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Inhale, Exhale

He passed the piece to me and our hands brush in the exchange. I lit the bowl and inhaled. I smiled and held my hit as he stared at me dazedly. I passed him the bowl and as he lit up, I exhaled my smoke directly into his face and laughed. I wondered if he remembered what this action meant. As if he knew what I was thinking he asked, “So did you want to kill me? Or fuck me?”

It was the summer of my junior year. In a couple weeks I’d be starting school as a senior in high school; he’d be a sophomore in college. Our friends with benefits relationship began in the middle of my sophomore year. It was a dream come true for me; as a lowly freshman, I found him attractive but thought I stood no chance. Our hook-up sessions had never gone beyond hands and kissing. Our purely physical relations never went beyond friendship because it couldn’t. He had a sister in my grade and we both didn’t want that drama on our plates. When he left for college, we grew apart and kept minimal contact – even when he had long breaks. Though school ended for him in May, this was the first time we were hanging out all summer.

I took the bowl back and lit up, avoiding his tantalizing question. This time I exhaled my smoke upwards. Feeling the high settle in, I lay back on my bed, resting my head on a pillow behind me. We talked. We caught up. We laughed – a lot. He made his way across the sea of blankets and lay down next to me.

Face-to-face, I avoided eye contact. I knew what would happen if I looked at him for even a second. My thoughts buzzed through my head as his body inched to a closer proximity to mine. My darting eyes accidentally looked into his. Instantly our lips locked.

It was wrong on all levels. He had a girlfriend of about 6 months back at school and I had a boyfriend of 3. But none of it mattered as his tongue found mind and they danced in our mouths. His hands running up and down my torso beneath my shirt, as my arms locked around his body and hugged him closer to me.

I could feel his cock stiffening beneath the thin fabric of his basketball shorts. My heart raced. In a second both of us were without shirts and I was grinding my hips against his, my wet cunt rubbing against his growing bulge. His hand snaked down the front of my pants and he pulled aside the fabric of my moist panties and slid his digit within me. I broke from our passionate kissing and gasped.

His roughly thrusted in and out. I let out a small moan as he easily slipped another finger into my slick cooze. He quickened his pace and I let out a cry of pleasure. My hands traveled from his back to pants, I roguishly tugged on the waistband. He knew instantly what I wanted and conveniently produced a condom from his pockets and pulled down his shorts and boxers to slip the rubber on. As he did so, I removed my pants and my already sopping wet panties.

Within seconds he entered me and I panted hard as he pumped his stark erection in and out of me. My arms linked around his neck and unconsciouly, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me on my bed. The pain of my first time was overridden by the pleasure of having a stiff dick in me. In mere seconds my minimal agony subsided and was overpowered by bliss.

His movements got quicker and my moans got louder, “Ohhhh-oh-oh-oh-ohYES!” Occasionally, he would slip out because I was too tight and in those moments I’d beg for him to stick it back in. He pounded me hard, each thrust more forceful than the last. My cunt clenched as I creamed and he let out a groan of satisfaction as he came with me. We rode out the waves of pleasure.

Sweaty and panting, we laid together in my bed. We spooned a bit then got dressed. I smiled coyly at him and he walked over. Picked me up and started kissing me. I was soon pressed against the wall and he was grinding his crotch into mine. We broke it off before we got too carried away. We didn’t have much time for another fuck.

I walked him out and stood in the doorway smiling. I wasn’t just smiling because I finally lost my virginity; I could’ve done that a long time ago if I wanted to. In fact there was a reason I didn’t want to lose it. I was afraid I would like sex too much, that I’d become a crazed fiend for it. I was smiling … because I was right.

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