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How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 2


"Are you frightened?"

Hayden whispered into my ear as he pushed his hard cock into my tight and wet pussy and let out the largest moan i'd heard. Ever. I shook my head and let out a soft gasp as a shock of pain jolted down my body mixed with pleasure that sent lighting bolts to the tips of toes. I turned my head and look tot he side but he grabbed my head with his hands as he still was slowly penetrating me, in and out in and out and looked at me.

"No i want to look at you. I want you to look at me". I looked up into his handsome face, this look of desire and urgency on his face as he moved his hands down my body, past my thights and on my ass as he grabbed both my ass cheeks and pushed himself further in which made me cry out. He was pumping his hips in a slow quick quick slow rythym that went on and on and the pain slowly became less and less.

"Oh baby FUCK. You're tight as hell. DO you like me fucking you?"

I was in heaven

"Faster Hayden"  i breathed which answered his question as my hands dug deep into his broad back and he pumped me even faster. The bench was really rattling a lot now and i was so scared that it was going to break. He leaned back, kneeling and pumping me, caressing my breasts as he went looking down at his penis sliding in and out of my pussy, something that turned me on even more. I started calling his name, over and over again as i felt an enormous orgasm coming on. I arched my back at the peak of the orgasm which made him swear every possible swear word possibly known to the human race and i made sure the entire time our eyes were locked onto eachother.

"Scarlet baby come for me"

And thats exactly what i did.

He pulled me up off the bench and literally PICKED me up off the floor, wrapping my legs around his waist and putting my arms around his neck. He then put me against the locker and slowly thrust himself into me once more as i moaned and threw my head back towards the ceiling as we moven up and down against the locker. I dropped my head and his lips found mine, our tongues dancing together viciously. Being in such a room that echoed so much, our heavy panting consumed us, our movements against the locker being drowned out by our gasps and moans.

He moved his head down and started sucking at my nipples, something that drove my absolutely crazy, and by my reaction he grabbed my thighs even tighter and pumped me harder. So hard that the locker lefts marks on my back.

"You like that Scarlet?" he moaned as i clung on even tighter

"yes.... fuck don't stop"

"Scarlet i'm going to come."

I remained silent and we locked eyes and i half smiled. He pumped me faster, closed his eyes and reached his climax as his thrusts got deeper. Finally, he slowed but he didn't let go, but remained in me, still wrapped around him against the locker, his lips on my neck, our naked bodies doused in sweat and the only thing that could be heard was heavy breathing. He slowly put me down and i saw that i had bled a lot as his condom was covered in my cum and blood and I started to feel stupid and ridiculous but he grabbed me and kissed me and reassured me that it was normal, and natural and beautiful. And that i was beautiful. He went to the basin and grabbed some toilet paper, wet it and walked over to me and rubbed my inner thighs, my vagina, removing dried come and blood until i was clean. We slowly dressed and he drove me home and kissed me goodnight before i got out of the car. We never talked about it.

This continued for another month or so, we'd work the late shift, then we'd work it in the locker room after everyone had gone home, and the more i did it, the better i became, the more positions we tried and i must say, I LOVED being on top. Grinding my hips back and fourth drove him crazy. We had sex in his car a couple of times, once at his house and it always remained a "friends with benefits" sort of relationship. i started to have feelings for him and when i confessed, he didn't see me the same, so the sex stoppped out of respect for me i guess so i could get over it. But working with him 24/7 didn't really help as it drove me crazy watching him, knowing how close we had been and i couldn't do anything. I quit working at the restaurant and i made my friend swear that she wouldn't tell anyone. On my last day i walked up to him when nobody was looking at kissed him really passionately, said "seeya" and walked out. He had no idea that i had quit.

4 days later he started calling my phone but i didn't respond. It went on for about a week when he finally gave up. I guess it was better. Time to move on. But now, i could officially say that i was no longer a virgin... And i'll be sure to post other stories detailing the car sex shower sex etc etc...

I turned 20 two months ago and i hadn't seen him or heard from him in two years. And 5 days after my birthday i went shopping at a shopping centre in the city and as i sat down in the food court eating my lunch, i saw him. Sitting at a table across from me to the left. And when his eyes met mine, it was time-stopping. Everything around me stopped. And that very night, he proved to me that he hadn't lost his touch. Being older and wiser, it was hotter, sexier, dirtier and fucking amazing but i'll save that story for a rainy day.

Hope you enjoyed my story of how i lost my virginity!

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