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Husband waits patiently while I shop

Her touch was just too much!
My husband skulked around the shops carrying my bags. I could not blame him, as he hates to shop. But then as I always remind him, I go with him to football games and wait patiently for a fish to nibble his line! So he reluctantly drags himself along.

'Just one more shop, the we are done,' I said. I needed new bras, with the extra few pounds I put on I needed to be refitted. I walked into the shop and requested to have my bra size measured. The assistant I spoke to motioned young woman over. She smiled and motioned me to come into a cubicle, while my husband sat on a chair a few yards away.

The shop assistant asked me to remove my shirt. I felt a little conscious and crossed my arms. She sensed my nervousness and took my arms put them out to the side. 'Don't be shy.' She said. I started to relax. My hair was long, so she schooled it up, and push it over my shoulder so it hung over the front. As she did so her fingers brushed my neck, sending shivers down my spine. The shop assistant looked at me in the mirror and smiled.

She got her tape measure and put it around my back then around to the front, as she did so her hand lightly brushed across my nipple. It instantly hardened and felt a little embarrassed. She raised her eyes to me and said it was chilly in here. I felt grateful to her that she was being so nice.

Next she measured across my bust area, she stood behind me, her bosoms touching my back. She stretched her arms around to my front across my breasts, brushing each nipple. I gasped, looked at her in the mirror and her mouth was so close to my ear that when she spoke to me, it sent shivers down my spine.

'Madam,' she said as she spoke by my ear, 'you now need to remove your bra so is can be sure you get the right cup size...' As she said this her thumb move up from the position by my breast across my nipple. I let out a small whimper. She removed the measuring tape and stepped back.

I put my hands behind my back to undo the straps. 'No madam, do it this way'. She stood behind me again, feeling her breath on my neck, she slowly pulled one bra strap down over my shoulder, the the other brushing hands down along my skin. She the guided my arms out and turned the bra to the front and unclasped it. She let the bra fall exposing my heavy breasts.

She stood there for a moment behind me and I caught her looking at my breast, she looked up at me and lifted her hands up and gently brushed my nipples with her thumbs. It was so erotic watching the in the mirror, I felt little dampness in my panties. She brushed my nipples again, very spine tingling.

She leant forward a little more and whispered in my ear 'I bet you are starting to ooze sweetness from your pussy.' With that she slowly moved one hand down to the top of my skirt, undid the zip. The other hand now gently tweaking at my nipple. I was certainly get turned on watching this young shop assistant pressed up behind me, while I watch in the mirror and her hand snaking down to my panty line as my skirt fell to the floor.

She toyed with my panty line as my breath quickened. In the next cubicle I could hear woman trying on clothes. Suddenly the shop assistant tweaked hard on my nipple I whimpered. Her hand made its way past my panty line to my already sopping pussy. She held her hand there while she crouched down slowly, running her tongue down my back, nibbling on butt cheeks. God it felt good.

She parted my legs and in the mirror I could see her finger slide between my labia and into my glistening wetness. I gasped loudly. By this point I had to put my hands on the mirror to support myself. Daring not to shut my eyes as I was transfixed by what this girl was doing to me.

She continued to slide her hands in,adding two more fingers,as she did so I came hard and fast, almost collapsing on the floor. The shop assistant to sit down and spread my legs, dipping her tongue into my wetness and bringing her wet fingers up to me to lick. God I tasted good.

Her tongue kept working me, she took my hand and guided it to my clit. I was not sure at first but then used my middle finger to circle my clit. As I did this, she inserted a finger tilting it up towards my belly button, it felt amazing. God that hits the spot, not even my husband cant do that. Oh no, my husband, I completely forgot. She sensed my anxiety and raised her self so our faces met. She nibbled my lip, as she did that I gasped out loud at the sensation building inside me. She kissed me full on the lips to stifle my noise as I climaxed, she pumped hard and as she did so she pulled out as I squirted all over the cubicle floor. If it was not for her stifling my scream with her kiss, the whole of the shop would hear.

She got up and handed me my clothing. She left and returned with a number of bras, which I did not try on as I was still reeling in shock.

She leant to my ear and whispered, 'I wonder if you husband heard you, if not he will certainly smell your sweet scent.'

I felt the tingling start again. She giggled and left. She was no where to be seen as I walked to the till. I paid and found my husband in the electronics aisle, looking relieved we could finally go home.

I had not got the bras out of the packet for a few days. My husband was at work and kids at school. I tried one on, perfect fit. Pulled another out box and out fell a memory card. I took it over to my laptop on my bed and viewed the contents. There I was being made love to by my bra fitter!!! Instant tingling took my hand down past my panty line. I was already getting wet and tasted my juices.

The rest of the story...well you know, or simply invent your own!!!

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