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Incredible Time with girlfriend and roommate

Incredible sex with gf and her roommate
After a rather eventful night of ‘firsts’, I awoke early, around 8 a.m. the next morning. Melissa was still sound asleep next to me. She was lying on her side, facing me. Her full breasts, with those succulent nipples, only inches from my face. I thought about giving them a nice long lick, since I was still a bit horny despite the fucking we did only six hours ago. She looked like a naked sleeping goddess with such wonderful sexual curves. But, I was hungry as can be, so I decided to let her sleep a little more.

I got up from the bed, put on a pair of boxers since I was still not comfortable being nude around Cathy just in case she came out from her bedroom while I was in the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen, turned on the overhead light, and found a bowl to pour the cereal in. I found some strawberries in the fridge, got them out and put them near the sink to wash and clean.

While I was cutting the strawberries, I heard a flushing sound from the bathroom. “Oh god, I hope it is Melissa and not Cathy”, I thought. I peered around the corner to see if Melissa had gotten up and was in the bathroom but she was still asleep in her bed.

I went back to cutting the strawberries and a moment later, Cathy walked in. She was still as nude as she was last night. Her hair was a bit of a mess but that body still looked hot.

“Morning,” she said as she walked by me to the refrigerator.

“Hi Cathy. Sleep good last night?” I replied.

“Would have slept better if I had what you two had last night.” Next thing I knew, she was stand right next to me on my left.

“Yeah, well, we hadn’t seen each other for a while, you know,” I replied.

“Why are you wearing those boxers? I’ve seen you nude already, you know?” Cathy explained.

“Yeah, I know. Force of habit. I’m not used to being nude around others except my girlfriend. And, I have a condition at the moment.” I replied. I was flushed as can be since my pecker was rock hard.

“Are you hard? It’s normal if you are. I saw how hard you were last night. It’s ok, don’t be shy about it.”

“I don’t think I should be nude and hard as a rock in front of you with Melissa still asleep,” I explained.

“Didn’t the two of you fuck last night?” She asked.

“Of course. But after a good night’s sleep, I have a lot of energy in the morning and I always awake with a hard-on.”

“Do you masterbate when you do? You know, when Melissa isn’t around?” she asked.

Wow, her questions were becoming increasingly intimate and it was obvious she was becoming sexually excited if she wasn’t already. Her face was a bit flush. And her nipples looked like they were about to blast off.”

“Yeah. All the time. Almost every morning,” I explained.

“Yeah, me too,” Cathy instantly replied. “I’m always horny it seems.”

“So, are you going to take those boxers off?”

I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. Here was a beautiful naked woman asking me to remove my boxers and reveal my hard dick, while Melissa slept in the next room.

Lucky for me, I could hear Melissa stirring in her bedroom. A few moments later, she walked in, still nude as can be, and in her shy, sexy voice said “Hiiiiii”. Not sure what Melissa was thinking at that moment since Cathy was standing next me naked and my boner was starting to pop out through the opening in my boxers.

“What you all up to?”

“Just making some breakfast,” I replied.

“And trying to get him to be comfortable enough so he would be nude like us,” Cathy snapped.

Melissa turned to me and said: “Since Cathy and I enjoy not wearing any clothes in our apartment and its warm here right, why not join us by removing your shorts?”

So, I did.

“Oh my, your very excited, aren’t you?” she whispered to me as she put one arm around my back and with the other hand held my hard cock.

“Well, I’m standing nude with two very pretty, naked women in front me, so yeah, I’m going to be very horny.”

And her slight touch on my hard cock got me going even more.

“Well, I usually take a shower first thing in the morning. Want to join me?” Melissa said to me in a very sexy voice.

“Oh, that sounds like a wonderful idea,” Cathy chimed in. “Mind if I join the two of you?”

Melissa just smiled up at me.

Oh my god, I’m about to take a shower with two obviously horny women. What a way to start a day. Never in my wildest dreams could I have think this would happen to me.

We all walked nude to the bathroom with my hard-on leading the way.

Melissa leaned forward to turn on the shower spray and as soon as it was warm enough, we entered with Melissa closest to the shower head, then me, while Cathy stood behind me. We all took turns under the water and both women looked super sexy with their wet hair and glistening bodies.

Melissa stood again closet to the shower head, but slightly turned towards me while my hands moved over her right tit and I pinched her hard nipple. She just smiled with approval.

Just then, I felt anotherhand reach between my legs and cup my balls. Cathy reached around with her other hand was was stroking my cock. I can tell you, I was in heaven. Massaging Melissa’s big tits while Cathy played with my balls, this was a dream cum true.

We all turned, switching positions, so while I was massaging Cathy’s small tits, Melissa was stroking me. Cathy then took my hand and moved it closer to her pussy. It was very obvious how horny she was. I placed a finger right at her pussy opening and she moved it deeper into her.

Cathy, with her eyes closed, mentioned to us that we should dry off and go into Melissa’s bedroom and “fuck ourselves silly.”

After a quick drying of our towels, we moved to the bedroom where both girls got on the bed, across the bed with their backs against the walls, their knees bent up and legs spread so wide open. What an incredible site. Two bald pussies looking directly at me.

I bent down to lick Melissa’s clit which was very excited while I placed a finger into Cathy pussy. Cathy was already moaning for me to go deeper. She was really close, she was breathing so fast. “I need something bigger. Put two in,” she groaned. “Oh god, faster, fuck my pussy faster, put more in.”

I really wanted to fuck Melissa now. Both women were soaking wet with their juices.

Cathy moaned, “Fuck me with your fist and then, I’ll help you with Melissa.” I tried hard to fit my hand in her pussy, but the most I could do was three fingers.

“Melissa, go get my clear dildo from my drawer. You know the one," Cathy moaned I as pumped her pussy with my right hand.

Melissa ran into Cathy’s bedroom and returned a huge dildo. Damn, that thing was big.

She gave me the dildo to use on Cathy’s pussy while Melissa got back on the bed and knelt next to Cathy and started rubbing her hands over Cathy’s tits.

I slowly placed the dildo at Cathy’s pussy entrance and as I slowly inserted that thing, she yelled out, "Fuck my pussy as hard and as fast as you can.”

Damn, I have never been so close to any woman who was so turned on like she was. That dildo was a good eight or nine maybe ten inches and thick as can be. The ‘veins’ on it were incredibly pronounced and as I was pumping her pussy with it, she started moaning and groaning, “oh god, oh god, fuck my cunt you bastard,” was all she could say.

Even Melissa was getting more into it as she bent down and nibbled on Cathy’s hard knobs.

Cathy just moaned louder and louder as she came.

I slowed down the pace because I was really horny for Melissa even though Cathy said to keep pumping her.

But Cathy wasn’t done. “Fuck…I’m still cumming. Oh god…more…more…aaaaa.”

I wanted to fuck Melissa real bad right now. Well, Cathy wanted more. She stood up on the bed and lower her pussy over Melissa’s mouth, while I inserted my cock into Melissa’s wet pussy. Melissa was sopping wet and so was Cathy. Cathy came again while Melissa licked her pussy, while I pounded into my Melissa’s pussy. Just like before the storm hits and everything is quiet, we all exploded into heaven with each of us having incredible orgasms.

Cathy removed herself from Melissa’s mouth and fell back onto the bed. Her legs wide open and her pussy glistening with happiness.

I laid down next to the two of them after we came. I had never felt so sexually excited in my life. What an incredible time.

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