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Hots for the Secretary

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“Oh T.J., I am going to cum all over your face if you don’t stop,” she moaned.
I work for the maintenance department of our school district. It is a pretty thankless job but some of the teachers are really hot and it pays the bills. Our 65 year old secretary retired and my boss started interviewing prospects. I was the youngest and most recent graduate from any school so I had been elected to fill in until a secretary could be hired. I was actually pretty good at it so the boss hired a data entry clerk and left me as the “titless secretary” as my co-workers titled me. Debbie was 5’ 1” tall, brown-eyed and she had the biggest tits I had ever seen (granted I was only 18 and not well versed in sex yet but damn they were huge). Debbie was also the most direct unabashed person on Earth. Being the only two people in the office most of the time, we became friendly which is where you wanted to be with Debbie. She could turn on a man in a second flat.

Debbie confided in me that she had already been married and divorced once and her current husband would rather watch football than her. She had even paraded around naked in front of him trying to get his attention. I was flabbergasted.

“I can’t believe any man would rather look at football than you,” I squeaked out barely above a whisper.

“You are so young,” Debbie smiled and ruffled my hair.

“I know what to do with a woman,” I said more harshly than I meant to.

“Do you now?” Debbie said through a huge mischievous grin.

Debbie walked into the boss's office and a few minutes later returned to our office. Was her blouse open another button? She walked back over to my desk and leaned over giving me a view of a lot of cleavage and then she lifted my chin in her hand and looked into my eyes. My dick was already rock hard just from the cleavage exposure when she lightly kissed my lips, just brushing them with the merest touch. I felt like I had been electrocuted. Every hair on my body stood at attention matching my growing erection.

“Do you really know what to do with a woman T.J.?” she said sounding just like Mae West.

I was so horny and so excited I could barely think but instinctively I just leaned forward and kissed her. I reached up and cupped a breast and gently squeezed. I slid my tongue into her mouth as my other hand slid down her skirt until I felt the fabric end. I slipped my hand between her legs and grasped a thigh before sliding my hand upward. Debbie spread her feet apart as she kissed me back. With the extra room her shifting granted me, I slid my hand up higher.

I guess Debbie wears actual stockings because I felt the softest skin as my hand moved heavenward. I stopped there and savored the feeling, rubbing and kneading her flesh which caused a moan to escape Debbie’s lips. Debbie stepped back from me and grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the boss’ office. I watched her shapely ass sway as I followed her. God I wanted to throw her down and fuck her but I knew if I waited it would be worth the wait.

She turned towards me and slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. She was wearing a motherly white bra with tit flesh hanging out above and below her bra. Her tits were squished inside a 46 EE bra and losing the battle. She watched my expression and smiled as she reached behind to unhook her bra. I moved towards her but she shook her head no and held the now loose garment in front of her breasts.

“Please wait,” she whispered.

I nodded agreement and froze in place. She lowered the bra, exposing her to me and I returned the favor with the biggest smile I could muster. I wanted to devour them. Her nipples were the size of nickels and her areola were the size of an orange. Her breasts hung from the sheer weight but still stood erect and proud. Debbie then unhooked her skirt and stepped out of it. Her stocking clad legs were stunning. Her limited height was deceptive because she had long shapely legs. The stockings stopped mid thigh and, oh, my goodness, her panties were almost nonexistent. I could clearly see her pubic mound through the thin wet fabric. I was having the same effect on her as she was on me.

“Do you like what you see?” Debbie spoke, barely audible.

“Please let me show you how much I like it,” I begged.

Her nod released me from my frozen state. I dropped to my knees in front of her and grabbed frantically at her panties pulling them down in lust maddened frenzy. I cupped her now naked ass in both hands as I dived into her pussy with my whole face. I tongued and kissed everywhere. My slick tongue met with her moisture as I squeezed her ass flesh and tried to climb inside her pussy. She responded by grinding her pelvis forward and pinching her own rock hard nipples.

“Oh T.J., I am going to cum all over your face if you don’t stop,” she moaned.

Leaning back and looking up I said, “You’d better.”

Debbie started grinding faster into my face. I slipped a finger up and down her ass teasing her that I would invade her nether area. I found her anus but just teased her there as I licked and ate her. I was rewarded with a sudden rush of cum from Debbie drenching my face and shoulders. I kept licking and nibbling at her clit and she shot another huge stream of cum. Her legs became wobbly and I was holding her up by her ass. She was panting and heaving as she reached down and gently pushed my head away from her.

“Enough baby, please wait,” Debbie panted.

Debbie fell to her knees and hugged my head into her massive chest. I, without thinking started suckling and squeezing them. Debbie again grabbed my head and pushed me back from the mammary I so desired.

“I need a minute, honey,” pleaded Debbie.

“OK but just one,” I leered

I hugged her to me and collapsed onto the floor caressing her hair and kissing her forehead. We were a sweaty mess but my dick was practically screaming for some attention.

“Do you want to fuck me or a blow job?” Debbie smiled and said.

“I want to cum deep inside you,” I pleaded.

Debbie rolled onto her back pulling me with her. She reached between us and guided my aching tool into her honey spot. As I felt the moist entrance I pushed towards her and felt the snugness of her amazing pussy. I was soon balls deep inside her. She held me tightly inside her as she squeezed my dick with her pussy. I was in ecstasy. I slowly eased out and plunged back into her. I started pumping away knowing I couldn’t last long.

“Cum in me baby. Cum deep inside my neglected pussy,” she growled as she bucked up against me, meeting every thrust with one of her own.

My breathing quickened. My balls were tightening. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Debbie knew too and pulled my head back towards her beautiful bosom. I started sucking way harder than I meant too and immediately started pouring my semen into her. I grunted and erupted inside her shooting blast after blast of my teenaged seed into her. I was sucking wildly on her breasts and grabbing her ass for added traction. I collapsed on top of her spent and exhausted.

“Next time, slow enough for me to cum too, ok?

“Absolutely,” was my enthusiastic reply.

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