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If I Had the Honor of Taking Your Virginity

Do you trust me to be your first time lover?
You live a fantasy on Lush, portraying yourself as loose, slutty and well-seasoned, sexually speaking. You get turned on reading the stories about the sexual episodes of others, and you find yourself almost obsessed with sex chat. You tell the story of someone who knows their way around, and you expose your dirtiest thoughts to strangers in a sexy, explicit way.

Yet this belies the real you. The real girl is often reserved, shy, sometimes withdrawn in a group, and a virgin. Why is there such a disconnect? How do you know so much about that which you read, and chat about? The answer is that you have not found that someone whom you desire, can place your trust in, and who reciprocates. You may have set aside that search, as your self esteem may have been damaged; however, your online alter-ego reflects your deep desires, which sadly are disconnected from your actual experiences.

To solve this dilemma, and unleash your inner slut, you know you need to act out your fantasies and that starts with having your first actual sexual encounter. Although you imagine being ravished, taken by a strong man and made into his plaything, you know that would scare you, especially as your first experience. The guys your age that you meet certainly have sex on their minds, but they are not mature enough to understand the difference between fucking and making love. You want your first time to be with someone who respects you, enjoys your company, and will make you feel that special way that you anticipate from a great lovemaking encounter. Your dilemma lies in that such a man might not want to “break you in,” but might like to know that you have some idea of what you are doing in the bedroom.

Somewhere between the animal and the love of your life, is where I reside. I want you to know how I would script, plan out and fulfill your inaugural sexual experience, if I had the honor of taking your virginity.

We would start out as we are, on Lush, reading stories and sharing comments. Your chat with me would become a little more personal, as you tell me about your life, family, college and your career aspirations. You know that I am married, and can only slip in a little time to chat now and then. You also know that I look at your profile photos and fantasize about what I don't see; and what I would do with you.

So we would play at the possibility that I may be the one to help you unlock your sexual self, the real one. We chat about how we will meet in a city somewhere between us, and see what might happen. I have to figure out a story to get a weekend away from my wife, without arousing her suspicion. That will be the difficult part.

I have not posted any photos of myself, but I send a photo of my face to you. I am much older than you, older than your father, but that's part of what you like about our chats. You are also younger than my own daughter. When you see my picture, you realize that I don't look bad for an old guy, and not creepy. That was your biggest concern. Later I send a photo of my bare chest. This is the point where I feel tension, as I expect you might take a look and realize that the hairy chest you are looking at is mostly gray, and not sculpted.

To my delight, you text back that you would love to bury your face in my chest, and you send me a photo of your face. Your profile photos show various (delicious) parts of your body, but now you have opened up and shared your best features; your eyes, and captivating smile. I don't know how many pictures you took until you got just the one you wanted, but it has the desired effect on me! Mona Lisa, take a number!

So our conversation continues, and finally you ask me what, in my fantasy, I would do for you, and with you if I had the opportunity to deflower you. The rest of this story is a narrative of what that may be.

We would meet at a hotel lobby in a city we each could travel to. I would reserve two rooms, so you could feel comfortable and retreat if I turned out to be a creep or you had misgivings. I would wait at the lobby bar, with a single white rose in my hand, my back to the front door so you could change your mind up to the last minute. The white rose symbolizes you, purity and innocence.

You check in and have your bag brought to our room, and keep the key card for your escape room.

You would come up and sit next to me, asking if the seat is taken. Coy and sexy, you are wearing a low cut black dress (yes, the famous little black dress!). I am wearing a suit and tie, and we look like father and daughter ready to go to a dance.

I am already drinking a dirty martini, and I ask what you'd like to drink. You just turned 21, and proudly place your ID down. You tell me to decide and order for you. I call the bartender over and order a chocolate martini. As we await your drink, we begin to look into each others eyes. Placing my hand over yours, at this delicate point, might spook you, so I place my hand next to yours, my palm and fingers up. I do this so you have the option of taking my hand. You look at me as you realize that this gesture indicates a gentle, caring approach, and you place your hand in mine. We drink a toast to possibilities.

We have a light dinner in the hotel restaurant, and the waitress looks confused as we fixate on staring into each others' eyes throughout. She appears to be about your age, and we joke about how we might be making her nervous. We hold hands through most of dinner, and after the plates are cleared I take one finger and run it up your forearm. I see you shiver a little, and goose bumps pop up on your arm. I sign for the bill and we stand and walk toward the lobby.

Near the bar, a little three piece combo is playing, old standards seem to be their specialty. They just started “Fly Me to the Moon” and I take your hand and spin around into a dance position. You effortlessly move into tight formation with me, our bodies pressed together in a slow dance. We dance closely, and I whisper sweet nothings into your ear. You snuggle your head against my chest, and we are dancing on air.

After the song is over, I step back and thank you for the dance. You blush and say you should be thanking me. I keep my eyes on yours, but with my excellent peripheral vision I can tell your nipples have become erect. I look deeply into your eyes and say, “Yes?” You smile and say “Absolutely!”

We turn and walk to the elevators, hand in hand. When we get to our floor, the room we are looking for is at the far end of the hallway, so I slip my arm around your waist for the long walk. Your reaction is immediate, you spin toward me and kiss me full on the lips. I reach around to grab your ass and pull you close to me. When we hear the sound of a food service cart rolling down the hallway, we break off our embrace and continue toward the room.

I didn't tell you before, but I reserved a room with a big, oversize bathtub for two. I hope you'll like that touch, and as I open the door we see the rest of the dozen white roses I bought. You smile when you see the champagne on ice awaiting us.

The room is spacious and airy, and you swoon a little at the luxury I have arranged. I take off my jacket, and you step up to loosen my tie. I look longingly into your eyes as you remove the tie, and start unbuttoning my shirt. I reach around behind your back and gingerly start unzipping your dress. You smile and ask if I'm nervous. I laugh and assure you I just wanted to make sure you are comfortable. You tell me that you are not, your clothes are too constricting. With that, you step back, slip out of the dress and kick it toward the dresser. Standing there in a red push-up bra with matching panties, you reach around behind you and unclasp the bra. Covering both your breasts with one arm, you slip the straps off your shoulder, then remove your arm and toss the bra toward the dress. Your panties soon follow, and you are nude in front of me. I gaze up and down your body, enchanted by your charms. Your nipples are large, hard and pink. You softly tell me its my turn.

I finish unbuttoning my shirt, take it off and toss it with your clothes. I smirk at the symbolism of that. I take off my pants and socks, and I am left in my boxers. As I reach for the waistband, you grab my hand. That's for me, you say, and I can tell you are looking at the tent formed by my erection. I hang my hands by my side and let you have your way with me. You squat just enough to slide my boxers down a little, and push them to my feet. You are eye level with my cock, and you just stare for a minute before you take it in your hand.

With your warm, soft fingers on my cock, you stand and look me in the eyes. You tell me that you are ready to surrender yourself to me, and ask me to be gentle. I place my hands on your shoulders, and draw my fingers toward your neck, down your chest and between your breasts. My light yet firm touch sends a shiver through you, and your nipples pop even more. I swirl my hands around and over and across your breasts, and you moan with pleasure. All the while, you tug and stroke gently on my hard cock.

I pull you close to me and massage your ass. You kiss me deeply and you grab my ass, pressing my cock against you. You squirm so that my cock probes your pussy, and the damp hot sensation on my cock exhilarates me. I pick you up by your ass cheeks and you wrap your legs around me as I walk you toward the bathtub. I set you down on the sink counter and look very intently into your eyes. You notice the tub and you get a saucy, sexy smile. I turn on the water and start filling the tub.

I place my hand on your cheek, and tell you that before we go further, I want you to soak in the tub. The warm water will loosen your skin, so that it will be less painful when I burst your hymen. To my surprise, you lower your head into your hands. I am not sure what this means, until you lift your head and I see that you are crying. I ask what's wrong, and you tell me that you never thought anyone could be so kind and considerate.

We embrace, and holding each other, rock back and forth while the tub fills. We break the embrace, and I get the champagne and uncork it, pouring it for us. We toast each other, crossing our arms to draw closer. There is something enticing about sharing champagne in the nude. I sip in and hold the bubbly in my mouth, and suck in one of your nipples and let the bubbles dance over it. You practically squeal at the sensation.

I help you climb into the tub, and join you. Sharing the soap with each other, we wash each other all over. I take your knees and raise them up in the air; in doing so, I raise your pussy out of the water. You wrap your arms over the edge of the tub and hold on as I bring my mouth to meet your charms. I purse my lips and blow gently on your pussy, the cool air stimulates you and you squirm against it. I lead with my tongue as I search out your clit. Burrowing with my tongue, I find your clit hiding under its hood, and swirl the sharp end of my tongue around it. You roll your head back and savor the moment. Without removing my tongue, I reach for my champagne and slowly pour it onto your already dripping pussy. The sensation startles you, and you relax when you see me slurping up every drop.

You are in ecstasy, no one has ever been this intimate with you. You are drained of any remaining tension with a long, slow orgasmic release. You have never felt anything like this before, and you don't want it to stop. Your orgasm has gone on for what seems an eternity, and finally you emerge from your semiconscious state and look at me lovingly. I have allowed your body to slip back under the water, and the warmth and tenderness of the moment overwhelm you and tears well up in your eyes. I spin you around so your back is to me and I pull you close to me. We embrace for several minutes, one arm wrapped around your breasts, my other hand gently covering your pussy. We savor the intimacy.

You are, however, a strong and determined woman, wanting to take in all that the evening offers. You regain your composure and tell me to sit up on the side of the tub. I do as you say and you take my cock in your hand, gently inspecting and admiring it as it comes to life in your hands. You rinse it off, then reach for your champagne glass. You raise the glass and angle my cock to insert it into the champagne, then remove it and lick off the tasty combination of pre-cum and champagne. It seems you have found a new favorite flavor, as you repeat the process several times, each time dipping deeper and then sucking deeper.

We have chatted online about this moment, your first experience at giving a blowjob. You have read a lot, practiced on a dildo and once with a banana, but you have never experienced the real thing. We decided that we would have intercourse and I would unload my seed in you (you started on the pill) as that would provide the best first experience with a man's cum. You are not sure you'll like the taste and you told me you didn't want a mouthful as your first experience. As you gently massage my cock with your throat, tongue and lips, you are having second thoughts. Almost instinctively, you desire that I release in your mouth, an act of lust and closeness that excites you. The thought of that increases your speed, but I stop you short, reminding you that your pussy needs my cock now.

We rinse off and I dry you carefully with a soft towel, and you do the same to me. Between your breasts, a trail of water rolls down your chest and I catch it with my tongue just below your breasts. You take the opportunity to pull my face in and squeeze it playfully between your breasts. I savor the soft skin and sweet taste I encounter.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the king size bed. I pull back the covers, and you playfully jump onto the bed, lay back spread-eagle and softly mouth, “Take me!”

My cock is hard and ready, and I position myself above you. We talked about positions, and you told me that you wanted to start with missionary. I position myself and push lightly against your wet hole, and I am taken by surprise as you bolt up, grab my ass and pull me deep inside you. You immediately fall back onto the bed, and wince and clench the sheets with your hands as you experience the discomfort of your burst cherry. After just a second, your eyes open and you start saying “Oh my god” over and over. This turns me on, and I get harder as I pump your tight, wet pussy. You writhe in orgasm almost immediately, and it is over quickly so I continue to pump. One slow clitoral orgasm and one quick vaginal orgasm; you have now learned the difference between the two. I continue in and out, and you arch your back as you seek to have my cock rub your g-spot. Another orgasm on your part, this one more enduring, followed by another quick one, and you are practically giddy. You bounce a little from side to side, putting on a great show as I extend my arms to rise above you and get the best penetration. The sight of your breasts bouncing pushes me to my limit, and I empty my balls into your waiting vagina. You coo and groan as you feel the hot seed spray on your cervix, and fill you up. I slowly retract, and you feel every part of my movement and react to each inch being withdrawn.

Glazed by a sheen of sweat, we collapse into a full body embrace. You look into my eyes, stroke my cheek and as a tear wells up in your eye, you tell me that you understand what it feels like to be a woman. You tell me that there is so much more you want to do over our weekend together, and we drift off to sleep holding each other tight and dreaming of the possibilities.

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