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My dreams of a supernatural lover
His hands stroked my spine as he tried to comfort me. His gentle touch soothing my fears and replacing my earlier panicked state with a consuming heat that started and built in a place I thought would remain untouched. Uncertainty caused me to pull out of his embrace, to look into the fiery depths of his caramel eyes. His eyes smouldered with the same intensity I had seen only once before.

His hand rose to the nape of my neck as if on its own accord while the other hand lingered at the small of my back. The heat from his hands seeped into my bare skin warming me to the core and removing every last bit of remaining fear. He slowly leaned in, his breath warm on my face. He smelled like peppermint, cinnamon and that male scent that only he can claim to possess.

Our lips touched and my world imploded. His lips gently moved against mine in slow motions that sent my libido into overdrive. Warmth spread throughout my body, blazing a trail across nerves and synapses, consuming everything in its path. Rationality and logic included.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked breathlessly against my lips. Before I could even form the words, he stole my breath away by kissing his way down to my neck and collar bone, seducing me with not only his tongue but with his words.

“After tonight when you think of passion you will think of me and only me. My name will forever be on your lips. When you inhale, my scent will always fill your nose. When you sleep, I will plague your sweetest dreams and bring you the most beautiful nightmares. And when you wake up, tonight and our love making, will continuously replay in your thoughts.”

“So you really think you’re that good, huh. Well we’ll just see about that now won’t we?” My whispered words barely making it out my mouth before his mouth once again took possession of mine.

“Yes we will.”

He pressed me gently back onto the bed and covered my body with his. His tongue mercilessly probed the eager depths of my flesh, seeking control over me and taking it. His hands wandered to my breast where he released them from the constraining white lace bra.

“White symbolizes purity. Tell me Gabrielle, are you pure?”

His calloused fingertips stroked the underside of my breast, found a taut nipple between them, and pulled, eliciting a startled gasp. His lips curved at the corners pulling them into that charm-your-panties-off smile which would have definitely charmed them off if I happened to be wearing any in the first place.

I felt his soft lips against my neck as he pressed small kisses onto my flesh practically singeing it with his heated passion. He captured a nipple into his mouth and began suckling strongly. Each pull of his mouth sending shudders throughout my body making me writhe and moan against him. His skilful tongue curling against me as his fingers stroked my inner thigh. He emitted a strangled groan, the only sign of his shattering control and self-restraint. The rasp of his voice sent streaks of lightening straight to my throbbing heat.

He slipped a finger into that heat and all sense of self that I ever gathered was lost, probably forever.

“Alexander!” I screamed, “Please!”

“Please what!” a startled but muffled voice responded to my plea, “Gabrielle sweety, get up. Please wake up. It’s okay. It’s just a bad dream sweety!”

I became remotely aware of Alexander’s strong arms encircling my trembling body. His heat emanating in waves off him, reminding me of the dream I had just awoken from. The concern in his voice pulling me back to reality as the fog in my brain cleared.

“Yeah,” I said, “Just a bad dream”

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