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How It All Began

The true account of how I lost my virginity
We met through a mutual friend, who just happened to be his ex. While she and I were close at one time, as their relationship dwindled, so did our friendship. After their breakup, he set his sights on me and began to see me with different eyes. As spring turned into summer, our interests in each other grew and blossomed. We never progressed past hugs, but I had plans to change all of that.

We were quite the mismatched pair. He was the high school football star, while I was just the shy, quiet one no one noticed, or so I thought. He came in at a staggering six foot seven, whereas I only stood five foot two. He had short sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and more often than not, held his lips in a thin straight line. On the other hand, I had long, brown hair that cascaded down my back and over my shoulders, ending just above the small of my back. My grey-blue doe-eyes made me appear very young and innocent, and my lips were plump, full and always smiling. His rugged demeanor often intimidated those around him, while I was only intrigued more.

The hot May afternoon was about to get a little hotter. We were at his apartment loading up the car so we could take everything over to his new house. With the sun beating down on my pale skin, and the strenuous work from lifting and carrying heavy boxes, I grew tired, and felt the cool tile might do me some good. So I lay down on the empty dining room floor for a short respite. Coming back in from loading a few more boxes, he noticed my sprawled out body on the floor, and decided to join me.

Having him accompany me on the cool ground in an empty apartment sent my heartbeat racing. My mind was spinning; this would be the perfect opportunity to test the waters for a potential relationship. Although he was lying back, all I wanted to do was run my hand along his body and caress each muscle, gently ease the soreness out. Since I was unable to make contact with his aching back, I retrieved his hand laying closest to me. He didn’t seem to mind the sudden touch of my hand across his, applying pressure harder and harder enticing the strain to leave the massive paw. I continued, diligent in my work on his hand as we had a casual conversation about his plans after graduation and his excitement to play football on scholarship. Then I decided it was time to refocus my attention on his other hand.

Having relaxed his sufficiently, he closed his eyes and was not anticipating my next move. In order to obtain his other hand, I had to reach across him. However, rather than just reach across or move to the other side of him, I sat up onto my knees in order put myself at a better angle. Having adjusted, it was now or never to make a move.

With that I said, “What would you do if I did this?”

Our lips met and the fireworks seemed to have gone off. My head was spinning. Feeling the sensation of my lips on his, he immediately went rigid, opened his eyes in surprise, then relaxed and returned the favor. He repositioned and picked up my petite body and centered it upon his massive chest. My loose hair draped over us as we continued kissing and he ran his fingertips along my back, up and down my spine, across the small of my back, and over my ass, gently massaging it.

“I would do that,” he breathed, as we broke the magnificent kiss for a moment to catch our breath.

We continued to lie in our embrace for minutes that felt like hours until he pushed me off of him, and moved on top of me. We lay there for a while longer, him kissing me and running the side of his finger down my cheek and under my chin. Tilting my head up to look into his crystal blue eyes, dragging is fingernail sensually down my neck, back over my collar bone, down into the crevice of my chest. As he did so, I thought I could feel the slight bit of an erection forming below his layers of clothing. He began to grind into me, kissing me deeper and harder, as if with an animalistic desire. I was fantasizing about him, us laying there, our clothes strewn around the room, but I was too afraid to go any further. He knew I’d never been that far, so with reluctance he suggested we finish packing the car.

After finally untangling our intertwined bodies, we proceeded to pack the rest of the car. Occasionally we would brush up against one another, sending spine tingling reactions through us both, causing us to ‘accidently’ do it as often as possible.

Having loaded everything up, we left for the new house. That was the most enjoyable car ride I can remember. He held my hand close and every intersection we came to, he would reach over and send me into pure bliss from the sheer sensation of his lips on mine. I was inwardly praying that he would take a detour to a secluded spot and just ravage me; take me into his strong arms, and take care of the needs I had been feeling for so long. Alas, our days had carried on in private; only he and I were aware of the relationship that was blossoming between us, ours friends and families thought us to only be good friends.

We continued to spend long days and nights together, the carnal connection between us seem to grow stronger each progressing day, but still, no one knew of our secret relationship.

So our days advanced in the cover of empty rooms, car rides, and the short trips walking me out to my car. These short encounters were magical. As soon as we were alone, his hands would explore the curvatures of my body, pulling me close to him, mine exploring his. Our lips met like clockwork and sent my head spinning. Alas, they were never long enough to fully savor.

Finally, it was the night he’d been waiting for: graduation. I met him for lunch that day, and we talked while he ate. He was going on about the girl he had to walk with, but I could only focus on him, not anything he had to say, just him.

I knew that I had to look nice for him that night, so after school I raced home to prepare for the evening. I took a nice, hot, and steamy shower, being sure to take good care while shaving. Afterwards, I got out, towel dried my hair, and threw my dress on. It fit perfectly, tight around my slim waist and short enough to show some skin, but long enough to still appear modest.

With the finishing touches to my now straight, dry hair, and my make-up, I was ready to head out the door. I arrived alone, and found a place to sit. The ceremony began, and all I could think about was seeing him after and how much I would want to kiss him. Finally the ceremony was over and we could go find our graduates.

I went as quickly as possible to try and find him. Finally, I saw him, but could not show him how excited I was and it was so hard to contain myself. I wanted to run up to him a give him a giant hug, and a delicious kiss, but I knew that it just was not possible, so I waited until he saw me and invited me over closer. He had friends around so it was a quick hug, but nonetheless spine-tingling.

After chatting with his friends and family, he invited me back to his house for dinner to celebrate. Since I was parked a ways away, he had me walk with him to his car, and drove me to mine. He said to me as we were walking, “I want you to stay right behind me so I know you make it to my house safe.” He was so authoritative when he spoke; it made me weak in the knees.

Arriving at his house, we sat around, talking and eating dinner with everyone who had joined us, but it was getting late so I knew I had to head home, so I could make curfew. Before I left, he walked me out to my car, and again our lips met with electric shockwaves, coursing through our body.

The next day was Friday, and he came over that night, as I was house sitting alone. We talked, and laughed, played pool, and sat on the couch and kissed, deep and passionately. I decided I wanted to make it more comfortable, so I moved us onto the floor.

We continued kissing for what seemed like hours when I finally realized what was going on – he had begun unzipping my jeans.

He could tell I was nervous, and asked if I was okay, at the feeling of him, drawing circles around my clit, only separated by the fabric of my jeans, I moaned for him to continue. He finished unzipping my tight jeans and began to pull them down my tight, tanned legs.

Once off, he took it slow for me. He trailed his fingertips over the creamy white that was my upper thigh, contrasting the deep tan directly below from countless hours in the sun. He continued up, until he reached the hem of my shirt. He grasped the bottom, and guided it easily over and off of my head, discarding it to the side. Next, he traced his fingers to my back, and unclasped the last piece of clothing I had on, and tossed it to the growing pile.

I lay there on my side next to him, now completely naked, still unsure of what to do with myself. My heart was racing; I was like a deer in the headlights.

His fingers were on the move once more. He paused at my thighs massaging them open to him. I had never felt more exposed in my life.

I was already short of breath, but the moment he placed his hands directly on my now dripping sex, my breathing only seemed to be diminished again. Then he began making me squirm under his touch, only arousing me more than I already was.

He ran his fingers along my slit, feeling the moisture that was pooling there for him. He teased my clit, flicking it to and fro, rubbing it with his thumb. I was in pure ecstasy beneath the spell which was him. He then began to work his fingers into me; the first man to ever invade my most private place. He started with one finger, helping me grow accustom to him before entering a second.

This went on for a while until I was completely out of breath. Knowing I should return the favor, but not knowing how, we lay there entangled in one another once more, my head resting on his chest, his fingers lazily running up and down my back.

I was growing more and more tired by the moment, and he could tell. He helped me to my feet as he got up, and departed for the night. I did not want him to go; I knew I would be far more lonely than usual that night after being even closer than I ever thought we would be.

Saturday came and went, another day of the two of us being together, but things did not get steamy that day. Sunday however was a different story, it was the day I finally punched my virginity card and turned it in.

On Sunday; the sweltering June day was in full swing. We were together yet again. Today was the last Sunday they would have the apartment so we were finishing up moving the last few boxes and making quick touch-ups to get as much of the deposit back as possible. Of course, we were alone again which made one thing lead to another which landed us back on the floor in the dining room kissing.

Being so serious all the time it was a nice change to see him happy and playful. We were kissing and he’d begin to tickle me so I squeal and try to break free of his grasp, but he only pulled me back to him, delighting me with more kisses.

This time, he was a little more forceful when he removed my pants, and I was okay with that; actually it turned me on even more. He returned to his work from the previous night, and I knew I wanted him – all of him.

“I want you,” I breathed.

“Are you sure?” he asked, getting up.

“I want you. Now,” was my answer.

“Well, I can’t give you anything with these still on,” he laughed, nodding towards his clothing.

I fumbled around, not sure how to take his clothes off attractively. I determined there was no good way to do it once he began helping me disrobe himself.

He laid me back, and pushed my legs apart. He moved in closer between me, and checked to be sure I was good and wet. He positioned himself at my entrance, and my breathing quickened, and I tensed up.

Placing his hand on my pelvis, applying a slight pressure, he looked into my eyes and said, “Babe, you’ve got to relax,”

I took a deep breath and let it out. At the same moment, he pushed into me. He felt so amazing, and it did not even hurt. There was a slight discomfort at the invasion, but not near as painful as I had imagined it would be.

Right there in his apartment, he began to use me. He took control and asserted an unconscious dominance over me that without question, I obeyed. We were there for a few minutes, him claiming my newly deflowered pussy as his as long as he was in town.

We did not get to finish our time together with fireworks for either one of us as his cell phone rang, his mother asking us to hurry up, but the explosions in my mind were great alone. I will never forget my first time, or my best friend.

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