I like you in your bikini best

By sesssyme

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This lucky guy gets to actually sleep with his friend's sexy wife.
It was a cool night, the windows were open and we were in bed. We had just finished having sex and I was a mess. Jason didn't seem as eager as I was for sex tonight so it was over with pretty quickly. I was surprised I had even gotten off since he was only at the most, semi-erect. I was exhausted after doing most of the work and I couldn't understand what had gone on. He used to jump my bones anytime he saw me. Usually it was the first thing he did when he got home and he often would even try and get some when I was clearing dishes after dinner or brushing my teeth before bed. He'd be really cute about it. Tickle me, kiss me and then before you knew it he was pushing himself inside me. It was a lot of fun. He'd find any opportunity he could to screw me. It was so often that sometimes I'd have to plead for him to stop or to maybe postpone it for another time just so I wouldn't be totally robbed of all my energy. It was hard though. He worked constantly and I was a stay at home girl. I felt like I was his stress relief. I was the one thing he looked forward to while at work. I guess I felt it was like my duty to please him. That's why I worked so hard at it.

I was always taking care of my body so I looked my best for him. I wanted to be desirable. I practically lived at the gym. He even made me an exercise room at home. If I wasn't running a race on the weekend I was doing cross fit or getting ready for my next fitness competition. I wanted to look good for him and I wanted to feel like I was worthy of his generosity. I wanted to always be that sexy wife he dreamed of having. It was great staying home and it felt great to stay in such wonderful shape for him. Don't get me wrong, I did it for myself too. It gave me such a surge of energy and empowerment. I loved the way men looked at me and I loved the confidence it gave me. I kind of parlayed it into my own profession. I got my pro status right away and since getting my professional card in bikini, I'd gotten a few sponsorships and things like that. It was a great lifestyle. Being a fitness model and helping others gain the confidence I gained from it was a dream come true.

That's why I was so perplexed over Jason's attitude toward me. I mean we've tried everything. I role play for him. I buy costumes and I let him act out his fantasies. I just don't understand it. I've done things I felt awkward doing just to please him. I've let him use me in ways I wouldn't have allowed anyone else to. Still things have gotten stale. It's like he's not even turned on by me anymore. I've taken sexy photographs and sent them to him. Emailed him during work and even sent him sexy texts. I wear whatever he wants. He just had to ask me and I would do it. What was wrong with me? I missed how passionate our sex used to be.

Either way, I just laid there in bed as Jason slept, wondering what it was I needed to fix.

They next morning as we were having breakfast, I was slipping on my running shoes and about to head out when Jason slapped me on my ass.

"Ooh what was that for honey?"

I smiled and gave him a wink.

"I just thought you looked really sexy in those shorts. I love your workout stuff."

"Is that so? You can take them off and see what's underneath if you like? I'm all yours."

He laughed and came over and hugged me from behind. As we kissed, I felt him grind his crotch against my ass. He was turned on. I could feel it. He couldn't fight the temptation anymore so he pulled my shorts down and stuffed his soft almost non-erect penis in me. He tried pushing it inside for a couple passes but stopped all of a sudden. A frown grew across my face. I flipped around and put my hands on the counter as Jason zipped his pants up. As he was wrestling with his belt, I had tears welling up in my eyes.

"What's wrong with me Jason? Am I not sexy enough for you?"

He just shook his head. We've had this argument before.

"No not at all. You're unbelievably gorgeous. I just don't get it. I just can't concentrate or something. I mean you turn me on. You do Ashton. You know I think you're amazing looking."

I was crying now. Here I was on my way to the gym, doing my best to look attractive for him and he couldn't even get hard enough to have sex with me.

"Is there something I need to change? Is there something you want? Is it another woman Jason?"

"What are you crazy? No way! That would be ridiculous. Every man in this city would die for the chance to jump your bones. Trust me I know how everyone looks at you. My friends can't even keep their eyes off you."

"Then what is it?"

"I can't figure it out. I just can't. I'll think about it Ashton. I'll figure it out. Maybe I just need sex pills now. I really hope not but who knows. Maybe I'm just one of those guys that needs a little kick start."

He smiled at me and then grabbed his briefcase. "We can talk when we get home okay."

I gave him a kiss and off he went. As I was at the gym working on my glutes I got down on all fours and was doing kick backs. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed a guy watching me. He was stealing glances and trying his best not to get noticed. I still managed to see him perving on me though. It kind of made me hot. I'm sure that guy wouldn't even hesitate if I told him to do me right on the ground. He wasn't Jason though. My husband is the only person I wanted to be with so that guy was out of luck. As finished my exercise and watched the guy stealing glances at my ass during my workout, I thought for a second about voyeurism. I never really realized how hot it could make someone. I wonder how Jason felt about that? I know some guys like to record themselves having sex. Maybe Jason was that kind of guy. Maybe I'd bring it up to him tonight."

We had a great dinner. I made Tuscan chicken with steam vegetables and wine sauce. We had a great conversation and the night was going well. I thought I'd bring up our conversation again since Jason had brought home flowers thinking he had to apologize to me. I wanted to fix things and I didn't want him to think I was upset, even though I secretly was.

"I have an idea Jason."

"About what Ashton?"

"Let's play a game. Just you and me."

He smirked at me as his eyes rolled back. "Like what Ash?"

"About you and us and sex and stuff like that."

His eyebrows rose up as he looked at me in surprise. "Oh that kind of game huh. I like that kind of game."

Jason rubbed his palms together and rolled up the sleeves covering his arms.

"No no. It's different. We can play that right after though. But first I want you to answer honestly. Like don't even hold back. Just tell me what your biggest fantasy is. No matter how sick or gross you think it is. Just tell me. What would turn you on the most?"

He laughed and then turned really red. I could tell he was embarrassed by being put on the spot but I still waited for his response.

"Oh come on Jason. Don't be shy you dork. Just tell me. Is it like tying me up and using me? Maybe pretending to control me? How about like something crazy like chasing me through the house and then catching me and making me do whatever you want me to do?"

He laughed really loud and called me a sick-o. I laughed too but I was also getting annoyed since he wasn't answering. I know men have some weird fantasies so I wanted to know what his were.

"Okay are you serious. Like you won't get mad?"

"No of course not. Just tell me!"

"I want to bone your sister Jamie and your friend Ashley."

I was so shocked. I didn't even realize I had tears in my eyes now. I smacked him across his arm. I mean my friend was bad but my sister too?

Jason started laughing uncontrollably. He was almost on the floor rolling on the ground when I got mad and had to ask him what was so funny.

He just pointed at me and said, "See I knew you couldn't handle it. I knew you were going to get mad Ashton. Seriously Ash. You don't want to know."

I was giggling too because I was confused and because he was laughing so hard.

"What are you joking? Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm not serious. Ashley is like my sister and so is Jamie. I could never do that. I don't even think of them that way."

I was relieved and surprised at the same time. What did he want? I mean I thought he was serious for a bit because most men would be. Ashley is my training partner and she competes in bikini competitions with me. She is drop dead gorgeous. And my sister is cheerleader and she is even more attractive them I am. What in the world was Jason's fantasy?

I pushed Jason and then crossed my arms in protest. I was pouting now because I needed to know.

"Okay fine Ashton I'll tell you. Just don't think I'm weird okay. It's kind of odd and there's no way you'll go for it."

I was curious so I blurted out, "Just say it! Just tell me already!"

"Okay well I've always fantasized about watching you have sex with another man."

"What? Are you serious? Wouldn't you get jealous?"

I was surprised because I thought he would. I mean I have noticed how upset he gets when other men are hooting at me during competitions. Jason always seemed so defensive when guys gave me attention. I never would have imagined he'd want to watch me having sex with another guy.

"Wow. I wouldn't have guessed that Jason. So like any guy?"

"Well that's the weird part. I kind of always thought it would be hot if you slept with one of my friends."

"Friends? Which one?"

"No forget about it. I doesn't matter."

"No Jason tell me. Who?"

"No I can't. It's just too weird. Just forget about it."

"Just tell me Jason. I won't get mad. Is it Jack?"

"No. No way!"

"Then who?"

"It's Steve."

My mouth gaped open. I was just baffled by it. Why in the world would that turn Jason on. I mean Steve is his best friend. How weird would that be. I know Steve really well and I would never guess he would want me to do that.

"Wow. I would have never guessed. Hmm. So Steve huh? Isn't he kind of fat? Would you really want to see that?"

"Well yeah I mean there is something about it that just makes me horny. A fat guy who has never been with a hot chick like you. He probably would never be with a woman like you. That's why it would be so hot. I guess seeing his reaction and stuff and what he would do to your body would be great to watch."

I just giggled. I didn't know how to react to that. It was pretty weird. I mean I guess that's why it was his fantasy. Jason probably knew that it would never happen so he just fantasized about it happening.

"I don't get it. Why Steve?"

"I don't know Ashton? I just think it would be fun to watch."

I could see Jason was embarrassed now. He started to get up but I grabbed his wrist and kept him seated.

"Just tell me."

"Well it's just Steve is single and has never had a girlfriend. He's fat and lonely and probably will probably never meet someone like you. I'm sure he fantasizes about sex all the time and I'm sure, even though he's your friend, he's fantasized about you. I mean look at you. You think after your competitions, when your standing there in just your bikini, all tan and glistening with oil that he doesn't notice how hot you look? He's a man and your an unbelievably sexy woman. I'm sure he notices. He'd never tell me though. I'm sure he'd think I'd kill him if he even mentioned how hot you are. I guess his desire for you would be the major thing. for me. I really like watching him fuck you silly."


"Are you crazy? That would be perfect. He would do everything he could to you. I'm getting hot just thinking about it now."

I shook my head as I stared back at him. He did look really turned on now.

"So that's your fantasy huh. I wouldn't have expected that Jason."

He shook his head and laughed. I smiled and laughed too.

"Well thanks for telling me. That took a lot of nerve to put that out there."

I didn't know how to respond. It's all I could say. I was worried that he might try and see if I'd be eager to partake in it now. I mean he was talking about Steve. He's a nice guy but not one I find attractive. That would be so awkward too. Sleeping with my friend. Ew!

"That's not the only part Ash."

I looked back at him in a flash and waited for his reply.

"I want to watch of course but I don't want to be there when it happens. I want it videotaped so I can watch it myself. You know...Alone."

My head was spinning. It was way more than I imagined. It seemed like Jason was turned on now. I think he was set on me maybe partaking in his fantasy now. Darn. It was so weird that I was worried he'd try and make it happen. What was I to do? I mean I started this. I initiated the conversation. I wanted to satisfy Jason. I guess if it did this it might help our love life. Wow it was so crazy. How could I agree to it? The good thing was that I was sure Steve would never go for it. I mean there's no way he'd do something like that. It was too weird.


"So what?"

"Oh come on Ashton. What do you think? Would you do it for me?"

I grimaced and grinded my teeth. Oh darn he was really eager for me to do it. I didn't want to say yes.

"Oh come on you know what I mean."

"Do you really think it will help?"

"It's making me crazy right now just thinking of it. It would be so hot."

"Really? Are you really being serious?"

"Yes. It's my fantasy Ashton."

I took a deep breath and then let the word roll off me tongue for I could stop it. It was too late now. Before I even stopped to think, I had already said, "Yes."

Jason was so surprised I said that. He had to confirm I actually agreed to go through it.

"I said yes already. Don't make me change my mind."

"No way. You're serious?"

"Yes already. If you want me to do it I will. I'll do it for you. Just tell me you really want this."

"Yeah. Yeah of course. Totally. Really?"


He gave me a big hug and then jumped up in the middle of the dinning room. He shouted out telling me how excited me was and then he said he couldn't believe we were actually going to go through with it.

All I could do was smile. He seemed really happy. I'm sure it would be worth it. Jason came over and gave me a huge hug before lifting me up on the table. As he kissed me, he tore my skirt off right where I was sitting. He fucked me right on the dinning room table with the lights on and the windows open. He was so turned on that I came even before he did. I guess if just talking about this turned him on, actually doing it was going to do wonders for our sex life.

A week had passed and Jason had one of his guy's nights at our place. He hosted the events every other week and all of his buddies loved coming over. At the end of the night, Steve was the last person there and Jason approached him about the idea. I hadn't known they were talking about it as I walked in and was cleaning up after everyone.

"Steve I need a big favor from you."

"Favor? What kind Jason?"

"It's huge but really cool. It's also weird too."

"Okay...now what are we talking about Jason. You're not gay are you?"

Jason laughed as he pulled Steve towards him and whispered, "You think the world of Ashton right?"

"Yeah she's incredible. I love her. What's that got to do with anything?

"Dude just relax."

"No Jason. You're not thinking of leaving her are you?"

"What are you crazy. I love her. I mean she's the best and look at her. She's a ten!"

Steve shook his head as he watched me leaning over to clear a table of dirty dishes. When I turned around to face them from across the room, I saw both of them looking over at me. I had no idea what they were talking about so I just smiled.

"Don't over react but this is a huge favor. Will you do if for me buddy. Will you?"

Steve laughed and then pushed Jason back.

"What is it Jason. Just say it."

He lowered his head and looked down as he whispered, "I want you to sleep with my wife."

Steve had a look of terror on his face. He didn't know what to say.

"You want me to sleep with Ashton?" What are you mad?"

"Dude shut up. I'm serious here brother. I need you to do this. It's kind of like a fantasy of hers and we've been having trouble in the bedroom and she thinks this will fix it." Jason was lying, hoping Steve may be more accepting if he thought he was helping me out.

"Shut the heck up. You're crazy Jason."

"Dude I'm not kidding. I'm not. This isn't a joke or a test. I mean it. She wants to sleep with you. She says it will do something for her sex drive. You have to do this."

"That makes no sense Jason."

Steve just stood there looking at me. He was watching me walk around the room as I cleaned up. I wasn't sure if he was checking me out or if he was preoccupied with something.

"So Steve, will you or will you not do this for me?"

Steve started to walk away as I looked over at them and walked back upstairs. Jason grabbed him and pulled him back over to him. He started to plead with him now. Trying to get him to listen to reason.

"You've known me forever man. I'm not some freak. I don't sleep around or do weird strange things with woman. I don't even cheat on my wife. This is crazy but I'm being serous. Please. Will you do this for me? I need your help."

Steve kept shaking his head in disbelief. They went back and forth for a while until Jason finally convinced him. Steve said he would do it but added, "Won't this make it weird between us?"

"No I promise it won't. Ashton has already agreed to do it. She's just waiting on you. She said she wanted me to be the one to set it up though."

"Really? With me?" Steve tried to fight it but he had a huge smile on his face now.

"Come on man don't act like a kid. What's your answer?"

"Okay fine. Fine I'll do it. But you better not get pissed after. Things better not get weird. I mean seriously you guys are my best friends."

"Don't worry." Jason hugged Steve and thanked him for agreeing. He said he'd set it all up. We wouldn't have to do anything other than meet.

As Steve left Jason's game room and walked out to the front door, I let him out. As we walked to his car together, Steve whispered,

"I told Jason I'd do it Ashton." Steve looked really embarrassed as he said that. He wouldn't even make eye contact with me.

I gave him a hug and said thank you. I was glad Jason talked to him about. I was really hoping it would help us. I mean it's twisted but Jason said it would help his sex drive. If it really did than I was willing to do this for him. I know couples do weird things sometimes so maybe this was our weird thing.

As Steve opened the door, the light from his car gave off a faint glow in the dark of our driveway. It was just us outside. It was very late and very quiet.

"So how do we do this Ashton?"

"I guess we'll set up a time okay. Is there anything I can do to help make it more comfortable for you Steve."

He laughed and gave me a hug as I stood there rubbing my arms to stay warm.

"This whole thing is crazy. I don't even think I can do this. We will just have to see what happens okay. I still feel really weird about it."

"It's just sex Steve."

"I know Ashton but it's with you."

I looked at him like I was annoyed by his remark as I put my hands on my hips, giving him my best annoyed look.

"No I didn't mean that. I just mean I haven't even had sex before."

He quickly recanted and said, "Well I mean as much as most guys. Like maybe just like four or fives times."

I could tell he was lying. It was a poor attempt at sounding cool.

"I know it's weird but it will be fine. I mean sex is always good right?"

Steve looked at me and then looked down at my chest. It took me a moment to realize he was staring at my breasts before I coverd them up with my arms.

"Yeah I guess you are right. Okay then."

"Trust me it will be fine." I put my hand on his arm and rubbed it trying to break the tension between us."

"I'll try and look my best for you too."

He looked at me and then quickly tried to reassure me he hadn't meant to be offensive.

"No no. It will be fine. I wasn't saying that. Sorry. Really though I am looking forward to it now. I hate to say it but I've always found you to be very attractive. I'm just sorry I can't be the same for you."

We both laughed. Steve was heavy, chubby, fat. Whatever you wanted to call it. He was not fit and he never took care of himself. He was sweet though.

"It will be fine Steve. But really if there is anything I can do to make it better let me know. I mean I'm anxious too. Anything to help you would be well...helpful I guess."

We laughed because my comment seemed really stupid. I guess I was talking too much because I was nervous. Steve seemed preoccupied at the moment. As I noticed him trying to work up enough courage to talk, he winced as he stated, "Well there is one thing you could do Ashton."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Maybe could you wear a bikini under your clothes. Like the kind you wear in your bikini contests."


 "Also I love it when you wear cut off shorts. That would be great if you could do that for me. I mean if it wasn't too much trouble."

I was really shocked now and kind of put out by his comments. What a fucking pervert. I guess my suspicions were correct. He had been admiring me from a distance. I guess this was going to be a dream come true for him too. I guess I should have expected that.

"Sure. Whatever Steve. Well you better get home."

"Thanks Ashton. I like you in your bikini best."

All I could say was, "Yeah well...I'll see what I can do Steve. Have a safe drive."

I walked back toward our house as Steve sat there. He just waited in his car as he watched me walk away. I'm sure he was staring at my ass now. Probably thinking about how it was going to look the night we slept together.

A week had passed again and Jason had to leave for a trip out of town. He was going to be gone a few weeks and he planned for Steve and I to meet while he was gone. He had made arrangements for his friend to come down on Wednesday at nine o'clock at night. I was really nervous now. I barely ate my dinner as I walked back into my closet and picked out one of my bikinis to wear. I was still pretty pissed about Steve's request but I knew the better I looked, the quicker this would be. I still couldn't believe I was agreeing to have sex with him.

I flipped through my drawer and picked a green bikini with yellow trim. It had small rhinestones speckled across it and it was very tapered for my body. I put on a pair of cut off jean shorts too and walked over to my vanity. I looked really sexy in it. It kind of was more country than anything but still sexy. I decided to just put on a loose t-shirt, the kind that rolls off my shoulders. As I was finishing my make-up and rubbing lotion on my thighs, the doorbell rang. It was Steve. He was right on time.

I was nervous now. I put on a pair of stiletto heals, ones with a lower rise and walked out to the foyer. I was so nervous that I had to compose myself before opening the door. Steve was there, smiling and holding a rose. I greeted him just like I would any other time but felt really weird hugging him.

"Hi Steve. It's...well nice to see you tonight."

He was bright red. He had on a nice shirt and shorts with sandals. He hadn't really tried to impress me but I should have guessed that he wouldn't.

"You look really gorgeous Ashton. Really you do."

I offered him a quick smile, leaving my mouth closed as I did. I guess it looked forced. I didn't know how to respond to anything since this was so awkward. Since he was just standing there, I took him by the hand and walked him to our bedroom. Steve had different plans though.

"No Ashton. I think we'll go to the game room downstairs. I like it there better."

"Oh okay Steve. That's fine."

I thought that was weird since there was no bed there. Only pool tables, couches and a bar. I followed him down there anyway. Once we were there, I turned around and was twiddling my thumbs as Steve looked around anxiously. He set down his phone and fumbled with his controls. I remembered I forgot to tell him about the camera in the bedroom. Jason told me he wanted us to record this for him. I tried to rush out to grab it but Steve stopped me. I didn't know what to say. I tried to tell him about it but he was already groping me.

"Steve. I have to um...well. I have to get the camera...in the uh...well it's in the bedroom."

He just held me by the arms and stared down at my body. He was looking at my shirt, then at my shorts. I saw him bend to the side and lean over as he looked my legs up and down and then over at my ass.

"I've never told you Ashton but you have the best legs. They are always so perfectly tan. Your thighs are so nice and you have these incredible calves. They just look so great. I love athletic legs. They make you look amazing in a bikini.

I felt Steve getting closer to me. He was pushing against my waist and his erection was stabbing into me.

He was licking his lips now as he traced my body with his hands. It was so awkward. I was frozen. I just stood there. He was my friend but he was acting so different with me. It was like he just got this new toy and he was so eager to try it out.

He moved his hands down my thighs and rubbed them up and down until he slid them around my waist. His big paws gripped my ass now. He was just feeling it over and over. He would grope a big handful of my cheeks and then release them and do it over again.

"Can I get you some wine Steve."

"No I'm good. I'm really good now."

As I stood there like scared little bird, he slid his hands under my shirt and across my stomach. After exploring the ripples across my belly, his hands quickly glided upward and around my breasts. I looked down as I saw him squeezing full handfuls. He was doing his best to cup each of them in his hands. "Wow how big are these Ashton? Are they C cups? They look like D cups. They are superb."

What a stupid question to ask. As if I wasn't feeling awkward enough now. I mean Steve was freaking groping my body. My friend was groping my body and asking how big my breasts were?

"Yeah I got them done a few years ago. 36 C."

"Well they look and feel amazing. Is it okay if I suck on them?"

I just stood there and watched as my arms lay motionless at my sides. When I didn't answer Steve he just moved on with his exploration.

"Wow you're sexy. You're even more gorgeous up close."

He was such a novice. He had never been with a woman. I could tell. He wasn't even acknowledging me. He was just feeling me up and exploring every curve and bend of my body. As he leaned in and smelled my hair, I felt his hands reach for my shorts. He was trying to unbutton them but was failing. I moved his hands out of the way and said, "Here let me get this for you Steve."

Once they were unbuttoned, he slid them off my waist and down my thighs. He bent down as he moved them slowly off my legs. As I stood there in just bikini bottoms and a shirt, his head moved toward my waist. He smelled me then moved the bottoms to the side and tasted me. I closed my eyes because it felt so nice. Then he stood back up and had me raise my arms up as he pulled my shirt off. When he saw me standing there in just my bikini, a huge bulge lifted in his shorts. I could see it staring right back at me. He had a massive erection now and it was standing up for everyone to see. Steve grabbed me and lifted me up over his head as he dove head first into my tits. He was shaking his head between my breasts, which caused my bikini top to slide up off my chest. I think he was "motorboating" them. Steve was doing his best to suffocate himself in a sea of silicon and skin.

His hands ferociously moved around my body, rubbing my legs, then my ass and then my back. He was trying to feel me up the best he could. Then in a flash he moved me over to the pool table where he sat me down on top of it. He must have watched this technique before because as I sat on the edge of the table, I knew he was going to try and fuck me there. Steve pulled his shorts off and pulled out his short but massive cock now. His left hand grabbed my bottoms and untied the side of my bikini. As the bottoms fell off my waist, Steve was navigating his cock into my slit. I had to help him guide it in as he tried to find the right angle for it.

Once he was inside he let out a huge moan. "Oh wow this feels incredible. You are so tight Ashton." I just grimmaced and brought my hands to my chest. As he pushed in and out of me for the first time, I slapped him defensively on the tummy. His stomach was so big and it was all I could see as he fucked me. For about a minute he pumped into me ferociously. The speed was probably equivalent to how fast a hummingbird flutters its wings. As he fucked me on top of the pool table, I grabbed his big heavy back for support. His stomach was so big that it was pushing me back as he thrust into me.

I was letting out puffs of air as he piled his cock in and out of my well manicured vagina. It was so fast that it felt like lightening inside my slit. He was hitting just the right spot and it was causing tingles to race up and down my spine. I was getting so wet that it sounded like water splashing down on the pavement as it rained.

As Steve heard me muttering, "Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh," he yelled, "I can't believe I get to fuck you. Your body is incredible. You like it don't you Ashton. You want my dick don't you."

His words were so foreign sounding. It was so strange to hear him talk like that. My lips betrayed me though as I unexpectedly blurted,

"Oh Steve. Oh Steve."

When he heard me saying his name, it made him madder. He bolstered his attack as he wrapped his hands around my ass and leaned in harder during his thrusts.

Before Steve had enough. He picked me up off the table with his massive arms and rushed me towards a leather chair. He turned on the television and switched to our home surveillance camera that monitored the game room. As he leaned me forward across the backrest, He positioned my ass out and bent down to kiss it. I felt his tongue glide up and down my pussy from behind. All I could do was hold on to the sides of the chair as I looked up and saw us on camera now. Steve hit record on the television just before guiding his cock into me from behind. Jason had set it all up for him and taught him how to get it working. As the system recorded us, I watched myself reel forward in response. He crashed into me so hard that the sound of our skin slapping together snapped across the empty room. Again he attacked me from behind with another massive strike. The sound slapped across the tile and echoed for several seconds.

I shrieked as he rode me from behind. His dick was so far up my pussy that it felt like he was filling every void inside my shaft. Even though he was short, his dick seemed much longer now. It must have been because I was getting wet.

Steve must have bent me over and ridden me for at least five minutes. I just watched my body rock back and forth as my hair fluttered from all of the momentum. Steve gripped my right breasts as he reached down with his left hand and turned the volume up on the television. I could see us in several positions on the screen. It seemed like a movie. Like I wasn't really there. My voice was coming through the speakers as he drove deeper and deeper in me making my voice reverberate across the game room. I heard it echoe out into the wide spaces of our house. If the neighbors were home, they were sure to know I was getting fucked out of my mind.

My shrieks sounded painful, even if they weren't. He was fucking me so hard I couldn't help but be vocal. It was like he was so desperate to drill me. He had never been with a woman, let alone one that looked like me. I was sure he was worried he was never going to get another chance with me. I guess that's why it seemed like he was eager to get every ounce of use from my body.

As he was getting harder and slower, I felt him lean toward my ear and whisper, "I've dreamed of this. I've dreamed of you for years. I can't believe how incredible you feel. Your pussy is so tight. It must be from all your workouts. I'm about to erupt. Get ready for it. Get ready for it!"

"No Steve not in me. Don't cum in me!"

I pleaded with him as he started to speed up. He was thrusting so fast that he closed his eyes and held his head back. I didn't want him to shoot his load in me. I was worried he couldn't hear me. Then at the last second, he pulled out and came all over my lower back. Load after load littered my skin as it dripped down past my waist. I looked over to the television and saw Steve push away from me and sit back on one of the stools. He reached over and grabbed his phone as I heard it beep.

Steve had recorded the whole thing for Jason and showed it to me.

"Oh my gosh Ashton. I can't believe that. I never imagined how good it would feel. You are so gorgeous. Did you cum too?"

I just shook my head know.

Steve didn't care as he took some deep breaths and labored to compose himself.

As I slid my bikini back on, I kissed his cheek and told him he did a good job for his first time. Steve sent me a copy of the video first since I said it would be best if Jason got it from me. After forwarding it to him, I told Steve I needed to shower. Steve walked upstairs and had a glass of wine as I finished and waited for me to see him out. As we were at the door, I gave him a hug and told him not to be a stranger.

"Stranger? Nothing could be stranger than this huh Ashton."

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. As we stood there, I heard my phone beep. When I opened the screen and looked at my messages, I noticed Jason had sent a response back. It read, "Just came."

Steve tried to look over at it but then got a message from Jason as well. His text read, "You can do better than that."

Steve took one look at me and lifted me up over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him.

"I guess I'll be staying here with you this week Ashton. This is going to be terrific."

All I could say was, "Are you serious?"

Since Jason was gone for a week, I guess now I was going to have to spend a lot more time with his friend.