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I must be a hell of a pervert

1st time for sharing my wife
I am such a pervert.

Yes, this is going thru my mind as I fantasize about me sharing my wife (Liv) with another man. People probably would kick me out of this town if they knew how much this desire overwhelms me. I am definitely not trying to make her a slut or anything. It is more of a desire of me wanting to give her the utmost pleasure a husband can give to his spouse. Here is an example.

My darling wife bought me a pair of lounge pants for X-mas and I was wearing them last night. I said, “Honey did you look at these lounge pants when you bought them?”. She replied, “I think so why?” I laughed and asked her to read what was on them. She looked and about fainted. There, all over them were 3 people holding hands and the word “Threesome” written all over them. I smiled and remarked, “Is this a hint?” She laughed and blushed. The blush came from a distant memory I think.

We had experienced a threesome a long time ago with a friend of mine. Dare say we both enjoyed the night very much. It was a spontaneous unplanned evening which made it that much more thrilling. Let me tell you about it.

She and I were watching TV on a weekend night with nothing else to do. I had a t-shirt and lounge pants on and Liv was wearing a pair of sweatpants and had one of my t-shirts on.

It was about 10 pm when we heard someone knocking on the door and I answered it to find my friend Rick. He looked a bit intoxicated and I detected an odor of alcohol around him. I asked him in and Liv looked at me quizzically. He sat down and started rambling on about nothing to do anymore for us “older” people, etc etc. I did agree and that was why we were home watching TV instead of bar hopping with the younger crowd.

He smiled and said “well maybe this will make us feel better. He reached down to pull a couple DVDs, a bottle of tequila and some limes out of a bag he had with him. I was definitely in the mood for some tequila shots. Liv on the other hand loved tequila and lime so she went to get some shot glasses for us to use.

We talked for a long time all the while taking shots. It seemed as if there was a feeling of each of us being loosened up a bit. The talk and manner became more a sexual in tone for some reason. He told Liv how cute she looked in her “custom” nightwear and we laughed. Liv told Rick that she’d loan him some sleepwear if he wanted to fit in with the “in crowd.“ He said only if he could spend the night.

I mentioned he had been drinking a lot so she went and got him a pair of lounge pants. He went to the bathroom to change and she said “Is he really going to spend the night?” I said “You brought it up and he is probably too drunk to drive.” She did agree with me.

Rick came back and we all downed a few more shots. He asked if we wanted to watch one of his DVDs and we both said yes why not. He gave one to Liv to put in the player. He and I both noticed that when she bent down to place the DVD in the player her t-shirt fell loose and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were obviously hard.

The 3 of us sat on the couch with the tequila and a bowl of limes drinking as the DVD started. It was an X rated one and Liv went “What is this?” Rick laughed and said, “wait you’ll like it.” The title was “What Are Friends For” and she and I looked at the other questioning the title. We settled back on the couch and it started.

The movie began with a couple sitting on their couch talking and there was a knock on their door. Liv said “Now that’s too familiar.” We all laughed. There was a male at the door and the man was invited him in. They sat talking and the friend just reached over to kiss the mans wife and fondle her breasts. Liv hit the pause button and said I think we need more limes and went to the kitchen.

Rick asked if he had made her mad with the video and I replied “I have no idea, she will tell us know I am sure if she gets mad.” I glanced to the kitchen and Liv was leaning on the counter and one hand was up her t- shirt. I guess she was fondling her own breasts.

After a few minutes she returned flushed and breathing a bit rapid. She hit the play button and we continued to watch.

The man on the screen stopped his kiss and told the husband he had always wanted to kiss the his wife. Was he okay with it. Rick blurt out and said “Hell, I know what he means.” Liv and I looked at him and I asked, “You always wanted to kiss Liv?” He said, “Oh yes. I have wanted to from the 1st time we met.” Liv said, “That is a compliment.“ I looked at Liv and asked if she was okay with it and she shyly said,“Well okay, why not if he wants to that much?”

She turned towards Rick and leaned to him. Their lips met and instantly parted meshing their tongues together. She placed her arms around his neck and his left hand slowly went under her t shirt. This startled her a bit but also made her groan and she pulled him tightly against him. He must have been rolling her nipple because she was moving her body to his hand. She suddenly regained her composure and stopped the kiss.

She turned to me blushing and muttering, “Oh baby I am sorry. I got a bit carried away with Rick rubbing my nipples. You’re not mad are you?”

Looking at her I smiled and kissed her as if to say I was okay with it. We kissed as passionately as we always did. She was actually sucking on my tongue as we kissed. I could tell she was intoxicated, turned on and hot as hell.

She pulled me close to her as I reached down and pulled her t- shirt up to her neck exposing her breasts to me and Rick. Liv drew back and looked at me with a quizzical look on her face as I smiled at her. She just leaned back on the couch so I could lift the t shirt over her head exposing her all the more. Her breasts were gorgeous as always. Rick and I just marveled at her bare breasts as she sort of pushed them outward for us.

They were and are 36C’s, hard erect and suck able nipples. They sagged just a bit due to age and a baby early in life but still wonderful to look at. She seemed proud that we were looking so lustfully at her and said to us “Okay this isn’t fair, now you have to remove your shirts.” We had our shirts off in an instant and she laughed. She rubbed each of our chests and tweaked our nipples. Liv leaned down to kiss and roll her tongue over our chests and lick our nipples as well.

Rick and I reached to her and massaged her breasts, I rolled her nipple between my finger making her moan and tremble a bit. He leaned down and took the other nipple between his lips and sucked it in while he massaged her breast. Liv was loving the attention and whether it was intentional or what she did lower her hands to his and my crotch. She then began to massage our erections from the outside of our lounge pants.

I went back to kissing her as Rick continued to suck her nipple. The passion in our kiss was undeniably raw and sexual. She then reached under the waistbands of our lounge pants and was massaging the erect cocks he and I both had.

The video was playing and we paid no attention to it at all by now. We could hear the moans and groans on the screen which sort of made this more sensual.

This went on for a few more minutes until she broke from our kiss to say, “honey I really want to suck your cock.” Taken back a bit from her out of character remark, I said, “what about Rick?” Liv looked at him and said, “Rick will you finger my pussy while I suck Marc?” Rick needed no motivation at this point and as Liv stood to lower her pants and panties he and I were in awe of her. Her breasts, flat stomach, fine curly black pubic hair was more than he and I could imagine. She laid down on elbows and knees on the couch to suck my cock. Her pussy and asshole were right at Rick’s face as he began to finger that pretty pink wet pussy he now had in front of him.

Liv took my cock into her mouth and sucked it up and down then deep into her throat. She would lick the shaft and then my balls between sucking. Rick by now had two fingers in her pussy and was finger fucking her. She was so wet his fingers made a squishing sound as he fingered her. She was into the scene and was fucking backwards onto his fingers. Rick said out loud, “oh Gosh this is the best feeling pussy I have ever felt. I have wanted to see Liv naked and to touch her and taste her for so long.” Liv then took her mouth off my cock turned a bit to say, “go ahead and taste it then.”

Rick wasted no time in getting on his back beneath her hips and was sticking his tongue into Liv’s pussy. She must have been feeling great, sucking me and being eaten by another man.

This went on for about 10 minutes and I pulled away from her to say, “Honey I want to see you fuck Rick.” Both of them stared at me and probably thought I was crazy. Liv said, “are you sure honey?” to which I replied, “yes I am. I have always wanted to actually see you being fucked by another man and this is the perfect time.”

She slowly got off the couch and on the floor. I knelt beside her and gently spread her legs for him and I to see that wet pussy. She looked up as Rick got down between her legs. He then slid the head of his cock into her pussy. She groaned out loud and was looking at me the entire time as he slid the rest of his cock into her. She moaned then and he began to slowly fuck her. Her legs went up around his waist as they were fucking.

Both were grunting and groaning as she watched me watching her. We were smiling at each other until the climax took over her body and she screamed out loud when she came. Rick must have been near his climax also because he pulled out of her and cum all over her stomach.

He then collapsed beside her smiling. She opened her eyes and at first was scared but I leaned down to kiss her and said, “thank you for fulfilling my fantasy.” She smiled and replied, “my pleasure baby, anymore you need fulfilled?” I replied. “now that you mention it...”

We all got up and went to our bedroom. Liv laid on the bed and instantly spread her legs for us to see the cum all over her stomach running down between her thighs. Rick got on the bed and began to kiss her. I went between her legs to taste that sweet pussy.

I teased her as I sometimes do by licking her labia and then inserting my tongue into her then repeating the process. Rick ceased his kiss and asked Liv, “will you suck my cock?” She uttered one word, “yes.”

He knelt beside her head as she took his cock in her hand and began to suck it deep and hard. I glanced upward while still eating her pussy as she sucked his cock. It was an awesome sight seeing my beautiful wife sucking another mans cock. The pussy eating began to bring her to her next climax as she was fucking my tongue and mouth. One hand holding Rick’s cock as she sucked it and the other grabbed my head as she came.

Rick also had the same urge and this time he didn’t withdraw. He began to spurt the hot cum in her mouth as she automatically began to swallow it. It was a once in a lifetime event.

We settled down for a while and Liv said “Honey you have been left out, I'm sorry.” I smiled and said, “oh no I haven’t. Rick I want you to sit back against the headboard. Live get on your hands and knees.” She looked at me and said, “ahh yeah just what my baby likes.” Rick looked stunned and she complied to my request.

I reached in the night stand and got some lube and smeared it on my cock and her asshole. Liv looked at Rick and said “Marc likes his babies ass.” I placed the head of my cock against her asshole as she pushed back and impaled herself onto my cock. As my cock went to the hilt inside her we began to fuck anally. She was moaning, groaning and saying things like, “Oh baby yeah fuck my ass,“ ”give it to me honey”, cum in my ass,” Ohhhh god yes.” I fucked her ass hard and deep until she both felt the climax starting. I let loose a stream of cum deep in her bowels as she climaxed also.

We fell together on the bed as Rick said “Oh my God what a show.” She and I smiled and we all slept in the same bed that night. There was never a repeat of the night but I bet Rick remembers it well.
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