Her mouth opened wide as I slowly pushed inside her. She was very tight, or I was very thick, I didn’t think I could force into her. As I started to slowly ease out again, she grabbed my buttocks with her hands, pulling me into her.

“Just go slow,” she breathed into my ear.

Anne shuffled over to lie alongside us, caressing my back and offering us each the joint in turn. The wafts of purple smoke and the smell of sex hung on the air as I, encouraged by Kym’s hands on my arse, slowly pushed the full length of my cock inside her. She moaned weakly, hold my body to hers.

“Don’t move Dane, just let me feel you in me.” She whispered

I kissed her mouth tenderly as I concentrated on trying not to cum, our bodies slippy from sweat. Anne wriggled a hand between us towards Kym’s pussy, I lifted slightly to help her, causing Kym to gasp. I could feel Anne’s hand rubbing Kym’s clit gently as she writhed beneath me, moaning louder and louder. I was mesmerized by the look of sheer ecstasy on her face and as she cried out in orgasm, I felt her pussy walls contracting around my cock, causing me to groan as I released my hot cum again, this time deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her and she kissed my mouth hard, holding the back of my head. As my cock started to go limp, I felt it slowly coming out of her, causing me to shudder as my sensitive head withdrew. Rolling to the side, I lay next to her, no longer virgins.

“I can see it coming out!” Anne beamed, “That is so sexy, you’re knickers pulled to the side and I can see your cum coming out of her Dane.” She reached out and ran her fingers through Kym’s messy slit, lifting them up so we could see the sticky mess. Then she leaned forward, placing her mouth over Kym’s dripping pussy, causing Kym to moan again. She sucked and licked until Kym cried out again with another orgasm.

“Shit, please stop!” She cried, lifting Anne’s chin from between her legs. She brought Anne all the way up so she could kiss her, tasting my cum and herself on Anne’s mouth. I leaned over and joined them for a three-way kiss, our three tongues playing and tasting sex on all our mouths.

Somehow I’d ended up with the joint. As the three of us lay semi-naked together exhausted, I puffed it back into life and held it for both girls as we took a moment to contemplate what we had just shared.

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