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I was seduced

A young guy finds out that exchanging nude pics online can be dangerous.

  This is a story I think every guy should read. It is a story of how close you can come to really fucking your whole life up just for pussy.

My name is John and I'm a pretty successful guy. Successful in business just not with the ladies. I just turned 29 and have had some long term relationships. I just haven't found anyone that I thought could be the one. I'm in good shape, I work out a few times a week and I bike and swim too. I just moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in. I bought a house on a nice street near the high school I went to. The street has a whole new set of young families. Lots of kids running around from toddlers to teenagers. I have to be careful when I drive down it.

It gets kind of lonely at night and I find myself on the computer. I have a page on a social website where I posted some pics. I have had a few friend requests and some have sent me some private messages. I posted pics of me without my shirt on at the beach. I have received some pics of women in bikinis but none I would really be interested in. One day I got a friend request for a young woman. Her profile said she was 24. I looked at her pics but there were none of her face. She was petite and looked to have a smoking hot body. I accepted her request and we began to exchange messages.

She seemed to be a really sweet girl but a little on the naughty side. She kept asking to see more of me. She said it looked like I was in great shape and should show off more. We got to know each other better and she started to send me some pictures of her that showed off her great looking ass and tits. One night when we were online and I was drunk I sent her a pic of my cock. I have been told I have a nice one. About 8 inches long and on the fat side. She said it was beautiful and she sent me a pic of her topless. It looked like she took it in the bathroom with her phone cam. I couldn't see her face but I saw her perfect tits. They were almost a C cup with the biggest puffy nipples I had ever seen. Her areolas were light pink and stuck out like they were bee stung. I was in love. Over the next few weeks I got to see every inch of her except her face. I sent her quite a few pics of me and my cock.

One night she asked me if I wanted to meet her. I already knew she lived in the same city as me. I said sure, thinking that we could meet in a bar or something. She said she wanted to meet someplace public and suggested a High School football game. As luck would have it I was a huge fan of that and had bought a reserved seat at the stadium my old team played in. I told her that there was a game this Friday night and where I would be seated. She said she would meet me there.

I couldn't wait for Friday to come. I got ready to go to the game and I even took a viagra I had bought online to make sure I would be ready if I got the chance. I went to my seat and waited for the game to start and for her to arrive. Midway through the first quarter she still wasn't there. I was trying to get into the game but I couldn't concentrate. I felt someone start to walk down my aisle and then sit down next to me. I turned and looked into the eyes of someone I knew. It was a young girl from down my street. Her name was Courtney and she was about 16 and in high school. She smiled and said, “Hi John.” I said, “Hi Courtney, I didn't know you come to these games. Where are your parents?” She was making me a little nervous sitting so close. I had seen her in the neighborhood and I could tell she was well developed for her age. She smiled and said, “My parents aren't here tonight. I came with some friends. I told them I was meeting someone here.” I swallowed hard and said, “Who are you meeting?” She whispered in my ear, “Why I am meeting you here John, this is your reserved seat, row 20 seat 8 isn't it?” I finally understood, she was the one I was meeting here tonight. She was the one that I had developed a relationship online with and had lied about her age. She was the one that I had traded nude pics of each other with. I couldn't believe it. She squeezed my arm and whispered, “I want to thank you for those nice pics of your cock. I look at them all he time and make myself cum.” That meant she had saved them to her hardrive. She could use those against me. Me an adult and her in high school.

My head was spinning. She said, “Be right back, now don't you move.” She got up and left and I sat there wondering if my life was over. I tried to think of all the charges that could be brought against me when she came back down the aisle and sat down and said, “I told my friends I had another ride home, this game is really boring let's get out of here.” She pulled me out of my seat and led me to the exit. I hoped nobody thought I was some pedophile leaving with a sweet young thing. We found my car in the dark parking lot and got in. I drove to our street and stopped in front of her house hoping she would just get out. She said, “My parents are out for the night, let's go to your house.” I drove down the street and parked in my driveway. We got out and walked into my house. I locked the front door and sat on my sofa wondering what would happen next. She went to the fridge and got 2 beers. Opening them she handed me one and drank most of the other herself. She sat down on the couch very close to me.

She was 16 for God's sake. A smoking hot 16, but I was 29. She was drinking my beer and I expected the cops to bust my door down any second. She said, “You know John ever since you showed me a pic of your cock I knew I had to have it. It looks so long and thick, I know you have been dreaming about shoving it in my pussy.” She was right, I had been, I just didn't know it was a 16 yr old pussy. She finished her beer and set the empty bottle down. She stood up and took her top off and the jeans she was wearing. She sat back down in a lace bra and thong panties. I turned to look at her and couldn't believe this was happening. She looked so hot yet was so young. She reached over to my crotch and grabbed my hard cock. The viagra made sure of that even though I think at the site of her I wouldn't have needed it. She stroked it through my pants and said, “Let's get you more comfortable.” She undid my belt, then button and zipper. She pulled my pants down then pulled then all the way off. She took my shirt and pulled it off too. I was sitting there in my boxers with a huge hard-on. She reached around behind herself and unclasp her bra. As it fell from her shoulders she revealed those nubile young tits I had dreamed about. I thought I could get lost in those forever. She pulled my boxers down and leaned over, pressing her tits into my thigh and began to suck my cock.

She sucked and licked it like it was a piece of candy. She was 16 and could suck cock like this? When she had tasted it enough she stood up and pulled down he thong panties revealing her pussy. It had a light covering of hair and I wasn't sure if she shaved it yet. She threw her legs on each side of me and sat on my thighs. My cock was standing straight up and was poking her in the belly. She was stoking it as she said, “You know Johnny I made a decision some time ago that you would be my first.” Her first what I thought? “I want you to fuck me and make me a woman.” She said, not really asking my opinion. She was still a virgin, just great, how was I going to get out of this. She literally had me by the balls. She raised up and lined my cockhead up with her entrance. She was very wet and I was leaking precum like I always do. She got the angle right and proceeded to sit down on my big cock. I felt the swollen head split her lips and go in just a little ways. She pressed harder and the head and maybe an inch of my cock went in. I was pressed up against her maidenhead. I said, “Courtney, this is going to hurt if you go any farther.” She looked me in the eyes and said, “I don't care, I want you inside me. Now shut up and fuck me.” Fine I thought, she's going to get it then. I raised my hips up off the couch and grabbed hers and pushed her down. My big cock tore right through her hymen and buried itself in her. She yelled some cuss words when that happened, but didn't cry or pass out. I was buried to the hilt in the tightest pussy I had ever been in. It almost hurt it was so tight. I was waiting for her to get used to it before I started to pump but it was her that started moving first. She was grinding her clit on the base of my cock and started to rise up and down on my shaft. The more she did it the easier it was. I started sucking on those perfect nipples of hers, getting most of them in my mouth. This was getting to her and I think she was having her first orgasm. I felt her pussy tighten as she rode me. I wasn't even close yet and I decided to take her to my bed. She weighted very little and I picked her up with my cock still in her and carried her to my room. I laid her down on my bed with me on top still connected.

I was in some control now and stated pumping my cock in and out. She was quite the little wild thing, thrashing about and talking dirty. “Fuck me with that big cock, fuck me harder.” “Come on ram it in. make me cum.” “Give it to me, fill me up with your cum.” When she said that I realized there was no way she was on the pill at her age and I wasn't wearing a rubber. I said, “Courtney I have to pull out when I cum, you might get pregnant.” She grabbed my face and said, “No fucking way, you are shooting your load in me or else.” I didn't want to find out what else was so I kept pumping. I was reaching the end and felt it rise up out of me. She must have felt it too because she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tighter. My cock erupted inside her and I had a huge orgasm. She felt it and said, “I feel it. I feel you cock shooting in me. I feels so good.” Finally I finished shooting and started to pull out. It was almost like her pussy didn't want to let my cock go and held on to it. My head popped out and I rolled over off of her. We were breathing hard and sweating and she leaned over and gave me a kiss. She said, “I have to go my parents will be home any minute.” She hopped out of bed and ran to the den to get her clothes. A minute later I heard my front door open and close and she was gone.

About a week had gone by and I had not seen her. Maybe she decided to leave me alone. I couldn't get her body out of my head. I know that's wrong lusting after a 16 yr old, but she was the best fuck I have ever had. I was sitting on my couch watching football and getting drunk. I guess I was just trying to forget. It was about 10pm. I was into my second six pack when I heard a light knock on my front door. I sat there wondering what the heck that was when I heard it again. I got up from my couch wearing a t-shirt and boxers, I didn't care, and went to answer the door. I opened it and there stood Courtney. I said, somewhat slurring my words, “Isn't pretty late for little girls to be out?” She smiled at me and said, “My parents are asleep and I snuck out. Aren't you going to invite me in?” I stood aside and waved my hand. She walked in barefoot wearing a short, tight pair of cotton “cheer” shorts and a white tank top. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I said, “Do you want a beer?” She laughed and said, “Sure why not, I see you've had a few.” I said, “Damn straight, I'm watching the fucking football game.” She laughed again and said, “Well bring my beer then and let's get to fucking while it's half time.” Damn this is a hot little bitch, I thought. She really wants it. OK she's going to really get it tonight.

I walked to the couch and handed her the beer, which she chugged. I set mine down on the table and said, “Stand up.” She stood up with that sly grin. She came to about my shoulders. I reached down and took her tank top off. I was right, no bra. Her big nubile young tits fell out and there were those nipples again, all swollen. I squeezed them and said, “Drop the shorts.” She peeled them down and a bonus, no panties. I told her to lay down on the couch on her back. I had made a decision that I was going to eat that young twat out. When she opened her legs I could see she had shaved herself baby smooth. I knelt down and put her right leg over my left shoulder and her left leg over my right shoulder. And I dove in. Some of the girlfriends I have had said I was an expert at eating pussy. I prided myself on that and planned to use all my skills on Courtney. I started kissing and licking and sucking on various things down there purposely leaving her clit alone. She must have not had much oral sex, I mean at 16 how much could you have had? I was driving her insane. Her hips were bucking off the couch and I had to wrap both arms around her belly to hang on. She cried out, “Oh Johnny, that feels so good, don't ever stop. Lick my pussy. Shove your tongue in it. Suck my clit I am begging you.” There it was I had wanted her to beg. I was able to reach in with one hand and spread her lips apart exposing her swollen clit. I hesitated for a minute and the started sucking on it like a shop vac. This really set her off. I could feel multiple orgasms rip through her vagina. Her stomach muscles would clench and unclench. She would shake with spasms. Then I started to bite it with my teeth. She cried out, “Oh no Johnny don't do that it's too sensitive.” I continued like I never heard her. After about ten minutes of chewing on her clit and losing count on the number of time she had cum, I backed off and stood up.

I looked down and she was lying there breathing hard and sweating. Her pussy lips where all red and swollen and her nipples were hard. She actually looked really sexy and innocent, oh well I was still going to fuck the shit out of her. I tore off my t-shirt and boxer, releasing my rock hard cock. I decided to do it different tonight. I grabbed her and flipped her over on her belly. I picked her up by the hip and set her on her knees. There before me was a perfect ass and the tightest cunt I had ever been in. I moved in behind her and grabbed my big cock and started rubbing in over her opening to lube up. Obviously she was very wet and I was leaking precum like always. I wasn't going to asked her if she was ready. I had already taken her virginity, so I just lined up and pushed in. My cockhead stretched her then popped in. I heard a little whimper out of her. I pushed about half of my fat 8 inch cock in her. It was like a velvet vise was gripping me. For a second I thought, maybe it is too tight and I can't get in. That second passed and I shoved hard burying myself in her young cunt. In this position and angle I had hit bottom but still had an inch of cock to go. I said to her, “Hold on, this is all going in one way or the other.” She turned her head and said back to me, “Oh yea, fuck me. Shove your big cock in my tight pussy Big Daddy.”

Did she just call me Daddy? What was that about? I grabbed her hips and started ramming it home. It was like part of her pussy was being pulled out on my back-stroke and pushed back in on the in stroke. She kept talking dirty, “Fuck me, harder harder. I love your big cock. I feel it all the way in me. Come on Daddy, fuck your baby girl.” She said it again. Was she really fucking her Dad or just messing with my head. I kept pumping. We were both sweating like pigs. Finally I was balls deep in her. I had stretched something in there. The beer had numbed me some and I was lasting a long time. I kept fucking her and she kept asking for more. Finally I could feel it coming and I know she did too. She said, “Don't you dare pull out Johnny. I want to feel your hot spunk shoot deep inside me. Come on Daddy fill your baby girl up.” Fuck yea I was going to fill her up. I had a huge load built up and here it came. I pumped one more time then stopped about ¾ of the way in. My cum boiled up from my loins and shot up my cock erupting with such force she cried out. “I feel it. I feel your cum shooting in me. I started stroking again spraying as I went. She had a mind blowing orgasm even after having all those before.

Finally after my cock finished unloading in her I collapsed on top of her in a sweaty heap. Her cunt muscles were squeezing me keeping me hard. I finally caught my breath and raised up from her. I extracted my still semi hard cock from her pussy with a pop. I stood up and looked down at her. She looked like she had passed out. Maybe she was just resting I really didn't care. This little bitch could ruin my life. If she was going to hold me hostage I was going to use her anyway I wanted. I gulped my now warm beer down and belched. I looked down and right there staring at me was that perfect ass. Hmm I thought. I bet that's tight. What the hell I was getting hard again just looking at it. I reached down with one hand and spread her ass cheeks revealing her tight little pink hole. Should I be nice and get some lube? Hell no I was going for it right now. I did rub my cockhead a couple of times across the pussy opening into the goo that was leaking from it. I brought my cock back up to her anus and started to press it in. That sure woke her up. She said, “Oh my God, you are going to stick your cock up my butt. It's so big, It won't fit.” It was going in no matter what. I said , “Just relax, don't tense up. I will fit I promise.” I kept pressing forward and making a little progress. Finally she relaxed some and the head popped in. The hard part was over, here comes the fun part. I shoved half my cock in her. She cried out and started cussing. I pulled back about an inch and shove again burying myself in her. I waited for a moment so both she and I could adjust. It was incredibly hot and tight. I had some anal sex before, but nothing like this. I tried to move it in and out some and with each stroke she loosed up some more. I think she figured out how that pushing out actually loosened thinks up. Even though I had just dumped a big load in her pussy, I was not going to last long in this tight furnace.

My cock felt like all the blood in it was being squeezed to the head each time I pulled out some. She was getting into it to, pushing her ass back into me. She kept saying, “Fuck my ass. Shoot your spunk up my butt. Come on Daddy give it to me.” There was that Daddy stuff again. Oh well, It was time. I was shooting again. Her tight ass swallowed every bit of it.

We collapsed again and my softening, worn out cock oozed out of her ass. I was able to stand up and I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I turned on the shower and we washed each other, then dried off and crawled in bed. I held her close and we fell asleep. I was so conflicted over how I felt about her. Would she turn me in? Could she? She felt so small and vulnerable in my arms. She was the best sex I ever had. I dreamed about us. She was older and we were able to be together. Some time during the night before daybreak she got out of bed and got dressed and snuck back home. When I woke up I missed her.

I didn't see her for a couple of weeks. I was mowing the lawn and stopped to talk with my neighbor. He asked me if I heard the big news? I said, “What news?” He asked if I knew the family down the street with the teenage daughter named Courtney. I just nodded my head yes. He said the last week she turned up pregnant and that her father confessed to having sex with her once recently. They arrested him and he plead guilty and is serving time in the county jail. They mother shipped Courtney off to live with some aunt and is selling the house. I looked at him and all I could say was, “Wow.” I excused myself and went inside. She was gone. I would never see her again. Even though we couldn't be really together I felt a bond with her. Much more then just the sex. My heart hurt. Did this mean I loved her?

Time passed with not much changing on the street. Kids got older and so did I. I didn't date much and to be honest I didn't care about finding the right one. In my heart I already had but I lost her. It was about 2 years later. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was watching football as usual after mowing and working in the garage. I heard a light knock on my door. I had heard that sound before. I stood up and hurried to the door and opened it. There standing before me was a beautiful young woman. She had to be at least 18 yrs old. She still looked the same, yet more mature, more of life's experiences. She smiled at me and said, “Hi John.” I smiled back and said, “Hi Courtney.” She was holding the hand of a little boy that looked to be about 2. She bent down to him and said, “Johnny, I would like you to meet your Daddy.” I couldn't say a word, I just looked at the little boy and realized he was the spitting image of me at that age. He smiled up at me. She said, “Can we come in?” I hugged her and picked up the little boy and took them both into my life forever.

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