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I lost my virginity to my best friend

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I lost my virginity to my best friend

Nikki was 2 years older than me and was my next door neighbour. We played together when we were kids and hung out together as we grew older. There wasn't much I didn't know about her and vice versa. But all good things come to an end and she moved away to a University in Spain whilst I remained and got a job locally. We would meet up whenever she returned home but those occasions were very rare.

A couple of years after she moved away she was due to return home during the summer holiday and we arranged a weekend together in Tenby, West Wales, a beautifully picturesque coastal town. She was 20. I was 18.

The time arrived and we caught the train from Cardiff to Tenby on what was one of the hottest days of the summer. We spent the day on the beach catching up on things and generally having fun and a laugh. The evening drew closer and we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for an evening out on the town together. We were staying in the same room but in separate beds obviously as we were simply best of friends. Our room only had one bathroom so we decided that I would shower and get ready first.

The coolness of the shower water on my skin was a welcome relief as the sun had been pounding down on us all day. Feeling relaxed I dressed in a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt ready for our evening out and lay down on the bed whilst Nikki used the bathroom.

I must have fallen asleep as I woke up suddenly in a shudder and realised that Nikki was laying beside me and her hand was inside my shirt stroking my chest. 

"Sorry!", she said "I didn't mean to surprise you. You've changed so much these last couple of years and I haven't been able to take my eyes off you whilst you've been laying there. When I left for University you were still a boy, but you've grown into such a handsome young man." 

I blushed and stuttered "Well you are still that little girl I grew up with, albeit with larger breasts now." And we laughed.

But I noticed too how more grown up she was now, and incredibly gorgeous. There was an uncomfortable moment but then 'Rhinestone Cowboy' started playing on the radio and we both sang along to it at the top of our voices like a couple of idiots, and normal service was resumed.

Nikki was around a size 10, long brunette hair and naturally good looking. She had changed into pair of shorts and a tight tee-shirt which exaggerated her breasts. We were both still laying on the bed and we started talking about her life at University. I was aware of a few relationships she had with boys whilst there but she hadn't met anyone who could 'float her boat' and they had fizzled away into nothing.

She was telling me that she had had a sexual relationship with some of them but they were far from special and consisted of quick fumbles more than anything. I only had one girlfriend previously and admitted that the furthest I had gone with her was touching her boobs and caressing the front of her panties with my hand. I was hardly the local stud!

"So you're still a virgin!" Nikki laughed. 

I blushed again. I blamed it on the heat .

"It's getting hot in here" I said. 

"It is" she replied and she moved closer to me and kissed me on my lips.

What felt like a lightening bolt ripped through my body, it felt like nothing I've experienced before. Our lips were locked. Our tongues trying to become entwined. I had never been so turned on and my erection was straining against my shorts, aching to be released. When our lips parted she noticed the bulge in my shorts. 

"It looks like you enjoyed that as much as me" she said.

I felt embarrassed and tried to cover the bulge but she said "don't, it's nothing to be ashamed of." 

We lifted ourselves so we were kneeling on the bed and I lifted her tee shirt over her head and slipped her shorts off so she was wearing just a sexy set of underwear. She was right, she had enjoyed the kissing, as I could clearly see a damp patch on her knickers, making them become almost transparent. I could make out the triangle of her pubic region which was neatly trimmed.

We kissed again before I unclipped her bra and released her beautiful breasts. They were not huge but I'd never seen a finer pair, not in any of the girly magazines I had read. They were so pert, and quivered gently as she moved. I cupped each of them with my hands and I couldn't help myself from licking and sucking her nipples. Nikki started moaning as I felt her nipple harden in my mouth. I did the same with the other, tweaking the other one with my fingers. 

Both nipples were now fully erect and Nikki was continually moaning and telling me how nice it felt. I kissed my way down her chest, her heartbeat thudding in time with mine. For every heartbeat, my cock grew a little stiffer. I kissed her belly button and kissed my way down until I reached her panties. I took the waistband of her panties between my teeth and slowly started to pull them down. I could smell her arousal and it was the most beatiful smell I had ever encountered.

When they were completely off I parted her legs and was greeted with a sight that I will never forget. Her 'flower' had parted and was glistening with her wetness. She was quivering and breathing heavily now. We both were. I moved down her body and slipped my tongue into her vagina, licking all the way up to her clitoris, her juices gathering on my tongue which I swallowed. Her juices tasted exquisite.
I flicked my tongue over her clitoris which was hardening more and more with every flick and every moan that passed through her lips. I alternated my tongue from sliding up and down her opening, to flicking and circling her hardening bud. Her sweet nectar was flowing from her like a tap and my face was becoming more and more soaked. Nikki's pussy lips were now swollen and her love hole gaping open.

To aid the pleasure from my tongue, I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and started to rub her g-spot. She was now thrashing around the bed, gripping my head with her hands and grinding her pussy hard on my face. She was shouting that she was coming.


I was astonished at her expletives but it turned me on even more. Her orgasm seemed to last an eternity and eventually she got her breath back.

Then it was my turn!

She made me kneel on the bed and slipped down my shorts and boxers, my cock bobbing up and down as she did so. I was so hard it was painful. A little bead of my excitement had formed on the tip of my penis. Her head moved closer and she started licking the entire length of my shaft. 

Pre-cum was oozing from me and she licked it off with a lick of her lips s and a "mmmmmmm" was released from her lips. My heart was pounding, the blood flowing through my body, the majority of it between my legs. She lay m e down on my back and continued to massage my throbbing length with her hand, tongue and mouth. I struggled to comprehend the view in front of me.

My best friend, this gorgeous girl, with my stiff, throbbing cock in her mouth. I was getting close, I could feel the sperm starting to boil and travel up my cock, I wanted this amazing experience to continue so I withdrew myself from her mouth and I paid further attention to her body. We were both wet and sticky, a cocktail of sweat and body fluids

I whispered in her ear.

"I need you ..... I need to fuck you".

"Please. Please do it she purred".

She was laying on her back, I climbed on top of her and guided the head of my cock between her legs . I slid my tip up and down the length of her slit, juices continued to ooze from her. I slid my length in slowly until I was fully inside her. We both moaned, and the moans turned to groans as I slid in and out of her.

The moans and groans, the squelches of our lovemaking, echoed off the walls of the room.

"You're making me cum baby, don't stop, please make me cum again" she was shouting.

That set me off once more. She was biting my shoulder, sometimes gently, sometimes rough. I could feel my boiling, juices begin to travel the length of my cock and then I reached the point of no return. I was about to pull out when Nikki jolted and wrapped her legs around my back.
"Shoot your hot sticky spunk deep inside me" she insisted. 

"It's okay" she assured me.

My throbbing cock could last no longer and the jets of spunk blasted out of me, coating her velvety walls. "I can feel you shooting inside me" she moaned, setting her off on another orgasm. I was moaning like crazy, I had never experienced such pleasure, for every throb in my cock, another blast of spunk shot deep inside her.
I thought my orgasm was never going to end. But inevitably it did. Nikki and I remained in each other's arms for a long, long time afterwards.

We didn't make it out on the town that night!

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