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I am a man...

This is a true story please enjoy
I am a man of few words, I have said this on many an occasion to both friends and family. I have seen and done things to help both people and myself and by standards of the people now some of them may seem wrong. I am a fighter, I am a survivor, I am Loyal and I am a fool.

I was 15 when I first seen her she had such beautiful blue eyes and hair blonde and lush. She was my age in fact only a few days separated our birthdays and on my 18th birthday Claire would give me a present that I was all too happy to receive. It started calm and casual we were both aspiring chefs sort of, I would help her and in return she would reward me with a kiss on the check or a friendly hug. At this time we were great friends not best friends no I had a great many of them and I loved them dearly but not as much as I loved Claire. That was her name she is Claire and she is mine.

One casual day I was sitting at the counter at my home we were all by ourselves me and Claire and we were hungry so myself being the gentle men I am got up and moved to the kitchen put a pan on the gas went to the fridge and started to prepare food for Claire before I had even asked her if she was hungry (because I already knew the answer). “how do you no I’m hungry” Claire says I respond only with a laugh and grated some cheese, she looks at me smiles with her eyes and says “tomorrow me and john are going out for a while care to join us” my heart broke for a second my shield was down I was weak for that split second were I was laughing and she sticks a knife into me. “No... I’m busy but tell him I said hi” she senses my hesitation and she looks at me and begins “Daniel...” “NO!” I respond “its ok I understand I do please have a good time”. She looks at me with those eyes and I see a mixture of fear and pity. I curse loudly in my head looking into those deep lovely light blue eyes.

She looks at me not in confusion no Claire knows me better than I know myself she knows my thoughts before I know them. It is so embarrassing when we are watching films together and I get a “private” thought and I turn to look at her and her face is glowing red already knowing what I’m thinking. She loves me though I know this all too well, she knows I know and that is what breaks her heart. Claire is the kind of women that can love more than one man she is the women who could welcome a stranger of the street seeing a slight bit of goodness in him and fall head over heels in love with him. I have proven my love to Claire on a great many occasions although I have a fierce temper I have never once hit her nor any other women and she knows she is utterly safe with me. Though she knows she has nothing to fear from me she puts the same faith in the wrong people, all it would take is a smile at some stranger in the street and she would be running away dialling me on her phone before she calls anyone else. We live close me and Claire we aren’t neighbours but we are close.

Once I had our toasties ready we went back through to the living room and had a seat on the couch, I was still thinking about her and our conversation in the kitchen it made me so made that she picked him over me. There was a time when she was on the bus with him and these two men started making comments at her and that bastard just pretended to be asleep. To do that to a women is despicable luckily Claire was a smart girl and just ignored them and their bus stop was not too far away so she would be there in no time. Claire sat down next to me and was so close I could feel the heat of her body, I tried my hardest but whenever I looked out the corner of my eye I could see her and I could feel the lust building and I was afraid one day I would lose control of it. Claire sensing something wrong moved closer to me now she was leaning on me head in my shoulder I could smell the shampoo of her head strawberry’s my favourite fruit.

Let me describe Claire to you she was about 5ft 8” beautiful blonde hair and eyes so blue you would think you were looking into the sea. She had small breasts but a very shapely ass and she would walk with a swagger that would make a man want to look at it for hours. She kept herself in shape but she would always have just an extra bit of meat on her somewhere that just set me off when I looked at her. Now me on the other hand I am 6ft 2” I have blue eyes and brown hair and a very proud 7 ½ inch penis with a girth that’s very wide. I have a strong jaw and a very nice looking body I keep myself in great shape, although I have all this I also have many scars on my body rough part of growing up in Scotland.

Claire looked up into my eyes and I looked down into them I don’t know what she seen but she got up and stood in front of me. I said “ Claire what are you doing “ her only response was to grab my hand and pull me up to her so we were both standing VERY close to each other. I looked down into the eyes again all I wanted to do was grab her face and put my lips to hers, yet just as a smile appeared on my face as I was thinking it, she done something that should have destroyed me. She screamed at me “You bastard... Why can’t you just be happy for me do you care about me so little that you won’t let me go out with john”. At this time all that went through my head was she hates me, so I grabbed her face pulled it up slightly lowered my head and gave her a fierce passionate kiss. Claire looked up at me a mixture of anger and hatred but there was something else at the back of her eyes the way she was looking at me I had no idea what it was but it was there and she was fighting it. She left but not before giving me a hard smack and another few word’s. Anger was all I felt angry at myself I went into my room and hit the walls so hard and so many times I didn’t stop until I had covered a decent sized area with my blood.

The next day I was about to leave my house to go talk to Claire when surprise surprise john was at the door. But no the great 6ft John wouldn’t come to my house without some of his friends beside him, so I was standing there looking at 3 hard men and all I was thinking was “that fucker better get out my way or I'm going to ram his head into their assholes”. John the ever polite gentleman said “Oi!... watcha thing you’re doing with Claire you fucking piece of shit” all I could say was “ not today John fuck off and let me through”.

One of his friends stepped forward and grabbed me by my shoulders all I could do was laugh as this small man tried to pull me a swift kick to his gentleman area and he was out. The other man thought he would surprise me by coming down hard on my head with his fists but missed and hit his own head of my door frame all I could do was laugh. John took a few steps back and I was looking him dead in his eyes “so you think you can come here to MY HOUSE! AND TRY TO GET THE JUMP ON ME!” .John reached around and brought out a rather large looking knife, I was expecting that so I just sighed. “Yeh big man for pulling out a knife I see why Claire feels safe with you” I then looked behind him and seen Claire looking at john in horror. John turned around and said “ Claire sweetie this isn’t what it looks like I done this for you I didn’t want him to hurt you again” Anger ran through me, how dare he think I would hurt her. Claire looked away from him and told him it was over The Great John however took four large steps forward so he was right next to her and brought his knife up to her chest and said “ What the fuck did you just say” Claire clearly nervous said “ Get the fuck out of her “. He took the knife and started to cut open her top I was shocked I ran over to him and before he knew what hit him he had my fist in his face. I grabbed Claire and took her into my house I picked up his knife.

In the house Claire stood in the corner clearly in shock over what had happened I just walked over there and put my arms around her and like that we stayed for a few minutes. We sat down on the couch and I just held her like a father holding his daughter after something awful has happened. An hour went by maybe two or three I didn’t know and I didn’t care Claire was safe and she was in my arms. For the first time since we had stepped into the house I looked at Claire her top was ripped from top to bottom a huge line right down the middle and it was wide open. Claire was sitting there her chest exposed for a long time I had fantasized about those breasts touching them, licking them, squeezing them but all I could see was a very small very thin line of red that had stopped bleeding hours ago. The anger overwhelmed me I was furious my hands were in balls so tight that the knife blade was cutting into the palm of my hand. Claire looked up at me then down at herself I was still staring at her chest. Most women would hit a man for staring at their chests but Claire knew me better than I knew myself she knew I was looking at that thin cut and she smiled.

She looked at my hand a small trickle of blood escaped down the side of my arm and Claire took the knife from my hand and done the one thing she knew would calm me down. She looked up at me into my blue eyes and I focused myself and looked down into those beautiful light blue eyes and she lunged up and kissed me. This kiss she gave me was full of passion it was so exotic I wasn’t used to being kissed this hard or this fierce, I broke the kiss of looked into her eyes again and I seen it that mysterious thing in the back of her eyes I seen it and I knew what it was. She smiled deeply and I knew then that it was love in her eyes love so deep that now she was free from that asshole she could give it to me.

I kissed her again and leaned forward a bit but in doing this I exposed to Claire my fully erect cock, all I could say was “sorry Claire I don’t know what has come over me”. She done something that surprised me she reached down my trousers into my boxers and started to rub it. I was in shock but then I stood up pulled down my trousers and pulled down my boxers and let it stand erect freely. Claire looked at it with fire burning in her eyes and she got down to her knees and gently licked the tip of it. This felt like nothing I had ever experienced before she was licking the tip of my cock with her sweet tongue and then she gave it a gentle kiss, then took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to suck and lick and do everything you possible could do with it to it. She got bolder she started to take more and more into her mouth letting it get as far as it could go. She moved her hands one cupping my balls and making them feel fantastic and the other at the base of my cock rubbing it gently. I could feel it deep down inside of me I knew what was going to happen so I stopped Claire and took her up to my face and kissed her with as much passion as I could.

I grabbed one of her breasts in my hand and rolled the rock hard nipple in-between my fingers and then bend down and started to suck on the other nipple. I would switch between then nipples then I would gently move down lower and lower slowly kissing her skin tasting her sweat. She was breathing heavily and I decided to keep going lower I removed her trousers and when I got to her lovely wet pink panties I took them in my mouth and fiercely ripped them down. I was an animal now I seen her beautifully shaven pussy I looked at it and I could feel my mouth begin to water I took one deep breath through my noise then one deep breath through my mouth. I calmed myself but I was still no were near as in control as I seemed I licked her pussy from bottom to top right up and down her slit once or twice tasting those juices. I had wanted to do this for so long ever since we were young I had fantasized about Claire and now I was doing it I was tasting her. I dove straight in and started to nibble and suck on her clit, I wanted her to scream with pleasure so I didn’t stop if my jaw were to ache I would not stop no matter what, I was going to make her cum hard.

I slipped a finger into her pussy it was so tight and hot, still furiously licking and sucking I then inserted a second finger and was going back and forth with them. Claire’s breathing became laboured she was close I could feel it I wanted to push her over the top now so with my other hand I covered my index finger with her juices and brought it to her asshole. I gently began to massage the area around her asshole then slowly I inserted my finger into her she bucked and screamed as she came hard all over my face. Still very horny I stood up gently rubbing her clit removed my finger from her asshole and lay down next to her on the floor. She stopped twitching and shaking after a while and I kissed her, she looked deep into my eyes and said lets go to your bedroom. We went into my bedroom and she got onto my bed she opened her legs and grabbed my throbbing cock it was so hard it hurt right now. She pulled it to her pussy and I stopped her and asked if she was sure Claire said” Yes Daniel I want you too. Please I want you to fuck me”. That was all I needed to hear that was all I wanted to hear and I began to slowly push my long hard cock into her tight virgin pussy.

Inch by inch very slowly I could tell it was taking longer than it needed to but I wanted to be careful I felt a little resistance and I knew it was her hymen. I looked into her eyes and she nodded I quickly broke through and then I was buried in her right to the hilt. She let out a cry and listening to her in pain brought tears to my eyes, I had hurt her I thought I'm a monster I shouldn’t have done this I was just about to take my cock out of her when she grabbed me and told me to leave it in. She looked back up to me caught the tear that had escaped my eye and said “its ok Daniel; I want this so much please don’t stop now”. Slowly I moved my cock backward and forward it started to relax and she didn’t sound like she was in pain anymore. The feeling of being inside of her was amazing the animal was coming back to me I could feel her heart beat and I wanted to do this to her.

I started to fuck her as hard as I could she was loving this and so was I. I took one of her nipples on my mouth again and began to roll it in-between my teeth very gently, she began to moan saying to me” oh god Daniel, Oh harder... fuck me... oh fuck!” I knew I must be getting her just in the right places. I was shouting “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” over and over again. Claire’s legs tightened around my back this was it I thought I'm going to cum and so is she. I couldn’t hold on I just couldn’t and I released shot after shot into her pussy. This send her over board she was screaming, yelling and twisting I thought “yes Claire all for you enjoy it all”. I stayed in her for a few minutes supporting myself above her waiting until she was completely satisfied, I pulled my semi hard cock out of her dripping wet pussy and she looked at it and smiled. She took it in her mouth and sucked it for all it was worth tasting me and herself; I looked at the sexy sight and realized how lucky I was. I grabbed her by the face very gently and kissed her tasting my salty and her sweet nectar mixed together.

I stood up and grabbed Claire in my arms and brought her up high on my chest were we kissed passionately, I carried her to the bathroom were we enjoyed a nice shower. After the shower we both sat on the couch with a towel around us talking about what had happened. I kept on saying sorry for some reason and Claire kept on saying it was not my fault she had wanted it for a long time telling me she had thought about me a lot. It turns out the only reason she was with John was because he had threatened her that if she ever left bad things would happen. I told her there was nothing to worry about that he would never touch her again, we just stayed there in each other’s arms until it was dark Claire phoned home and told her dad that she would be spending tonight at my house I took her to my room where I knew everything would be alright and that the fun was just beginning.

Thank you this is my first story and I hope you all enjoy it.

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