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I Love Valentina

Valentina was a total surprise, a virgin with a twist
In my youth I dated many girls and women. They all had interesting facets to their lives which attracted me. They were all fun to be with and I had sex with all of them. I am not the most handsome man nor do I have the best body but women find that I am pleasant to be with and I treat them with respect and make them the center of my world.

One woman I dated was born in Russia and was raised in Argentina. Her family moved to Argentina because their father worked for a Russian company there. The family consisted of the father and mother and three children. Nikolas was the oldest, Valentina was the middle and Olga was the youngest. When Valentina was 14 her father died in an accident at work. Her family moved to the United States where they continued their education and grew up.

They went to my church where I grew up as a child. I never really paid any attention to Valentina until after she graduated from high school. I was active with the youth in the church. Every spring the youth group would have a camping trip where the boys and girls spent an overnight at a couple of houses on a lake that were owned by church members. We pitched some tents for the overflow group.

This year it was my turn to be one of the chaperones for the outing. Nikolas had been trying to get me to date Valentina for a while. He kept telling me that she had a crush on me. Valentina and I had been dating for over a month when this outing happened.

We had been doing what young people normally do. We would find a secluded spot and park. We would sit and talk. We would listen to music. We would kiss and hug. That was usually all that would happen. A lot of times we were on a double date. Then we would be on our best behavior.

A few times Valentina would take off her jacket so we could be cooler and closer together. I would have my arm around her holding her close to me. We would be kissing and giggling. The car windows would get fogged up.

We had been moving closer to getting more intimate. My hands were on her breasts over her blouse or sweater. Her breasts were small and firm. She would not let me go any further. It was frustrating but we were still moving along. She wanted to go further but was afraid. So was I.

At the time I was the chaperone I was 21 years old. Valentina was 20. She could not go for the overnight. Her mom was very strict. When we went out on a date we had to tell her where we were going, what we were going to do and when we would be home.

After the outing was over I took some of the young people back to the church where they could meet their parents. It was a Sunday morning so the service was starting. I went to the service and sat with Valentina and her family. We talked about going out after church. I told her and her mom that I had to take down the tents and clean up the area of the lake house. Valentina wanted to come along and help. I was going to be alone and could use help. Her mom told us it would be all right for her to go along.

We got in my car. She slid over and sat right next to me (bench seat, no seat belts). I had my arm around her on the seat. She rested her head on my shoulder. We cleaned the area and took all but one tent down. I put the tools back in the house and locked it up. It was getting very warm.

When I went into the last tent Valentina was laying down on a sleeping bag. She had taken off her sweater and shoes. She patted the area next to her where I should sit. I sat down. She looked over at me and smiled. It was one of those devilish smiles where your head is pointing down with your eyes looking up. I did not know what to expect. She reached up and kissed me.

The kiss was one of hunger and lust. Valentina was a woman who was 5’ 9” tall with small breasts 34A-20-35. She had short mousy brown hair and an olive complexion. She did not use any makeup. She was no plain-Jane but had some beauty in a natural way.

We kissed and hugged and rolled around on the sleeping bag. We were getting really warm. Our clothes were riding up and getting loose. We kissed our lips, our ears, our neck and hair. Our tongues were probing each other’s mouth. We were really getting sexually aroused. We both knew something was going to happen. There was no stopping it.

Valentina made the first move. We had a radio playing rock and roll in the background. She stood up and started swaying to the music. As she was swaying, she was unbuttoning the blouse she had on. First the cuffs then the front starting at the bottom and working the way up. When the blouse was all unbuttoned she left it on. She came and sat next to me. I put my arms under her blouse around her and held her to me. I kissed her again and again.

I could see that she still had a little fear in her eyes about doing this. I did too. It was a big step in our relationship. We did not want to blow it. We liked each other and there was a little more there but we did not know how much. Going all the way was a big deal in this time. It was a commitment that there was something there not just an urge to fulfill a need.

I took off her blouse. She cuddled closer to me. I hugged her tightly. She still had a camisole and her bra on. I started to explore her body. I moved my hands over her shoulders down her back. I caressed her back for a bit until she relaxed. I moved my hands to her stomach and rubbed that area. Slowly my hands went to her breasts. Even though they were covered I could see that they were expanding. Valentina was breathing heavy.

I helped her remove her camisole. We put it aside after folding it up. All she had on now was her bra, She was breathing real fast. I held her to me and kissed her face and lips. I calmed her down and had her relaxing again. She was getting more at ease. She was still a little shy. I hugged her and she lay down beside me. We laid there for a little while and relaxed.

We sat up. She stood up facing me. My face was right at her womanhood. She reached to the side of her slacks. Unbuttoned and unzipped them. They immediately fell down to her feet. Underneath she wore a panty girdle with a pair of nylon stockings held by the garters on the girdle. I rubbed my hands up her legs starting at the calves and ending where the nylons ended. She shivered.

I undid each garter. I rolled her nylons down her legs and put them aside. I further massaged her. She was breathing faster again. I pulled down the panty girdle and exposed the white cotton panties beneath. There was a small but growing wet spot on them. I could see here brown curly hair through her panties.

I rubbed up the front and back of her legs. She was trembling with my touch. As I worked my hands up the back of her legs I did not stop until I had found her curvy behind. I grabbed each of her butt cheeks and pulled her to me. My mouth was kissing her thighs moving to the V-junction. I kissed her womanhood through her panties. A small moan escaped her lips. Her panties became wetter. She was getting ready for me.

I sat her down. I hugged her to me still making her comfortable. She was enjoying the attention and staying focused on me.

I stood up. I turned to face her. I unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I removed my t-shirt. I heard a gasp from Valentina when she saw my naked chest. I reached down and undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. They fell to the floor. My swollen member was poking out in my tidy-whiteys. I turned and faced Valentina. She looked up at me with a quizzical look. I reached for her hand. I put it on my underwear. She rubbed my member and I moaned.

I sat down behind her put my arms around her and held her against my chest. She rested her head on my shoulder and cooed. She seemed contented to sit there like this. I was rubbing her lower stomach area. She was rubbing my thighs. We were just getting comfortable with each other’s nakedness. I moved my hands up to cup her breasts through her bra. She gasped and put her hands on mine.

She held my hands for awhile tightly pressing her breasts. I moved around to her back with my hands and unhooked her bra. Her hands still covered her breasts. I slowly removed her bra sliding my hands underneath the material. Her breasts were small but the nipples were dark and large. They were erect and looked to be straining to bust out. I rubbed her breasts under her hands and played with the nipples. Several moans escaped from her lips. She was loving it.

I kept one hand on her breast and moved the other down to her panties. I massaged her thighs moving closer to her wet spot on her panties. I put my hand over the wet spot and pushed on it. She jumped. It startled her but then she started to move against my hand. I slid up to the top of her panties and under the waistband. Her light brown curly hair was soft to the touch. It was like a carpet. I wound my fingers through it. As I moved lower towards her womanhood it got wetter. I caressed her there.

I found her slit. It was dripping fluid onto her hair and her panties. I rubbed up and down and more fluid escaped. She was moaning and moving with my hand. I grabbed her panties with both hands and pulled them quickly off her. She was now totally exposed to my eyes, lips and hands. She did not try to hide anything. She wanted me to see her, hold her, make love to her, and make her a woman. I wanted her now.

I stood back up facing her. I took down my underwear allowing my manhood to pop out at her face. She squeaked when it jumped at her followed by a giggle. She was getting more comfortable. She reached up to grab my member and stop it from bouncing around. She examined it closely checking every inch out. I was uncircumcised so the head was hidden under some skin. She stroked the head exposing the nub. It has a bluish tint to it as the blood flows there as it grows hard. She moved her lips closer and tentatively gave it a kiss. I moaned deeply. Sensing my pleasure she kept kissing it all over. She was sending tingling sensation all over my body. She took her tongue and started to lick the length of it. I was going crazy. She was driving me wild. She was kissing me and with her hand she was stroking me. It was amazing.

I lay down with my cock pointing straight up in the air. She continued her assault of it. She was sitting beside me so I reached over and touched her breasts. This got her attention. She moved so they were easily accessible. I rubbed her nipples in my fingers. I pinched them I pulled them. She was moaning I was moaning. We were having fun pleasuring each other.

She moved over me to get a better grip and easier position on my cock. In so doing I was presented with a beautiful view of her womanhood right above my mouth. I grabbed he butt cheeks and pulled her to me. I buried my mouth in her carpet licking up some of the fluid that was there. It tasted so sweet. My tongue wandered over the carpet seeking the slit for the entrance to her love pot. When I found it, it opened up and presented me with more juices. I licked up and down cleaning it up. Her clitoris was emerging from under its hood wanting to be noticed.

I took her clitoris in my lips and kissed it. It grew a little more. I flicked it with my tongue causing her to jump. My cock entered her mouth. She liked that. She started to suck on it. It was a nice warm feeling. It was tight and her tongue wrapped around me so I was at home. She was riding up and down on my cock in her mouth. She was trying to stuff it all in. She gagged at one point but that only slowed her down. I was getting ready to explode in her mouth. I had her slow down to prolong the wait.

I was working on her pussy getting my tongue in side and poking her. She was very tight. I reached up and pushed a finger inside her. She almost bit my cock when she jumped. She liked what she felt. She wanted more. I rubbed her inside and put a second finger in. This drove her wild. I could feel her growing orgasm coming. I kept probing her and driving in and out. She came with a small orgasm. She let go of my cock and screamed a low growl. It was good. She wanted more.

She wanted my cock where my fingers were and she wanted it now. I rolled her over and put my cock at her womanhood. I rubbed it up and down her slit. It was driving her wild. She was begging me to take her now. I pushed my cock against her clitoris and she gave out with a long moan. I moved down a little bit and started to push my cock into her pussy. She spread her legs wide making what she thought would be an easy entrance. She was a virgin and was so very tight it was hard to make it into her without hurting her. Fluid was gushing from her and that helped to lubricate me. I pushed in only to meet the next obstacle, her hymen. I told her it would hurt but that the hurt would be replaced with a pleasant feeling very quickly.

I pulled out a little and pushed in harder. We could feel a pop followed by an easier entry. I stopped inside her and let the pain subside. When she was ready she started to push against me. I plunged on. Eventually I completely went inside her. She was moving with me loving everything. She had locked her legs around me and was staying right with my motion. I could feel her pussy getting tighter as her next orgasm was upon her. I slowed down to make it wait until I was ready. I had found her g-spot and was going to make her cum and squirt when I came. I was building up to my orgasm now. My balls were tightening and I started moving faster. She kept up with me and we climaxed together. I sprayed my sperm into her and she squirted around my cock. It was warm it was exciting. We held each other tightly never wanting that feeling to go away.

Even though I had just cum, I was still hard. She rolled me off her and went back down on me kissing my cock. She licked my cum and her cum off it. It was clean and she was going to take me in her mouth. I was laying there surprised. I learned something about her I did not know. She could give the best blowjob ever. She had my cock at attention in no time.

I was licking her pussy and around her butt getting all the cum cleaned of her. She wiggled her butt. I put my tongue near her entrance. She loved it. I poked into her and she grabbed my cock tighter. I found out another thing about her. She liked her butt stimulated. I kept at it and her pussy was pushing fluid out again. I replaced my tongue with my finger and she really got turned on. I put my tongue inside he pussy with my finger in her bum. She started to buck up and down. I took my finger out of her bum and replaced it with my thumb and stuck two fingers in her pussy.

While she was getting me ready to cum, I was pushing her to the edge. I licked her clitoris, pushing my fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her bum. Her pussy and her bum grab onto my digits. Her orgasm was coming. My balls tensed up and I could feel the rush of my cum at the same time. We both exploded together. It was like jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet with the air rushing up to greet you, so exciting and wonderful.

She swallowed all of my cum. smacking her lips when she was done. I licked her pussy with a feeling of job well done. We rolled off each other lying with arms entwined. We were basking in the afterglow of love making. We cuddled we canoodled. We were content. She looked at me and smiled. We kissed for the longest time.

We had one more round of love making which was just as good as the first. It certainly had less drama and inhibitions. We had gotten to know each other’s body and that made it so much easier.

We picked up the tent after getting dressed and drove back to the city for a nice Sunday dinner to celebrate the day. As we drove she held my free hand and cuddled as close to me as she could get. We were still basking in the afterglow.

Over the next few months we made love several times. None were more meaningful than the first. It was a time we would never forget. I got drafted and went to war in Vietnam. Last I heard Valentina had gotten her teaching credentials and moved back to Argentina to live and teach children.

I look back and get a warm feeling of love and wonder ‘What If’.

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