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Housekeeping Refined

The maid teaches him a thing or two......

Ever since his parents moved because of their new job opportunity, Damian felt like the lonliest person in the world. He was moved away from all of his friends and the life he had ever known for the past 15 years. His dad had accepted a senior VP position at a new IT company which meant more money for the family but the psychological damage from the move damn near took it's toll on Damian as he became a shell of his former self. He was very outgoing and vibrant but when he left he had a very hard time adjusting. He and his dad lived together. His mom had died five years ago of breast cancer when he was ten so that part of his life was missing too.  His dad looked around to have a maid at the house to do the cooking and cleaning while they were gone. Damian was talking about it with his dad over chinese takeout.

"I know things have not been easy son, and I did not want to move us away. But when the opportunity came I couldn't pass it up. I want you to be happy." His dad told him. Damian and his dad were very close. They looked more like brothers instead of father and son. Being half black and half spaniard it was not hard for people to mistake them for brothers. Hell, his dad used that line plenty of times to get him some action.

"I know dad but we didn't have to move did we?" Damian asked in curiosity and frustration.

"Yes we did son, in order for me to take the job we had to relocate. Plus with the bonus they gave me it was enough for me to help you cover college when you graduate in a few years. And allow me to retire sooner rather than later. Plus, I am hiring a housekeeper to help us around the house when I am gone, also I think you could use the company."

Great, Damian thought an old ass lady to talk to about my problems. She was probably fat an ugly he thought. So he accepted and dismissed the notion.

A week went by and Damian was at the house playing XBox when the doorbell rang. When he opened it his eyes and body went into complete shock.

"Hello, my name is Rosa and I am the new housekeeper." She said.

"Oh hi, I'm Damian. Come on in." He could not believe it. She was beautiful, this was the type of woman that he would dream of. Rosa was about 5'9" tall and weighed about 130 pounds, but she had the body of a model. With caramel skin and hazel eyes she was a looker. Damian felt something inside happening. His cock was getting very hard while he looked at her ass, and he was embarrased. Those jeans she wore did her no justice.

"My dad told me to give this to you. And to make yourself at home." Damian said.

Even though he was to be 16 in  a week, Damian had the body of a grown adult male. Muscular and lean from working out all the time. Rosa knew he was young but he looked good for his age. He could damn near pass for 21. She felt a little tingle insode of her body too.

"My dad is out of town. So tell me about yourself." He was curious about her as was she about him.

They sat down and conversated for the whole day. He even helped her put her stuff away, and he could not keep his eyes off her. She was that damn fine!

"Thank you Damian, have you eaten?" She asked him.

"No, not yet. I am starving. I was going to order pizza." He replied.

"Don't do that, I'll make you something. Let me change first." She told him.

"Ok." He replied and went back to his XBox game.

Dinner went by without a hitch. Damian was feeling something for her but she was the housekeeper and he did not want to try anything. Little did he know something would happen but it would be later on..........

Part II

The next three weeks went by like normal with Damian at school and Rosa cleaning the house along with doing the occasional shopping. One night when Damian came home from the gym. He saw that the TV light was on in Rosa's room so he went by to say hi. He poked his head in and noticed that she was passed out on the bed. He looked a little closer and his eyes widened and his cock had gotten read hard real fast. She was laid out on the bed with t-shirt and panties on and Damian was frozen and he watched her slept.  She was sleeping with one leg up and the other one down so her shirt rode up past her waist. She had on some dark red underwear which fit her perfectly. Her nipples were showing through the shirt which made it even harder for him to contain himself. He stoood there for about five minutes and wentto his room to masturbate his tension away. After cumming all over his hand, he washed it off and went to bed.

The next night after the Friday night game at school. Damian noticed that Rosa was awake. His dad had company in the bedroom and they could hear them fucking the night away which did not help Rosa and Damian. Rosa did know that he was young but he was attractive to her and she liked her boys a little younger than most. She decided to secude him so she could fuck him.

"Hey, come over here. Watch some TV with me." She said.

Damian came and sat down. Rosa had on a skirt that went down halfwat her thigh and a gray t-shirt to relax in. They were watching a movie when she decided to hatch her plan.

"Could you rub my feet Damian?" She asked him.

"Sure." He replied. Damian was a nice kid but a little naive at best. He was massaging her feet while she looked at the TV. Her skirt rode up on her and he had a nice view of her cunt. She did not have any panties on this time. Damian was like wow, he kept massaging her and she stopped him.

Can I ask you something?" she said.

"Yeah go ahead." He replied.

"Do you find me attractive Damian?" She asked him. He was a little caught off guard by it but he answered her honestly.

"Yeah." He said to her.

"You have been very nice to me and I want to show you my appreciation sweetie." She leaned forward and kissed him. Damian was a virgin, and he was following her movements.  She put her hand on his cock and her touch made him get hard instantly.

"Looks like a mess down there. I'll clean that up later." She said with a seductive grin.

Rosa stood up and took off her top. Her breasts were on full display. Damian thought he was dreaming but this was reality.

"You like my titties, Damian?" She asked him.

"Yes." he whispered.

"Suck on them baby." She said and he sucked on her nipples slowly. This was not a dream, he thought to himself and he was not going to let this chance pass him by. Rosa liked having her nipples sucked because it made her wetter than anything else. He sucked on them for 10 minutes and she stopped him.

"My turn sweetie. You're about to learn how to please a girl." She told him. She had him stand up and she took his shorts off and saw that his cock was 9 inches long and hard. She flicked her tongue across the head to lick the precum that came out and she took it into her mouth. Damian's body tingled when she did this and he was having a hard time controlling himself.

"" he said in satisfaction. He never thought he would lose his virginity like this but what better way to lose it. Her head bobbed back and forth on his cock and he was about to cum.

"I think I'm cumming.........AHHHHH!!!!!!" He almost screamed out. He shot three loads into her mouth and she swallowed it all without missine a drop. Damian's knees were shaking. She then laid down with her legs spread open.

"You wanna taste me cutie?" She playfully asked him. Damian was in a daze and he was like putty in her hands so he happliy obliged.

"Uh huh." He replied, still trembling from the blowjob he had just received. He got onto his knees and put his face at her wet pussy. The musky scent had entrapped him and she knew she had him. She spread her pussy open for him and told him what to do next.

"Now, take your tongue and lick me here." She had her finger on her clitoris and Damian licked her there slow. his strokes went a litle faster and Rosa was grabbing her tits liking what he was doing.

"Ohhhh yes, lick me sweetie. I'm a cum for you." She said. Rosa was liking that her employer's son was so eager for this. He licked her entire pussy as well. Damian was enjoying this.  Rosa was about to cum for him.

"I'm cumming baby......ahhhhh!" She said and she had a nice orgasm.  She reated there for a minute and she pulled him up to the couch.

"Fuck me." she whispered to him. She grabbed his virgin cock and guided it to her pussy. He then grabbed it and pushed inside of her. She felt wet and the heat from her body made his cock feel like it was gonna cum on impact. She had him go slow to get used to his size and he started to go fast. Damian was having sex and he was liking every bit of it. She had him stay on top for a few minutes and she looked at him and his cock going in and out of her. Rosa was being filled nicely and she did not want it to stop.

"Yes, baby yes. this your first time?" She asked in curiosity.

"Yeah." He said babk.

"Even better........uhhhhh." She was getting fucked by a virgin. She liked taking men's cherries so this made her excited even more.  She had him stop to change positions. She got on all fours and had her ass to him.

"Now rub your cock along my pussy." She told him and he did as he was told. he did it slow to build anticipation.

"Put it inside me baby." She demanded.

He pushed inside of her and she did not want to scream because their dad was upstairs so she bit her lip and kept quiet.   He moved back and fourth slow and her juices flowed smoothly. On the fourth stroke, she came again.

"OOOHHHHHH FUCK." She produced a nice liquid and he grabbed her waist and started to fuck her fast and hard. She buried her face in the pillow so his dad wouldn't hear her while Damian was pounding her from behind.  Damian was like the energizer bunny and this went on for around 45 minutes and Rosa had cum so many times her mouth was leaking. She had sex many times before but this was something a little bit different for her as this was the first time in a while tht she felt satisfied.

"Keep fucking me, don't stop!" She was absolutely happy.  Damian was ready to cum on the other hand. He was happy that he was now a man among boys and not the other way around. 

"I'm about to cum right now.........." He said, and he pulled out and shot his cum all over her beautiful ass. She leaned over on the arm of the couch breathing hard. Her skirt still hiked up around her hips. She pulled it down and gave Damian a soft kiss.

"I hope that this won't be the last time." She said to him.

"There will be many more. I promise you that." He replied back. They straightened up downstairs and chilled the rest of the night.

From that night on, Damian and Rosa became regular fuck buddies. His interest in sex became a prime focus and whenever he wanted to try something new, Rosa was always willing to try. In turn, they helped each other in more ways than one. Rosa found a new lover and Damian turned back ot his former self and enjoyed life.

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